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My first contribution to the Voltron fandom and it’s this. What can I class this as? It’s angsty because…well, situation that’s hinted at in the top panel…but it’s a quote from Road to El Dorado that’s supposed to be comedic.

So, Shiro somehow tracks down Matt only to find the poor guy’s been brainwashed (most likely by the Druids’ experimentation) to become a fighter. He still retains some of his memories but the brainwashing means he doesn’t recognise his old teammate. Shiro acts in self defence and tries to knock some sense back into his friend and it’s actually after this very line that Matt gets distracted enough for Shiro to hit him hard enough in the head to get rid of the Druids’ control.


Road to El Dorado Encounters! - Thomas Estrada  

Tulio and Miguel (us) with artist, Thomas Estrada @artofthomasestrada

Taken at Denver Comic Con 2017.

This year, we had the good fortune to meet Thomas Estrada who worked on Road to El Dorado (on the Tulio team no less) and Emperor’s New Groove (wish our ENG group had been in town for this, but there’s always next time, right?!) 

He and his wife were absolutely amazing– such incredibly friendly, funny, and generous people. I bought a bunch of prints and probably chatted with them for too long, but stopping by their table each day was definitely a major highlight of our con! Thank you both so much again and here’s hoping the trails we blaze cross again someday soon!