Hey now, I’d like to introduce you guys to my Ekose OC Captain Chapo, drawn by Yasty. Thanks ‘Yast!

He’s a pretty old guy who’s spacefared all around the galaxy, trucking and moving goods to and fro pretty much like any other Ekose, but Chapo was never really satisfied with only one ship and one paycheck, no, Chapo had dreams.

Dreams to own his own little planet someday. Just a nice place to put his feet up and relax. Maybe with a mansion and a butler too.

He had developed a fair bit of business sense over time and eventually he saved up enough dosh to start his own freighter company, the aptly named; “Captain Chapo’s Rapid Relay Freighter Service”, or CCRRFS. Once he had all the paperwork in order he set his sights to the edge of the fringe to planet Nexus, land of opportunity.

There, he set himself up as an honest businessman and bought a small fleet of ships for supply hauling, hiring himself a crew of exile pilots and mercs to see to it that his shipment gets around the planet safely. Sure, there’s only like… six people on the team, but that’s just less paychecks to process, right?

However, alongside his legal trade his company also deals with shit on the other side of the law. To be frank, his company is also a front for his Exile crew to pose craftily as Dominion suppliers and funnel Dominion resources directly to the needy Exiles in Thayd.

Captain Chapo pockets a nice fat slice of the money raised selling that stuff to the XAS and Pioneering League and also gets to roll about in the kudos for being a ’guerilla hero’ for sticking his neck so far out into the Dominion’s crosshairs.

Ekose are usually neutral parties in the Exile-Dominion conflict, so he’s almost completely out of suspicion for being an Exile sympathiser. Right? How lucky!


Chapo has another secret as well. It’s the reason why he bought old decommissioned ships from the Exiles and the Dominion at the same time, then switched their locations under cover of darkness.

On the other side of the planet, nestled safely in Illium, a second crew of the CCRRFS works hard in their own covert operations, pretending to be Exiles in order to filch back the supplies that the dirty Exile slanks have stolen for themselves.

Captain Chapo is happy to help the empire out with that, and of course, he takes another big fat cut of the profits there too.

Neither crew has even the slightest inkling of the other one’s existence, and that’s how Chapo wants it to stay.

War is a profitable business, don’t ya know?

Sure, you betcha!

Character Bio: Heidi Kostrom

Sex: Female

Age: 27

Race: Ekose

Occupation: Ekose Trade Ship Guard, Shiphand, Freelance Mercenary

Likes: Combat, beer, sports, challenging foes, kicking a marauder’s teeth out

Dislikes: Smartasses, her boring parents (mostly her mom), doors too small for her

Weapon of Choice: Electrical Energy-Generating Staff (E.E.G.S., or E2GS)

Personality: Hot-headed, tough, cocky, irritable, rarely sympathetic

Short Description: Growing up, her parents, Helena and Markus Kostrom, had planned for Heidi to inherit the trading business, something she was strongly against for a while.
After getting kidnapped by marauder thugs, FCON had swooped in and saved her. Before Heidi was returned to her parents, who thought she was dead, she was determined to develop military-grade experience and combat practice.
She spent 3 years developing skills, before someone had secretly informed her parents that she was alive and well. They were quick to take her back, despite her refusal to inherit the business. She wanted action, which she was trained and prepared for.
A compromise was worked out, seeing as how dangerous their trade was how lacking they were in guards, so Markus had made an upgraded her training staff she kept when training at FCON, and turned it into a dangerous electrical weapon.
After seeing how useful Heidi was fighting off marauders, and how happy she was with the position, her parents have rarely ever argued with her since. She now also works as a freelance mercenary, craving any action she can get on Nexus.

Art credit: @bigdeadalive