either way no i cannot




I didn’t even notice the spider in the top left panel at first and had to go back and be terrified in hindsight because the camera angle makes it look far bigger than it really is. 

Or at least, far bigger than I HOPE it is. 

Time goes on. I am shrinking.
In the summer,
it was hideous. Girls like me
are better off invisible. Now, it is fall.
Or it is moving forward. I am all full skirts
and decay.
I cannot go. I cannot stay.
Either way, things will change,
and I will be a different girl than I was before.


Knowing this,
my pain feels more or less meaningless.
Still, I paint it out. I call old friends
and pretend I am still the one they left behind.
I change my mind a thousand times. I rock
back and forth. The chairs on my back porch
are rusting. Hurricanes threaten my permanence,
but I beg them to blow me away.
At least then I would have a reason that I couldn’t stay.

—  November, 2016, by H.B.

pros of antidepressant medication: easier time focusing on things. actually getting shit done. not having 20 minute breakdowns before and after speaking to a cashier.  a semblance of mental stability.

cons of antidepressant medication: how the fuck did I use to write ~2k words per night

Is a potato still a potato if you throw it off a cliff? Sure, until it hits the ground, at which point you might say it has become mashed potatoes. Now mashed potatoes and potatoes may seem to be functionally the same to anyone unfamiliar with the two but those who have eaten both can attest that there is a world of difference. So in my opinion, at the point that a potato becomes mashed potatoes, it stops being potato.

But then did you really make those mashed potatoes? You threw it off the cliff after all, but I posit that throwing a potato off a cliff does not equal the resulting mashed potatoes, as it was the laws and whims of the universe that decided that when a potato hits the ground at high speed, it should become mashed. To take the resultant mashed potatoes, I would at best be partaking in Nature’s bounteous mashy gift, at worst stealing her hard smashed spuds, but either way I cannot truly take the credit for this not-potatoes coming into being.

And therefor your honour, I plead not guilty to manslaughter and cannibalism.

pardonthelitany  asked:

OH MAN. LOVE STORY. YOU CHOSE LOVE STORY. LOVE“LOVE MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY”STORY. I’m setting aside the hockey thing (coincidence) and the terminal illness thing (because no one in this fic is going to die, pls, jfc), and just. VIKTOR. YOU HAVE TO APOLOGISE, OKAY. Either way, I love the version of the LS theme you found, and i cannot for the life of me find one half as good on spotify. I just...have so many fucking feels over Viktor using that song. And then, with that fallout...

(2/2) This was such a good chapter, jfc. Yuuri broke my goddamned heart like four times. The angst! The miscommunication! UGH <3<3 We are so blessed. Thanks for all your hard work, darling. So fucking in love with this story. (btw, chapter title is Passenger, right? *cries quietly*) (oh, and, feel free to answer me privately!) xx

It was Passenger yes :D Funny story, the chapter was originally going to be called ‘The First Cut Is The Deepest (But The Rest Still Flipping Hurt)’ from the same song but then I realised it was waaaaay to spoilery so I just went for a vaguely foreboding title instead. 

As for Viktor FS, the song choice was based more on the lyrics to the original song than the film plot because I actually don’t like the film that much but the inclusion of it was actually a little private joke to myself because as you say, the famous line in that film is ‘love means never having to say you’re sorry’ and that is SUCH BULLSHIT. That line always really pissed me off because you don’t get to excuse yourself for hurting someone just because you love them and they love you. And throughout the course of the fic both Viktor and Yuuri have done (unintentionally) shitty things to each other and hurt each other and before they can start to build a healthy relationship they both need to apologize for that. So yeah, that was my own little in joke that literally only I would get because I’m a dork and I do that a lot in this fic!


General Theme

Running with the Wolves  * Aurora

“ My heart still beats and my skin still feels ..my lungs still breathe, my mind still fears.”

Travel theme ( Instrumental )

Big Sky  *  Two Steps from Hell

Happy Theme

Just Fine   * Mary J Blige

“No time for moping around, are you kidding. And no time for negative vibes, cause I’m winning.”

Love Theme

Halo  * Beyoncé

“You hit me like a ray of sun, burning through my darkest night.”

Sad Theme

Never Let Me Go  * Florence and the Machine

“And it’s peaceful in the deep. ‘Cause either way you cannot breathe.”

Fight Theme

Breaking Dishes  * Rihanna

“I ain’t gon’ stop until I see police and lights. I’m a fight a man tonight “

Death Theme:

Blue  *  The Seatbelts

“Don’t wake me from the dream. It’s really everything it seemed. I’m so free..”

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Please form a protective circle around my laptop, Walter, which will be coming with me to the Apple Store in about an hour to determine whether the fact it can’t find its own hard drive is unfixable.

*vibrates with anxiety*


Women of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

splinteredstar said: the original scanner still works. well, they say it’s the original - pieces have been replaced, adaptions and new tech - but the soul of it remains. it is holy, but more than that, it is /useful/ 

(it is a tool. it is always a tool. it must be a tool - for that is holiness: action and life. A thing that cannot save a life or a soul is no longer holy.) 

(freedom has a /duty/.) 

well it’s either that or the pieces get passed along to each child in the family line, and each one incorporates a piece into their own scanner. either way, I think. 

This is beautiful, thank you! Especially A thing that cannot save a life or a soul is no longer holy.

Yes. I love that.

Youtuber Jacksepticeye wants to battle!

Jack mentioned charmeleon and bulbasaur way too many times in his Spore playthrough for me to not draw this. Also Jack would totally get custom painted septic eye pokeballs 


I’ve been slacking on vids since January, buuuuutttt…


An Evil Snowing vid set to Carry You Home by James Blunt (which may have been a suggestion by @freifraufischer but I cannot remember anymore - giving you credit either way Katherine!).

Hope you all like it! :)

fic I want

Happy AU where Anakin never fell to the darkside and there was never an Empire, the Skywalker-Amidala clan made roots on Naboo. 

Leia became Queen like her mother before her, and now everyone who isn’t a Skywalker or a Solo is pressuring Rey Skywalker to Continue the Family Tradition and become Queen of Naboo. (The Naberrie cousins are by far the worst at this.)

(Her immediately family is mostly going “you do you” and shrugging about it, but there are occasional conversations of “are you sure you don’t want government power over the planet our family has run for three generations now?” which just makes Rey break into hives.)

And Rey does not??? Want that??? At all? She just wants to fly ships with her Uncle Han and her Grandpa Anakin and shoot things. 

(Grandma Padme tells her that she’d be surprised at how much shooting things she’d get to do as Queen, but that’s not the point Grandma!)

Alas, she has the Classic Amidala Genetic Look, and she lives on Naboo, and the people have pretty much decided that even if she doesn’t run for Queen they are going to write her name on the ballot anyway.

So Rey runs away, because she is 14 and dumb, and this is incidentally how she meets Finn and Poe, who are good-natured smugglers who know all about needing to escape, so they absolutely take her on board.

Because Rey is bad at communicating, especially to her super-important ~*destiny sparkles~*~ family, this leads to the galaxy believing ROGUE CRIMINAL SCUM POE AND FINN have kidnapped the FUTURE QUEEN OF NABOO.

Then wacky hijinks occur. 

can we just talk about what Jake had to do to get that picture of Amy?????

either he smuggled it to Florida or he printed it in Florida and he had to be super careful either way.

I mean,, they seemed SUPER strict about what Jake can or cannot do in witness protection, so our lil cinnamon roll cannot like Die Hard, much less have a picture of Amy anywhere around him. Soo…

If Jake smuggled in a picture he’d have to do it hella discreetly and somehow get it past a bunch of people in witness protection. He probably kept the picture in a plastic bag taped to his back (die hard stylez) so they wouldn’t find it. But like.

If he wanted to have a picture of Amy he might’ve just went on snapchat or Twitter, literally put it on a private browser and saved it (keeping in my mind that he TOTALLY had iCloud turned off), drove a hundred miles away to a beat up photocopier place, had a fake pseudonym to print out the picture (probably something REALLY badass instead of plain old Larry), and of course a trenchcoat and sunglasses even tho it’s 98 degrees out, and FINALLY got out a professional copy of this picture.

Like????? what did this boy do just to keep Amy’s picture??? WHY DOES HE LOVE HER SO MUCH I AM NOT O K A Y

Can we just appreciate that, at this point, there’s no way Jemma would have written ‘love’ without really fucking meaning it, because of all that word means between them now? Can we? Jemma Simmons loves Leo Fitz. That was the face of one happy man biting into a sandwich made for him by the woman who loves him.