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A sketch from a while back I didn’t get round to posting because it wasn’t where I wanted it to be, but I probably won’t revisit the idea anytime soon so I figured I’d post it.

Star Trek The Next Generation 2x16: “Q Who”

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Another entry for the Famous Ladies, Star Trek Edition series! 

Guinan, portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg, is a mysterious bartender who runs Ten Forward, the lounge aboard the USS Enterprise-D. Guinan is an El-Aurian, a long-lived race of “listeners” who were scattered by the Borg. Q, however, once suggested that there was far more to her than could be imagined. Guinan and Picard shared a long-time relationship, which, according to Guinan, went “beyond friendship and beyond family.” She often advised Picard and the senior staff in times of dilemma.

Whoopi Goldberg is an American actress, comedian, author, and television host. She has been nominated for 13 Emmy Awards for her work in television and is one of the few entertainers who have won an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, an Oscar, and a Tony Award. She was the second black woman in the history of the Academy Awards to win an acting Oscar. Goldberg got the role of Guinan after she expressed interest to the producers, being a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series – mostly due to Nichelle Nichols, one of the first black women to be regularly featured in an American television series. Goldberg hoped to play the new ship’s doctor after Gates McFadden was fired, but the producers did not see her as suitable for the role and instead rewrote the role of Enterprise’s bartender for her.


Warehouse 13: TNG Now with bonus manip of future XO of the Moreau (After James is found out to be section 31) Abigail Cho. (feel free to click and make them bigger. Stare at the wonder of the Bajoran nose or to make the Gif not so blurry and all that)

Captain Arthur Nielsen - Human - Command
Commander XO James MacPherson/Abigail Cho - Human - Command
Chief medical officer Vanessa Calder - Human/Vulcan - Medical
Lt. Commander Leena - El Aurian - Medical
Lt. Myka Bering - Joined Trill - Science
Lt. Pete Lattimer - Human/Betazoid - Security
Ensign Claudia Donovan - Genetically engineered human - Engineering
Ensign Steve Jinks - Bajoran - Helm
Civ/Lt Five of Twelve - Borg/Human - Engineering
Q Continuum - Q “Mrs F Q” - Q

xenon-exe  asked:


Haha thank you! I really love drawing them all. :D

I’m not the only one who does Trek alien redesigns though! (there’s a possibility I may be the only person whose blog is solely dedicated to it, but I’m definitely not the only person to make them!) Here’s some personal recs for other redesigns:

@spica-tea​ - whose Cardassian redesign first inspired me to go down the redesign route! If you can’t find it, here’s a direct link to the redesign on DeviantArt. Scales and tails, yum yum!

@laurelhach​ - makes fuckin’ awesome redesigns that get really really alien-y! Here’s the redesign tag. My redesigns are very animal-inspired, with only a few more out-there aliens (Betazoids, Remans, and that’s kindddaaa it), so absolutely check out @laurelhach​ for rad art and aliens that are very alien! El-Aurians are my favourite, like holy shit check those out.

@agatharights​ - also did some redesigns, here’s the tag! Her six-legged Cardassians are a great idea, I love how it ties in with the vole in the show (I haven’t personally figured out what to do with that vole yet!) - ALSO THEY HAVE BEAKS. Look at this rad tailed Kira too.

@ajedotjpeg​ - Has made a rad (how many times will I say that) Bolian, I love it.

NOT REDESIGNS BUT I can’t make a rec post without reccing @ds9shameblog​ whose awesome skill in gesture and cartooning is a big source of inspiration. I aspire to be able to bring across as much energy! Something about redesigning makes it very easy to end up with static-looking aliens, because the more inhuman something is, the more difficult it is to give it expression - @ds9shameblog NAILS IT. Check out the incredible cartooning over on their main too.

So there’s lots of redesigns to have a look at! :D There will definitely be more, but this is who I know of. 

Thank you for the message, I hope I can continue to make enjoyable goofy alien pictures! :DDD


New Star Trek Series Dream Cast:

Lucy Liu as Captain Huan Lee (human) // Lisa Ray as First Officer Zina Ben Youssef (human) // Sheetal Sheth as Security Chief Lamari Ikal (betazoid) //  Samira Wiley as Lt. Commander Jill Kaln (joined trill) // Lupita Nyong'o as Doctor T’Varr (vulcan) // Godfrey Gao as Lieutenant Tosam Lubac (bajoran) // Natalie Dormer as Chief Engineer Lisabeth Minkov (human) // Ian McKellen as Holan (el-aurian)


Guys, it’s really important to me that you all get to experience Bashir’s racquetball outfit…. situation.

This episode also featured Prince Humperdinck [!] as an El-Aurian, which made me blurt “oh! Like the guy who made the Nexus. And Guinan,” without even thinking. What’s the word for when you feel sort of proud and super ashamed at once?

Helena "Five of Twelve secondary adjunct of Unimatrix 83" Wells

I’m going to fangirl under a cut since I am aware i’m the only one of a small minority who cares about Five headcanons/relationships and why I made her a Borg: Sometimes I just need to make w13: tng things >.>

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