20 days later and I’m back in the States. Jet lagged. Inspired. Undoubtedly aged for the worse.

Generally speaking, the tour was an amazing time. John and I experienced our fair share of misfortune - we ran out of gas twice, destroyed a rear view mirror, kind of crashed into a toll, almost got hit by a bus in Newcastle on a one-way, etc., etc. - but on the whole, I made it out alive with some new friends and plenty of great (usually hazy) memories. I was also exposed to some exciting music along the way from Plug, Man With Feathers, Eklin and others.

On a work related note: Driving was a test at times with some record-breaking hangovers (Thanks Berlin and Hamburg!) and I’m certainly not in a hurry to sell merchandise again. Because guys, I don’t know where the fucking bathroom is andI don’t speak on John’s behalf about the manner of his live performances but he’s probably doing something right if you’re angry and confused and you’re the type of person who would berate the bewildered, drunk merchandise guy about it.

At the moment, I’m back in Minnesota zeroing in on my next move. I had a phone interview today with a company in Minneapolis and I have a writing assessment with a proctor tomorrow for a company based out of Madison, Wisconsin. The world doesn’t wait around for you while you’re away so I’m fortunate to have these opportunities after my three-week long gallivant.

It was nice to be forcibly disconnected from the Internet and my phone for so long but now it’s time to get back to work. As I sift through countless emails and search for a new apartment I realize that the time for tiddlywinks is through. It was a blast while it lasted.

Cheers to everyone I met along the way. Thanks for the conversations, drinks and the occasional mattress on the floor.

Onwa - Eklin

Eklin mp3 download


Onwa album:

  • Artist - Eklin mp3
  • Album - Onwa mp3
  • Year - 2010
  • Genre- Other


  • Osra
  • De Woe
  • Douglas
  • Belled
  • Futen
  • Kokon
  • Rodehouse
  • Erth
  • Polan
  • Onwa

Download Onwa

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Various Artists | Romantic Jazz Vol. 4 albums
deluxe double fold - a night people records compilation

grab this nice compilation of upcoming releases on night people records.

here’s the tracklist:

we shave - creme dream blues ii
dirty beaches - don’t let the devil find you
dan melchior und das menace - pretty torn up
yves son ace - style promotion
son of salami - fat city
street gnar - without blue
coppertone - year of the tiger
goldendust - after the smoke grew thick
cellophane spill - zaj mak ta
blanche blanche blanche - heroes of the microphone
ela orleans - i know
eklin - polan
three legged race - china bull
chrome dome - cma
ryan garbes - moistpop
lantern - get out of my mind
trailblazer - don’t need it anyway
canterbury rams - simple mind
white woods - groundswell

nevermind, if you’re not particularly familiar with the above names. i’m sure you agree to give credit to someone who says the following about his relation to music in a recent interview:

“i don’t listen to music on the computer or through [digital] devices. i want music to be as dictating of my attention as possible. music is like religion to me, like scripture, so i take it seriously.”