all: 3,4 born to beat we are btob
hs: sincere congratulation to SJ Cup, organized by sungjae, is being 
all: held successfully
hs: we hope that all students can become soccer players and athletes that shine bright for korea
sj: since its run by me sungjae, its okay if you are a girl, you can come play soccer too. you can come if you are an animal too
ek: really?
pn: regardless of gender everyone can come is a great idea
sj: good, until the day we all become one with soccer, fighting
ih: until then….
sj: till now its born to beat btob
ek: i will join!
sj: also changsub hyung’s bedroom
all: sincere congratulations!!!!
cs: i finally have my own bedroom! im so so happy! its a very very spacious room, please continue to send us a lot of love…  till now its born to beat btob
mh: lets use (your spacious) room as sungjae’s soccer room
hs: sincere congratulations to myself for moving into a new house!!! i live by myself now everyone! im inviting everyone to my housewarming party~ i will live stream it through vapp! please do come… just bring some toilet rolls (as the housewarming presents) i believe its gonna be a fun party

greetings from the future btob 


Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you” from Beyonce’s Hold Up (as well as EK’s tweet in 2011) was a play on a line from Yeah Yeah Yeah’s 2003 single, Maps (this is why YYYs had writing credits on the song too). 

UPDATE (25 April): EK tweeted an explanation on how his tweet about Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs became part of Beyonce’s Hold Up