Adare or Folly J? Adare

I don’t think of these ships as AU, I mean Folly J is actually a canon ship since we know Fiona’s feelings and they have kissed ha. But the thing is Adam and Clare’s sexualities actually make a relationship plausible. Unfortunately, Holly J’s doesn’t coincide with Fiona’s. I love both friendships a ton but I find it hard to think of a relationship between Holly J and Fiona because of the giant barrier. Sorry if this answer was lame. I just think that Adam and Clare not only would be cute, but at least their sexualities make it a plausible relationship.

Holly J/Anya or Paige/Hazel friendship? Holly J/Anya

In the competition for shitting all over your best friend because you’re the mean girl, Holly J/Anya wins by miles. Not only was Holly J’s wit funnier and more extreme but Anya actually ended up fighting back and becoming her own person. I think the entire development of their friendship was hilarious, heart breaking, and real all at the same time. Paige didn’t crap all over Hazel as much and Hazel never came into her own, in my eyes. They just didn’t do it for me.

All Falls Down or Drop the World? All Falls Down

I didn’t hate Drop the World as much as everyone else did. But at the end of All Falls Down, I was left feeling anxious for more. After Drop the World, I was left feeling unrelieved but at the same time not anxious for another episode. That’s the main difference. Both episodes were overhyped. Both episodes elicited a strong reaction from me. The difference is in the lack of continuity within the episode itself. The total disconnect of all of the stories from each other also made Drop the World less exciting than All Falls Down. The acting in both episodes was phenomenal. I was pleased with direction all the characters were going after All Falls Down. I was confused at the direction of Drop the World at some parts. All Falls Down didn’t feel rushed to me. Drop the World, most definitely was.

Leia/Danny or Chantay/Danny? Leia/Danny

I like Chantay a million and one times more than Leia but I like her character better single. Leia’s only interesting characteristic is that she dated Danny. Chantay is a good friend with a fiery spirit and she should be portrayed as a completely independent woman. I disliked how she started dating Danny. Chantay is above games to get a guy.

(I’m also laughing at my picture choice!)