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Eleanor Calder - guide to a concert

what to wear?

  • shorts
  • muscle tanks
  • sweaters
  • dresses
  • crop tops
  • blouses
  • skinny jeans
  • converse/keds/vans
  • dungarees
  • shirts
  • graphic tees
  • boyfriend jeans
  • leather jacket
  • sandals
  • plain tees

(try and avoid wearing band tees,I did that once but it was just kind of embarrassing)


  • fishtail braid
  • high pony
  • top layer up bottom layer down
  • top knot bun
  • soft waves
  • super curly


  • you want to look nice but you want to stand out as well so try a makeup no makeup look with a bold lipstick don’t go OTT

going alone?

  • I’m going to a concert alone soon and tbh I was really nervous about it but now i’m not,you don’t have to make friends just enjoy the music out of all those people you won’t be the only one who came alone maybe try and make friends if you want

taking photos

  • if you have an iphone and you’ve got far back seats the photo quality will be shitty so take a camera (not too expensive) and remember don’t look through the lens all the time you wanna enjoy the concert too

what else to bring?

  • phone
  • a small bag
  • money if you want to buy merch (not too much)
  • water! it gets really hot in there
  • hair ties (you never know you might just wanna tie your hair up)
  • snack bar (it’s good to have energy during a concert)
  • most importantly your TICKET

And here’s the third post of the  Back to School series!! I hope you enjoy it and if you want me to do any specific post, just send me a ask! - Soh :D xxx

  1. Messy Waves - Wash your hair the night before, then put it into two french braids while it’s still wet. When you wake up in the morning, take of  the braids, run your fingers through your hair and shake it to give this texture.
  2. Braided Fringe - Separe your fringe to the rest of your hair, french braid it and then pin it back in one form that your hair will cove the bobby pin.
  3. Half up - First blow dry your hair upside down to get volume. Then, use your fingers to roughly comb the top half of your hair back and secure it in place with a some bobby pins. Gently pull some pieces in the front to frame your face.
  4. Side Braid - Part your hair in the middle and then do a normal braid on the side that you prefer, pull some pieces of the front/ your fringe to make it more of a messy look.