el cid lost canvas


Happy Valentines Day!
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Gold Saints the lost canvas 2/2
Gold Saints the lost canvas ½ here~

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas


Phantasos: “You know the tradition, right? ;)”
El Cid: “You are a Greek deity. You shouldn’t celebrate Christmas”
Phantasos: “But you know what they say, ‘Reinvent yourself or die’
El Cid: “Would it be too much to ask you to die then? =__=‘ “

Happy New Year everyone!

I really needed to do a Christmas-themed fanart of this two, they are ruining my life but I don’t mind xD So, Phantasos learned about the mistletoe tradition and decided to hang one on El Cid’s horn, so he couldn’t avoid it >:)

I am quite proud with the result and I think its the first time I try to draw profiles