“ before you say anything, ronnie, i know i’ve fucked up.    he stated, taking a deep breath as he continued their matching pace. ronnie had always been a…. a kind of clarity that he lacked sometimes. ‘oh archiekins, you’re really in it this time,’  had begun one of the telling signs he’s fucked up, and one of the telling signs that he was in way over his head. 

“ i’m really bad when it comes to… these things, aren’t i? 

scream (jon snow au)

i rlly want to say that this is a college!au but it’s just a modern!au. pls enjoy this bc it’s so fucking cute omg (w: kissing kissing)

(gifs aren’t mine!!!!!!)

“Neither of us have kissed anyone before and what the hell may as well just get it out of the way. except hahah ha ha h a now i can’t stop thinking of ur lips why did i think this was a good idea ha ha ahah” ft Jon Snow (@hcfflepuff)

You’re at your best friend Jon’s apartment for a long-awaited movie night and all you could think about was the comment he made a few days back, the comment that’s taken over your every waking moment since he said it.

It was an innocent, rather simple comment really. But you couldn’t stop making it something more than it was.

All he said was “I’m getting damn tired of this involuntary celibate life. Someone put me out of my misery.”

To which you responded: “Come on Jon, we’ve been best friends all our lives. Lie to someone who doesn’t know you.”

And then he furrowed his brows like the adorable little human he is and just shrugged: “I’m serious, Y/N. I’ve never even so much as kissed anyone.”

And that was the end of that. But it wasn’t, at least not for you. You hadn’t kissed anyone either and it would be nice and easy to kiss your best friend and get over it, right? Only one way to find out.

“What’re you thinking about?” You smile as Jon snaps you out of your thoughts, making his way back into the living room with a pile of snacks in his hands. “Have you picked a movie?”

“Yes, I have. I picked SCREAM,” you smile as he groans, sitting next to you on the couch. “What? It’s good… right?”

“Darling, you say you want to watch a thriller every time and then you cut it off about twenty minutes in because you want a funny movie, and–”

Originally posted by winterfellskingdom

“No, but I won’t this time, I promise!” You cross your heart at him and he laughs, shaking his head.

“Fine, but I control the remote this time around.” He grabs the remote from you and turns the movie on, looking ahead at the tv. You bite your bottom lip as you contemplated how to ask him the question.

“Hey, Jon?” You whisper, trying your best to maintain eye contact as Jon turns to look at you, immediately taking in your worried expression.

“Yes, love, what is it?” He tilts himself and grabs your hand as he studies your face.

“You said you haven’t kissed anyone before, right?” You bite your bottom lip and he nods in response, brows furrowed as you take him by surprise. “Well, I haven’t either. What if we just kiss each other and get it over with?”

“What–you mean now?” He clears his throat and your cheeks burn, embarrassed at this point, but still determined to be straight with him.

“Well. n-now is as good a time as any, right? It’ll be simple, we’ll both have some experience. You can kiss any girl you want with confidence!” You list out all the pros as Jon watches you, a soft smile on his face. His heart is beating wildly. He’s wanted to do this with you for so long, wanted to be with you. He’ll take a single kiss if that’s all you’ll give him. He’ll take it.

“I’ll take it,” he interrupts your rant with a small chuckle at your shocked face. “I said I’ll do it. Now come here,” his voice turns soft as his arms slowly pull you closer, almost on his lap. Your cheeks burn and you bite your bottom lip to silence the squeal threatening to escape.

“O-okay,” you clear your throat and study his face, your fingers trailing over his light scruff and his perfect lips and the scar on his cheek. You lean forward and you swear you can feel your heart leaping out of your chest as your faces inch closer.

His hands brush the hair out of your face and gently cup your cheeks, tilting your head up as he finally presses his lips against yours. A rush of electricity surges through both of you as you move your lips against one another. His thumbs brush against your cheeks as you lean forward, deepening the kiss like you’ve seen done. A smile makes its way onto his lips as he gently bites your bottom one. You let out an involuntary whimper to which he responds with a moan. Your hands move to his sides and you gently dig your nails in as he sucks on your bottom lip. He moans into your mouth, desperately moving to kiss you again before you hear a scream and jump back, panting both because you’re scared and because holy shit can Jon Snow kiss!!

“S-sorry, I was–” you fight to keep your breathing in control as Jon nods, looking to the screen before looking back at you.

“I understand,” he clears his throat, a smirk making its way onto his face. “That was some kiss. Thank you.”

“Thank me? Thank you,” you chuckle and look up at him, unable to stop thinking about the damn kiss. “Ready to get back to the movie?”

“Just about,” he nods and leans forward, giving you one last peck before turning to face the screen and pulling you into his arms to cuddle. “Now I am.”

You smile and nuzzle your head against his chest, trying your best to focus on the movie and also completely failing. How were you supposed to focus on people dying when Jon just kissed you like that? With hose lips? And those hands on your face? And the noises he was making? How were you supposed to focus? HOW??

Jon looks down at you and smiles, placing a light kiss on the top of your head as he tries to focus on the movie. He, of course, fails as well. You had just kissed him. YOU, his life-long crush, had literally just kissed him. Your nails were digging into his side, your cute little nose was brushing against his, your quiet little panting, your WHIMPERS!!! How was he supposed to keep calm? How?

You stretched a bit in your lap and he looked up down at you; he’d been unable to keep his eyes off of you since the kiss really. He took a deep breath and decided to go for it, to go for you.

“Hey,” his hands gently tilt your head up and he smiles at your nervous expression.

He places a soft kiss against your forehead and you close your eyes, hoping that his lips would move on to yours. He went to your cheeks next, one after the other. Then your nose and your chin and finally, FINALLY, your lips. You breathe a sigh of relief as you feel those soft, gentle lips against your own. He smiles and lifts his head, giving himself enough room to pull you into his lap. You smile as he does so, placing quick kisses against his jaw and cheek as his hands find your waist and pull you in for another kiss. Your hands move to his hair and your fingers weave themselves into the curly locks.

His tongue traces your lips and you open your mouth for him, allowing his tongue in to massage yours. His lips wrap around your tongue and suck on it gently, emitting a moan from your throat and causing an excitement between your legs. He growls back and pulls away, an excited twinkle in his eyes as he places a stream of quick pecks against your lips.

“Do you want to make out with SCREAM playing in the background or shall I turn it off?” Jon smirks, kissing your jaw and your neck as he waits for you to answer.

“Let it play. It’ll set the mood.”.

walkingsaltshaker  asked:

The members (+ V & Saeran) discovering MC had a child/children? Or their reactions of MC admitting she wanted children? (You don't have to do both, either one would be nice. I just didn't want to send 2 asks.)

Doing the first one because it is!! Super cute! (I work in a toy store so I LOVE KIDS lmao.)


  • Your hands are shaking from your nerves when you finally work up the nerve to type up the text. Her name is Iseul. She’s two, and her dad left me just before she was born.
  • His reply was near instantaneous. Can I see a picture?
  • You turned to your daughter and put on a grin. Say cheese, honey!
  • “Heez!” She reached out to you, her little chubby fingers fanned out, and you snapped a picture of her face, of her red cheeks and big, broad smile. The little smiley face in the caption when you sent it to Yoosung felt like a lie.
  • You told him that you understood if it was a deal breaker, seriously you did. Even if you did date, you didn’t expect him to become her father. You got it, you got it, you understood, he was young and you’d -
  • You can’t even finish your string of messages before you get one back from him. She’s precious, just like you, and I’m not going to let you struggle raising her alone.
  • Yoosung’s desire to grow up and become a man increases twofold. It isn’t that he’s really excited about a kid - honestly, he’d never thought of it - but he’s so, so determined to support you that he’s willing to give fatherhood a go.
  • Despite his determination, it’s a bit… rough at first. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing and he often panics about little things. 
  • (am I feeding her enough? Am I feeding her right? why is she crying DID I BREAK SOMETHING OH NO HELP)
  • she’s chewing on the keyboard wire omg no stop
  • “oh shit i’m in the middle of a LOLOL match and she’s cry ing fuck”
  • (you come home one day and yoosung is in the fetal position because drew ALL over the apartment walls and he doesn’t KNOW WHAT TO DO)
  • After learning the ropes though he is great at being a dad. He’s just this big huge kid paling around with your kid and it makes your heart melt. Sometimes he’ll sit her on his lap and she’ll watch him play LOLOL. (at first it annoys him when she presses keys and paws at the screen but eventually he chills out and thinks it’s adorable)
  • He’s so proud of her. He never once thinks of her as being anything but his child, and he brags about her SO MUCH to his guild. (sometimes he’ll turn on voice and let them say hi to her)
  • (she always babbles back)
  • (they love her protect ur daughter 2k16)


  • You have a daughter?
  • Can he see her?
  • Oh god she’s the cutest he loves her already. Wait, that’s not weird, is it? He’s not weirding you out?
  • Great - first time he meets her, he brings her hair clips and buys her ice cream and dotes on her like the happiest new father imaginable.
  • Zen doesn’t hold back on either his love for you or your child. He is so happy to be a dad. He’s always taking photos of her, taking photos of you, taking photos of BOTH of you and just… grinning. He has a family.
  • He has a family.
  • like seriously this is Zen
  • When he finds out her father left you he is S T E A M E D. He wants to hunt him down and give him hell but respects you when you say you just… want that period of your life to be over now. It’s done.
  • He’s here.
  • He does puppet shows for her. He acts for her. He does all the funny voices for the bedtime stories and takes her to amusement parks when she’s old enough.
  • Daddy loves playing dress up with his little princess
  • (When Isuel starts imitating daddy while he’s performing he M E L T S.) 
  • If the media says an goddamn thing about u and your PERFECT DAUGHTER he will cut someone
  • (seriously he has like a million photos of her in his wallet his coworkers are sick of it)


  • She is understandably nervous when she learns you have a kid, and you tell her it won’t affect her relationship with you. You’ve been doing the single mother thing for two years now, you can manage it.
  • She’s not really expecting to get attached, only thinking of your child as something akin to taxes or a loan you’re paying off. She cares about it because it puts a burden on you, and she’ll help put when she can, but there’s no maternal affection there…
  • …Until, both by bit - your daughter, worms her way into Jaehee’s heart.
  • It’s the little things at first. The way she grins when she finishes a puzzle, the way she wiggles and dances to the music Jaehee plays while she’s working… and the way she sits right in front of the television whenever Zen is on screen. it’s just cute.
  • (seriously she touches Zen’s face and Jaehee LOVES IT)
  • Jaehee thought of children much like cats - messy and just… a burden - but watching the way the two of you smile at each other when you’re holding her… she’s just…
  • She’s filled with love - for you, for her, and she can feel that love that she’d forgotten, of a parent who deeply cares for their child.
  • (One day she offers Jaehee a cookie and says ‘mama have cookie!’ and JAEHEE ALMOST STARTS CRYING AHHH)
  • Jaehee learns how to make really killer hot chocolate for her since she’s too young to drink coffee, and the way she wipes the whipped cream mustache off your daughter’s face is just… precious…..

(more under the cut!)

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UMBRA | Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong


A/N: Umbră is Romanian for shadow (according to Google translate at least). This is an idea I’ve had brewing for a while. I really hope you guys enjoy this one! This is set in between the events of CA:The Winter Soldier and CA:Civil War. Warning: Any Romanian is via Google translate and is probably wrong in one way or another (so if you are a native speaker or are familiar with the language, sorry!)

Day One

Shit, I knew I should have learned some Romanian, you thought to yourself as you weaved through the streets of Bucharest. The directions to your apartment were, of course, in Romanian and navigating through the largest city in Romania was stressful, even if it was incredibly beautiful. Sometimes you found yourself getting distracted by the people around you – commuters on their way to work, vendors on the streets. Giving up your stubbornness to find your apartment by yourself, you stopped at a fruit vendor and asked for directions. You were surprised how well she spoke English and found yourself infatuated with her accent. You thanked her, running (of course it was more hobbling with the bags you were carrying) along the few blocks you had left to go.

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A full banner of the kids from the 3rd ending 

Huge credit to @digipaw2-0 for editing this 

Feel free to use :)  (credit to either of us would be nice tho) 

Rafael Barba / In Sickness...

So if this hasn’t been done a million and one times…. So I love the idea of having to take care of Barba when he’s sick, because I feel like he’s really stubborn and would hate that a little cold could take him down like this. He stands up to rapists, murderers, and gangsters, but a little cold and he cannot function. This is me though since I tend to get sick before/after midterms/finals or when I’m super stressed and I am also a workaholic like Barba soooo.

Imagine having to take care of Barba when he’s sick. 

Originally posted by sherrykinss

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Dating Wes Johnson Would Include...

Originally posted by notsogrumpy-curls

  • Wes would ask you out in the most adorable, smiley way
  • Your first date would either be like a nice restaurant or a casual coffee date
  • Lots of stealing glances at each other, even especially before you got together
  • PDA all day, every day
  • Those hugs where he picks you up and spins you around, even if you’re tall
  • Lots of hand holding
  • Lots of quick kisses
  • Lots of playing with hair absentmindedly
  • Lots of “I’ll miss you!” even if you’re just going to go to the bathroom
  • He likes to brag about you.
  • A lot.
  • That’s his go-to topic in conversations.
  • Baking! Dates! All! The! Time!
  • I feel like he wouldn’t get jealous easily, he’s a really trusting boyfriend
  • But if he does…
  • Yeah, if you’re talking to a guy who’s flirting with you, Wes will just cut you off with a kiss
  • Which Lasercorn and Flitz make fun of a lot
  • “MWAH MWAH Y/N GUES WHO WE ARE” “Wow, you guys… great impression of Wes. Note the sarcasm.”
  • If you weren’t into them before, dating Wes would get you sO INTO WEAPONS AND STUFF
  • The first “I love you” was super romantic
  • Just kidding, you had just put your finger in cupcake frosting and dabbed it on his nose, and he just laughed and said, “Damn, I love you, Y/N.”
  • The fans absolutely LOVE your relationship
  • They shipped it since day one
  • Jesus Christ, shopping together would be a nightmare
  • It would go back and forth between “CUPCAKES!” “COOKIES!” “SUGAR!” and “Wes, we need stuff for a salad.” “How about kale?” Or something lmao
  • I feel like when Wes fights, you’d expect it to be super explosive, but it wouldn’t
  • His voice would just get all shaky and sad
  • And do that thing where it cracks before he starts to cry
  • Your fights would just be quiet and sad
  • And both of you would just kiss and make up eventually
  • Honestly though, all in all, your relationship is such goals to everyone
  • Even Mari and Peter

anonymous asked:

Jackson is in London for the EMAs and I saw that there's this pretty Black girl (model I think?) that's also doing what Jackson is doing but she's representing the UK, I wonder if they will have to sit in the same area or do stuff together? (hope so tho)

Cool I don’t even know exactly what they’ll be doing either but that would be nice

Edit: this is her http://instagram.com/leomieanderson
Jonathan Gets Drunk pt.1

You and Jonathan have been a thing for a while now. It started slowly, the Byers house slowly beginning to feel like home. Neither of you were the most popular at school so there was no commotion, you started holding hands one day in the corridors and no one said much about it. 

Which is why seeing him flail his limbs around wildly on the dance floor, giving some junior student the dance of her life was all the more entertaining.

For someone as shy and principled, it was quite funny to know he was so out of touch with his limits. When the song ends he catches your eye, coming up to you and immediately beginning to kiss your neck. You shove him off laughingly, the party thrown by some of the art department students wasn’t where you were going to take his virginity.

But he seemed pretty set on it.

You allow him a chaste kiss before taking his hand and leading him through the door, knowing that there were quite a few eyes on you. You were hoping the cold air would sober him up but he goes straight for your mouth, hands in your hair, pressing you close to him.

“Let’s-s go back to my place..” he murmurs.

“I can’t take you back to Joyce like this” you say, only a little exasperated. Considering you hadn’t had a proper make out session yet, this was an interesting side of him to see. He was normally so timid with sex, letting you initiate everything and asking for consent before anything.

“S’not home.” he collapses onto your shoulder and runs his hands down your back, he catches himself before he gets to the waistline of your skirt and you smile knowing even drunk, he still carries a little bit of that principle.

Joyce has a night shift you remember and you’re pretty sure Will is at the Wheelers house tonight. When he leads you to the car you let him. He fumbles in his pocket for the keys and you grab them immediately.

“Not happening.” you say, kissing his cheek. “Fair ‘nough” he slurs and just manages to walk around to the other side of the car, throwing himself in the passenger seat.

You put on a Clash CD and Jonathan manages to entertain himself for the majority of the ride. His lip-syncing and air guitar puts tears in your eyes from laughter. You’re almost at his house, on the long dark country road when you feel his hand on your thigh. It takes everything in your being to keep your breathing steady as he trails it upward gently, fingers hemming the edge of your skirt.

You take his hand and put one of your fingers into your mouth, hearing him stifle a moan. You’re grateful when his driveway appears, knowing this is stupidly dangerous. When you stop the car you take a deep breath, you know how badly you want Jonathan but you don’t want him to regret anything either. It would be nice if he remembers your first time.  

In the meantime Jonathan has gotten out of the car and is now opening your door.

“Having a bit of trouble there? Think you might be the one whose drunk..” he says, grinning.

You link arms with him and walk up to the doorstep, the keys are cold and the biting October air doesn’t make things better. You can feel goosebumps on your skin, your nipples hardening slightly.

Then you’re inside the Byers household and it has a sobering effect. The kitchen where Jonathan and Will were raised. Instinctively you go straight to the sink, filling the biggest glass you can find with water.

“Drink this please, all of it.” Jonathan obeys placidly and you get one for yourself. Absentmindedly you walk over the the fridge to look over its contents. Joyce has left pasta with a note on it, “Dinner to be heated up xx”

“Did you not eat dinner?” you ask, turning around to face him. He laughs at himself in the way that only drunk people can and slurs “Nah, too nervous for the party and seeing you.”

Theres something abut his honesty that touches you and you bring the dish of macaroni and cheese out of the fridge and start setting up everything to heat it on the stove. Jonathan remains quiet but you can feel his eyes on your body. You’d picked this outfit carefully, knowing the short skirt and see through white shirt weren’t ideal for the weather but wanting to show more skin than usual anyway.

You put the plates on the table and he digs in enthusiastically. “This is the best macaroni I’ve ever had” he mumbles to his fork and you laugh quietly. After another drink of water you clear away the plates. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you how to drink? Big meal beforehand to line your stomach and then you match your alcohol to water through the night” you reprimand gently.

“Never had any reason to” he replies, his voice sad.

“Hey, don’t- don’t think about that. Lets go to bed.”

You decide to shower first, leaving Jonathan on the bed with a glass of water. When you walk out of the bathroom he jumps up to get you a large t-shirt of his and some sweatpants. He averts his eyes, trying to act the proper gentleman even while intoxicated but you catch his eyes and drop the towel. You feel your cheeks warm as his eyes scan over your body and you pull the shirt over your head quickly. He closes the distance between you and presses his hips to yours. His lips crush yours and he smells like hard liquor.

“Is there really any point to you wearing this?” he says quietly when you break for air, pulling at the shirt.

“We’re not having sex tonight” you say firmly.

He looks surprised and steps back slightly. “No?”

“No, I’m not doing anything with you while you’re drunk. I don’t want you to regret anything.” You burrow your face into his chest and runs his fingers through your damp hair gently.

“Theres nothing to regret but I’ll probably thank you for that in the morning.”

“If you’re not too hungover in the morning..I’ll do anything you want.” You’re not quite able to meet his eyes with the last sentence so you kiss his nose and push him towards the shower with a snarky remark about how he smells like alcohol.

A few minutes later he’s back in bed with you. Neither of you have ever spent the night with someone like this. He’s told you he used to sleep with Nancy after hunting the Demogorgan but nothing has ever been quite a serious as this. The tension hangs over you heavily and you break it by snuggling down into his chest. He wraps his arms around you and breaths into your hair.

It’s going to be a long night.

anonymous asked:

The thought of Damian getting lipstick smears all over his cheeks/forehead in your fem Dick hc is the cutest thing ever. I can imagine Damian doesn't always remember to wipe it off which leads to embarrassing situations for him. Jon would either think it's nice Damian lets someone mom him or totally poke fun at Damian of having a soft side for someone like that. Also lets not kid ourselves, Jon would totally get a puppy crush on Fem!Dick (sorry Jon. Damian would not approve of even you).

Ahah oh my god, yes!! He goes out on patrol like that and Jason or Babs just whistle and say something like “aren’t you a little too young to play Romeo?” and Damian becomes redder than the lipstick smears. Jon tries not to laugh to Damian’s face (because he’s a well mannered boy and his mom taught him better than that, of course) when Robin shows up at his window all haughty and mighty and with a clear pink trace of a kiss on his forehead. Damian’s exasperated. A reputation of a lifetime destroyed like that.

And yes, Jon would totally have a crush on Fem!Dick. Which is unsafe, to say the least. The first time he mentions to Damian that his big sister is cute, he goes home to retrieve his katana and lace it with kryptonite. “Say that to my face again, you treacherous, lascivious alien scum”. But then Damian enlists him in his quest to keep away every man he does not deem worthy of his sister’s time (aka all the men) and they kinda bond over that.

I’m seeing a lot of discourse where people are complaining about the usage of the term “wlw”. 

The thing that annoys me about the whole “Wlw” thing is that you have a bunch of people taking a term that had specific meaning to black women and applied it to themselves because they felt entitled to it.  And then, of course, they dominated everything about that word and it became the “hot” thing to call themselves for like a few months, and *now* they frame it like its problematic because its “too general” when they’re the ones who generalized it in the first place.  It was intended to be a way for queer black women to identify themselves, it wasn’t meant to be a generalized term for every single woman who’s attracted to other women.  But now that they made that the case they’re acting like using “wlw” is inherently lesbophobic.  

Like what did you all expect?  You thought that was a trendy term that you could use for just white lesbians, and now the dirty trans women and bisexuals got their hands on it (even though we’ve always had it…) so now its going the way of “queer”?  I swear, I’ve seen people frame “wlw” like its lower on the “gay women hierarchy” and are projecting all sorts of meanings on to it which reek of biphobia. 

At least use “wlw” properly before you start complaining about it.  If its too “general” for you than maybe give it back to the women it was created for, since you all aren’t exactly making room for us either way and it would be nice for us to have a term *we* can use to identify without other people decontextualizing it. 

James Potter Mini Series - My Brother’s Best Friend (Part One)

Pairing: James Potter x Reader
Word Count: 2566
Blurb: Rosalind Black has always thought James Potter was cute, but that never mattered because he was in love with her best friend. Although, it seems that everything has been changing since her and her twin Sirius Black ran away from home and found themselves at James’ house.
Author’s Notes: This might be a bit slow, but will get better!



Based off this ‘Would Include’

It’s a very windy night out tonight and I can hear the branches and leaves on the tall trees thrashing in the wind. I should be at home right now, snuggled up in my warm comfy bed, with my big quilt hugging me, but no. I think back to how I got here. I think back to when I was a small eleven year old girl, going on to the Hogwarts Express as this was where it first began. Little did I know, that that day was the beginning of the end of my life.


“Oh my dear children, I hope you have a wonderful time at Hogwarts and make sure you are sorted into Slytherin!” My dear mother told Sirius and I, keeping it very formal and giving us a stiff hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Alright mother, have fun without us,” Sirius said cheekily,  running off onto the train, dragging me along behind him as we were already quite late. I smiled and waved at my mother and father as they disapparated away. We stepped onto the train and looked back at all the first years (and older students) waving goodbye to their parents who were both proud of their children, but sad they had to leave.

“It’s going to be so hard to find an empty compartment,” Sirius said walking ahead of me.

“Oh well, it will give us an opportunity to meet new people,” I told him trying to quickly catch up to him. Sirius took a quick glance into a compartment and trying to be helpful, I looked to see if the one next to it was free.

“Ow,” I said rubbing my head. I looked up at a pretty boy who had very messy hair and round, thick glasses.

“Watch where you’re going.” He said hissed also rubbing his head.

“Watch where I’m going? Watch where you’re going.” I retorted as I heard Sirius scoff behind me, knowing he rolled his eyes as he walked next to me.

“I’m Sirius and this is Rosalind.” He acknowledged me by pointing at me.

“I’m James, James Potter.” The boy beamed with a sudden change in attitude, taking his hand away from his head, “Are you also first years?” He inquired as Sirius and I nodded.

“First years who are looking for an empty compartment,” I said, the tone of my voice also changing.

“So am I,” James admitted.

“Want to find one together?” Sirius offered as I nodded to back up his statement. This James was admittedly quite cute.

“Sure.” He smiled as we all continued walking, trying to find an empty compartment for all three of us.

“Hey, it looks like two first years are in this compartment, want to ask if we can join them?” I offered, it was hopeless trying to find an empty compartment, the train had already been in motion for a while. The two boys agreed and we politely asked if we could sit with them for the rest of the trip.

The young girl was eager to let us sit with her as they were, in fact, first years and she was eager to meet new friends. We soon found out that the pretty girl with fiery red hair was called Lily Evans and she was a muggle-born. The guy with the long raven hair was called Severus Snape and he didn’t seem too thrilled to be here.

“Why don’t you seem excited, Sev?” Sirius wandered looking over to the pale boy sitting in the corner next to the window. Across from him sat Lily, who I sat next too. Sirius sat next to me and James sat next to Severus.

“Why does it matter to you?” Severus sneered, I was unsure as to why he was acting that way. Sirius went to say something, but knowing he would say something stupid, I kicked his shin.

“So,” I said trying to break the tension in the air, “what house do we all want to be sorted into?” I asked excitedly. My parents expected Sirius and I to be put into Slytherin, .as everyone in the Black family was put into Slytherin and were shunned if they weren’t. Sirius and I have talked about what house we actually want to be put into. Sirius doesn’t want anything to do with Slytherin, but I don’t mind really. I’m quite eager to find out which house the Sorting Hat thinks would be best for me and I think it would be nice if it was Slytherin.

“Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart! Like my dad… Got a problem with that?” James inquired

“No. If you’d rather be brawny than brainy.” Severus snapped making the compartment go quiet again. James went to say something but stopped.

“I think either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor would be nice,” Lily admitted trying to make the situation less awkward.

The rest of the ride was quite silent and awkward and I felt very out of place. I was very excited to get off the train and away from that situation.

I walked into the Great Hall and felt more at home than I did at my actual home. Hogwarts was where I was meant to be. I looked at Sirius, awestruck, our expression was mirrored, making us smile really big. We were getting ready to be placed into our houses. A few names were called and then, “Rosalind Black.” I took a big breath as I looked over to Sirius. He gave me a reassuring smile and I walked up to the stand. The hat was placed on my head. After a lot of talking and a lot of deciding, the hat screamed, “GRYFFINDOR.” Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. My parents are going to actually kill me once they find out about this.

I looked at Sirius who strutted to the stool as I sat at the Gryffindor table. A lot of people congratulated me, but I just couldn’t concentrate. What if Sirius didn’t get placed in Gryffindor? Either way, my parents are going to be mortified once they find out, and they will find out.

“GRYFFINDOR.” The hat bellowed as Sirius’ face lit up as he basically bounced to the Gryffindor table, sitting next to me.

“Two Blacks, in Gryffindor? What a day!” He exclaimed very excitedly.

“Yes, but what about mother and father, you know how they’re going to react,” I asked worriedly, my other fear of being the only Black in Gryffindor disappearing.

“Don’t worry about it, Rosalind.” He told me shaking his head slightly. I sighed as more names got called out.

Lily also got placed into Gryffindor which made me very happy, she seemed like a nice, genuine person. Someone I could imagine being friends with in the future. She sat on the opposite side of me as we talked about how happy we were, or how happy she was.

A boy named Remus Lupin and a boy named Peter Pettigrew also got placed into Gryffindor and sat on the opposite side of us. Remus was very nice and seemed quite intelligent, Peter was very quiet, but still seemed like a nice guy.

My thoughts were interrupted when James got called up. The hat barely touched his head before it yelled out, “GRYFFINDOR.” He looked very smug as he basically ran to the table, sitting next to Sirius.

We watched the rest of the kids get called up and it was no surprise when Severus got sorted into Slytherin, Lily seemed sad, but honestly, he seemed like bad news.

I ate more than my stomach could handle, but the taste of the food was impossible to put into words.

The prefects showed us to our dorm, but before we went off I sneaked over to find Sirius.

“Hey,” I said poking his shoulder.

“What?” He asked confused.

“What are we going to do about this?” I asked in a hushed tone so the boys around him wouldn’t hear.

“About what?” He whispered back as the boys around him excluded him out of the conversation and continued without him.

“About being sorted into Gryffindor.” You exclaimed.

“Nothing.” He said coolly.

“We have to do something, our parents are going to kill us when they found out.” I was very stressed.

“Look,” he said with a softer tone, “don’t worry about mother and father, Gryffindor is a great house. I know they are going to be monstrous once they found out about this, but I won’t let them do anything to you.” He said sincerely. Sirius was a fun guy, but he was very protective when it came to me. “Just enjoy your first night at Hogwarts, okay?” I nodded and went up to my dorm, which I was happy to know, I would be sharing with Lily.


I shiver as I think of that memory and wish I could go back to that young, naive me and tell her that yes she does need to worry. She’s a Black and Blacks don’t get sorted into Gryffindor.

I look at Sirius who had an expressionless look on his face.

“Why James’ house?” I croaked.

“I didn’t know where else to go.” He sheepishly admitted. To be fair, he did have a point, who else was going to allow us into their house at 3:32 in the morning.

I felt very nervous as we walked up to his door. Sirius and I let out a big breath in sync.

“Can you do it?” He choked. I nodded and quietly knocked on the door.

“Really Rosie?” He asked using one of his many nicknames he had for me.

“I’m sorry.” I sniffled, there were so many emotions I was feeling right now, but I couldn’t let them get the best of me.

He sighed and winced as he knocked very loudly on the door. I felt bad, I felt so bad it was making me sick. Poor Mr. and Mrs. Potter are probably so scared right now wondering who would be knocking on their door at this time of night? We see the light turn on and three pairs of footsteps rushing to the door. I felt bad that we were being burdens to the poor Potters. We heard their footsteps at the door and looked up as they opened it.

“Sirius? Rosalind? What are you doing here at 3 in the morning?” James asked, his eyebrows furrowed together.

“We are so sorry, it’s just that-that, well we had-we just we had nowhere else to go.” Sirius’ voice cracked and that was it. That was when I lost it. I was just so overwhelmed right now and to see Sirius weak at this moment was just too much for me. Sirius was always the stronger one out of us. He could always hide his emotions easily and was always brave like the true Gryffindor he really was.

I choked on my tears and could just make out the worried face of Mrs. Potter through the tears in my eyes as she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house, Sirius following in behind me. She sat me down on their really comfortable lounge and yelled out, “Fleamont, get me two blankets, please and James? Be a darling, put the kettle on and make two teas.” She ordered the two men as she put an arm around me and rubbed my back.

Once James and Mr. Potter came back, she wrapped the blankets around us and handed us two fancy cups of tea.

“I hope you like tea.” She said as I let the steam from the hot cup warm up my face. My teeth were chattering and I felt very awkward as I had never actually been to James’ house before. He and Sirius were friends but I wasn’t really close with him. I mean I talked to him and acknowledged him when we were both with Sirius, but we weren’t really close. I wish we were, James is a very pretty boy and he was a very cocky attitude that suits him perfectly. I looked up at him and he sadly smiled at me. I thought about third year me. The one who was absolutely shattered that the boy she liked was head over heels for her best friend.  I smiled softly back, sniffling again and wiping the tears from my eyes, shaking from the coldness and from my sobs.

Mrs. Potter grabbed the tissues from the table next to her and handed them to me.

“Now, would you like to tell me what has gotten you so upset?” She asked kindly looking at both me and Sirius. I looked at Sirius, silently telling him that he had to speak, because I couldn’t, I was too shaken up. He took a deep breath and told them. He told them very little, not wanting them to know just how bad our home life was.

I’m pretty sure I cried throughout the whole story as Mrs. Potter continued to rub reassuring circles on my back. Both James and Mr. Potter stood around the lounge listening to every word Sirius spoke.

“We are so sorry to be a burden, Mrs. Potter it’s just that-” I shakingly said, but she cut me off and said, “Don’t be sorry my dear, you have every right to be upset and you are welcomed to stay here for as long as you need, even if you need to stay until you go back to Hogwarts.” She beamed making both Sirius and I shake out heads.

“Mrs. Potter, we couldn’t ask for that really-” Sirius asked, but he also got cut off by Mrs. Potter.

“But you see my dear, you didn’t ask. James can show you our two spare rooms. Rosalind can have the one next to yours James and Sirius can have the one down the hall. How does that sound?” She compromised as everyone nodded, Sirius and I quite reluctant, “Also, my names Euphemia and that’s Fleamont, Mr. and Mrs. Potter is just too formal.” She smiled sweetly as Sirius and I continued to thank her for her kind actions.

We finished our tea and Euphemia and Fleamont went back to bed leaving James to show us to our rooms.

“I’m sorry.” He said quietly.

“Don’t be mate,” Sirius said smiling softly. I was unable to reply as I was still sniveling from crying so much. We got to our room and we talked for a bit in the hallway.

The Potter’s house was very big and James promised to take us on a ‘house tour’ tomorrow. I laughed slightly wiping my eyes with the back of my sleeve. James sighed and pulled me into a hug. He tightly wrapped his arms around me, but as I was taken off guard I kind of just stood there. It was still a very comfortable hug, though. It was nice to be hugged, it felt good. I looked to the side and saw Sirius with a scowl on his face making me smile to myself. I sighed as James continued to hug me. I felt very warm and fuzzy, it felt good to be hugged by James. He smelt good as well which was also a bonus. I closed my eyes, feeling very safe in his arms and I felt sad knowing that we would eventually have to let go.


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anonymous asked:

How would the allies react to their S/O who usually isn't cuddly or anything like that being cuddly af when their asleep, like you thought you could get up and go somewhere think again. Thanks :)

This is some good shit. Good shit.

He’d love the hidden affectionate side. Matthew loves cuddles.

He may get tired of being held down to the point where he can’t get up in the morning.

Hey, he isn’t the most affectionate person either, so this would be nice.

Uhm? He would actually hear a choir singing.

He wouldn’t tell his s/o that he knows. It would be his secret.

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okay okay so I was thinking what if Zendaya's character Michelle is an undercover AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D. spy type thing? As in, she takes care of peter/spider-man and keeps an eye out for him or something and that could explain why she is somewhat around him most of the time?? or they just could be friends and she is MJ? Either one would be nice. p.s I am a huge MJ fan, I just want to see who is MJ in the new spiderman *sigh*

i personally don’t think z is gonna be mj anymore, but the shield agent theory is definitely interesting. it would explain why they said she will have a bigger part later on!

i am so ready to just know who she is, haha.

edd and erik would be prank youtubers but all of their pranks would either be really nice or just confusing; they’d never do a mean prank. and if anyone in the castle accused them of being fake/the people in the videos are actors then they would immediately become the next prank subject. people actually like being pranked by the twins though so a lot of people comment that it’s fake just to partake in the good-natured fun.

also they’re furries and for some reason nobody ever acknowledges that