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am I getting ahead of myself?

me a lesbian: Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer are gonna get together and be the most badass power couple ever to have lived, closely followed by Kara Danvers and her gorgeous super rich girlfriend Lena Luthor

me an intellectual: ALL CANNOT BE GAY. 4 main characters cannot be gay. this is 2016. we will not be that lucky…

…Alex will be with Lena

Imagine a soulmate AU where your soulmates injuries show up on your body, they don’t hurt you or cause any pain or anything, you can just see them on your body. Mike and Eleven never really questioned these random cuts and bruises they would get, not until they met at least. It’s not until the day Troy pushes Mike down at recess, and when he goes to meet with El after school, he can’t help but notice the scrape on her chin. Mike instantly thinks something must have happened to her, that she got hurt while he was away, so when they’re on the train tracks he starts to question her on what happened and if she’s okay. El just gets really confused and acts like she has no idea what he’s talking about, and that’s when Mike realizes she must not even know the scar is there, it must be a soulmate scar. He’s tries to push this thought away, not yet understanding why the idea of El having a soulmate plants a pit of jealousy deep inside him, so he tries to brush it off and change the topic of their conversation. He doesn’t think of El’s scar again until after she saves him at the quarry when he jumped off the cliff. Mike takes her back to the basement and into the bathroom to wash up, and it’s that moment, when he’s looking at both himself and Eleven in the mirror at the same time, that he notices their identical scars on their chins. Mike remembers back a few days ago when Troy had tripped him, and realizes that was the same time El got her soulmate scar. He’s trying to ignore his realization but instead Mike just turns into a blushing mess because she doesn’t even understand what’s going on, but he just found out that the girl he’s had a crush on for the past week might be his soulmate

Even though Max is so not into having her hair done, she lets El practice braiding it all the time. And even though she’s so not into wearing nail polish, she paints El’s nails bright pink colours, borrowed from Nancy. Because that’s what best friends do. 

And one day, Max surprises El by asking her to paint her nails. Max laughs at El’s confused face when she pulls a bottle of dark blue nail polish from her backpack, but it quickly becomes a colour that El is enamoured with. Both girls go around wearing that matching shade of blue on their nails for weeks. 

Kara: the stars look beautiful tonight. you know who else looks beautiful tonight? *smiles softly and offers him a gift*
Mon-El: who 😳? *unwrapping gift slowly*
Kara: *watches Mon-El react with confusion to the lead knife she got him* Lena Luthor *takes knife and plunges it through his chest repeatedly, looking dreamily at L-Corp*

É estranho, a gente se dedica, se entrega demais, nos damos ao máximo e até gostamos disso, mas aí a pessoa não dá o devido valor e então sofremos com isso. Resolvemos ser frios, deixar de agir como um bobo apaixonado e fingimos que não nos importamos tanto, pra quem sabe aquele alguém se importar… Só que aí dá tudo errado e a gente só acaba se afastando de quem a gente ama.
Alguém por favor me explica? Porque eu não sei lidar com essas coisas de meio termo. Tudo em mim é muito intenso, não gosto de nada pela metade…
Droga! Mas a minha metade tá com ela!
—  Um Inverno Em Mim.

(From a wonderfully fluffy conversation with the brilliant @eggos-and-promises!)
Can you just imagine Holly staging a wedding for Mike and El? Kids are SO observant and besides, EVERYBODY knows how these two feel about each other.
Holly would plan everything out: she would make sure Mike and El were dressed nice, telling Mike to put on a nice shirt and El to put on one of Nancy’s old dresses and although both of them would do it (not wanting to disappoint her) they would have no idea why until they were standing awkwardly in Holly’s bedroom while she spread conversation hearts on the floor (because she didn’t have petals and it’s close to Valentine’s Day and that’s what Dustin brought) and Will was walking El through the door very formally and Holly was giving a speech about WEDDINGS and living happily ever after that she was obviously making up on the spot.
Mike would be so embarrassed and El would be confused because “What’s a wedding?” but before he can even try to explain (which seems impossible to do at this moment), Lucas starts humming the Wedding March as loudly as possible, joined by the giggling Dustin and Will.
Holly moves right along with her “ceremony”, having them exchange Eggos instead of the rings she doesn’t have. It looks like it’s over (much to Mike’s relief) but then Lucas says, “Wait, Holly. Aren’t you forgetting something?” even though Mike is glaring at him and frantically shaking his head.
Holly just gasps and says, “Oh right! Now you must kiss the bride.”
Mike is just dying and mumbles, “Holly, please-”
But all she says is “MIKE THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT IN THE BOOKS” and he tries to ask how she knows that when she can’t even read yet but he gets a bit distracted when El suddenly follows Holly’s instructions and kisses him. He hears the guys cheering and is being pelted with rice (thrown by Dustin), but again, he’s distracted.
And can you imagine, oh, ten or so years later, at their ACTUAL wedding, that they try to recreate that wedding (that Lucas never lets Mike forget EVER), complete with Eggos and conversation hearts? Sure, the guests are a little confused, but Holly the flower girl and the three best men and of course the bride and groom understand, and that’s really all that matters. ^_^

No abandono mis esperanzas, por absurdas e irrealizables que sean. Continúo creyendo en la bondad innata del hombre. No se puede construir sobre la base de la muerte, la miseria y la confusión.
—  Anne Frank