either way this was fabulous


I just realized I hadn’t posted last week’s spread. Currently listening to my newest playlist I made called ‘Carry On, Motivation’, which keeps me writing + training with energy while I cuddle with blankets on the couch aka my bed. Its cold ugh.

This month is NaNoWriMo, and I’d planned to participate with a story about constellations, space + an advanced species of humans, but then became a rebel?? According to a friend, as I’ve quickly switched over to working on my horror short story anthology. Ah well, I’m writing either way.

(Lucie’s space tapes are fabulous!!! I’m excited to be able to use them in my spreads. :D)

anonymous asked:

Don't worry about it!! Take your time on your art! Your confidence and happiness is first priority, we understand! (Also I think your art is fabulous either way)

thank you so much!! 💗💕 it feels good to hear this 💕

Ladies, Gentlemen, and all other beautiful varieties of individuals of the Tumblr-sphere, I wish to speak with those of you who have NOT found dates for this supposed Tumblr-Prom.

You are not alone! Yes, even I, the wonderfully powerful Tom Riddle, has not found a date for this event. (This, of course, was because I chose not to have a date and not because I didn’t have anyone ask me! I had hundreds of people ask me!  Thousands, in fact!  Countless!  STOP THINKING THAT NO ONE ASKED ME. THAT’S NOT TRUE AT ALL.)

Either way, I wanted to let all of you creative and fabulous individuals know that we do not need any dates!  We can all simply gather together as friends and allies under my command and leadership. I would be delighted to have the pleasure of your company and loyalty without the tireless demands of any reciprocated romantic intentions. 

Please feel free to leave a message or submit a gif/picture of you in your beautiful finery. I look forward to your radiant presence. 


Tom Marvolo Riddle

PS - Harry, ‘formal attire’ means you have to comb your hair for once.