I couldn’t find any other way of celebrating my parents 25th Anniversary than by letting them know how grateful I am that they let me walk my own path even though my footsteps are rarely on this planet. After six months, thirteen cities, and twelve different countries I can finally share this with the world.

1. Munich, Germany

2. Tokyo, Japan

3. Rome, Italy

4. Lyon, France

5. Colombo, Sri Lanka

5. New York City, USA

6. Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

7. Bangkok, Thailand

6. Paris, France

7. Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

8. Beijing, China,

9. Singapore, Singapore

10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the end of my probation and six month graduation. 

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I went to the floating market in Bangkok during my last layover and was really curious about why the pineapples had stalks. So I googled how do pineapples grow.

Mind. Blown.

I cannot believe that tomorrow I will see this painting. There are so many old friends waiting for me at the Alte Pinakothek in Munich and strangers I’ve never met.

Being a flight attendant means I’m privy to secrets that people don’t normally share. Desires and dreams, things they want to see or things they are too afraid to see. A lot of things happen when you are 36,000 feet in the air and sometimes people just want to talk. Something I talk to people a lot about are their bucket lists. Places they want to travel, mountains to climb. I have one of those also but the best conversations are the ones where strangers talk about their separate bucket list for art. Things you have to see with your own eyes.

Which is why tomorrow is so exciting for me. I can cross off entire sections. I spent my entire childhood studying these masterpieces and it’s no longer enough to only see them captured in a book. I have to stand before them and on those rare occasions I have to stand and cry before them. Sometimes I have to whisper thank you to them for seeing me through those dark teenage times, for guiding me, giving me strength, and for teaching me that beauty absolutely lies in the eye of the beholder.


Hello from Dubai!! Training is going very well, I’m two weeks into a seven week program and my brain is starting to feel very full! I wake up very day (incidentally my alarm coincides with the call to prayer which I think is beautiful) and feel so blessed and lucky to be working here. It’s an absolute dream come true. Training started on Christmas Eve and I told my batchmates this is one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received! Hope you are all well! Happy Holidays and in advance a very joyful New Year!

Just got my new roster, I can cross Tokyo off my list (actually after the month of May I can cross it off three times!). I only need a New York and a Hong Kong to check this list off.

Now I need I figure out what on Earth to do in Tokyo!!!!!!!! Any suggestions? I will be there three separate days. I want to go to Disney one day and definitely the Alice in Wonderland cafe!

Don’t worry everyone! I’m still alive and flying! I’ve just had a ridiculous busy roster this month. I fly back to Dubai and have about 24 hours off before I fly back out again. I finished the six day Syd-Akl sector and came home to find actual dust in my room! I’m loving every moment of it but I miss you guys! Now that I’m settled in I’m going to start picking back up on posting. Not as much as before but just a little here and there. :)

edralis asked:

1. If you were to be depicted in a portrait painting in a renaissance style, how would you look and what attributes would you choose to represent yourself? 2. If you were an aristocrat or a ruler of some kind, what epithet would you like your people to give to you? (e.g. Richard the Lionheart, Piero the Gouty etc.) 3. What would you choose for your personal motto and symbol? :))

I’m really not sure about the first one! It’s a great question but I was on a plane last night from around 2000 hrs, landed back around 7am and slept until 1900hrs. My brain hasn’t quite caught up with the waking world I’m afraid.

I would very much enjoy answering the second question as it is something I myself have considered over the years. My epithet would be Elizabethe the Chartless. I have no one home other than the world, I have no place on the map, I’ve always been chartless and ready to move. I have a wandering soul and the world is mine to roam.

My personal motto is very easy to answer: It is Psalm 31:25: ‘She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future’. Planes are dangerous but we we as humans weren’t meant to stay on the ground, and with no fear there will be no future. So I choose to live my life to the fullest and to cherish every moment until my last. As for the second part as cliche as it seems I think my symbol would be an eagle with wings spread wide clutching the world in one claw. When I land I always text my mom four words so she knows that I am safe and can go to sleep or go about her day without worrying: ‘The eagle has landed’. That is our code so I think it’s only fitting that it would stand as my symbol.

I truly enjoyed answering this question, thank you for asking!