I finally finished my painting and I’m SO HAPPY!!! I literally love this books series with all my heart and I had to draw something worthy of it. I’ve been trying to start this project for so long and now I finally get to see the finished result!!? I feel like a mother 😭  
(Commissions are open again!)

richie, chatting eddie up: jumping out of helicopters is dangerous. you know, they say 1 in 5 people don’t even make it to the ground.

stan, from across the room eating a bag of chips: what do you mean they don’t make it to the ground where do they go


aaj ki chai is from this scene in tapan sinha’s ek doctor ki maut (1990). shabana azmi’s understated but poignant performance as seema, the wife of a brilliant doctor whose single obsession with his research brings selfishness and callousness to his marriage is so visceral, especially in small moments like this one. seema fries puris and make two cups of tea as she waits for her husband to come home, a familiar scene in the homes of many, especially within india. her husband talks about his research, the people he met, and lists all his complaints for the day before being cajoled into sitting at the dinner table. she serves the tea and the plate of puris and sits by his side, shoulder to shoulder, as a companion. then she talks about her conversation with her sister while gently reprimanding her husband for never calling those relatives back. he agrees to please her and then quickly grabs his cup of tea and two puris to leave for his lab. and seema! shocked and baffled, she tells him she’s not yet finished with her tea only to hear that familiar indifference–”then finish it”. and shabana azmi with all the subtlety she’s know for, moves from shock to bitter acceptance and then quickly back to the briefest expression of hurt. 

and she drinks her cup of tea alone.

one thing i like about tapan sinha’s work in this film is that seema is her own person, not the archetype of a wife in indian films (even noncommercial ones) who only exists to mutely support and share the burden of her husband’s dreams. later in the film she expresses how that callousness feels and affects her, especially against the expectations of what she thought their marriage would be like–one in which she is cared for, one in which there is companionship. i feel like i know too many women in marriages who drink their cup of tea alone. or put too much hope into what differences a cup of tea can bridge. 

modern day high school losers club

- part of like 10 different clubs including the African-American Student Leadership Club, History Club, Animal Shelter Volunteers Club, etc.
- he’s got straight a’s in every class except math (he’s got a b)
- that one kid that always brings teachers gifts at the end of the semester
- tragic sense of fashion….
- dated bill at one point but like,,,, who didn’t
- his instagram is just pictures of his dog in sunglasses

- skips class to smoke with richie
- always comes back to school after breaks with drastic hair changes like shaving her head or dying her hair green
- punk af but don’t call her that
- has a stick-and-poke that says “i hate men” but she doesn’t remember how it got there
- somehow has good grades despite never going to school
- all the gay girls have huge crushes on her

- color-coordinated everything
- counselor at the local JCC during the summer (he loves hanging out w the quiet shy kids)
- is he dating bill denbrough??? nobody can tell
- doesn’t speak up a lot in class but when he does it’s always right on the mark and makes the whole class go “damn”
- that one friend that always has everything handy - gum, bandaids, gas money, snacks, stress ball, even tampons and pads for when bev can’t afford any
-once during lunch an entire flock of pigeons just came up to him and chilled w him and the whole school knows him as “bird buddy” now
- still an eagle scout

- he and eddie are the only one who have licenses AND cars so they end up driving everyone everywhere
- has dated everyone in the loser’s club at some point?
- has a cult following of ppl that have crushes on him so he’s always getting love letters and baked goods
- still takes speech therapy bc he’s paranoid abt the stutter coming back
- writes a column in the school paper that’s a short story every issue. very popular with the school

- has been trying to woo eddie for three years now
- always says he’s gonna pay u back, never does
- teachers either hate him or love him; there is no in-between
- was a popular viner, now freaking out bc vine is over
- never has gas money and always leaves trash in your car
- got contacts the summer before junior year and became super hot
- will say his fave tv show is it’s always sunny in philadelphia but his closest friends know that it’s glee

- oblivious to richie’s advances but sure does have a crush on him
- saved up for a car for years before he turned 16 and it is his baby
- his mom is super anxious abt him driving so it’s a struggle every time he wants to drive his car somewhere
- once during art class he bedazzled his inhaler
- was one of those kids that when they came out of the closet everyone tried to act super shocked and failed
- loves pokémon

- all the teachers adore him
- and the lunch ladies
- submits poems to the school paper anonymously and bill can always tell which are his so he always makes sure that they get published
- that kid that still has a flip phone
- he also likes pokémon so he and eddie will just sit in eddies car playing on their ds’s for hours
- if there’s money on the ground he will find it

Any take on Luke as just a normal kid whining about freedom should probably account for the fact that he lives on a lawless desert planet controlled by gangsters who kept his father and grandmother as slaves