el capitan theater

I mean trumps star isn’t like on a little side street like Brandos his is right there in front of the El Capitan theater like right there in the heart of Hollywood and someone right there in one of the most famous locations in the world destroyed his star

What a hero

Thor Hollywood Premiere Buddies?

I’ve been planning on going to the Thor: The Dark World premiere at the El Capitan since the Iron Man 3 premiere in April (which I went to/had an awesome time at). Unfortunately, my sister, my normal partner in crime, can’t go.

I still plan on going and since the lineup is easier to handle/funner with people to talk to, does anyone want to meet up at the premiere/be my line buddy? I’m a 20-something grad student/can bring sharpies and snacks.


Pictures of my little trip to the El Capitan theater with my bb Hazel <3
Beauty and the Beast in 3D was awesome of course. I hadn’t seen the movie since I was a little kid, but I didn’t remember it being so dramatic. Hazel and I would catch ourselves giggling during the most serious of moments, like when Beast says “You will join me for dinner!” That will forever be ingrained in my membrane forevah!

Dapper Dans at the El Capitan Theater- Richard Sherman Tribute

“I love to laugh”!


Ahhhhh!!!! We finally got to watch BRAVE! 

It was soooooo good, I can’t wait to buy the bluray/dvd! 

I totally want to watch it again.. it was that great of a movie. I loved all the attention to detail & the animation. The accents were perfect & the story was delivered beautifully. I can’t wait to watch it again.