el does thing

Mike before his first proper date with El

Mike: I’m fine, I’m not stressed at all.

Dustin: You look stressed.

Mike: I’m telling you I’m not stressed!

Lucas: Dude you’re so stressed your palms are actually sweating!



if this is the scene where mike reunites with eleven and it parallels the exact scene when he first found her, just know that a bitch (me) is going to sob


Important scenes of Mon-El (aka scenes that antis ignore) 2x06 “I’m trying to be better, so I’d love to help out”.

 I give you, the karamel national anthem: every little thing she does is magic, by sleeping at last 💫💫 

Last Friday, I decided to ignore my responsibilities for the day and answer the nagging from the depths of the trashcan ever since the air date of supergirl 2x13. 

I found the chords online, then learned the rest by ear. Couldn’t make it through 30 seconds of listening without breathing problems and ugly sobbing. 

Enjoy the sweet, sweet fruits of my suffering. 😊

Mon-El: *literally does the worst thing ever for selfish reasons*

Karamels: Umm… Mon-El cooked breakfast for Kara, he’s clearly getting better. And anyways, he wouldn’t have done any of this if it wasn’t for that bitch Kara… Try to argue and reach now antis! *mic drop*

anonymous asked:

So if miles gave his kissing powers to chad in 2016 does that mean this year chad transferred the powers to Ryan?


Mike has always loved dinosaurs, ever since his Aunt Rachel gave him a colourful pop-up book when he was four. His second-grade Science project is on dinosaurs and in fourth grade he builds a diorama of the Jurassic Period. In high school, he writes extra credit research reports on different prehistoric creatures and by the time he’s in college, Mike is running tours of the dinosaur exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Science for elementary school groups.

Some days, when she’s not working, El accompanies him on these tours. On those days, they arrive at the museum prior to opening and walk through the quiet exhibit, Mike happily prattling on about dinosaur facts and figures that El has heard a hundred times before. Those days are the best, because Mike knows, as he pulls a tissue from his back pocket, there’s nothing more magical than watching the giant skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex turn its head towards you.

Recently I haven’t been able to get the image out of my head of Hopper first realising that Brenner is dead and then later seeing Hopper’s reaction to Brenner trying to take back El. Just imagine the fury Hopper must hold for this man who tortured his little girl. This man who has caused El so much pain her entire life. Just the idea of being compared to Brenner made him disgusted and angry. Imagine him seeing El react to seeing Brenner for the first time since the school. His anger and devastation at her fear and brokeness. And now I’m crying. Bye.

Fave parts of Supergirl 2x13

Ok but like, the entire episode? It was so perfect? We are blessed. But in an attempt to narrow it down slightly, here are some of my favourite Karamel moments from2x13.

#1 Kara being a very happy and adorable puppy as she nuzzles into Mon el’s shoulder (gif source)

Um, excuse me? This sort of thing is not allowed Kara, tone it down gurl. Seriously tho, I had to pause the episode here just to compose myself.

#2 Thumbs. Just thumbs (gif source)

Again with the cute???? What is she doing? unacceptable Kara, stop petting your perfect adorable puppy. But look at his face he is so happy that smile just fixed climate change

#3 Sad puppy (gif source)

Ok so I know this isn’t exactly happy but just look at his face!!! He is so distraught that Kara is leaving, he’s on the brink of tears! He has never felt this way about anyone, he didn’t even know there were this many feelings to be had and the biggest thing is that he is so overwhelmed by his feelings, he can’t even see that this is totally out of character for Kara and she is clearly pulling a trick on him! He is in so deep the poor guy also Kara must truly be made of steel to be able to resist those soulful eyes

#4 the quietest “please” you have ever heard (gif source)

I mean, look!! She barely moves her mouth!!! And this is so important because sometimes I feel like Kara doesn’t make her feelings for Mon el as clear as he makes his for her, but actually her’s are just a bit more subtle probably because she struggles to open up and make herself vulnerable. But! This! Right! Here! She is so scared that her trick has worked too well and he’s leaving, she thinks she’s messed everything up and she is desperate to get him to stay. She needs him there, and although she might take a while to say it, she gets the words out, quiet as they may be. Kara often gets all whispery when she’s around Mon el and it does things to my heart

#5 The Kiss™ (gif source)

I mean all kisses are great when they involve my OTPs, but this type is possibly my favourite. All that pent up sexual tension which, let’s be real, I’m a massive slut for even though it destroys my life, is finally let out and both characters go to town. Basically this entire scene cleared my skin, watered my crops and made me happy for the entire evening!


Least Fave part of Supergirl 2x13

The fact that the focus here switched to some roses and I could no longer see my two fave puppies making out in high definition ;) (gif source)

(gifs not mine)

hey remember that one (1) fucked up time kara had to find out a certain somebody had been lying to her the entire time he knew her and the only way she figured that out was when she was literally zapped onto a daxamite ship and forced to have an addams family feast with daxam’s finest™ while they beefed about kryptonian/daxamite dynamics and then she forgave him the following episode for literally Human Catfishing her and being a slave owning misogynist huh , huh .