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Hello again! I’m back with lots of arts and news! (They’re mostly from personal projects tho, but I’ll do a post about it later~). The asks are about this post, now, some notes:

- I must have some kind of special hability or something to do things the wrong way, the thing was to draw characters with certain clothes and it looks as if I made a point to hide the clothes with the arms aaaaa

- On the same note, I first drew Muffet with her normal clothes. “Why?” you may wonder. I could say something like “I did it in order to get the hang of the character” or something like that, but no, the sour truth is that when I start drawing I just get so inmerged in what I’m doing I don’t think straight, and since I was watching a reference of Muffet with her normal clothes (because I don’t think I ever drew her before, at least not the UT version), I completely forgot about the actual goal of the drawing c’:

-The two last ones were requested by @askbloomtale (I didn’t want to flood you all with many posts so I decided to put them all in one).

As always, Fellby is from TrioBlasterSets AU, a fantastic fanfic made by @antarestyl and @namekian-maoh !

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ok but like, Steve is an artist who wants to work with vets for an upcoming project. He wants to focus on both physical and mental injuries brought back from the war by soldiers and meets Sam and Bucky. ensues a lot of love and tenderness and sex that helps them all deal with their trauma.

goddddd that’s beautiful!!! Are Sam and Bucky already together?? Does Steve bring them together?? either way that’s perfect and so, so soft. Also what a fabulous opportunity for a character piece. Bucky could talk about his trauma and how his life has changed since he had to re-learn how to be a person (going for that mcu parallel). Sam could talk about his trauma and losing his wingman and how he lost the passion he used to have. Steve would relate to the both of them in a way and then maybe share a bit of his own past with Sam and Bucky both. As he fell for both Bucky and Sam, his art would change. It would get softer, or maybe more rough around the edges with raw feeling. I’m alive. 

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I personally prefer Magnus with a goatee, 100%! Though he looks fabulous either way. But I'm not sure I get why you are upset some people want him clean shaven. Is there some deeper meaning to it that I am not aware of? I always just looked at it as people having different facial hair preferences.

@rensbaratheon​ replied to your post:

i mean harry literally cannot stand the facial hair because he hates having facial hair

i wasn’t talking about harry, i was talking about magnus. harry’s comfortableness is important but i’m talking about magnus and the fact that magnus’s signature and most comfortable look is with a goatee and people erase that

please read this post and this post

Okay I am SO excited for season 2 and everything about it but can we please just talk about



But seriously, if Jesse has to deal with sassy Petra and a sassy llama it may be too much to handle but on the other hand I WOULD NOT COMPLAIN IF IT TURNS OUT TO BE A FLYNN RIDER AND MAXIMUS SITUATION BECAUSE CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE

Jesse: *turns her back for three seconds*
Llama: *purposely bumps into Petra*
Petra: *elbows Llama*
Llama: *steps on Petra’s foot*
Petra: *gets Llama in a headlock*
Jesse: *turns around again* LADIES PLEASE


This year, I watched more films than ever before (over 65 if I’m showing off) and enjoyed every second of pouring over their details, scrutinising and analysing them and their merits, and just generally being a nerd. I did have a full list of ten (it included Haider, Jigarthanda and Dedh Ishqiya if you were wondering) but I had nothing to say about them. They were perfect, solid, inventively sculpted pieces of cinema. I agreed with their aesthetics and politics. But it’s really hard for me to say what makes them so great. They just…are!

So the films in this list are simply the most interesting; the films which are perhaps not always perfect, but could not have been made in any other way, for any other audience, in any other language or cultural climate. They are works that have surprised me, will continue to surprise me, and that I’m sure will prove to be of great cultural importance to the industries they were produced in. I hope that all makes sense! So here we go:

7. Oohalu Gusagusalade

Sometimes the most brilliant films are not those that try to be everything, to break new ground, or impress with breathtaking craft. Sometimes, a brilliant film will utilise simplicity in such a charming way that you don’t even wish it tried to be ‘better’. If you are making a romantic comedy, you need a good looking lead pair, some relatable romance and some comedy that is actually funny. You do not need a club song or incessant innuendos or suicide and heartbreak. Kudos to this lovely little film which knew exactly what it was and what it needed to do, while subtly and brilliantly assessing the place of a woman’s choice in arranged marriage. 

6. Bangalore Days

An ‘epic’ is generally considered to be a film with massive production values, conjuring up a huge sense of escapism and a time and a place you never dreamed of seeing, complete with a sprawling time scale and a vaguely existentialist battle between good and evil. But then there is another kind of epic; the kind that boldly attempts to encompass the entire human condition, from youth to adulthood. One of Bangalore Days’ many strokes of genius was casting the ever-popular romantic pairing of Nazriya and Nivin Pauly as cousins, deftly pronouncing the importance of family and friendships that so many Indian films leave at the wayside. Bangalore Days is a whole life lived, with a cast of characters who will feel like your own kin when it’s over. 

5. Kill/Dil

How did Shaad Ali imagine this film? Where did the ideas spring from? What kind of brain can envisage such visual composition, such a rich colour palette, and this bewildering sense of kinetic energy on a two-dimensional screen? Films like this, that have a genuine madcap ingenuity and creativity behind them (and I’m talking about the physical, tangible CRAFT of the art-form) are destined to be critical failures. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. God bless Yash Raj Films, India’s most commercial production house, for allowing a filmmaker to experiment, and ultimately fail in telling a story, but excel in the art of making images. 

4. Hasee Toh Phasee

Meeta and Nikhil sit down at a bus stand after storming out of the family home. Meeta has returned after disappearing for years without a trace. The wounds are still raw. Nikhil is attracted to her mystery, the fierce independence in her actions. He wants to know what is driving all these choices. To explain, she takes out a red rubber ball. She drops it and it bounces furiously around the bus stand. It doesn’t stop. It just keeps bouncing. He was not expecting that. This red ball, and indeed Meeta’s character, are almost metaphors for this film - a small but vital shot of total insanity amongst the mundane.

3. Punjab 1984

Masala films have a lot in common with the post-apocalyptic genre: those barren, hopeless villages where ordinary folk are terrorised by archetypal evil landlords or corrupt rulers, to be saved only by a singular righteous hero. Using no tricks, technical machinery or effects, Punjab 1984 conjures up this otherworldly atmosphere quite beautifully, employing a steadfastly Indian mode of storytelling which never dilutes or insults the real-life significance of the issue at hand. This film was hard to trust, given that it stars BJP-member Kirron Kher and (allegedly) Sukhbir Badal-supporting Diljit Dosanjh, but its even handed, delicate treatment of separatism makes its ultimately humanist message impossible to disagree with. Smaller budgets make sharper filmmakers, and regional cinema is now the place to turn for honestly made and truly Indian movies.

2. Madras

On the surface, this is just a perfectly sculpted story we’ve heard a thousand times before: two opposing political forces exploiting impressionable youths into carrying out their dirty bidding. There are two best friends whose ideologies drift apart, a romance that becomes a vessel of redemption, and a vivid backdrop of an urban slum and its cast of colourful characters from gangsters to nagging mothers. On this level its a good, engrossing film, but little else. But then, notice the Ambedkar portraits that hang in every house, the Christian names, the political literature that lingers on the bookshelves. These characters are Dalits, once ‘untouchable’ people. And this colourful neighborhood they inhabit is government sanctioned 'slum clearance’ social housing - a ghetto in the most literal sense of the word. The film gains a host of added nuances. Every heartwarming interaction between friends or relations becomes a middle finger to centuries of disgraceful oppression. Their ownership of their environment becomes a reclaiming of this prison. Madras is either a perfectly told saga of wasted youth and failed democracy, or an important document of the current state of the caste struggle. Either way, its a fabulous entry into a canon of cinema that could only be made in the Tamil language, and a fervently proud, rebellious and working-class masterpiece.

1. Highway

I’m going to have to try and be critical about a piece of work which moved me so deeply and profoundly that I was quite literally in tears for half of its two hour runtime. I’m going to have to try and be critical about a film which was so personal to me that whenever I thought about it over the next few days, I burst into tears all over again. I’m going to have to try and be critical about a film which beautifully summed up everything I have ever thought about our futile material existence on this Earth, a film which explores love and kindness and compassion between human beings simply and poetically. This is a story about the haves and have-nots, about the divide between rich and poor, about our priorities, the very nature of the things which give us happiness. It is a film about women, about innocence, about childhood, about family. And all of this from the man who gave us Love Aaj Kal? Ok I’m finished, that’s about as critical as I can get for a film which is so much more than just perfect.

Once again, this list really took over my life. There are of course some fabulous looking films I didn’t get to see (and literally tons more of crappy ones that I actually sat through). These are the films which inspired me, got me thinking, and really forced me to engage with them critically. I look forward to hearing what you think! Much love, and happy new year!!

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Confession: I've only seen parts of Phantom of the Paradise and I love the soundtrack and I really really really wanna watch the whole thing.

You have absolutely gotta see it! It is honestly one of my very favorite Phantom adaptations (only rivaled by the 1925 film), and everything about it is wonderful, from the aesthetic to the characters to the costuming to, of course, the music, everything is perfect about it. Netflix has it to rent on DVD (not on their streaming, unfortunately), but Amazon has it for streaming and hard copy purchase on Blu-Ray, and either way, I highly recommend it, it’s fabulous in every sense of the word. It was a deeper introduction to the world of Phantom films and the music of Paul Williams for me, and as I said, I love it. One of the best Phantom adaptations, in my opinion! 

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I'm actually not sure if I read it on your blog or not, but it was something about needing people around you whose planets fall in the house correlating with your moon sign. As I got more into astrology I found a common thread of every person I was close to having a Capricorn moon, which would overlay in my 11th house satisfying the needs of my Aquarius moon. Very interesting theme.

I don’t remember saying it so it must be another fabulous astrology blog on here 🤔 either way, that’s a really great observation!! By that idea a Leo moon would be a great friend for me considering I have a Capricorn moon with Leo on my midheaven(10th house). I’m not sure who the Leo moons have been in my life so I can’t confirm or deny that idea on my end. I do find that Gemini moon and Virgo moon are moons that I really like because my moon falls into the 3rd house!

Because It Still Happens in Space

It’s surprising how much time Shiro and Pidge spend together.

Obviously it’s because Pidge is the best at hacking Galra tech and Shiro always wants to be the first to know new intel.. They tend to talk about what each development means for the team, if their mission suddenly just got easier or harder and what gear Pidge could make to turn the odds in their favor.

The Paladins have quite the Christmas List.

Though Pidge keeps vetoing Lance’s idea to give the Blue Lion laser vision because for one that’s what your tail does, stupid. And two, the machinery it would take is too much of a hassle and I don’t want to do that, thanks…

Anyway it’s nice to have Shiro around.  Really nice…wonderful actually.

There’s even times where they’re completely doing different things but still quietly enjoy another’s company. Currently Shiro doing pushups on the floor while Pidge decodes the next segment. The workroom practically echoes. The only other sounds are the clicking computer keys and the mechanical hum of the Castleship.

So of course, someone has to disturb the peace.

“Hey Pidge! About the Blue Lion, could you-OH MY GOD YOU’RE BLEEDING!”

Pidge looks down and finds that yes…they are. Huh. There’s a dark line of red running down their leg…hey when did that happen? Pidge doesn’t remember doing anything that could-OH. MY. GOSH. THEY’RE BLEEDING!


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I love your art so much!! The way you make your pieces look so effortless really amazes me! I wanted to ask you if you've ever seen Song Of The Sea? If you have, I think it'd be really cool if you drew something from it! If not well who cares I love you either way Stay fabulous -o(▪u▪-o


Thanks for the suggestion this was super fun to draw!! Thanks so much for the compliments too ^u^ srsly you guys are all too nice!

jlockxbeastly  asked:

Exo being mistaken for a girl

Xiumin: “Wowwwww, insulting much?… nice to know…..”

“…..but how?! Why?! Shouldn’t that be Lulu?”

Luhan: “Oh gurl, pu-lease, that’s total bs. I am a man. I am manly okay? MANLY!”

Kris: “Bruh dafuq…? I know I’m fabulous and all but seriously?”

Suho: “*fabulous hair flip* Why thank you.”

“How about them legs? They good or nah?”

Lay: “I will accept that compliment because….”

Baekhyun: “hmmm mhm, yass honey boo, yassssss. Gurl you fab too.”

Chen: “Oh of course I’m fabulous—— wait what?! Oh, no, no, I am not a girl. Boi, get yo facts right!”

Chanyeol: “The girl…? W-wait me?….”


D.O: “Say wut?….”

Tao: “D-Do you see this?! I’m always the victim….”

"But hey, at least my fab game is still strong either way.”

Kai: “It’s the clothes, I’m telling you. It’s giving me the girly fabulous vibe. I be working them shorts tho, right?” hahahahahahahah i can’t even

Sehun: “Boi say wut? I am a Prince *ahem* for yo information, a Prince. Pfft peasants that don’t know their facts.”

*I apologize for the fab factor to be too much but bruh, I was feeling it hahaha. Hoped you liked it, now it’s back to AP work for me… wish me luck….

- Admin KP 


I just realized I hadn’t posted last week’s spread. Currently listening to my newest playlist I made called ‘Carry On, Motivation’, which keeps me writing + training with energy while I cuddle with blankets on the couch aka my bed. Its cold ugh.

This month is NaNoWriMo, and I’d planned to participate with a story about constellations, space + an advanced species of humans, but then became a rebel?? According to a friend, as I’ve quickly switched over to working on my horror short story anthology. Ah well, I’m writing either way.

(Lucie’s space tapes are fabulous!!! I’m excited to be able to use them in my spreads. :D)

Ladies, Gentlemen, and all other beautiful varieties of individuals of the Tumblr-sphere, I wish to speak with those of you who have NOT found dates for this supposed Tumblr-Prom.

You are not alone! Yes, even I, the wonderfully powerful Tom Riddle, has not found a date for this event. (This, of course, was because I chose not to have a date and not because I didn’t have anyone ask me! I had hundreds of people ask me!  Thousands, in fact!  Countless!  STOP THINKING THAT NO ONE ASKED ME. THAT’S NOT TRUE AT ALL.)

Either way, I wanted to let all of you creative and fabulous individuals know that we do not need any dates!  We can all simply gather together as friends and allies under my command and leadership. I would be delighted to have the pleasure of your company and loyalty without the tireless demands of any reciprocated romantic intentions. 

Please feel free to leave a message or submit a gif/picture of you in your beautiful finery. I look forward to your radiant presence. 


Tom Marvolo Riddle

PS - Harry, ‘formal attire’ means you have to comb your hair for once.