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Well. Its after 10PM so, obviously, our options are limited. We’re not sure if El Jebeverage is open (though we hope it is, because of its clever name). Other options for late night package liquor include – and may very well be limited to – the Basalt Liquor store… until 11PM at which time we’re officially and unequivocally SOL. Anyone interested in opening a 24 hour business in The Valley – no matter the form, function, size, shape, or color – you’d have the market cornered.


This Used To Be ... The El Jebel Shrine

4625 W. 50th Avenue at Utica Street

The elegant El Jebel Shrine, home to Colorado’s most magnificent (remaining) dance hall, has been sold for redevelopment into a residential condominium property with surrounding homes next to Willis Case Golf Course.

The signature Moorish property, owned by the El Jebel Shriners since 1929, has been purchased by a group of developers, architects and financial investors who, according to the North Denver Tribune, have created a new company called the Shrine Preservation Partners, They are comprised of Native Denverites “who have a sensitivity and love for the existing property and its tasteful restoration and preservation.”

How they will manage to restore the existing Shriner building while surrounding it with family, duplex and multi-unit sites is anyone’s guess. There is no plan to add commercial businesses of any sort into the development.

In all there will be 83 units for sale, 53 surrounding the Shrine and approximately 30 units within the Shrine itself. A swimming pool will be built  adjacent to the Shrine building.

The El Jebel Shrine organization held its final dance event last night (Aug. 14) with no balloons or speeches … just dancing. El Jebel Shrine is hoping to secure another property near Kennedy Golf Course.  

The Shriners are an international fraternity based on fun, fellowship and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and truth. There are approximately 340,000 members from 193 chapters in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Puerto Rico and the Republic of Panama.