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Fated Flowers

Summary: Soulmate AU where, every time your soulmate realizes new feelings for you, you get a rose. One random day in 2014, Dan wakes up with a red rose on his bedside table.

Word count: 8120

Warnings: Blood, food. If I missed anything please let me know.

A/N: A huge thank you goes out to Elizajane (@snowbunnylester) for letting me run with this idea based on Rachel’s (@botanistlester​) prompt for her latest fic (um if you haven’t read it wyd), for the constant encouragement, and for beta'ing this for me.

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Non-Human Prompt Meme

Send me an emoji and a character!

👽 - alien
🐠 - mermaid
🌹 - fairy
🐕 - werewolf
🐾 - other were (specify)
🌊 - sea monster
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👤 - cryptid
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🐣 - phoenix
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Hi sorry i have a genuine question how does kiwi reference sex w underage girls??!! I really had no idea and now I feel queasy but thank u For calling it out lmao

this section:

Hard candy dripping on me ‘til my feet are wet
And now she’s all over me, it’s like I paid for it
It’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for this

‘hard candy’ is a term used to refer to pre-teen to teen girls. a lot of people have been sourcing urban dictionary as it is the most accessible source which has lead to cries of “it’s just UD it means nothing, harry wouldn’t know, he didn’t write the song alone,” etc etc. 

UD is not the source of the term. it’s a term that’s been in use for years and i believe entered the mainstream lexicon with this film:

which is specifically about hunting down pedophiles.

i’ve seen claims that he’s referring to a cocktail because it’s also the name of a cocktail, which first of all: there are millions of drink names that could be used. this is a specific choice, and if he wanted to be risque i can think of dozens of drink names off the bat that are explicit and/or suggestive. second of all, why is he talking about “paying for it” if it’s not something illegal or immoral or unethical? what is there to pay for if this is all good in the hood? third of all: he’s been emulating 70s icons who have all been known to partake in underage ~~“trysts”, so is it really so farfetched to see this as purposeful? there’s been no attempt to hide the sexism in any of his other lyrics or his actual behaviour. heck, even ‘carolina’s original backstory had her underage which was only changed when fans caused a ruckus, which suggests they didn’t think this would be a big deal. 

contextually, it is clear to me that this is an intentional reference to underage girls that they probably didn’t think would register or cause an uproar (which… i guess they knew their audience since people are now jamming to it and want it released as a singe) and that it would fit into the 70s rockstar persona. 

Road 6

I thought this was finished a couple weeks ago. Like done, locked, and I was just doing the final copyedit… but it didn’t feel right. So I started a new draft, and here’s how it ended up. As I said to @beatricethecat2 , it’s ironic, or maybe just stupidly appropriate, that I had to back up and take another, um, route. Also my car was in the shop earlier this week, though I swear what was wrong with it was unrelated to any of the things in this story. Well, okay, not completely unrelated, given that it’s, you know, a car. And actually even less unrelated than that, now that I think about it, given that the problem was with the starter. Anyway, this is the end of the, ahem, road. (Sorry.) It started in part 1 and ran through part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5. All the way to here.

Road 6

One year later

It’s a long walk to get away from a several-thousand-person tent city, if you want some true desert peace. It’s a walk that stretches, stretches long, when you aren’t following any footsteps, when you’re just walking toward silence, not sure of when you’ll find its fullness.

Myka likes to take this walk. This year, she’s particularly liked to take it, and she’s done so, every evening as night has faded the day, before the cars have demanded her attention.

She has breathed in the stillness, breathed it out, let the weight, and the wait, settle on her. She would not have believed, not years ago, not even a year ago, that the desert could sit this gentle—or rather, that its heaviness could sit to the side. Present, but a sleeping animal. Settled in for the night.

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What song did you grow up listening to that you wish was on your album?
  • Patrick: Let's answer for each other! I'm gonna say Pete would have wanted to have written… Paradise City?
  • Pete: I would say for Patrick… it would be a Tom Waits song but I can't think of one right now, so I'm gonna say Radio Radio by Elvis Costello
  • Andy: (to Joe) I don't know what you wanna write
  • Joe: I don't know what you wanna write either
Newsies (musical) Lyric Meme
  • "Them streets down there, they sucked the life right outta my old man. Well they ain't doin' that to me."
  • "Everyone wants to come to New York."
  • "You keep your small life in the big city. Give me a big life in a small town."
  • "They say folks is dyin' to get here. Me? I'm dying to get away."
  • "Close your eyes. Come with me."
  • "I bet a few months of clean air, you could toss that crutch for good."
  • "You can bet we won't let them bastards beat us."
  • "Don't you know that we're a family? Would I let you down?"
  • "It's a crooked game we're playing. One we'll never lose."
  • "Ain't it a fine life?"
  • "What a fine line carrying the banner!"
  • "It takes a smile that spreads like butter, the kind that turns a lady's head."
  • "If I hate the headline, I'll make up a headline!"
  • "Shave me too close and you may slit my throat."
  • "It's the simplest solutions that bolster the bottom line."
  • "Give me a week and I'll train them to be like an army that's marching to war."
  • "That's the bottom line!"
  • "I'm doing alright for myself."
  • "The thing I want most, I can't get."
  • "Honey, that's rich."
  • "This life's too short to waste it on you."
  • "Love at first sights for suckers. At least it used to be."
  • "I never planned on someone like you."
  • "Turns out that love ain't blind, it's dumb."
  • "You are the most impossible boy ever."
  • "They think we're nothing! Are we nothing?!"
  • "They think they got us! Do they got us?!"
  • "And the world will know!"
  • "The world don't know but they're gonna pay."
  • "The world will know that we've been here!"
  • "Either they give us our rights or we give them a war."
  • "Everyday we wait is a day we lose!"
  • "All I know is I don't know what to write."
  • "As I may have mentioned, I have no clue what I'm doing."
  • "Am I insane? This is what I've been waiting for."
  • "Lie down with dogs and you wake up with a raise and a promotion."
  • "Just look around at the world we're inheriting and think of the one we'll create."
  • "Now is the time to seize the day."
  • "Stare down the odds and seize the day."
  • "Courage cannot erase our fear."
  • "Courage is when we face our fear."
  • "Once we've begun, if we stand as one, someday becomes somehow."
  • "Wrongs will be righted, if we're united."
  • "Proud and defiant, we'll slay the giant."
  • "Nothing can break us. No one can make us quit before we're done."
  • "One for all and all for one."
  • "Let me go far away. Somewhere they won't ever find me and tomorrow won't remind me of today."
  • "No more running. No more lying."
  • "Where does it say you gotta live and die here?"
  • "Where does it say a guy can't catch a break?"
  • "Why should you only take what you're given?"
  • "Why should you spend your whole life being trapped where there ain't no future?"
  • "If the life don't seem to suit you, how about a change of scene?"
  • "I can't spend my whole life dreaming."
  • "I ain't getting any younger, and I wanna start brand new."
  • "Just be real is all I'm asking."
  • "I'm dead if I can't count on you."
  • "You don't need money when you're famous."
  • "Look at me, I'm the King of New York!"
  • "I gotta be either dead or dreaming!"
  • "Guess I wasn't much help yesterday."
  • "There's no way I am putting them kids back in danger."
  • "You know why a snake starts to rattle? Cuz he's scared."
  • "You can't undo the past."
  • "Your abject surrender was always the bottom line."
  • "Be glad you're alive. I'd say that's the bottom line."
  • "Til the moment I found you, I thought I knew what love was."
  • "Love will do what it does."
  • "One night may be forever, but that's all right."
  • "If you're gone tomorrow, what was ours still will be."
  • "I have something to believe in now that I know you believed in me."
  • "Do you know what I believe in?"
  • "There's change coming once and for all."
  • "Write it in ink or in blood, it's the same either way. They're gonna damn well pay!"
  • "Once and for all if they don't find their manners, we'll bleed 'em!"
  • "Once and for all there'll be blood on the wall if they doubt us."
  • "This town will shut down without us."
  • "Wherever you go, I'm right there by your side."

anonymous asked:

I don't know why Niall (not against him) can sing about sex and one night stand and calls it a bop not get accused of anything but when Harry does the same people are all "Oh, don't do that, it's so wrong! Why are you writing about sex. I don't know who you are!". I can't deal with the hypocrisy.

I don’t get the double standard either. Zayn is out there singing about having a pussy on his tongue and Niall is out writing and singing about his one nights stands and we haven’t heard Liam’s song but just from that little video we know he’s gonna talk about sex, so it’s like… what is so enraging about a 23 year old, handsome, single man talking about sex? What is so bad about HARRY talking about sex? It’s not like he’s a virgin and he hasn’t slept with anyone ever since the start of the band.

I hate this double standard. I hate that everyone else in the band gets a free pass to talk about whatever they want in their music but when harry does it, he’s “not who I thought he was”. It’s unfair and I really, truly, hate that people do this to him.

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *buys journal on Amazon*<p/><b>Amazon:</b> look at all these other journals you can buy<p/><b>Me:</b> but this one has 160 pages and i don't know what I'm even planning to do with it.<p/><b>Amazon:</b> But look, this one is a Canterbury journal.<p/><b>Me:</b> Canterbury, like the Canterbury Tale. Like Geoffrey Chaucer? I could be the next Chaucer. I could fill that entire journal with iambic pentameter. Maybe even using Middle English. I could totally do that.<p/><b>Amazon:</b> I don't think you can actually do that. Who even reads Middle English anymore?<p/><b>Me:</b> Shut up Amazon, I have to find a reference book for writing in Middle English. Either help me out or get out of my way.<p/><b>Amazon:</b> Actually, I think I have just the thing to help you with that.<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

I have a follow up question to how to come up with a name for characters. I loved your advice and will certainly incorporate it in my work. My next question is, how do you do that for characters with foreign and/or non-traditional names? For example, I want to have a few Japanese characters, but I am unfamiliar with their names. I don't want to use common names and don't want to fudge it up. Any additional advice? Thanks so much!

 first of all, rewind yourself. Write the character. Write the individual.  find out what is unique about this person and then start crafting from there.

Research. go talk to people. no matter what it is, no matter where they came from, no matter what ethnicity or background, 

either through someone you know or literally walking up to someone you don’t and saying: hey, I’m writing about this and I don’t even know what I don’t know. 

 I have been doing this for years. Whether it’s the more realistic crime comics or more fantastical science, whether it’s someone who might know more about Judaism than I do or someone who lives a life completely different than the one I know… I reach out to people.  as uncomfortable as that might sound to those of us who might think of themselves as shy, I have the good news. I have never ever been turned down. Respectfully asking someone about what makes them special so you can represent that in your work is something that most people are very inclined to help you with. 

In fact, the most professionals are dying to tell you the one thing that movies and television and even comics always get wrong about how you pull a gun, or how you hold a scalpel, or how you chase down a perp.

 or why my Japanese grandmother was named after a general in an opposing army? hmm? see, I bet I already found you a story idea or character flourish that builds on what you have.

ethnicity, background, perspective and experience… nothing could be more illuminating than research of the individual. the more specific the details the more universal the truth.

 as I said before, finding out what you don’t even know is really exciting. Or having an outside looking in perspective might illuminate a truth that no one else has discovered yet.

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Don't know if you are still doing prompts but how about the "are you really taking their side right now?” Or "if you walk out that door, don't even think about coming back" for bbrae, I love your writing and would love to see what you come up for either one of these! :)

Wow, this was late, huh? I’ll be honest, anon; I was STUMPED. Can’t even begin to tell you how stuck I was with this one and how often I just…stared at it for periods of time. Anyways.

Here it is. I don’t know if it was worth the wait but.

Raven was on one of her infamous tirades.

Back when they’d first started dating, the changeling had been overeager whenever his girlfriend had decided to open up to him about anything. Even something as ludicrous as how bland her french fries were on a scale of one to ten.

Eventually, as time passed, Raven grew increasingly more comfortable around Garfield, and he became someone she could vent to.

Once upon a time, he’d listen to her go on all night, offering reassuring words of comfort, or asking the right questions that would allow her to elaborate just enough to keep her going.


Now, he stared into the television screen like a drone, unblinking, as Raven went on in the background.

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Hi! I'm first year in college and I still don't really know how to write lecture notes, I copy either what they write or what they show on the slides, but if it's just a lecture by itself I really don't know what to do, I jot down important information they say but I don't know how to organize it all. Would you have any recommendations? /.\

Hello! Getting the grip of lecture notes can take a while - especially if you’ve got very content heavy lectures. If you have access to the slides they use, it might be useful to print those off and write notes around them! For my notes, I follow this method. I use OneNote for my lectures since it is so much faster than writing. I have a post on using and organising OneNote here (I use the same note-taking method for handwritten notes and typed). With notes I usually try to get the headings, definitions, examples, quotes and important information (e.g. statistics, references/citations). Since I’m using OneNote it is organised automatically into a subject folder. However for any worksheets (and how I’d organise my high school notes), I use a binder for each subject and dividers to break up each topic. I’ll link a few other lecture note-taking methods below since not everyone finds the same thing effective:

Hope that helps :-) xx

feelingsinwinter  asked:

Hi! I don't know how to ask this but... could you maybe write something fluffy and soft? Maybe with winteriron? I'm kinda in need for fluff and nice things, kinda had a pretty bad morning and I think the rest of the day is either going to be as shitty or worse so... not entirely looking forward to it x). I just really love your writing and what you do is so nice and good, and just good for the soul, really. Thank you for writing all you write! And you don't *have to* just asking! Lots of love!<3

I’m really sorry you’re having a tough day! I can’t write anything out for you right now (I would if I could!) because I’m going to be out for a while, BUT, there’s a Winteriron fic that’s been sat in my google docs since February now. It’s not finished, and probably won’t ever be, and it’s a really rough draft- but there are some pretty fluffy moments in there, so if you want to read it then the link is here

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I don't know if you do Halemore but if you do, number 11 with them? If you don't ship them, either Derek Hale or Jackson Whittemore with 11. Thanks!!!💚💚

I don’t write ships, but I will write this for Derek!!!

#11. “Will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?!”

“What about this one?” Derek asked, staring at the box intently. “It says it has early detection technology, so it’s probably more accurate, right?” I sighed, scanning the shelves as I bit my lip, brows drawn together. “Oh, or maybe this one.” I pinched the bridge of my nose as Derek picked up yet another brand. “Babe, this kind says it-”

“Oh, my God,” I snapped, not able to take it anymore. “Will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?!” The words were much harsher than I had intended but I was so on edge right now that I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Meekly, Derek put the box back on the shelf. He moved slowly, afraid that I’d bite him or something, and pulled me into his chest. His large hands smoothed up and down my back, his chin resting on the top of my head as I melted into him.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled. “I didn’t mean to be so…”

“It’s okay,” he chuckled. “This is overwhelming, for both of us. And I can’t even imagine how you feel.”

“Derek, you know that I’m not…upset about this, right?” I asked, pulling back to look up at him with concern. “I mean, if I am- we- are pregnant…I’m gonna be excited. Scared, but excited.”

“I know, sweetheart,” he said softly, offering a gentle grin. “I will be, too. We’ll figure it all out. Together. But first,” he turned back to the intimidating wall of pregnancy tests. “We need to figure out what brand to buy.”

“Step one,” I breathed, placing a hand on my tummy. Derek looked down at me with adoration before placing a lingering kiss to my forehead.

“Step one.”


Why do I feel like Harley has taken selfies wearing nothing but a bunch of Joker’s gold chains while lying in a pile of money…

A thing I realised today which has probably been observed by smarter people before me:

In fandom, when we introduce queerness into fandoms where that’s not canon, we rarely stop with making one (or more usually two) characters queer. It’s lots of characters. “Everybody is gay” is its own AO3 tag. In contrast, even in media/texts where there are queer characters, it’s usually a gay character. Or maybe two. And it never feels like enough. 

And I think that’s because experiences of queerness in the real world are so communal, queer people don’t come by themselves any more than scientists are lone geniuses; they have queer relatives, friends, co-workers, they form networks. We seek each other out. So when we write queerness into fanfic, we’re - consciously or unconsciously - mirroring our experiences of (or wishes for) not just a queer character, of being queer alone, but queer communities. Because that’s something you never see in mainstream media unless it’s a LGBT-Themed Story, and then it’s usually depressing. (It’s what makes the exceptions like Rent or the 2014 Pride so great; they’re about queer people in communities.) But in fanfic we can fix that. 

In conclusion: Everybody Is Gay is realistic, let’s do it more. 

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Hi, love. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. How do you deal when you worked really hard on a fic and you feel like the attention/comments/kudos/etc. it's getting isn't what you hoped for? I know us writers are supposed to do it for the enjoyment of it and such, but I also don't want to feel like I'm writing into a vacuum, you know? Sometimes I feel like my stories don't matter, that I should quit.

oh, gosh </3 it can be heartbreaking and very discouraging, i know. it happens sometimes for me when i write a story about something that either means a lot to me or is very personal to me and not many people care or react to it. or, yanno… any femslash i write, ahaha. it’s tough. i definitely have days where i feel like ‘fuck it, why do i bother?’, but it always passes. 

what i have truly realized lately is that writing for even one person who gets it and loves it is so fucking worth it. sometimes i write stories just for @homo-pink and email it to her, and just knowing that she’s read it is better than three hundred comments from other people. i know that isn’t a lot of consolation or wisdom, but it’s the truth, at least for me. or writing something just for a few close friends, it’s enough. it really, truly is a matter of quality over quantity. having just five people read something you write and really, really get it and love it is better than a hundred who just kinda liked it, does that make sense? 

and if you don’t feel like you even have those few people, just keep writing. try engaging with people, either in comments or elsewhere on social media. find people who like the things you like and befriend them. building a tiny community around yourself, no matter how small, makes you feel so very not alone, even when it comes to your stories. 

please please don’t give up. keep writing, find your family. it’ll be so worth it, i promise<33

golly gosh, I am feeling warm all of a sudden, I think I’ll just take off my hoodie

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