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is there anything in particular you recommend cleaning them with if you forget to after working? I use the Escoda’s usually, but have been working so late on some inking projects, they’re just dry and crusty when I wake up in the morning!

I only clean my brushes with water, but I never ever let the paint completely dry on them. Watercolor and gouache are water-soluble even after drying so it’s probably not a big deal, but I still worry about the brush hairs getting bent and staying that way, or about being too rough with the fine tips if a rigorous cleaning is needed. I would say just don’t let things sit, it takes like two seconds to rinse them. Ink is rougher I think, I don’t often ink with brushes but when I do I don’t use the same brushes I use for watercolor because it’s really hard to get the black completely out, and you don’t want that messing with your colors on a watercolor painting later.  


May 2014- Native Coastal-Georgia Botanicals, Individually Inked 8 x 10" on Fabriano Artistico Cold Press Watercolor Paper (Acid Free, 100% cotton, 600gsm), Digitally Colored

(top-bottom): Rhododendron Atlanticum, Clinopodium Coccineum, Pinckneya Bracteata, Aesculus Parviflora, Magnolia Grandiflora