either way this song is gorgeous


Only Human / Yang

“Yang Xiao Long is innocent. ” This episode fucked me up . I decided to do  a quick video for the RWBY’s fandom
to show my dissatisfaction,  .   Sorry for the drama at the end. But i can’t imagine Yang have a good ending either way , after her arrest. And I Hope it’s not going like this.  Skirethefox’s/Wazabi’s/  art inspired me ! And support them for their  gorgeous art ! Reblogg it and if you want read their RWBY AU!  Their is a last artist who deserved some attention Vnixxir.  Please support them to keep going their work !

Check that : http://skiretehfox.tumblr.com/

All the right belongs to Roosterteeth.  And the song i used is here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36Ua4Uruqmk

effortofhosjer  asked:

Hi! I love the O.R.E.O. song and was wondering whether you wrote it or "only" performed it? Either way, it's gorgeous. Also, will the little animation video be a tv commercial or what is it for?:) The song is excellent study music, too. All the best!

Hello! No, I wrote it too as well as performed it! And the animations were done by Oli Putland! :)

anonymous asked:

The windows are down, the wind is soft, but somehow still sharp, refreshing, cleansing. They’re in a city that Louis can’t pronounce, listening to a mellow, rhythmic song by a band Louis can’t pronounce either - he’d roll his eyes if he weren’t so busy staring at Harry and being mesmerized by the way his long hair is dancing around his gorgeous, smiling face. He needs to close his eyes for a second because this - this is what they'd been wanting to do for months. This is kind kind of... perfect.