either way still cool

Here’s a short cover of the beautiful song from Winter Light. I really wanted to cover this song but I was nervous about hitting the notes and had no idea how to play it, but I ended up learning all the guitar by ear so I’m really proud of that :). I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! THANKS FOR LISTENING <3

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Also if anyone tried to argue with me about Njord being anti-capitalist

He’s called the giver of wealth not the hoarder of it amirite

Fic Recs Part 2

See Fic Recs Part 1 in my ‘read this shit’ tag

Once again, all bolded titles are my favorites. I know they’re basically all bolded sorry ya’ll just write some good ass fics.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Pretty Girls Make Me Nervous

(Yaku had to wonder if his captain was listening to himself talk and could realize on his own how much he sounded in love with Kenma.)

“So, what is going to happen is this! Friday night, Kenma will be going to the mall with no video games around. His natural attractiveness will show, some love struck girl will ask him out and bam! Kenma isn’t single anymore.”

(Yaku supposed not.)


that fic where Kuroo does everything he can to get Kenma a significant other. Meanwhile, everyone bets how long it’ll take before Kuroo realizes that Kenma’s sorta already dating him.

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I need a Hercules AU with Danti now omg

gosh yes please

“my friends call me anti. at least they would if i had any friends.”

but it would be kinda opposite maybe? like dark being like hades almost?? idk it would still be cool either way!

embrace-tranquility’s waaaaaay overdue 1400+ follower forever!

                      Thank you kamai-tachi for the promo image!

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, I reached the 1000 followers. Then, not too long after I reached 1100, 1200, 1300 and eventually it landed on over 1400+ followers. All this time, ever since the 1000 I said I would make a bias list and a thank you post. But being the goofball that I am, and the fact that I cannot edit pictures for shit, it never happened. But it had to happen, I had to do it! So I kicked my own butt, asked some help from a lovely friend for the image, and here it is!

            embrace-tranquility’s 1400+ follower bias list!

I have been on this blog for a loooooooooooooooooong time. Dating all the way back to begin June 2016. That’s eight months already, and I’m still kicking! (eight months is long for a rp blog…right?) 
But honestly, eight months or not, I would not have been here without all of you, my followers! 

I have had my ups and downs. I’ve seen many of my rp partners come and go. I am terrible at formatting, I don’t use icons, and sometimes I jumble words or sentences because english is not my native language. Yet here all you guys are, supporting and following me! Often I wonder if I portrait Zenyatta correctly, or wonder if I am still wanted considering there are so many other Zenyatta’s, and each and every time you guys tell me otherwise. For someone with depression, it is sometimes hard to believe and recieve compliments, but I have never felt so welcome and loved as that I have here. I simply cannot express the feelings that I feel. If I did, then this post would turn into an essay!

  TLDR: I love each and everyone of my followers, and I am       blessed to have such amazing people surrounding me!

Now, onto the bias list. These are people that I actively chat with, love seeing on my dash, or are just people dear to me. If you’re not it, don’t be discouraged. I still think that you’re hella cool!

         Either way, thank you for helping me get to 1400+                             followers! Here’s to a hundered more!♥ 

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Will you still draw ft or did you give up on it now that it's over? I miss your zervis and nalu art, some occasional works from ft would be nice. Either way bnha is cool and I'll still support and enjoy your works. :)

I didn’t totally gave up on FT ( even though I kind of stopped reading the chapters… ) But some people commissioned me for Fairy Tail art so I keep drawing it :) I’m still thinking about making a cross over with MHA..

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How are you enjoying Echoes? I feel like a lot of people don't like the new mechanics...

Echoes is strange. Whereas most Fire Emblem games are strategy games with JRPG elements, Echoes is a JRPG with strategy elements. At least that’s how I see it. In that way I’m having a lot of fun with it!

I find it hard to rank in comparison to other FE games simply because it’s so different. I don’t think it’d crack my top 5, honestly, but it’s really enjoyable. I’ll try and break down what I liked and didn’t. No spoilers!

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anyway shout out to my little pony for having an episode where their physically disabled character was being made fun of specifically for her disability, ending with her her mentor, who, may i remind you, prides herself on her physical ability, sitting her down and going, “listen, whether or not you ever start living up to able-bodied standards doesn’t matter, we love and support you either way and you’re still the coolest kid i know, and the cool stuff we already know you can do is more important than the stuff you can’t” instead of giving scootaloo a freaking recovery arc and making her suddenly able to fly


“Happy New Year! Thank you for taking care of me! Please take care of me in the coming year as well!”

Thank you for all the nice asks and reblogs and likes this previous year! Everyone has been so kind and sweet! I wish you all many blessings for the New Year!

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Hello! So, I have completed another Overwatch dating sim (ReLoad- amazing btw) and I was just wondering if your game was going to be similar to that one or if it will take much longer to date some eg. You will go through a series of answers to date them instead of just two answers. Either way, it's still cool! Oh, and one more question (bc I can't find your FAQ/Rules anywhere for some reason), will there be any NSFW moments in the game? Thank you and sorry for bothering you xx

I haven’t played it yet so I can’t say, sorry!  On my list, though. There are a lot of choices in Loverwatch, some consequential, some inconsequential/merely conversational choices. The script for each route is around 60k words, so fairly lengthy - which is why it is taking us this time to produce the game (as we often get the ‘how’s it going’ asks!). This is probably a few hours of play time per route.

The FAQ is here, and your second question is answered in it. :) No bother at all.


I don’t know the source for the first one (I think I found it on a wallpaper site?), but I believe the second is official art (if not, I’d appreciate it if someone could add sources here for me).

But goddangit, guess who’s shipping YosukexMinako? Me.

EDIT: I’ve been told that it might be Brinkofmemories’ art? Or it might be official art, just photoshopped. Either way, still cool~!

lolinoricchi said: the second one though… each character came from two separate pictures (the protags from p3 are from just one pic, souyo also from one pic) I forgot the exact source, but it even featured how it was edited and put up together :)

(Thank you!)

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yoooo I'm just asking- does your law design have vitiligo?? I haven't watched op in like a million years so idk if it's canon or not- if he doesn't that's hella cool- it just kinda looks that way- it's still v cool either way and your art is 11/10

doot doot. yes he does! i’m not sure if it’s canon but there were a lot of artists who gave him the markings and they were just wow. THANK UUUUUUUUU

oh hohohoooohoho

Part of Your World--Cave Sharing

I’ve finally done it–I’ve written a second part for the mermaid AU I started a zillion years ago!  Don’t ask me why now because I really don’t know. My brain works in mysterious ways, what can I say.

Big thanks to @ilarual, @bendandcurl, @lucyrne, and @makapedia for looking the thing over. Mwah!

You can find Part 1 here.

You can also read it on FFN here and ao3 here.

It was Sunday night again, and after a week and a half away from the sea, her body was screaming for the chill of the salt water to soothe skin too long confined to legs alone. Maka dove in, a long leap from the cliff as was her custom, and felt a shiver of sheer elation course through her body as she met the brisk embrace of the sea.

Invigorated, she swam fast, leaping and arcing and frolicking, her body coursing with relief and adrenaline at being back to its other home. She executed a dazzling flip out of the water and grinned as her tail flashed green in the moonlight.

She hated how much she missed the sea when she was away, but she did, and to ice the cake, Kim hadn’t even gone through with the wedding. Instead, her good friend of many years had left up and coming Internet pioneer Ox Ford at the altar to run away with her maid of honor, and Maka had been left with the rest their stunned friends to pick up the pieces and console the groom.

What a weekend.

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