Young men at Ogbo displaying Aarungu headdresses, both carved by Duke Ewoh, each 170cm. long. Left, Aarungu No. 1, performed by Joseph Odumi. Right, Ogirigiri, with the inscription “A New Head,” performed by Sunday Mark.

— John Picton (1988). Ekpeye Masks and Masking. African Arts.

A documentation photograph of a mask from an [Ekpeye-Igbo] Ogbukere play. The mask is wooden and represents a fish? or animal form. The head of the mask depicts eyes, a bordered neck in a chain link pattern,and is carved with many geometric patterns of curved designs and peg like protrusions. The mask is painted in different colours. The mask has a square bottom resting on two legs. There are holes at the back of the mask which were used for attaching cloth.

G. I. Jones, 1930s