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Hi if you still doing prompts I was wondering if you could write something about Fitzsimmons and Evelyn with a little brother or sister. Thanks :)

Hi, thanks for the prompt! :) 

This is set not long after this fic, about the journey of Fitzsimmons during Jemma’s first pregnancy, but it can also be read alone.



“Now, do you see this picture, sweetheart?” Jemma pushed the very first sonogram she’d ever had done, right after she’d found out about being pregnant with Evelyn, down the length of their coffee table to where Evelyn was perched on the couch beside her.

Evelyn leaned forward, studying the picture in contemplative silence, before she looked curiously up at her mother for an explanation. “What?” she asked, pointing to the picture with one little finger. ‘What’ was Evelyn’s favorite word to use, and one that she tended to use liberally – she was always pointing to every little thing, prompting either one of her parents to explain it to her until she was satisfied.

“This is a picture of inside Mummy’s belly,” she explained, tapping the black and white photo. “And do you see this little circle here?” She traced a fingertip around the little dot of light in the middle of the sonogram. When Evelyn squinted at it, then nodded, she went on, “That was you, Evelyn. This is a picture of when you were growing in Mummy’s belly.”

Her eyes wide with surprised curiosity at the new information, Evelyn leaned in further to study the picture once more. From the way she was frowning and narrowing her eyes, it was clear that she didn’t quite understand the concept of being that little dot of light inside Jemma’s stomach.

“And if that was what you looked like in Mummy’s belly,” Fitz started from Evelyn’s other side on the couch, laying an almost identical photo down on the coffee table beside it, “What d’you think this is, Evie?”

Evelyn’s frown deepened, her little brow furrowing as she glanced back and forth between the two sonograms, lying side-by-side. After a long, silent moment, she sat back and gazed up at her father, obviously expecting an explanation for what she couldn’t determine herself.

“This is what Mummy’s belly looks like now,” Fitz explained, tapping the newer picture, “with the new baby that’s growing inside of her, right at this moment. And that means that you’re going to be having a baby brother or sister sometime next year.”

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One thing I absolutely ADORE about Brooklyn Nine-Nine..

Is the fact that the entire cast has great chemistry with each other and that with almost every episode the writers try to switch up the formula by having different characters team up/interact with one another.

It’s so awesome. We can have Gina/Amy hanging out in one episode and have the A-plot focused on them. We can have Captain Holt and Rosa have a main storyline. Hell, they even made Charles and Hitchcock /Scully pair up. And the greatest thing is, the show never loses a beat.

The episodes never drag along, it’s always funny, and it’s an enjoyment to watch. I’ve never watched an episode and said to myself, ‘Ugh. It’s focusing on these two characters? AGAIN?’

And even though Jake and Amy are considered the ‘romantic leads’, they have lives and relationships outside of each other. I’m perfectly fine watching Amy and Rosa kick ass while Jake and Terry pal around. Of course I love my Amy/Jake moments, but it’s nice that their entire story lines aren’t centered around one another constantly (not that there’s anything wrong with that formula either if written the right way).

It’s refreshing. It’s a true ensemble cast and I don’t feel like certain characters outshine the other, or that there’s an obvious like for one character while the others get the shaft. Everyone is growing and constantly evolving while still maintaining their agency. 

Seriously Brooklyn Nine-Nine is hands down one of the best comedies out there and I need at least like 70 seasons of it please. Thanks.

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this is a silly reychel thing i wrote instead of doing my homework. it’s pretty bad but love it anyway,, @ rick pls make them canon ok? ok

“A month,” Reyna groaned, staring glumly at her leg, which was propped up on one of the many pillows scattered on Rachel’s couch. “I have to wear this stupid cast for a month.” 

Rachel, a few feet away, stuck her brush into the watering can, which she’d been using only half an hour ago for its intended purpose on the plants crowded at the entrance of the cave before switching to using it to clean her paintbrushes. It made no sense to Reyna - an artist thing, she supposed. 

She herself could barely scribble out a stick figure with an angry face, which made several appearances at the top and margins of Frank’s papers and reports since she could never bring herself to mess up her own. 

“Uh huh,” Rachel said. She didn’t sound annoyed at all, which was impressive, considering Reyna had Iris-Messaged her twice to grumble about stupid consuls and had been ranting on and off for the past hour. 

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Thoughts on Dean/Cas and the themes of S11

Coming up on the S11 finale, Dean/Cas is on my mind. Now, I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but I keep thinking about the themes this season has given us, and how these themes haven’t come to their natural conclusion yet. I keep thinking how those themes are centered around Dean and Cas and what that means for Dean/Cas.

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Do you have any good fic recommendations?

this is what I said last time someone asked  but let me add a few. a lot of these are WIP and what i’m keeping up with lately.

it’s called contraband for a reason by coldmackerel is hilarious; clexa prison au which normally isn’t the type of thing I’d read, but… it’s so… funny. there are a few things in the dialogue that aren’t my absolute fave but it’s so funny AND the story isn’t told linearly which is so fun to read. its a WIP tho ;___;

what happened to the soul that you used to be? by buckynatalia is so. fucking. good. ghost au. hella triggers tho like be warned; heavy on the angst, body horror, talk of suicide, etc. one of my faaaaves

pie in the sky by lingeringlilies is also heavy on the angst and WIP. hella triggers tho again: domestic abuse, dubcon. 

space enough to grow. by lordvoldyfarts. single mom clarke au, WIP. hasn’t gotten to the clexa heavy stuff, but it’s great so far ;____; 

figure eight by clarkegrff is canon-verse, set after Lexa’s death and NOT a fix-it fic–Lexa still dies. but it’s one of my fave post 307 canon fics… but still hella sad so Be Warned. 

a soft place to land by teroe - clexa au where they both work at a daycare. short but so sweet and they take good care of each other i love it ;___;

chasing down silver linings (we are coming home) - OKAY SO this is one of my most FAVORITE clexa AUs ever, bUT– the catch is that it hasn’t updated in like a year. supposedly the authors plan on continuing it but either way it’s so. good. ugh. and it uses ao3′s multimedia capabilities so perfectly. like just read it and then hoooope. 

help I need somebody (not just anybody) by the summerofrain - so much hurt/comfort, so good. wip. one of my faaaavorites + the author is a wonderful person aljsdkfasd

meet me there by spinalimmobilization is a really cool lil series of oneshots, just a bunch of ways clarke and lexa meet in different AUs. my fave is the fourth one but they’re all good and some are a little ~unusual~ which I like. 

there’s more probs but i don’t keep track + i’m so bad at like ??? keeping up with fic, like this is a lot of the stuff I’ve read from over the last yeeaaaaar

I’m your “yes no maybe”
you call me but only when you start to feel lonely
and whenever I feel alone you’re never fucking there
and I’m trying not to care but you’re the only one who’s ever said I was beautiful
who’s ever said for even a second that he wanted me
and that’s a pretty damn hard feeling to forget

but I am so sick of “yes no maybes”
because I’m an all in or all out kind of person and I was never good with half ways
straddling the line always felt like almost saying goodbye
and never quite saying hello and I’m not good with almosts either

im not good with most things actually
except being there for you when i shouldn’t be
and falling for you at all the wrong times.

—  Make up your mind before I lose mine– Lily Rain
  • “I need more time” “We don’t have time”
  • “He was the one thing I’ve done that brought good into this world”
  • “Howard, I know you loved him. I loved him too. But this won’t bring him back.”
    • Bisexual/pansexual Howard is canon and no one can tell me otherwise.
  • Peggy’s lines about how they need to let Steve go and move on… 
  • Jarvis’ awkwardness at Howard’s hug, though.
  • BFFs Peggy and Jarvis clearly having Enough of Howard’s manwhore ways.
  • “I just did what needed to be done" Ugh, of course. Trilby Thompson was never going to fully change his stripes.
  • Sousa doesn’t seem to have learned much either. He’s still very much the Nice Guy™.
  • I knew Angie was going to be the friend!
  • "But if you should find yourself in need again of my services, I would be honored to assist you at a moment’s notice”
  • Oh Peggy. Oh Jarvis. “I owe Howard Stark a great deal, but he does not own my integrity.”
  • “Bye my darling”
  • Ah, and here’s the beginning of Hydra worming its way into SHIELD.