Rakuzan going to Akashi's place for the first time [headcanons]

- Hayama and Nebuya are amazed how big the house is
- Hayama is extremely impressed with the big beautiful house and the maids and chef and gardner etc
- Mibuchi tries to shut Hayama up and is extremely worried about their image in front of Akashi’s dad
- Mibuchi is scared of Nebuya burping or farting when Akashi’s dad is there
- Mayuzumi is so done with their shit
- Mayuzumi thinks this big fancy house is perfect for relaxing and reading some linovels
- specially the backyard
- Hayama wonders if there was a pool and suggests having a party there later
- Akashi tries to make his team impress his dad
- Nebuya shows off his muscles to the maids and gets scolded by Mibuchi
- Mayuzumi gets along well with Akashi’s dad.
- the team sees a picture of Akashi’s mom and are suddnly calm
- Mibuchi tells Akashi how pretty she is
- Hayama is amazed how much Akashi looks like his mom
- Akashi is very happy to have them over and he wishes his mom was there so he could introduce them to her

Ah! My baby is finally done! I don’t know why this took me so long but he finally has a proper reference sheet!!!!

If anyone remembers the animatic I did last year ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK4Ezk4xZH4&index=2&list=UU8WqiqapIxxjWKBTVP8YOoA ) this is male character on the screen. I never had the proper time to finish that project but at least his design was finished. All that needed to be done was to add color and it only took me a year. 

Anyway, this is Ekichi, and he’s one of the main characters in my story that I’m slowly, but surely working on. I’m trying to create reference sheets for all my characters but this is a start. He’s one of my favorite characters ever and I can’t wait to do more with him. *^-^*

Look for more characters in the future.