el milenarismo

1923. Le Jockey. Fujita, Kiki de Montparnasse, Man Ray, a small dark set and smoke, a lot of smoke. This is the location of “Yo era cigarro”, the new album by UKE.

10 pure, strong, melancholic songs driven by Arthur Cravan’s spirit (“Be honest to yourself, you are able only to boxing. Dance into the waves, so far from me”) another character that Roberto and Laura like so much.

The songs have been recorded in Le Bistro, their studio, a universe of dried flowers and sepia photos, avoiding any artifice (all tracks on the disc are recorded at the first take, with no effects or tuning programs) needing only guitar, piano and almost whispered voices to transmit us the sense of strange calm that someone finds in sorrow and pain (“Look back”)

“yo era cigarro” is a black and white travel through the streets of love and oblivion. True, intense and anguishing feelings (“we took all the miseries, there are no more flowers, only desolation”), that you don’t want to avoid, even if they are painful, because it is better to suffer than not to feel anything (“how much I thought of you, when I tried to forget about you ”).

“When this will be over we will know who was right” … and Uke is right because beautiful things smell like smoke.   Rubenimichi