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#4."Are you ever going to tell him?" - Sami Zayn

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You watched with an amused smile as you saw Randy Orton, Sami Zayn and AJ styles doing their segment. Sami was doing his famous hand motions while he made out a “plan” for their tag team match for the main event. 
“Close your mouth. You catch a fly.” You jumped when Carmella said that. Carmella broke into laughter before sitting down next to you. 
You then rolled your eyes.
“Come on. Are you ever going to tell him?” Carmella asked. “Eventually.” You sighed. Carmella shook her head. “You are something else. Y|N.” Carmella said. You shrugged in response. You quickly diverted your gaze from the screen as you heard Kevin and Chris walk in catering. Kevin was Sami’s best friend so if Kevin even assumed you liked him, he would tell. “You know, if you don’t, he will. Even I will.” Carmella said as you got up from the table.
“I trust you that you wouldn’t do that. You are my best friend.” You told her before leaving to go get in your ring gear.
You just had your match against Natayla a few minutes ago. You were now back in catering, after changing out of your ring gear. Ever since you got back in catering, Kevin and even Sami kept looking at you. When Carmella walked in, you got up and walked over to her.
“Did you tell Sami?” You whispered. Carmella gave you a weird look. “No, I wouldn’t. Like you said, I am your best friend. Why would you ask?” Carmella answered.
“Kevin and Sami keep looking at me.” You said in a low whisper. “Here comes Sami now. Good luck!” Carmella smiled before running off. You turned and Carmella was right. Sami was walking right towards you. 
“Hey, Y|N.” Sami greeted. You flashed him a small smile. “Hi.” You said back. 
“Can we talk somewhere more private?” Sami asked.
“Of course.” Your heart was now racing a thousand beats per minute. You followed Sami as he led you down a more quieter hallway that people hardly used. 
“I’m just going to come out with it, I guess. Kevin told me you had googly eyes for me. His words, not mine and that you like me. I wanted to hear from you if that was you?” Sami explained. You mentally rolled your eyes at Kevin. Of course he would tell. You didn’t know how he found out though. Maybe Carmella told him but she covered it up. You just didn’t know at this point. Now your cheeks were turning a light pinkish color. 
“Yes.” You finally spoke.
“Yes, I like you, Sami.” You said again. Sami smiled at you. 
“That’s all I wanted to hear! Do you maybe, wanna go on a date after the show tonight?” Sami asked.
He actually liked you back. That made you happy.
“Yeah, actually. I would enjoy that.” 



A short comic combining my bafflement that some people are still unaware of Sami’s heritage, some old articles questioning why NXT decided to unmask Generico and Sami’s own love/adoration for Hunter who he’s said ‘believes’ in him and by that I’m playing it that Hunter believes in the man, not the mask. 

None of this is IRL! It’s just a kayfabe-ish headcannon I have. 

((Trigger warning for ethnic slurs))

Trip To The Park - Sami Zayn

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Your and Sami’s daughter just turned six months old yesterday and Sami had a few days off. So today, the three of you were going to the park and it will be Y|D|N’s first time going. Sami was playing with Y|D|N on the couch as you made sure you had everything in the diaper bag. 
“I think we have everything.” You said, zipping up the diaper bag. Sami then stood up with Y|D|N. 
“You ready to go to the park?” Sami asked her, ticking her side. She let out a belly laugh, making both you and Sami smile. You slung the diaper bag over your shoulder as Sami passed Y|D|N to you. He was going to get the stroller. The park wasn’t far so you were going to walk. Once Sami opened the stroller, you placed Y|D|N in and buckled her up. Sami began pushing the stroller as you walked. Sami pushed the stroller in one hand and held your hand in the other. 
“It’s a nice day.” You said as you soon arrived to the park. Sami nodded. “I have to agree.” He said. You and Sami made a spot in the shade and set out a blanket to sit on. “Let’s go on the swings.” Sami spoke to Y|D|N, taking her out of the stroller. You followed the two over to the swings. Sami sat down on the swing with her in his lap. You took out your phone and started taking pictures. Sami started swinging lightly. 
You then sat in the swing next to them and started swinging. 
After swinging for a bit, you slid down the slide with Y|D|N. She was enjoying every minute of it. 
After playing for a bit, you and Sami sat down on the blanket and you sat Y|D|N down on her bum too. 
“Did you have fun, kiddo?” Sami asked Y|D|N, playing with her feet. She cooed before smiling at Sami. “I take that as a yes.” Sami grinned at you. You flashed him a smile.
As time went on and you and Sami talked, Y|D|N ended up yawning. You decided to lay her in the stroller and a few minutes later, she was sleeping. “I think we should head back.” You told Sami. He nodded and the two of you got up. 
You pushed the stroller on the way back home as Sami carried the diaper bag. “I can’t wait until she is older and she will play with everything at the park.” Sami said. You smiled. “I can’t wait either.” 

I Need You - Sami Zayn Imagine

A/N: This is my first attempt at smut writing so bare with me, I know it’s not the best but I tried.

Sami Zayn writing prompt request by @gelinas22 - If you are still doing the numbered prompts #4 with Sami please and thank you

Prompt: “Let’s do it now”

Word Count: 1,208

Imagine having your first date with Sami where he reveals how he feels about you and things get a little steamy towards the end.

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Sami Zayn's theme song is the best theme song ever

It is literally the most pick-me-up of all pick-me-up songs, I swear to god that song is magic and Sami Zayn is a fucking gift

Thank the lord and Triple H for Sami Zayn.

9 &1 “Oh my god! You are in love with him!” & “Just kiss already!” Sami Zayn

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You sighed and flashed a small smile. You were in catering watching Sami from across the room laughing at something Kevin said. Sami has been your best friend for almost ten years. You met him when he was El Generico. You started getting feelings for him a few weeks ago. You kept quite about it because one. your friends would tease you and make you go tell him and second, you didn’t want to ruin the friendship that lasted for ten years. Relationships tend to do that. Sami turned your way but you quickly diverted your gaze to something else. A light blush spread across your cheeks as Sami smiled at you. You smiled back of course to be polite. 
You grabbed your phone before getting up and walked out of catering. “Y|N!” Someone called your name. You turned around to see Kevin catching up with you. “What’s up, Kev?” You asked as he walked beside you down the hallway. “I saw that thing between you and Sami. I would call it flirting. I mean, you were looking at him basically the whole time.” Kevin said. You laughed.
“M-me? No… we weren’t f-flirting. We are just f-friends.” You stumbled across your words and nearly tripped over your own feet just thinking about Sami. Kevin raised his eyebrows.
Oh my god! You are in love with him!” Kevin exclaimed. Your eyes widen as Kevin was the first to realize. 
“Keep it down, Kevin. You are the first to realize it.” You told him, dragging him somewhere private.
“Since when have you been in love with Sami?” Kevin asked. You shrugged in response. 
“Maybe for about a few weeks.” You answered, crossing your arms. Kevin nodded with a slight smirk. “Well, I can have fun with this.” Kevin said before heading back to catering. My eyes widen before running after him. By the time I reached him, he was already talking to Sami. 
“Hey, Y|N.” Sami smiled at you, making you blush a little. “Hi.” You said before looking at Kevin. “Don’t you dare say anything.” You warned Kevin.
“I’m afraid he has. I didn’t know you had feelings for me.” Sami said, making you turn your full attention on Sami now. You didn’t know what to say. 
“It’s fine because I actually liked you for a while now.” Sami said, grabbing your hand. 
“I was afraid to tell you because I didn’t want it to ruin our friendship.” You said. Sami raised his eyebrows. “This could never ruin our friendship. This would make our friendship last even longer.” Sami said, giving your hand a light squeeze and making you smile. 
Just kiss already!” Kevin groaned, making both you and Sami laugh. Sami pushed some of your hair behind your ear before pressing his lips softly against yours.
You kissed back passionately. 
You didn’t know what you and Sami were but you were glad Sami had the same feelings about you. 


Kevin Steen (the future Kevin Owens) wins the Number One Contender Spot in Ring of Honor and celebrates with his tag team partner El Generico (the future Sami Zayn).

Let me just take a moment and meta like mad about what gets me right in the heart about these two (both the characters and the wrestlers).

Gifs 1-2:  Generico being desperately exuberant about how amazing Steen is is a constant theme.  Look at him launch himself into the ring, shoving the ref away so he can embrace Kevin!  Look at him exhorting the crowd to cheer, cheer for his wonderful, talented, fantastic, most amazing friend!


Gifs 5-6:  They tend to play this game as a tag team, where Steen will do something sweet and then go back on it.  I note this still gives the wrestler a chance to celebrate with his friend for a moment before reverting to heel form.

Gifs 7-8:  As a true heel, Steen treats his partner like an object that exists to make his life easier.  It is coincidence, sheer coincidence, that this allows him to stand in the middle of the ring being embraced by his friend.