S U B V E R S I O N  ||  A  ||  an instrumental mix for gentleman spies, the anticipation of action, and the end of the world.

Smooth Criminal - VSQ // Highway to Hell - 2 Cellos // Where the Streets Have No Name - 2 Cellos // Uptown Funk - Symphonic Pops // Sweet Dreams - Eklipse // Dangerous - Bryson Andres // Irresistable - Symphonic Pops // O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - Piano Guys // Get Lucky - VSQ // A Lannister Always Pays His Debts - Ramin Djawadi // Turn Down For What - Piano Tribute Players // The Phoenix - Symphonic Pops // Don’t You (Forget About Me) - VSQ

I M I T A T I O N  ||  B  ||  An a cappella mix for over-the-top megalomaniacs, kick-ass partners, and really weird plans to take over the world.

Sympathy for the Devil / Born This Way - Dartmouth Aires // Medley: Killer Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody / Somebody to Love - Dartmouth Aires // People Get Ready - Messiah’s Men // Dog Days Are Over - Pentatonix // Medley: Oops! …I Did It Again / Toxic / Hold It Against Me - Pentatonix // Wicked Game - Sonos // Hot In Here / Fever - Urban Method // Spaceman - Boston University Dear Abbeys // Showstopper - Clemson Takenote // Two Step - Pentatonix // Hit ‘Em Up Style - Low key // Starships - Pentatonix // Put Your Records On - No Comment // Call Me Maybe - The Duke’s Men // Gonna Make You Sweat - Vocal Rush // Holding Out For A Hero - Vocal Rush // Blackout - North Carolina State University Accapology // The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power) - Tufts sQ! // Gangnam Style - Pentatonix // Funky Muisc - Voiceplay Emoni // Zoot Suit Riot - HPU Toccatones // Dying In Ya Arms - Fundamentally Sound

Sooo I’ve been thinking about the batfam and what music they listen to so have some headcanons :)

Dick listens to assorted pop music, stuff like Shakira and Shania Twain, (but he’ll listen to most pop) along with showtunes and songs from kids cartoons/movies. He totally has every Disney song Ever on his phone, and he plays them all the time.

Damian probably starts off listening to only classical music? But after being around Dick for a while his music taste starts to rub off (He insists he doesn’t like any of the Disney songs because they’re “for children” but he totally loves them) and he gets like reallyyy into showtunes. He absolutely hums along to literally every single song from ‘Chicago’ (it’s his favorite)

Steph, like Dick, loves songs from kids movies and shows, but while she does like Disney, she likes songs from cartoons more. She knows literally every single song from Adventure Time and Steven Universe, and she sings them constantly. Steph is also a die-hard fan of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj :) She plays Nicki’s verse from Monster at least 17 times a day, and she knows every single word (She also plays it on repeat while patrolling with Cass)

Tim has atrocious taste in music. He listens to a truly hideous mixture of nightcore, anime theme songs, really bad 80’s stuff and dubtep remixes of Katy Perry songs. All his siblings give him shit for it, but no matter what they say he won’t stop playing the nightcore kidz bop version of Feel Good Inc at full volume at 3 AM. (Please stop Tim this is the 5th time you’ve played it in the past half hour. Please.)

Cass listens to all the stuff Steph does, but also she listens to a lot of instrumental cover bands like Eklipse, The piano Guys etc. She listens to Lindsey Stirling too, as well as a lot of covers of songs she likes because she likes listening to all the different renditions.

Jason’s music taste is all over the place. He probably listens to a lot of pop and classical, Steph got him into Nicki Minaj, and he likes Johnny Cash. Also he 100% has a playlist of random songs about dying/getting revenge. So yeah, all over the place.

Bruce seems to me like he listens to a lot of jazz and classical, but he also would totally listen to whatever he knows his kids like as like. An attempt to Bond with them (Jason I’m looking at you) so he ends up with all his kids’ music on his phone.

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