Περπατωντας στο Θησειο, ετυχα πανω σε εναν νεαρο που ζωγραφιζε εναν τοιχο: επι πληρωμη, απο λοξα, απο αγγαρεια…δεν με αφορα και δεν μου πεφτει λογος. Σημασια εχει οτι αυτο ειναι το πιο ζωντανο σχεδιο που εχω αντικρυσει.

Thission, Greece.

Sometimes I wonder why people follow me…

I’m never productive anymore.

I want to be. I have so many ideas for stories brewing in my head, but I cannot write them down. Why do I hate my own writing? And what’s worse, when I do manage to eke out a drabble, why am I so desperate for feedback… when it’s only a meager thing, nothing special…

I haven’t made edits in ages…

I keep meaning to catch up on my Elsanna fanfic reading and leave reviews, but whether due to classes or my own laziness, I don’t… And that just makes it more horribly hypocritical whenever I’ve asked for feedback on my own work…

I’m sorry… And I’m sorry for this self-pitying venting that I’m foisting on everyone. Please forgive me for this as well.

astrogazers  asked:

well it's k//eith wee//k all over again but this time with l//an//ce

Unfortunately yes. :/

But there’s a new Kei/th We/ek going on that doesn’t ban any ships and the mods are doing a good job at explaining everything and not being hypocrites (link is on ace-pidge’s blog if you want), so hopefully someone will make a Lan/ce We/ek the same way soon.

Ruby is lovably awkward and earnest, yet also suave and smooth, throwing down pick-up lines left and right. ‘Sophie’ got a chance to display Garnet’s level-headedness, yet also showed a sweeter and sillier side. The pair works amazingly off one another, creating a dynamic which simultaneously feels like puppy-love teenagers and a long-time married couple.”


Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you” from Beyonce’s Hold Up (as well as EK’s tweet in 2011) was a play on a line from Yeah Yeah Yeah’s 2003 single, Maps (this is why YYYs had writing credits on the song too). 

UPDATE (25 April): EK tweeted an explanation on how his tweet about Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs became part of Beyonce’s Hold Up