el labertino del fauno

There is no love for this character in the Pan’s Labyrinth tag (in either the English or original Spanish titles). Mercedes is an AMAZING character and one of the main reasons to watch it. Captain Vidal is arguably one of the scariest characters I’ve seen in a movie and while most try to defy him with words she’s the only one that goes after him.

My students are watching this movie right now and in both sections they always cheer when she gets the better of him. After seeing him mow through so many other characters in the most brutal ways, it’s relieving when characters finally start to stand up to him, and this is the first and only character who defies him and walks away alive. And she doesn’t just defy him – she cuts him up worse than Ledger’s Joker and promises worse if he lays a damn hand on that little girl.

Mercedes is a warrior and should be mentioned more often in discussions of this movie.

New tattoo idea: “He tenido mucho nombres…viejos nombres que solo el viento y los árboles pueden pronunciar. Yo soy la montaña, el bosque, y la Tierra. Yo soy… Soy un Fauno.”
“I have had many names, names which only the wind and the trees can pronounce. I am the mountain, the forest and the Earth. I am….a Faun.”

From Pan’s Labyrinth. Will probably put it on my shoulder blade or side but I love this part of the movie so much. Being a Capricorn and a being more in tune with the Earth I feel it is fitting. Playing around with the idea of also getting El Fauno tattood. Thoughts?