I don’t usually make Pissed/Rant posts, but this infuriates me.

As many of you people know, I do conventions on top of youtube for a living. A really really good friend of mine does conventions and commission work for her living and has been doing this as a full paid living for years. (I am not going to say her name, she asked me to keep her anonymous so I will respect her request.) She does more conventions in a year, let alone several years, than I couldn’t ever fathom so her experience with conventions including El Paso Comic Con, is very broad. 

I don’t usually make posts like this or anything concerning drama, but I want this to be known out there and have there be an awareness of this issue, cuz what happened today at El Paso Comicon is wrong, and I just wish I was there to do something about it. 

The reason why I bring this up, is because today she faced a huge ordeal at El Paso Comic Con, and this is what I came to hear about today on her facebook, and over the phone.


My friend’s words: 

“I don’t even know how to put into words what just happened to me. I am still physically shaking. Today at El Paso Comic con I tried to bring in a pasta because I was hungry and hadn’t eaten since yesterday. I was told by staff I couldn’t bring it in so I asked to bring it in anyway because I am vegetarian and can’t eat hotdogs and chicken salads.
They brought over their main supervisors and the head lady began to harshly try to put power over me saying “cons don’t allow food you can’t” she tried to discredit me by asking how many cons I do and how many let food in.
I began to explain again to the other person about how I cannot eat certain foods and as the conversation continued I began to feel an anxiety attack coming on and tears were already happening.
I ask her to please stop filming me. She put her phone away but surely she still recorded the rest of my conversation without my consent.
The head of the con allows me my food in but at this point I am so anxious I can’t eat.
THEN I bring my food to my friend to give hers to her and explain what happened.
THIS WOMAN FOLLOWS ME TO THE TABLE to “call me out” on lying about being the only one at my table. (I am in full panic attack mode and very upset and not ok)
I explain (while still crying) that this is not my booth and I am giving her her food and telling her what happened. (she is the only one at her booth just like she told her, but this woman falsely accused her simply to destroy her.) 
She then tells me that I have to pack up my stuff and leave the convention. I tell her that I paid for my spot and am staying. (Not just as attendant but an exhibitor with paper work, paying for her spot) She begins to scream at me to “take a chill pill” and go back to my table.
Once I’m at my table I am in such a bad shape a friend of mine HAD TO GET A MEDIC. This panic attack lasted OVER AN HOUR and I am STILL shaking.

I am utterly humiliated and heartbroken. I loved this convention but I will not be coming back now. I have not had such a terrible attack in almost a YEAR.

This is something I am scared to post on Facebook but I know it’s important to let people know what’s going on. When my service animal can’t even help me because I have nearly stopped breathing, you know there’s a problem.”


It’s not like me to make posts about this, the only other time I have is when the issue with UltimaAlmighty happened and even then I still don’t even think he deserved the ending he got despite me telling my share of the story. but this?.., is not ok. 

I want to contact the head manager or either the convention center, or of el Paso Comic Con and report this issue about the supervisor handling a situation that should have been dealt with care, and communication, not a power trip and following her with ill intent only to make hasty accusations that she is innocent of,- so far as to induce her with the worst anxiety attack where she literally couldn’t breath. (and her service animal for emotional support rendered useless). However, my problem here is that I don’t know how to contact the head of El Paso Comic Con. Does anyone know how? My friend was wronged, and I want the head to know about what their supervisor did. 

Things I haven't said out loud

Five days before my law school finals my mother called me at 8 a.m.

She told me my two younger cousins, my father’s nephews, my uncle’s two sons, the two younger kiddos always running after us the big kids, had been shot and killed in Ciudad Juarez. I spent that night sleeping in the library because I didn’t want to go home. I knew I would never come back if I did.

Three days before finals I walked into my carrels, had a panic attack, held on to my law school friend as I wept, and watched their funeral on Facebook. I wasn’t there.

That night I wrote my statutory interpretation law final through tears and gasps and guilt. I wasn’t there.

I took five finals. After the last one I went out to a very public basketball game because I needed an excuse to keep pushing the pain back and when I was finally home I wailed.

Why am I telling you?? Because I almost gave up. I almost said that this wasn’t as important. This year I made two A’s, a B+, and some B’s. But this year I didn’t care HOW I made it through…. I just wanted to MAKE it through.

Success looks different for everyone. Behind every cute picture and funny post there is a real life. But, I didn’t stop. I didn’t give up. I let it hurt and I stood up and kept walking and reading and typing because that’s what you do… you keep going. Sometimes you fall, either into someone’s arms or into empty space at 3 a.m in the library on top of a computer keyboard and a million practice tests, but what matters is if you get up, if you crawl your way out…

What matters is that you WANT to crawl out of pain and keep living. That’s why I’m telling you this, because I need you to WANT to crawl out of it. Thank you for being my support through this without knowing it. Thank you.