This was from the newest key visual in last week’s Dengeki issue. I wonder if Kurt x Yuna will be the Kevin x Ries of this game. It’d make for some interesting and potentially hilarious chemistry. 

A son of one of Erebonia’s most elite military families going out with a Crossbellan girl who idolizes the Special Support Section. Character wise, it’d be entertaining to watch it play out e.g. Kurt’s deadpan and all-serious business nature acting as a foil / “straight man” to Yuna’s more brash, outgoing and free-spirited personlity. 

Not to mention Kurt would play a part in helping Yuna see more about what the empire is about besides just Osbourne’s rabid military expansion.

In addition, the thought of Kurt being overly stiff, nervous and formal when Yuna invites him over to her family’s house for dinner during a visit would be kind of cute.

Her family looks like a lot of fun - they’re avid Mishy fans so plus points for that.

HIDIVE Anime Streaming Service Launches With Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Updated)
New service launches with US$3.99/month membership

Legend of the Galactic Heroes can be watched legally now! It’ll be released in installments on the anime streaming service HIDIVE. 

Whether or not the official subs end up being good, we’ll just have to see. I’m just really glad to see this getting an official release.