either way they're super cute~!!!!

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part if me loves starco and the other part of me wants them to stay friends bc it's so rare to see platonic relationships between men and women where they're physically comfortable with each other y'know? i suppose i'll be happy either way tho bc they're super cute as friends and as partners!

i know, i understand that perfectly, trust me. as an aroace, id love nothing more than to see a boy and girl just be friends, and for that to be perfectly normal, bc society today normalizes dating and marriage and such so much that it irritates me.

but dammit, i am complete shipper trash, and starco is just too damn adorable. they love each other so damn much their relationship has such a wonderful dynamic, i am so fucking weak for these kinds of ships, i swear. the fact that marco didnt seem to have a whole ton of self-confidence and confidence in general, and seemed kind of bored with his life…Star was just what he needed. Hanging out with Star all the time has given him more self-confidence, regular confidence, more courage…and he cares for Star so much, hes so aware of what his life would be like without her, and it scares him, he never wants to go back to the way life was before her, he loves her so much and he doesnt completely realize it, she makes him a better person (not that he wasnt before), she has improved his world 1000000000000000%,

and Star is better for having known him too bc when we first met her she was pretty wild, a little out of control, had a lot to learn about life and responsibility and duty, and being with Marco has calmed her down A LOT, and hes taught her a lot about all that stuff, and hes taught her to be a more mature and thoughtful person, hes opened her eyes to the injustices that Mewmans have inflicted on monsters……….just. oh my goD THEY HAVE IMPROVED EACH OTHERS WORLDS AND THEY RE SO CUTE THEYRE ADORABLE AS FUCK AND I JUST WOWWOWOWWOWOWOWOW WHAT A QUALITY SHIP I MEAN LIKE SHIT THEY HAVE CONSUMED MY VERY SOUL I SHIP IT SO HARD


(i trIED NOT TO SHIP IT TOO. i told myself when i started watching this show “im not gonna ship it, im not gonna ship it, im not………..*watches first episode*…………………………..sh I T)