Surprise Gift ch.20

Getting to his room he saw Peter sitting at he table messing with one of the halo pads with his headphones on. Glancing at the bed he saw his mate sleeping yet again. She was curled up in their nest with his pillow hugged to her, breathing in his scent no doubt. Walking in Quill looked up and he nodded his head for the boy to leave. “Go elp’ the boys in the hanger.” he said and saw Quill give a scrunch of his nose and mumbled something under his breath. “Better do what they say boy or they’ll eat cha” he threatened, smacking him in the back of the head on his way out he shut the door behind him. Taking off his jacket and laying it over the chair Yondu slowly walked over to the bed. He looked down at his mate for sometime, looking for any sign of pregnancy. He had never been around anyone who was pregnant before and didn’t exactly know the signs. He knew the woman’s belly would get bigger as the child grew but that was about it. Sitting on the edge of the bed he saw her give a small whimper and roll to her back but then go back to sleep. Moving his eyes back to her stomach he tucked his finger under his shirt she was wearing and lifted it up. Her stomach looked about the same size as normal, nothing new, if anything she had lost weight from not eating. Glancing to make sure she was still asleep he ducked his head to lightly lay his ear just under her naval. He listened for another heartbeat but could only hear her own. It was times like this he wished he still had his abilities. If he did he would no doubt be able to sense her pregnancy. Thinking back over the past week though maybe they weren’t all gone. He had felt something off about her. Something had made him more protective of her, made him want to be around her all the time. Maybe his body had already sensed it and he just hadn’t caught on.

When he heard her make a grunt and begin to wake up he quickly moved his head from her stomach and pulled the shirt back down. Looking he saw her eyes flutter open and look at him questionably. 

Yondu?… what ya doin’?“ you asked in a sleep filled voice, rubbing your eyes.

Yondu took a deep breath and tightened his jaw. Did she know? If she did she would tell him, right? Knotting his brows he looked at her, "Ya got somethin’ ya wanna tell me?” he asked in a deep voice. When she looked confused by his question he swallowed, “Ya been stayin’ in ere’ sleepin’ a lot lately…” he said, his voice coming out rougher than he intended from his nerves. 

Shrinking up at his words and looking away from his eyes you felt yourself shutting down. He was mad at you. You hadn’t been helping out enough. Your emotions getting the better of you, you felt your eyes watering up and your lip trembling. “I…I’m sorry Yondu… I’ll go now…Wha..what do ya need m…me ta..do?” you stuttered, going to get up out of bed and get dressed when you felt him grab your arm. 

Yondu watched as his female broke down at his words. It was then he knew she didn’t know. She thought he wanted her to go work. Cursing himself for making her cry he quickly grabbed her arm and stopped her. She kept her eyes cast down and he saw as a tear fell to the bed. Cupping her cheek he pulled her to him. “No. No sweetheart. I’s ain’t sayin’ ya gotta go work.” he told her. Gently pulling her in his lap she buried her face in his shirt, her hands clenching at his collar as she cried. Rubbing her head he thought back on Tullk’s words, “Clingy.” So it was true, sighing he kissed her head and held her. “Darlin’ ya pregnant.” he stated. Feeling her tense he felt her pull back and look at him with her teary eyes. 

“What?” You asked, thinking you had misheard him. Looking at his face you saw him smile softly and move to place his palm over your belly.

“We’s gonna ave’ a pup.” he told her gently. Her expression was not what he expected, she didn’t smile, she didn’t laugh, she just sat there and looked down with an expression he had never seen on her face. Feeling his own smile fall he furrowed his brows and lifted her chin. “Did…didn’t ya want a baby?”  he asked his voice holding a small amount of hurt. 

Hearing his sadness you quickly looked up and nodded. “I do..it’s just… what if everybody hates them… like me… what if they are hunted Yondu?”

Yondu instantly tensed when he heard his mate mention someone trying to kill their child. “Ain’t nobody gonna ever urt’ our pup. Ya ear’ me? I won’t let nobody urt’ either of ya.” he growled out, his fin glowing at the thought of someone hurting his family. Pulling her into his arms he held her tight and kissed her neck, “I’ll protect ya… both of ya.”


 Getting to the planet with the medical bay on it Yondu told his crew to go occupy themselves while he took y/n to go see a doctor. He was sure she was pregnant but he wanted to get everything checked out. Sitting at the office he filled out everything on the tablet they had handed him. He was cursing under his breath at all the questions they were asking. “Why they gotta know all this shit? So fuckin’ stupid, I’s don’t even know how my birth went…” he growled and heard y/n giggling at him. Looking at her he raised one brow and gave a playful glare, “I’s happy to see I’s amusin’ ya.” Hearing a nurse bot call out his last name he stood and grabbed her hand. Getting to the room Yondu watched as the bot handed his mate a white gown to change into before leaving. 

Changing into the gown you handed Yondu your clothes and sat on the table in the middle of the room. Looking over you saw your mate messing with the different items on the counter. “Stop tryin’ to find stuff to steal.” you whispered and received a firm glare from your alpha before the door opened and a man with green skin and tall black spikes for hair walked in. He gave both you and Yondu a small nod moving over to shake Yondu’s hand when Yondu stood and crossed his arms over his chest. 

“Not ya. I want a woman lookin’ at me wife.” Yondu said in a deep voice.

The doctor stopped an cut his eyes at Yondu. “Excuse me?” he asked in a cocky voice.

“Ya heard me boy. I don’t want no man lookin’ at me wife down there so ya’s gonna go find me a woman doctor.” Yondu told the man.

Seeing the doctor look at you you just raised your brows and looked away. Hearing him scoff before the door opened and closed with a slight slam. Hearing Yondu growling you held your hand out for him to come take and pulled him towards you. Feeling him rub your back and crease your crest you closed your eyes and purred. It took a couple more minutes before the door opened again and a diamond looking woman walked in. You couldn’t help but smile at how pretty she was. 

“Hello there. I am sorry for my co-worker. He is not the nicest of people… My name is Eklin Frost. So we think you are pregnant correct?” she asked her voice having a slight ring to it. 

Nodding she smiled at you before coming to stand beside the bed. Hitting a few buttons on her tablet the bed began to move to lay back some and she gestured for you to lay back. Once you were laying back she moved to the buttons of your gown and opened them up to show your belly. Turning around she began grabbing things and you felt yourself becoming nervous. 

Sensing his mate’s distress Yondu grabbed her hand. Getting her attention he winked at her and saw her give him a small smile back. He watched closely as the crystalline woman moved to rub a gel like substance on y/n’s belly. Next she grabbed a wand reader and placed it on her skin. The doctor watched the screen for a while, not really saying much. She moved the wand around lower to almost right above where y/n’s woman hood was until she smiled softly. 

“You were correct Mr. Udonta. Your wife is very much pregnant.” Frost said before turning the monitor towards them and turning on the speakers, filling the room with a strong heartbeat.

You looked at the screen and covered your mouth when you saw the small little figure with a clearly beating heart. Your baby. That was your baby. Feeling tears form in your eyes you looked to Yondu to see him smiling larger than you had ever seen him smile. 

“Now we do not have much on record about Centaurian pregnancies but from what I could put together your child should be born in a little over four months.” she said. “I would like to give you a quick check up to make sure everything will progress properly. If that is alright with you?” She asked looking to both of them.


After everything was all said and done Yondu had held his mate’s hand as they walked down the shore line of the planet. Everything the doctor had said now running through his head. She had given y/n something to help with her nausea but told him that she would still mostly rave fresh foods because that’s what his people were used to. That didn’t bother him so much, if his female and pup needed fresh meat he would go hunting, he wasn’t used to it but he wasn’t completely foreign to it either. There was one thing however that still bothered him. “Why ya don’t want ta ave’ the baby at a hospital?” he asked as they walked back towards the ship, looking down at her eating the fruit he had bought her from the last stand.

Chewing on the fruit you swallowed it and shrugged but didn’t look up to meet his eyes. “Just… I don’t know… Centaurians are never born in hospitals so why would I have our baby at one?" 

"Safer.” Yondu said looking out at the ocean. He knew where she was coming from and he wanted their child to be as normal as possible but he was worried something would happen to her. “Where ya want ta av'e em’ at then?” he asked and it was then she looked up at him. She said nothing and he soon caught on. “No! Not appenin’ darlin’.” he said in a firm voice. Shaking his head he went to go towards the ship when she stopped and pulled on his hand.

“But Yondu…”

“No y/n. How ya expect me ta keep ya and the baby safe if ya go and give birth on Centauri…”

“If I don’t give birth there then our child won’t be able to use his abilities… he won’t be a Centaurian.” You said moving to stand in front of your alpha. 

Yondu knew his wife was right. The only way their pup would be able to connect with his abilities would be if he was born on their home planet. He knew how important it was to a Centaurian to have their powers, to have that connection to nature. Not a day went by he didn’t imagine his life with them. He refused to take them away from his child like the Kree had him. Sighing he looked down at his omega and raised a brow, “He?”

Smiling you wrapped your arms around his middle and laid your head on his wide chest. “Just a feelin’.” you said softly giving a small yawn. 

Kissing the top of her head he grabbed her wrists and spun her around to ride on his back. He felt as she laid her head on his shoulder, knowing now it was normal for her to be sleepy. 

“Can we name him Yondu jr?” you asked.

“No.” Yondu said with a chuckle  as he started walking back to the ship.




“Now yer jus’ bein’ silly girl." 

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