either way still cool

Let’s talk about Beast Boy in Justice League vs Teen Titans

Cause he was great. The first scene we see him in, he shows up naked to training. 

What a fucking dork.

And his transformations are awesome. Cause he does this

And this

Look at him with his stupid “rock on” signs

Then he turns into a donkey


He gave Robin a ride on his back as a horse which I thought was adorable

Also he turned into a Krolotean, one of the aliens from the second season of Young Justice. I thought that was cool easter egg.

At least it looks like a Krolotean. It could be one of the genomorph things from Cadmus labs. Either way, still cool.



“Happy New Year! Thank you for taking care of me! Please take care of me in the coming year as well!”

Thank you for all the nice asks and reblogs and likes this previous year! Everyone has been so kind and sweet! I wish you all many blessings for the New Year!

here goes...

One of these days, black folks who preach respectability politics will learn that being palatable, respectable negroes can’t and won’t save them from societal prejudice, disenfranchisement, jail or even death. The sooner you understand and accept that your very existence makes america uncomfortable, the better off you will be.

Stop watering down your personality and shading your greatness in an attempt to help other folks feel comfortable. Stop “behaving” in public with hopes of appearing less aggressive. Stop lowering your voice and hushing your laugh so that folks don’t see you as just another “loud black person.“ WE define our lives. WE define our culture.

Society’s opinion shouldn’t matter as much as it does to some folks. It’s cool to be mild-mannered and quiet, and It’s equally cool to be loud and bold! Either way, society still fears you. Whether you are a black person who is for or against using the word nigga, to american society, you are still less than regardless of your accomplishments or the way you present yourself. Don’t judge folks who don’t prescribe to your particular brand of blackness. After all, MLK, while he was a great man, still got punched, stabbed and ultimately killed all while respectfully wearing a suit. Whatever your brand of blackness, be you. Be unapologetically black you!