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I'd like to take a second and tell you how I love, no wait, I adore you. Thanks for making that site. Im completly in love with misfits.


thank you bby <3

“EKATS is the best thing that ever happened to me! Tinignan ko uli yung mga pictures natin and na-rialize ko na SUPER hirap palang iwan ang mga taong mahal mo, yung mga taong nagmahal din sayo, yung mga taong nagbigay ng kulay sa buhay mong black and white, at yung mga taong sumuporta sayo sa kabila ng hagard din nilang buhay. I MISS YOU and I WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU! Ekats, take note: hinde ko kayo friends/ best friends/ kabarkada and alike…

kasi PAMILYA ko kayo e…may mga ATE, KUYA, LITTLE SIS, LITTLE BRO, NANAY, TATAY, LOLA, LOLO…o diba one big happy family! I LOVE YOU baklitang ekats!”

—  kapatid Manel

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Can you recommend any good Mabill fics? I'm dying here!

Sure I can, dear anon! 

There’s some I can’t remember right now, but these are my babies:

  • If you don’t know A Century of MaBill by Evil-Ekat, it’s one of the best Mabill fics out there, mainly because it’s not just one - it’s going to be A HUNDRED of them! How cool is that?! The stories come in all sorts of genres, from fluff to sheer horror. And since a lot of them are one or two-shots, you won’t be left dying for the next chapter. My personal favorite is number 43, be sure to check it out!
  • Not really a fanfic, but Silly Little Shooting Star by the same author will take your breath away. It’s really that good.
  • Mabill: Ten Ways of Discomfort by awesomenesshasar. It’s based off an awesome fanart from Tatergothi, but the artist seems to have vanished, unfortunately :v  
  • Blanket Fort, by batman-defeats-all. Bewarb! Too much cuteness.
  • Blankets, by TeamChaosPrez. If you’re looking for the fluff department, Mabill and blankets always work.~
  • Let’s Make a Deal by Oilux. Mabel is sick with worry for her twin brother, and to save him, she makes a deal with you know who. I haven’t finished reading, but it’s pretty dang good. 

Someday I will have the guts to write a Mabill fanfic. For now I’m content with silly doodles. owo

update update update

I am online in fb. Kulitan there with #ekats. And I just have this thought that I’m gonna miss it all. Now that more and more of them were packing for college, leaving for college. Anyway, I’m just gonna miss them ALL. SO MUCh!

P.S. ok, I now I’m losing you guys. 

P.P.S Ekats, they’re my soul sisters and brothers. They’re my kapatids. :D

all nonsense.

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since you like mabill, do you have any mabill fic recommendations? I'm dying for a good one!

I totally get that craving! Here are a few of my personal favorite and hopefully you’ll enjoy them too!

* ‘The Serpent and the Mermaid’ by eternal1900: I am really enjoying this one. Its well written and romantic, but also dark. I literally cannot wait for the next chapter to be out. 

* ‘A Century of Mabill’ by Evil-Ekat: Honestly anything by Evil is great but this one is my favorite. It has one shots, two shots, each one is a blast. They all range from romantic to terrifying as well as hilarious. I recommend this to anyone, especially to those getting into the Mabill fandom as this was my first ever fic of the two. 

* ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ by Oilux: Ok, I love this fanfiction. The writer does an awesome job of characterizing Mabel and Bill and the story is just wonderful. This is probably like my favorite out of all of them. 

* ‘Love Bites’ by Oilux: Okay so yes it’s made by the same author but man it’s one chapter in and I’m excited for more. Oilux made a series of prompts prior to the official chapter on her tumblr, so I suggest checking those out too!

* ‘Found Myself an Old Solution’ by Hollyleaf the Black Cat: This one only has one chapter but I’m excited for it to continue. It’s a rather interesting plot, it really caught my attention when I saw it. Again, it’s only got one chapter, but I think there’s some serious promise here. 

Hopefully this will help in some way? ^^ Enjoy reading!

eKat does this thing now where she just throws herself down whenever I’m near her or she’s walking on me and expects me to catch her so she doesn’t fall.

Yesterday she was walking on the bookshelf and threw herself towards me when I walked by and I caught her in midair.

Just last night. She’s walking on me while I’m laying on the couch and out of nowhere she throws herself down and just about rolls off the couch (since she was 2 inches from the edge) and I was able to catch her.

Just now she is walking on me (again I’m on the couch) and just throws herself onto my legs and starts to roll and I catch her.

This cat is putting all her trust in me and it’s honestly so much pressure haha.