Dave Chappelle

My friend and I went to see Dave Chappelle’s stand up tonight. It was okay. The hecklers were fucking ridiculous, like, man, I paid fucking $70 to be here, and you’re heckling the man. Furthermore, there are over 1000 people in here with me who have ALSO paid between 50-150 bucks to see this man perform stand up. And yer punk little ass thinks you can be clever. STFU AND SIT YO ASS DOWN. 

When yer big and fucking famous, THEN you can take my fucking money.


I won’t even start with the dicks who kept taking photo with their cameras. Security was on them like white on rice. Which was good, because I was gonna punch them in the back of the neck and throw their phone on the stage. Had to pass 10 sign that said “NO HECKLING. NO PICTURES.” The DJ said, “NO HECKLING NO PICTURES. THEY WILL THROW YOU OUT.”

Like 6 people got thrown out. One of the guys in the front got straight up called out by Chappelle (from the stage) and got his phone confiscated and the photos deleted. Seriously. No.

Otherwise, aside from some crack about “stereotypical Feminist” that got lost in more heckling, it was fine. There was a lot of talk about foot fucking and masturbation. He kept laughing about the banana peel incident from Santa Fe. Srly. Pure Win.