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#KRPKAB - Love finds a way.. (Epi 276)

During their confrontation in the jungle, Sona told Dev, “Agar tumne mujhe ye haq saat saal pehle diya hota, to aaj hamari bhi ek happy family hoti!

Ish said to Dev today,“Achchha! Mujhe aisa kyon lagta hai ke Sonakshi teri zindagi se kabhi gayi hi nahi! Tu in saat saalon mein uske diye dard se joojhta raha! Ab wo wapas aayi hai, naye dard leke!

When will Sona and Ishwari understand the place each of them have in Dev’s life! Dev has placed Sona in his heart! His love, his happiness and sadness, his pain all belong to Sona! He has never loved anyone as much as he loves Sonakshi! Ishwari’s interference in seeing her son sad or unhappy whenever he fights with Sona only complicates the situation instead of solving it!

Dev has always bound his life, his duties with Ishwari! He will never leave her alone! He knows what sacrifices his mother has made to make him what he is today! He is and always will be a dutiful son! Sona asked Dev to give her a place in his family! Both of them tried hard to make it happen! Dev played his part by keeping his mother happy so that his happiness also could stay in his house! But alas! It did not happen!

Ishwari could never adjust to the emotional attachment between Dev and Sona! She interfered in a couple’s matters from which she needed to stay out! Ishwari needs to understand that the space which Sona holds in Dev’s heart, will always remain hers! Dev may fight with Sona, love her or hate her, but they will always stay together! Distance has nothing to do with the feelings they have for each other!

When it came to granting Soha her wish to stay together with her parents, Dev said no! He knew that Sona and Ishwari can never stay together under one roof! Ishwari can’t help interfering in Dev’s matters and Sona can’t help proving herself by sticking to the right!

Dev is tired of explaining to Ishwari that Sonakshi will never take him away from her! Ishwari still can’t tolerate Sona anywhere near Dev when she knows in her heart that Sona’s physical presence is not even necessary for Dev to love her! It’s an irony that Ishwari herself clutches Dev so tightly while she denies Sona’s claim over her daughter! Dev makes her realise, “Matlab tu chaahti hai ki Sonakshi apni beti ko chhod ke kahin door chali jaaye?

The regret that Dev has today is only that he is depriving his daughter of her wish and happiness! Dev is desperate to bring Soha into his life, into his family! Soha is the only one who belongs with Dev both in his heart and his life!

Soha is dealing with the problem her own way! She shows the stubbornness, she inherited from her own parents! Now that she has placed Dev into her family tree, she loves her father and wants him to be a part of her life like Sona is, like her Daadu and Deeda!

Asha tries to show Sona how much she still loves Dev! Even though Sona may try to hide it all under the cover of Soha’s wish, but secretly she too wants Dev to be a part of her life! Sona’s explaining to Asha how Dev was so different with Soha as a father, was a telltale sign of her own feelings towards him! Dev is still very much the man whom Sona has always loved!

It’s such a cute and warming sight to see Sona and Dev working as a team to bring Soha out of her shell! Dev thinks Soha is behaving like Sona as Sona too is stubborn and stuck up! Sona’s habit of not letting go of things is a part of Soha’s demeanour as well! Sona thinks that Soha is behaving like Dev as Dev too is unpredictable! No one knows what he is thinking or what he might do next!

Dev and Sona bending down to retrieve the phone and banging their heads, Dev waiting outside Sona’s house all brought back the old charm between DevAkshi! When Dev and Sona are in their own skins, they are magical!

The physical closeness with Dev affects Sona the same way as before! That’s why she refused to sit with Dev on his bike! Them arguing over this was too cute! But cuter than that was Golu’s “kitna ladte hain ye dono!” 😂

Talking about Golu, I still can’t get over how he supported Dev despite his age! Golu’s convincing Dev that he was the best father to Soha, was such a best friend’s way to cheer him up! Why do I feel that when Golu was a baby or a toddler, even then Dev shared a special bond with him! Back in those times too, Golu must be used to seeing his BigCha missing BigChi! Dev must be pouring his heart out before Golu even when Golu could not understand his words! But he must’ve been sensing his BigCha’s emotional state from those early years of his life!

Sona intuitively sensed all efforts from her parents’ side to talk to her and she successfully dodged them! Her denial to accept what her parents are trying to tell her, comes from you-know-who 🙈😂

Even the emotional blackmail that Soha resorts to in the precap, shows she has Ishwari Dixit’s genes in her! Now waiting to see what solution Dev and Sonakshi come up with to indulge their daughter! Beware Ishwari and Bijoy as you may not like what’s gonna happen next! ❤


Snk theories: Old panel, New thoughts

Long story short. Here is a panel from chapter 37:

Eren said something like “when I go to basement and learn the truth, I will finally know who are the real enemies”…But guys!

Why is there a panel of MIKASA RIGHT AFTER EREN HAS SAID THIS!??


It is not the first time I have thoughts about Mikasa, or the Ackermans, or the East Sea Clan people are the so-called humanity’s enemies—to be precise, the enemies of the Eldians. What are you trying to tell us Isayama? One panel, and there can be 1000 ways to interpret it!

To the Paradis Eldians, the Ackermans and the East Sea Clan are their enemies (from the point of view of the First King and his possessors), because they opposed the First King’s ideology of having peace inside the walls on Paradis Island. Perhaps the King knew that if they were going to fight back Marley, many Eldians would die for nothing since the Marleyans are too strong.

And more important is, the two families are NOT from the same bloodline of the Eldians—like weeds. Weeds. The Eldians are the big TREE while the Ackermans and the East Sea people are the WEEDS.

Chapter 65

And talking about East Sea Nation EEEEEEEKKKKK

Look at this!


Remember they supported the Eldian revolutionists 20 years ago?

Chapter 87

Meanwhile, the East Sea Nation allied with the Middle Nation and become stronger, see chapter 91.


What if the true reason of Marley starting their 9 year plan of Paradis Island is the East Sea Nation?

It is very likely that Marley wants to obtain the fuel and Progenitor Titan power on Paradis to fight against the Mid-East Allied Forces!

—And thus the breaching of Wall Maria happened in Year 845.