el nagil

petition to turn wand of fortune into an anime

let me tell you a bit about it

this is lulu; she’s going to mirus claire school of magic and it’s there that she meets a bunch of different students with a lot of different attributes 

you meet alvaro; his attribute is light and he’s kind of an asshole

julius is a tiny baby that just wants to protect people and is all about magic

this is noel valmore; he and julius have a rivalry thing going on 

he’s all bark and no bite

THIS GUY HERE IS BILAL [insert long ass name] FARANBALD

he is a prince trying to learn magic to help his homeland 

this here is lagi el nagil, a very tiny half-dragon who’s very close with bilal and is your typical tsundere 

last but certainly not least is est rinaudo, a poor bab who has issues trusting other people due to tragic backstory stuff

they’re all canonly bisexual too

it’s a really good game and I highly recommend it ok vinnie out