Here’s my How-to-gif … gif :D

Several people wanted to see how I did it. I really am all over the place and sometimes the order is different for some of my gifs than for others, but this is just the path I took for today’s VF Ben :)

A few notes:

♥ The more frames you have the smaller your gif should be exported to keep it’s size under 1MB.

♥ Have CRAZY amounts of colors also make exporting difficult. You’ll see if you do so the export narrows down your color choices. 

♥ Even though I test this limit (A LOT) gradients (like in the bg shown) also increase the number of colors you’re using.

♥ Balancing size/duration is the trick to getting the gif you want. Whichever is the one you find more important means you might be sacrificing more of the other. 

Hope you guys make some super awesomeness, I can’t wait to see! 

Also here, have bonus close-up VF Ben: