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Notable examples of text in art, episode 20


Emory Douglas, All Power to the People, 1969, lithograph on paper
Artists’ Poster Committee of the Art Workers’ Coalition, Let Me Say, at the Risk…, c. 1971, offset poster, 16x22in
Roy Lichtenstein, Crak!, 1963-64, lithograph, 19x27 in
Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Your Body Is a Battleground), 1989
Eko Nugroho, The World Words Series (Religion as Weapon), 2012, machine-embroidered rayon on fabric, 148x96cm
Rirkrit Tiravanija, Untitled, 2009, acrylic and newspaper on linen, 88x72 in
Mark McEvoy, Came, 2016, digital image, adapted from a similar phrase in Jenny Holzer’s Truisms series, 1980s
Justin Kemp, Riot Shield With Complex Mathematical Equation Used In Financial Markets Containing Derivative Investment Instruments, 2012, riot shield and paint, 36x20x5 in
Sam Durant, Landscape Art Sign (Emory Douglas), 2003, electric sign with plastic text, 50x30x9 in
James Lee Byars, A White Paper Will Blow Through The Streets, 1967, lithograph, 68cm diameter

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Write 5 things you;

  • Carry in your bag
    Hand Sanitiser
    Work spectacles
  • Will find in your bedroom
    3 Shizaya posters
    Potato in her hamster dwelling
    Little notes of things I ought to be doing and it’s pilin-
    Air purifier
    Language books
  • Have always wanted to do
    Speak many languages fluently
    Pixel Art
    Swing dance
    Game Programming
  • That makes you happy
    People liking my art
    Clutter-free space
    Financial Stability
    8bit ambient music
  • Currently into
    Aesthetic gore
    Orihara Siblings
    Persona 5
    Soul Worker
  • Things on your to-do-list
    Major module resubmission 
    Update emails linked to my tumblr
    Create portfolio site
    A commissioned illustration book
    Izaya zine with @lumerium
  • Things people may not know about you
    I have a gore/vent blog
    I like plain chinese steamed buns 
    I’m in art school
    I am apathetic or have really dull responses to things 
    I either fucking hate myself or love myself to bits

    TAGGING: @heir-conditioning @allshewhispers @demon-of-ikebukuro @cr0nu5 @redactedkondraki @tacticaldiscord or anyone who wants to do it, really.

Portal Fandom Friendly Entry

Title: Trials of Humanity

Characters: Chell, Wheatley, GLaDOS, Doug Rattmann, Turrets, Companion Cube, Misc. Constructs, Aperture

Time: 829 minutes, or 13 hours 49 minutes

Whoo, finally got it done! I’m not sure if the old Aperture cubes count as misc constructs or Aperture, but I put both just in case.


Officially launching this blog today,  February 14th seems wildly appropriate. It’s a great symbol of love and all the hell it almost surely brings. And to be at the mercy of creativity is akin to being at the mercy of love.

Today I spent a little time on a portrait of my elusive, torturous, addictive, wonderful muse.

Now that you know what he looks like – if you see him, please tell him to call me.

No pressure… just. Call me.

For the love of god…please… call…

just call…