el mundio frio


Corrupted-El Mundo Frio

El Mundo Frio (2005)

Why on earth wasn’t Corrupted the very first thing that I posted on this blog?  Cause I’m a damn fool, I guess.  This band holds a really special place in my heart and since first hearing them, have changed the way that I think of heavy music.

This album/song is at times quiet and dark, at times unrelentingly brutal, but it is always utterly bleak and completely crushing.  The song builds much like a post-rock song, structurally, but I think the comparison to the genre just about ends there, as Corrupted’s atmosphere doesn’t seem to use this slow build as a crutch as much as many post-rock bands.  Corrupted also doesn’t have the grandiose, epic crescendos, but instead seems to gather a dark energy until it a furious release of volume.

The guitar tone in the beginning is reminiscent of early goth bands like Killing Joke.  I definitely have a soft spot that genre, but even for those who aren't familiar with the music, the tasteful use of the chorus pedal creates an eerie ambience.  The heavy parts are undoubtedly some of the heaviest studio recorded music I’ve ever heard, with the drudging pace and seemingly tireless vocals.  Corrupted somehow pulls of using a harp, because they’re fucking awesome and can make anything sound bleak and beautiful.  I can’t imagine what they are like live, and sadly they’ve only played the US twice and seem to generally avoid the public eye.  I guess they’ve got a mysterious reputation to uphold.  But I know that their music has redefined “heavy” for me.  These guys have broken new ground when it comes to metal, and keep doing so.  Their album last year, “Garten Der Unbewusstheit”, meaning ‘the garden of ignorance/unconsciousness,’ is similar in style to “El Mundo Frio,” but they have released other album that are a departure from this super slow gloom and doom sound.  Their Vasana 7" (side A in particular) is a great example of their shorter works.

Smoke a bowl and listen to this turned all the way up, alone in your room with all the lights turned off and the curtains drawn.  You’ll never be the same again.