hills full of gold (a patater injury fic)

((aka i have too many thoughts about these two dumb nerds))

They’re on the ice at the same time that night in different arenas, the Falconers in the middle of a gruelling western swing in Los Angeles and the Aces playing at home. Before he slips out of his game-day suit, Alyosha calls Kent quickly, no more than a “good luck” and “я тебя люблю” and promises of spending time together at the end of this roadie that are honestly the only thing keeping him going through this mess of a week.

“I’ll get a hatty for you,” Kent promises him.

“Get hatty for yourself and team,” Alyosha responds with a smile, and then it’s time for some two-touch and changing into hockey gear.

It’s a rough game, full of unnecessary penalties (fuck “too many men” in particular) and goals that should’ve been easily stopped, but they manage to eke out a 3-2 overtime win over the Kings. The locker room is buzzing afterwards, everyone exhausted but still somehow buzzed enough for Gasher to suggest they head out for a few drinks. Kid’s fresh off his rookie year, though, so Alyosha can excuse him for that.

He turns his phone on, intending to just check the result of Kent’s game, but the moment it boots up it won’t stop buzzing, frantic and devastating. People were probably just stressed out watching our overtime, Alyosha tells himself, but even as he says the words in his head he knows they’re not true. Something – something bad has happened, and –

NHL 50m ago
Aces’ captain Kent Parson stretchered off the ice at
home after check into the boards by Bruins’ Zdeno Chara

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Ruby is lovably awkward and earnest, yet also suave and smooth, throwing down pick-up lines left and right. ‘Sophie’ got a chance to display Garnet’s level-headedness, yet also showed a sweeter and sillier side. The pair works amazingly off one another, creating a dynamic which simultaneously feels like puppy-love teenagers and a long-time married couple.”


Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you” from Beyonce’s Hold Up (as well as EK’s tweet in 2011) was a play on a line from Yeah Yeah Yeah’s 2003 single, Maps (this is why YYYs had writing credits on the song too). 

UPDATE (25 April): EK tweeted an explanation on how his tweet about Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs became part of Beyonce’s Hold Up