el oh el bye

my partner & i are both going through our own tough times right now, & though i won’t speak for them here i for one am goin through a good ol’ depressive cycle. but !!! (this is an appreciation post of luv). this morning i left for school & they stayed in to sleep in my bed, & when i got back !!! they had cleaned up my bedroom & did all my dishes & left me a sweet little note & a pack of seaweed. & ~ on top of that! ~ they put things exactly where i like them to be, which means so much bc i’m so, so specific with my space & things. ~ it’s just, i just appreciate that so much. knowing that they’re going through a difficult time & are still willing to put in the effort to make my life easier is something that i do not take lightly at all. i ! squeeeee. ugh. what the fuuuuck. especially because when i get sad the first thing that goes out the window is the state of my room & the dishes in the sink. 

anyways, i have so much work that i need to do, & i don’t have much to say in terms of how my life is going, except that i love this person & they make me want to be better for myself & for others, & i love this person & they are like that first, the sweetest blue of every, every morning. 

ooooooOOO !!! i am IN IT DEEP el oh fucking el omg

ok BYE