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So chad Coleman was on talking dead. Did he cry? Did he talk about how he was blindsided by Ty's death and didn't understand? Did he fret about having to move? No? So that's how a professional does it.

Nonny, Chad Coleman brought his ever-present love of life and joy to Talking Dead last night. 🌟He turned what could have been an awkward, grim and sad occasion into a laughter-filled party honoring Tyreese and the gentle giant’s journey since season three! 👏 While it was clear he felt some sadness, Coleman is a consummate professional who made his Talking Dead appearance a gift to the fans. Instead of crying over a lost job or selling an apartment, he talked about being grateful for having a great character to play. He laughed instead of whining, made it a celebration of the show! He made it about the fandom’s love ( and his own) for Tyreese. Coleman is a class act no doubt about it! I saw many tweets in which fans noticed & appreciated Coleman’s tactful elegant way of making TD a “ Tyreese party” instead of a self-centered whinefest with cheese & sleaze. Coleman didnt make everything about him-EK could learn a lot from his example IMO! He praised the cast ( including EK), the crew members & the fans. It is no accident Coleman landed a main cast role on a new show so fast. Coleman naturally makes people feel good, he makes them laugh and he’s a mature professional who understands the importance of being a good team player. Hardwick and Nicotero were relaxed, laughing and focused on the episode-compared to all the guests being so uncomfortable when EK cried about her apartment or talked about not understanding why her character died. Or lying about other cast not being notified about Beth’s death with the usual notice-a lie swiftly debunked by the show by the way!. Compare Coleman’s behaviors to those of the other recent cast member guest on Talking Dead-you have best/worst comparisons IMO. Poor Emily Kinney, I guess no one “taught her” how to behave professionally or be a team player-such a shame! I noticed she tweeted a Norman Reedus IG photo last night-shocker! How wonderful it would have been had she tweeted support of last night’s regular cast or said something supportive about Chad Coleman’s Tyreese-or anything nice at all to him! Kinney is all about feeling good herself while Coleman is all about making /everyone/ feel joy and laughter. I know which one I’d invite to a party at my house-and which one I’d cross off the invite list!

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