el dorado*

Toneladas was the first song I started writing after doing La Bicicleta but the last one I finished writing. I turned it pop, rock, even reggae but ultimately I decided that the song could only be done with my voice and a piano. A Sunday morning, I called Milan’s music teacher, Laura, whose never been inside a studio before, and she helped me with the song. It’s Milan’s favorite song, so I dedicate it to him today
—  Shakira in the launch party for El Dorado before performing Toneladas (x
El Dorado

So half the songs were already released before the album itself, and like Shakira (2014) it is a musical patchwork rather than a themed album with cohesion, half are duets that would fit on the albums of the duet-ers, and the cover art was made on Microsoft Paint, so I have been confused and excited and delirious. And because we only had a handful of songs to discover I also feel covetous about them?? SO HAPPY about all the songs with Luis Fernando Ochoa (Nada, Amarillo, Coconut Tree, TONELADAS)!! They just give me the most feelings lol, *Rihanna voice* WHEEEERRE HAAAVE U BEEEEN Shakira/Ochoa OTP. Feelings:

“Me Enamoré”: Still not feeling it. even tho I want to feel it. Sorry to my queen. Give me the giddy PK feelings of “Loca” instead!


“Chantaje”: Thanks Maluma

“When a Woman”: I like the beat but it’s lyrically #problematic. whY

“Amarillo”: YESSSSSSSS brings us back and features weird poetic Shakira™ lyrics. When I first heard this song I truly metaphorically went to the ER. TE ESTIMO

“Perro Fiel”: Wow gorgeous reggaetón song?? lol wth. Love the interaction between the speakers and I’m dead every time at her “en-lo-que-que-cer”

“Trap”: O M G. Maluma u creep. Really lived up to #dirtyboy. Surpassed “Gordita” level of dirty. I’m scandalized but also. Ponle Nutella

“Comme Moi”: The French tho.

“Coconut Tree”: SO LOVELY. sjdofjisodfjs. Also very Fijación Oral. I’m, like, dousing myself with coconut milk and floating away on a cloud all the way to an island of stars

“La Bicicleta”: The Colombia love song. Still gr8. All the feelings.

“Deja Vu”: Didn’t even know we needed Bachata Shakira until hearing this quality track

“What We Said”: Really nice surprise to have more MAGIC!! Appreciate the Black M/Shakira/Nasri 3-way collab!

“Toneladas”: MY FAVORITE RIGHT NOW. It is like vulnerable & blissful?? It is like the child of “Obtener un Sí” and “No.” Does Milan fall asleep to this song at night. I am Milan in my dreams

Now it’s time for the tour(!) and then we probably won’t get more songs until the current U.S. presidential administration is over so Shakira please sustain us and pray for us all omg, thank you Shakira for all of your gifts, let us create a universe together, take us to the coconut tree!!!!!


Under a coconut tree where we created a universe… hiding from all of it where nothing mattered but you and me.  🎶

Number 1 in 34 countries with El Dorado!!! How can I thank you all for giving me so much?? Número 1 en 34 países con El Dorado!!! Cómo puedo darles las gracias por todo lo que me dan?? Shak

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What is it that you fabricate?
That of which makes you so special.
When I talk or think about you,
it’s impossible to be impartial
It’s not a flawed perception
nor a lack of common sense
You’ve become everything and beyond
the world knows it,it’s no taboo
it’s so unreal
that what makes me miss you when you’re gone
what makes me idolize you like this is everything about you
i’ll be lost like a bird clinging onto the blue sky
T'ESTMO [I love you]


Me la pasé genial en el escenario con Nicky Jam y Prince Royce anoche en el lanzamiento de El Dorado. Qué honor! / Had a great time onstage with Nicky Jam and Prince Royce last night at the El Dorado launch. What an honor! Shak


Quise salirme un poco de mi estilo normal de semi chibi xd y como no tenia sueño salio esta sombra bien chingona ;^)


Well I had a little insomnia and did not know what to do with my life so start drawing … end with a …. sombrea bien chingona! 

ahahah ……I’m sleepy, I can die now.

[ english is not my native language, sorry!! ]


En la Laguna de Guatavita donde está el tesoro sumergido mis fans encontraron a las 6pm antes que todos mi nuevo álbum El Dorado! Felicidades
Yesterday evening at the Guatavita lake - where a sacred treasure lies - my fans discovered (before everyone else) my new album: El Dorado. Congrats!