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Hi! Good luck with ur blog! Can I request for uncrowned kings, akashi and hanamiya comforting their someone after a rough day? Thanks!

My knowledge of the UKs is really limited so I apologize in advance if it’s not what you’re looking for! ( /)u(\ )

Kiyoshi: “Hey let’s go get some ice cream ____- chan!” Kiyoshi suggests cheerily, only receiving a lazy grunt from you. “Oh? I thought you liked ice cream? How about the movies then?” you shook your head as you stared at the television screen. “Hm, how about pizza then? I know you can’t resist it!” your eyebrows furrowed as you sat up in annoyance.
“Kiyoshi Teppei, just leave me alone.” you turned towards your boyfriend who just walked out of the kitchen, your eyes widened as you glanced at him.
“Huh, why? I thought you wanted to celebrate?” Kiyoshi cocked his head to the side as he holds onto a plate with a beautifully decorated birthday cake placed on top. You blushed, speechless, your eyes began to water.
It was almost one in the morning when the two of you finished the cake, the only thing he needed to say to reward him a kiss was, “Ha? Did _____- chan thought I’ll forget? Suman, the cake just took a long time to decorate.”

Hanamiya: “Eh, what was that? You want me to cheer you up?” Hanamiya, being the little horny shit he is (Wait that Aomine, wait wut), pushes you onto the bed, twirling your hair with his finger.
You desperately pushes him away but to no avail, looking away, “Makoto- kun…” you sighed, forfeiting his little game, unable to find any extra strength in you left.
“Hm….? Che, you’re not fun at all,” Hanamiya hisses, losing his interests, he crawls off the bed and walks out of the room, “Find me when you get your act together.” Slamming the door, he leaves you in his bedroom all by yourself.
Slowly sitting back up, you spot a small wooden chest at the corner of the room. Strange, it wasn’t there yesterday. Curiosity loomed over you as you head towards it and carefully opens it up. Your eyes widened, inside the box was a necklace you’ve been eyeing for months, there were also posters, albums, and t- shirts signed by your favorite band, with a note with your boyfriend’s handwriting ‘you owe me 1000 buck idiot’ “Makoto…” you whispered unconsciously, your face heating up. A small smile appeared on your face, you knew he didn’t mean it but you definitely have to thank him later.

Mibuchi: “Hm? Is something bothering you _______- kun? (Kun because the head cannons or so I heard… 0.0) Mibuchi walks over to your stressed figure and wraps his arms around your shoulders from behind. A tired smile appeared on your face as you leaned onto his chest, shaking your head.
“Everything’s fine Reo… How was your day?”
“Hm…?” Mibuchi sighs as he buries his face into your hair, massaging your shoulders. You blushed and squirmed in embarrassment, “Not good at all,”
You immediately looked up, worry in your eyes, “Huh? Why, what happened Reo?”
Mibuchi stays silent, looking into your eyes, he smiles and leans down to give you a peck on the cheeks. “because ______ won’t let me take care of him.”
Your face reddens once again, feeling faint, you gently pushes him away, looking away, “W- well, me taking care of you is enough you know, I can take care of myself…”
Mibuchi raises an eyebrow ever so slightly but returns back to his calm self and lifts your chin to return his gaze. “Well can you take care of me ______? I want to know what happened to my usually bubbly ______.”

Hayama: “______- chan, I’m back~” Hayama whistles as he steps through the doorway and into the living room. You did not hear him as your eyes were glued to the television, blocking out everything around you. “______….- chan?” he called out. You still could not hear him. He sighs, rubbing his sore neck from the rough training today, he slumps onto the couch with you.
That’s when you realized he was back, you almost jumped up, yelling, “Ko- Kotaro?! When did you come in?”
Your boyfriend could only burst out laughing, “And I thought _____ - chan was ignoring me~ I called your name twice you know!”
You stopped and leans back onto the soft cushion, your gaze returning to the screen, “Ah… is that so?” You sighed heavily, hugging onto a second cushion onto your chest. You remained expressionless when Hayama suddenly grabs your shoulder and pushes you into his chest, kissing your forehead gently. “Kotaro…?”
“Shh… _____- chan will tell me what happened when she’s ready right?” Hayama smiled innocently.
Your lips curved up for the first time that day, you sighed and laid your head onto his chest. “I’m sorry I’m being selfish, I know your training has become harsher recently.”
Hayama shakes his head slowly, giving you another kiss on the cheeks. “No… no matter how rough training is, seeing _____- chan’s smile is enough to make all the pain go away.”

Nebuya: “Higher you gorilla! Are your muscles just decorations?” you complained, crossing both your arms and legs and sitting on his back as he did 100 push- ups in a row.
“Ha? You wish! My muscles are as real as it can get!” he yelled, inspiring him to show off even more. You jolted and almost fell when he started to do one hand push- ups.
“G- gah! Idiot, at least warn me before you switch pace. Jesus Christ!” you hissed, it was obvious, even for him, that you were incredibly annoyed. Nebuya stopped dead in his tracks, before you could respond. He grabbed onto your legs and stood up, piggy- backing you. Confused, you could only punch his shoulders from behind, “O-oi what the hell are you doing?”
“Let’s go to the park,” he stated as he walked towards the door.
“H- ha? Well let me go get ready first, and we are not going out with you piggy- backing me got it?” you demanded, trying desperately to wriggle free.
“Che, you’re the one who told me you liked it.” Ignoring your complaints, he opened the door and walked onto the streets. You blushed, calming yourself and laying your head on his shoulder in defeat. ­­You sighed, your mood being lifted a little. “Well, are you going to tell me what happened or not?”

Akashi: “What is it ____?” Akashi asks as he approaches your busy- like figure. You shook your head sharply, unwilling to take your eyes off your laptop screen, busily typing away. A minute has passed with him standing silently behind you as you typed furiously on the keyboard, the tense silence filling the air. You shrugged off his hand when he tried to caress your shoulder. “Do not be stubborn_____,” Akashi demands as he calms you down by kissing your neck when you jerked back from his embrace. “Do you really want to be busy when I’m here?” he plants soft kisses on your neck as his hands reached for yours, playing with them.
You looked away, finally stopping the work you were doing to try and direct your attention from the bad day you had. “It’s nothing Seijuurou,” you hissed, stopping a moan when he found your sweet spot but you could not stop the lewd sound coming out of your lips when he impatiently bit your shoulder.
“Do not lie to me ______. As my Empress, are you not my responsibility? Now, either you tell me what’s wrong, or you’ll get a punishment.”

Ah! My baby is finally done! I don’t know why this took me so long but he finally has a proper reference sheet!!!!

If anyone remembers the animatic I did last year ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK4Ezk4xZH4&index=2&list=UU8WqiqapIxxjWKBTVP8YOoA ) this is male character on the screen. I never had the proper time to finish that project but at least his design was finished. All that needed to be done was to add color and it only took me a year. 

Anyway, this is Ekichi, and he’s one of the main characters in my story that I’m slowly, but surely working on. I’m trying to create reference sheets for all my characters but this is a start. He’s one of my favorite characters ever and I can’t wait to do more with him. *^-^*

Look for more characters in the future. 

If I could marry a character, in an instant baby. Love this guy so much.
Needed the spark to get back to finishing commissions. First thing I’ve drawn in months really. Miss it a lot. Now I’m pumped to finish commissions. #Sarieu'sartwork #anime #manga #adventur'sdestiny #Ekichi #pencil #pen #practice