Mi piace di te

 quello che altri non vedono,
mi piace di te quello che lo specchio non può riflettere,
guardare il tuo viso o i tuoi occhi non mi basta,
guardare il tuo corpo è bello
ma voglio anche la tua sostanza,
leggere i tuoi pensieri e guardare i tuoi sogni,
le immagini che hai nella testa
e le sensazioni che nessuno sente,
che nessuno pensa;
di te, mi piace il tuo lato nascosto;
di te, mi piace il mondo che hai dentro nel profondo…

Ejay Ivan Lac

i think about calum being in love way too much, like imagine him staring at you when youre doing simple things or when you laugh and his heart doing little backflips and a lot of the time, he’d find you in everything; songs, places, words, etc. he wouldnt stop thinking about you and you could tell he was when its quiet and he’d have that crinkly smile that you love so SO much and hed feel so incredibly lucky and happy to be with you and no matter what you guys go through, he already knows that you are it for him and he doesnt want to experience life with anyone else and he’d always wonder if you felt the same, which you did but through comfortable silence, you both secretly always knew that you guys would never find anything as amazing as what the both of u have and jddhhsjs i want a calum in love :(

Capirai con il tempo, che esistono cose per cui vale la pena svegliarsi al mattino, e che nella tua strada non esistono solo aghi che pungono, ma anche carezze che avvolgono…
—  Ejay Ivan Lac

Buonanotte a te che invadi i miei pensieri, stanotte chiudi i tuoi occhi e ascolta il silenzio, e se senti un soffio di vento tra i capelli non ti svegliare, sono io che ti abbraccio con il pensiero.
~ Ejay Ivan Lac 🥀

Un bacio sulla tua fronte tua fronte per dirti che ti voglio bene, un bacio su le tue labbra
per dirti che ti amo, un bacio sul tuo collo per dirti che ti desidero, un bacio sul tuo cuore per ringrazziarti del tuo amore.
—  Ejay Ivan Lac

Mi piace il fatto che esistano due splendidi modi per baciare una donna, perchè essa ha la capacità di avere quattro tipi di labbra, due per l’amore, e altre due per la passione.

Ejay Ivan Lac

Solo tu sai che mondo meraviglioso hai dentro di te…
Nessuno può’ viverlo…
solo chi riuscirà’ a guardare attraverso i tuoi occhi…
potrà’ vederne l'ingresso. 

Ejay Ivan Lac 

E’ così eccitante, salutarti, e poi, guardarti negli occhi senza parlare, andare via, e interpretare le parole nascoste nei nostri sguardi. Le emozioni possono essere disegnate anche senza parlare, perchè le parole, perdono il senso di ogni battito e di ogni sensazione percepita dall’interno, guardarti, è la cosa più forte che si possa voler dire… Guardarsi, mentre ci si allontana, guardarsi, mentre si fa l’amore, sfiorarsi con gli sguardi, anche da perfetti sconosciuti, parlarsi con gli occhi lasciando tacere le parole, perchè di quelle, ne abbiamo pieno il mondo, e non sempre danno soddisfazione, e spesso, raccontano menzogne. Una voce può stare zitta e nascondere troppe cose, gli occhi, invece, non sanno tacere, hanno fiato anche se tutto resta in silenzio. (Ejay Ivan Lac)

Mi piace di te
quello che altri non vedono,
mi piace di te
quello che lo specchio 
non può riflettere,
guardare il tuo viso 
o i tuoi occhi non mi basta,
guardare il tuo corpo è bello
ma voglio
anche la tua sostanza,
leggere i tuoi pensieri
e guardare i tuoi sogni,
le immagini che hai nella testa
e le sensazioni che nessuno sente,
che nessuno pensa, di te,
mi piace il tuo lato nascosto, di te,
mi piace il mondo che hai dentro
nel profondo.
—  Ejay Ivan Lac
My Musical Story

I was born at the tail end of the 80s so my early formative memories of music took place right in the middle of the 90s; John Barnes set the decade in motion and did ‘that’ rap, Oasis and Blur were fighting in the charts, Hip Hop hit its heyday and caused debate over class and race (although I wouldn’t come to realise this until later), Napster completely changed the way people viewed the distribution of media (albeit illegally), and we never found out where Cotton Eyed Joe came from.

I grew up in a full house of varying musical flavours so it would be sensible to look at the influences of these musical guides, my family.  My parents grew up in the 80s. My father was very much a new romantic and my mother loved the typical pop music of the time; Nic Kershal, Madonna, Ah-Ha. I also lived with my Grandparents and Uncle during these early years. My Grandparents listened to whatever was on Top of the Pops at the time, very much like my mother. However, my uncle had a keen interest in the emerging house scene at the time and would regularly DJ in his room to my amazement. It was safe to say that I fell in love with electronic music from a very early age, whether that was the dance music of The Prodigy or Orbital or the synth pop hits of the time a la Human League and the like.

When I was eight my father started making music on his computer, which blew my mind at the time; we was making the dance music I’d listened to growing up appear out of seemingly nothing but a few clicks of his mouse. That was the day that changed how I viewed music forever, no longer was I happy with listening passively, I wanted to actively create it also!

My first musical foray came in the shape of Dance eJay, musical arrangement software that included pre bundled sample libraries. Although the program was very primitive I found it fascinating to put these sounds together; quickly you’d learn what types of sounds go well with each other as well as the ones that don’t go so well. To an eight year old me, this was extremely fun, something that never went away.

Fast forward a few years of me meandering through various versions of eJay and due to my school friends’ influences, my tastes became more varied. I became enchanted with alt rock and indie music and would listen to bands like Radiohead, Suede, and Pulp. It was like another musical epiphany and lead to me wanting my first ‘real’ instrument. After convincing my mother I would actually play the thing; I got an electric guitar for my 14th birthday.

My friends and I would get together in one of our cellars, our shiny new noise makers in tow, and jam for hours. What came out from this was my first ever band experience, no longer was I making music on my own, all of us were feeding off of each other’s creativity and turning it into an actual collection of songs you could call a set. This is when I first experienced what playing your own songs live as a band meant to me. We played gigs across the south and to a bustling local music scene to much praise. This was the life for me.

Recording was another matter again, no one out of my friendship group had experience in this area so we had to hire the help of a local recording studio. At the time I had studied music at GCSE level, but had never researched the methods into recording live music at much length as I was used to using arrangement software with pre-loaded samples.

After these recording sessions the band grew apart with everyone going off to university; it would be quite a few years later until I would pick up my own musical journey again. During this time though, my appreciation for music never dwindled. I became involved in my local DJ scene and would get my hands on whatever new music I could, particularly emerging bass music genres like dubstep, funky house, and garage. I would also pay closer attention to the labels producing the music I enjoyed, making finding new music more of an active pastime, all the time getting easier with the evolution of the internet and file transfer methods.

By combining my absolute passion for music and my experience with computers it made sense to pursue more advanced ways of expressing myself creatively with the technology available, leading to my first experience with a more advanced digital audio workstation (DAW). Fruity Loops enabled me to make my own sounds to arrange with almost limitless possibilities due to the vast array of VSTi plugins and how advanced software synthesis had come. Creativity was at an all-time high again, I would watch hundreds of YouTube videos on how to make various sounds and would spend hours each week playing around with the software to see what it could do. However after a prolonged period of time it felt isolating doing this all by myself. I missed the interactivity you get with working with other creative people, spurring me on to want to study music in an environment where ideas and knowledge could be shared, bringing us up to three years ago when I started by BA in music technology.

Bestfriend's Brother

Kenjie groaned as his phone alarmed for 6 PM, indicating the start of his favorite TV show. He and Sophia, his bestfriend, had been in the library for the last three hours, trying to look for more sources for their thesis. If he was being honest, he thought that he wouldn’t have to stress over the project since Sophia is that smart, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. All his contributions were rejected and if she does accept accept some of them, she wrote several corrections on it, making him annoyed than he already was. “Alam mo besh, brimming point na ang patience ko for you today. Para nang nireregla ‘tong notebook ko sa dami ng corrections nyang red pen mo. Di pa ba tayo tapos? Simula na Pasion de Amor! Baka di ko makita si Papa Ejay,” he said, before rolling his eyes.