Fertility: Good

Birth Date: August 30, 2014

Death Date: March 2, 2015

Parents: Mlinzi & Mweusi

Cubs: None of note.


Strength 61
Speed 49
Stamina 64
Smarts 65
Agility 67
Skill 33
Total Stats:


Base: Fiery (Burnt Nose)

Eyes: Blue

Mane Type: Wavy

Mane Color: Onyx


Slot 1: Onyx Coat (79%)
Slot 2: Spotting Heavy (81%)
Slot 4: White Collar (32%)
Slot 8: Under White 4 (53%)


Ekundu- Swahili for “red”

Born during the era of Mlinzi the Protector, died during the era of Mabaki the Terror.


Notes: Mother was a purchased Fiery whose name meant “warbler.” The previous owner had a trend of naming lions after birds and I kept an homage to her original name.