i think about calum being in love way too much, like imagine him staring at you when youre doing simple things or when you laugh and his heart doing little backflips and a lot of the time, he’d find you in everything; songs, places, words, etc. he wouldnt stop thinking about you and you could tell he was when its quiet and he’d have that crinkly smile that you love so SO much and hed feel so incredibly lucky and happy to be with you and no matter what you guys go through, he already knows that you are it for him and he doesnt want to experience life with anyone else and he’d always wonder if you felt the same, which you did but through comfortable silence, you both secretly always knew that you guys would never find anything as amazing as what the both of u have and jddhhsjs i want a calum in love :(

Bestfriend's Brother

Kenjie groaned as his phone alarmed for 6 PM, indicating the start of his favorite TV show. He and Sophia, his bestfriend, had been in the library for the last three hours, trying to look for more sources for their thesis. If he was being honest, he thought that he wouldn’t have to stress over the project since Sophia is that smart, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. All his contributions were rejected and if she does accept accept some of them, she wrote several corrections on it, making him annoyed than he already was. “Alam mo besh, brimming point na ang patience ko for you today. Para nang nireregla ‘tong notebook ko sa dami ng corrections nyang red pen mo. Di pa ba tayo tapos? Simula na Pasion de Amor! Baka di ko makita si Papa Ejay,” he said, before rolling his eyes.

Un bacio sulla tua fronte tua fronte per dirti che ti voglio bene, un bacio su le tue labbra
per dirti che ti amo, un bacio sul tuo collo per dirti che ti desidero, un bacio sul tuo cuore per ringrazziarti del tuo amore.
—  Ejay Ivan Lac

This is for all the girls who scroll through these and think “but they aren’t as big as me” or maybe its just me. For a long time i was insecure about everything from my hair to my toenails. I was in a long bad relationship and gained lots of weight and the more i gained the harder it was for me to be happy with me or to try and do anything about it. Walking in general was difficult. When my relationship ended I finally said “Its time to love myself. COMPLETELY!” its taken me a very long time but i think I’m finally there. If theres anything I can tell you about how I did it its: Every time I looked in the mirror I told myself I was beautiful, even if I didn’t feel or believe it. I’ve been doing it for a long time and I can say that now when I look in the mirror, naked about to get into the shower, not only do i say something like “You’re so cute Ejay!” but when I say it I feel it and I smile and I’m happy!  You don’t have to change the way you look, you have to change the way you feel about and see yourself. When you like yourself more people will like you, and you may find a lot of new good people in your life and you might here things like “I don’t judge.” but the best part is to be able to think to yourself “And even if you did your judgements about me wouldn’t change my own.” Eveyr person is beautiful. It’s just a fact. You will always be beautiful to someones eyes. But the only eyes that matter are your own.


Quella sensazione, quella voglia di aprire il petto con le mani, per sentire l’aria sul cuore e farlo respirare.

(Ejay Ivan Lac)