el melloi ii

Thoughts about Lord El-Melloi II’s cameo in Fate/Stay Night UBW:

Shirou: “In many ways, I’ve been out of my depth. But I want to keep believing in what I believed in before. I want to dedicate my life to that … I want to become something. A hero of justice.”

Waver: “I see. That certainly is idiotic. But it is not humorous. A hero of justice, you say? This place is indeed a small world.”


Lord El-Melloi II’s appearance (with Case Files outfit!) in the last ep of UBW was such a great cameo. Totally purposeless except to throw the Zero fans a bone. I’m pretty the lines above were a direct reference to this scene:

Rider: “You know how small you are. And yet, you’ll still struggle to reach heights greater than you can imagine.”

Waver: “That’s not a compliment. You’re making fun of me.”

Rider: “That’s right, boy. You’re a hopeless idiot. Your desires lie beyond yourself. ‘Glory lies beyond the horizon’, after all.”

Another reminder that, like Okeanos, Shirou’s dream of saving everyone and creating a world without suffering is also an endless dream. Both Rider and Shirou will never reach their dream, but always continue striving for it. It’s a really nice callback. They definitely could have done even more with it, and I’m sad that Rin and Waver weren’t shown interacting since they have such an interesting relationship, but it is just a cameo and this episode was almost entirely new content for the fans anyways, so ah well.

Other related notes:

- The library that Rin and Shirou were hanging out in was exactly the same as the one Waver did Grail War research in. It makes a weird bookend since that scene in Fate/Zero was in the very first episode.

- Okay, it WAS the Case Files outfit, but Utotable very clearly did not animate the SHINY LEATHER PANTS of said outfit. Were they just too shiny and leather to be featured on television? Maybe they were in the wash. 

- This is not directly Waver related, but it is Case Files related. The scene where Rin and Shirou visit King Arthur’s grave was incredibly touching and I’m really glad it happened (even though I would have liked to see Ufotable animate Saber’s death in her own time). That being said, knowing that Lord El-Melloi II was going to appear later on in the episode, I had a moment of frantic hope that Gray (Saber’s descendant and narrator of Case Files) was going to appear. And let’s be honest here, it’s kind of ridiculous she didn’t, seeing as she is both a) Waver’s apprentice and b) HER JOB IS LITERALLY THE GRAVEKEEPER OF THAT SPECIFIC GRAVEYARD

It was a lovely episode for all Fate fans, and now I really just want to see more Clock Tower shenanigans with the whole gang. The adventures of Professor Charisma and his unruly gang of Rin, Shirou, Luvia, Gray, Flat, and Reines would make such a fantastic show.