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Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Prompt: “Oh c’mon, everyone’s got a story”

Summary: the reader is Stiles’ twin sister and doesn’t think Theo is evil.

A/N: Hi guys, this is my first imagine, I hope you like it. If you have any requests feel free to stop by my blog :) I write about Marvel, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Harry Potter, One Direction, Zayn, Magcon or any other fandom that I might know a thing or two about.

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School took away all your energy, but the worst was your brother, Stiles. Lately he was trying to convince everyone that Theo was evil. You were tired of listening to him ramble about Theo, but he crossed the limits. He actually got the nerve to take Liam to spy him in the woods. Who does that? Why did he had to stalk him? I mean, he’s just trying to prove a point, more to himself than to the rest of the pack.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the bell. You packed your things and headed to the lunch line trying to avoid Stiles or the rest of the pack. After you got your food, you looked around for a place to sit. You spotted the pack sitting at your usual table, and Stiles started waving weirdly at you. You kept looking around, not wanting to sit with them and listen to your brother’s shit. Your eyes stopped on a familiar figure, Theo. He was sitting alone, avoiding eye contact with everyone and he looked sad. If you were in his shoes, you wouldn’t be too happy either, the only people he knew, his friends, made sure to sit away from him.

A small smile made its way to your lips as you walked towards Theo’s table. From the corner of your eye you saw Stiles getting angry. You knew Stiles well enough to know that he was gonna ask Scott to listen to your heartbeat, Theo’s heartbeat, to what you were saying, trying to catch your chemo signs and whatever the hell werewolves can do.

You stopped in front of Theo’s table and cleared your throat making him look up.

“Is this seat taken?” You asked pointing to the chair in front of him.

“No, not at all.” He smiled at you as you sat down “You’re (y/n), Stiles’ sister right?”

“Yeah and I’m in your Biology class.” You nodded.

“I guess you know who I am.” He chuckled.

“Stiles is my brother, of course I know who you are.” You said making him chuckle.

There was an awkward silence filling the air.

“Look, (y/n)…” Theo cleared his throat “Not to sound rude or anything, but I thought you weren’t allowed to talk to me. I mean…Stiles hates me for some reason and…” You interrupted him.

“Stiles is a drama queen. The pack has been through a lot so he doesn’t trust easily. He’ll get over it eventually, don’t worry.” You paused “Besides, I don’t care what Stiles thinks, he can’t control who I’m friends with.” You finished with a shrug.

“Are you sure? I don’t wanna get you in trouble.”

“He’s getting off limits. I heard about what happened in the woods, I’m sorry about your sister.” You gave him a sympathetic smile.

“Thank you.” He looked down at his food “But I guess everything happens for a reason and I believe that wherever she is, she's…”

“She’s looking over you.” You finished his sentence “My mom died a few years ago, I know how that feels.” you looked down at your food, poking it lightly with the fork.

For a few minutes no one spoke, the silence wasn’t comfortable but it wasn’t awkward either. You were just…quiet.

“Okay, enough with the sad things!” you looked up at him, slightly confused “Let’s talk about other stuff.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know…tell me about yourself.” he smiled.

You thought about it for a minute, not really knowing what to say.

“I’m (y/n) Stilinski, I’m Stiles’ twin sister. I like pandas and ice cream. I literally spend all my free time on the internet. I consider myself a nice person but also very sarcastic and sassy, something that apparently runs in my family.” he chuckled “I like to draw and math. I like math” He chuckled and shook his head a few times “What about you?”

“There’s not too much to say about me. I’m just a normal kid.” He sighed, running his hand through his blond hair.

“Oh c’mon, everyone’s got a story.” You joked “C’mon Raeken I wanna know what is going on inside that head of yours.” You lightly tapped his forehead making him laugh.

“No, seriously…I’m just a normal kid, you know? I’m lame.”

“You’re a werewolf.” You lowered your voice “I’m pretty sure that not everyone in this school can say that.” Although we were in Beacon Hills, there was a lot of weird shit going on here. From banshees, to werecoyotes and kanimas, just name it, we have it “I won’t judge even if you tell me that your favorite movie is The Little Mermaid and that you cry watching Nemo.” You shrugged with a laugh.

He opened his mouth, but heavy footsteps coming your way turned your attention away from Theo. Stiles was walking towards you, looking pissed.

“Listen here Theo…”

“And here we go again.” You mumbled under your breath.

“I know that you’re hiding something and I might be the only one who sees right through your shitty act…seriously dude, you should take a few acting classes, you’re a terrible liar…” Uh, what? “But if you touch my sister, even if it’s a hand shake…I swear that I’ll shove a mistletoe wrapped up in wolf’s bane up your little werewolf ass! You hear me?”

“Stiles, that’s enough…”

“No, (y/n), if you can’t see that he’s evil, I’ll just have to look out for you!” Then he turned to Theo again “What are you still doing here?”

Theo grabbed his bag and got up, ready to leave.

“No, Theo isn’t going anywhere.” You crossed my arms over your chest.

“He’s right (y/n).” Theo finally spoke “I should go, it’s okay” He assured.


“It’s okay…” He nodded and gave you a small smile.

“You can’t control my friends Stiles. Besides you’re just trying to prove yourself that he’s evil!” You exclaimed while Theo walked towards the exit.

“No, you don’t understand (y/n), he’s shady…” He kept talking but you just blocked him out.

You watched as Theo walked away with his head down. When he walked past the pack, they just pretended he wasn’t there, except for Scott, who gave him a small nod.

It was true that he didn’t want to say anything about himself, you didn’t know anything about him except his name and that he was a werewolf. Could he be evil? Could Stiles actually be right? If he was hiding something, it made sense that he didn’t really talk about himself. Maybe Theo wasn’t even his real name. Hell, maybe the real Theo was dead a long time ago.

You were a little confused when he stopped at the entrance and turned around, making eye contact with you. He smiled and waved and you returned the gesture.

You shook your head, Stiles’ conspiracy theories were clouding your judgement. Of course Theo wasn’t evil, he was too sweet to be evil. He was just a lost kid, who was looking for a place where he could fit in, he was just looking for a pack.

But little did you knew, that you were wrong. But how could you? After all, no one expects an angel to set the world on fire.

TVD finale was BS!!!
  • Oh sure bonnie has been Damon's backbone for the past 3 years while Elena has been being useless in a coffin for that remaining time(and let's be honest even before that because she was always useless, even as a vampire) yet bonnie is left with her story untold and a shitty ending while Elena just wakes up, cuts her hair and runs off into the sunset living happily ever after with Damon...bonnie fought the devil & literally put fire from hell back in hell! She almost died for damon multiple times and those are just 2 examples because there's so much more through the previous seasons as well. Its just sad how they treated bonnie in the show because honestly she's the best character, I mean she MAKES TVD she is TVD, she's amazing!! Elena doesn't deserve Damon because bonnie has been there for him way more. Elena didn't do half the things bonnie did for damon, even before going into a coma or whatever that was...either way I'm pissed about bamon not happening because it would've been an interesting love story and they are meant for each other!! At least Julie plague can't hurt my poor bonnie anymore now that the show is over so I guess that's good...
Wings [Part 8] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - While Taehyung takes you out on a date, it gets worse for him as an unexpected person intervenes both of your night. Later, he finds himself completely smitten with you when you begin talking about something - or someone - whom he never expected to hear of.

All of this: you being fairly open with him, being yourself, and just being care-free, just made Taehyung want to know you more. He was desperate to know more; He needed to know more. He wanted you to completely open up to him but then he felt that if he ever did get you to do so, you’d expect the same from him, which he believed you weren’t ready for, yet.

‘Yes. You know, those old fairy tales that speak about Werewolves, Vampires, and possibly-’

'Fallen Angels?’ You interrupted him.

Prologue ; Pt 7

You were still fazed by the fact that you were sitting in a car which you assumed could never be bought unless you were a millionaire.

And you concluded Taehyung was one.

You were currently on your way with Taehyung to who knows where in his Rolls Royce. You remembered gasping and almost telling him to stop joking around and take you to his real car. Apparently, this was his real car.

Fate had you twisted for the first time in the entirety of your twenty-three years of living. Sitting in a car with another man, which you should daresay was the first guy you were going on a date with, you didn’t know if to scream or jump out of the car. Either way, you were just absolutely awe struck.

Having a very introverted life had it’s own perks, really. But it got you hell bent on desperately finding someone 'special’ as well. It was an everyday thing these days - to have an internal (and very feral) melee with yourself.

You decided to just take it all in, gulp it down, digest it and then either be constipated with its memory or completely get rid of it and stay away from him. Although you’d rather not do the latter.

You turned your head to look at him and there it was again, the same sadness in his gaze and a heavy melancholy aura around him; the same you’d noticed the first time you saw him. The more your gaze dwelt in it, the more you felt burdened by it. It was like a thousand pounds weighing bag resting on your shoulders.

Did something happen?

Taehyung almost screeched the car into a halt as he heard your voice in his head. Instantly his face changed, making you double check. You blinked your eyes rapidly, deciding it was just a trick of the eye before looking away.

He smiled finally, and his thoughts wandered off to you.

You eyed your dark denim jeans and the baby blue sweater you wore, before your gaze went back to the restaurant that the car was parked in front of. You gulped, looking at Taehyung with an unsure feeling.

'I can’t go in like this Taehyung, it’s not.. well - elegant.’ You whispered, like it was some secret conversation that you didn’t want to be heard by anyone. The car was a shock enough to last for months - a fancy restaurant with an attire that didn’t go in par with the theme - it would scar you for life if you made a fool of yourself.

Taehyung laughed heartily at your thoughts that he heard, his eyes twinkling with mirth as he looked at you, 'Don’t worry about your clothes, Y/N. They’re completely fine. You just have to act elegant, if that’s what you’re aiming for,’ His tone held a playful voice as he spoke, flashing his charming yet cute smile at you. It was easy for him to say - he was dressed in a dark turtle neck with a coat that complimented his hair so well that you thought he had definitely planned his outfit.


'No buts, love.’ He said raising a finger, a smirk playing on his lips, 'I promise to take you out for ice cream to a much livelier place than this if you promise to have dinner with me here,’ He said, and you couldn’t decide if he was helping you or just taking advantage of your situation - not like you were bothered. You would be down for a double date, any day, if it meant spending time with a gorgeous man like him.

'Well.. I guess that’s a deal then,’ You mumbled, looking away, giving enough room for Taehyung to celebrate silently, his cheeks hurting from grinning too much.

'I know I asked you to act elegant, Y/N, but try not to overdo it so much that you’ll look out of place,’ Taehyung whispered, a breathy chuckle leaving his lips as his head leaned towards you, his hand resting on your waist. Your heartbeat thudded in your ears and you felt blood rush to your cheeks at his touch that you were surprised you actually heard him.

Okay, take it down a notch. You glanced at another couple who was walking towards the exit and took in the woman’s posture, and you imitated her.

'There you go,’ He leaned in again and it made your heart flutter in happiness.

Little did you know, you and Taehyung weren’t the only ones in the restaurant.

'Hey, Y/N! Fancy seeing you here,’ Namjoon walked up to you, a napkin hanging from his forearm, his silver hair side swept, with a well tailored suit to address his post in the restaurant staff. You widened your eyes at the new look, surprised with the huge contrast from a mere waiter at the cafe to a more, well-suited waiter in this place.

'Namjoon? Hi! You work here as well?’ You asked, clearly oblivious to the silent battle taking place in the two males’ heads as you conversed with him. Taehyung knew very well of the antics and limits Namjoon would cross, if it meant good for himself.

“What the hell, Namjoon? I know you don’t work here!”

“Oh? That’s cool.” Namjoon sent a coy smirk in Taehyung’s direction while you weren’t looking, the latter having to suppress the urge in him to smack the life out of the other.

'Come, let me take you to your seats.’ He said before letting you and Taehyung follow him; one male in bliss, the other in agony.

The whole dinner would have unmistakably gone smooth if it wasn’t for Namjoon’s constant intervention. Somehow, you seemed too thick to feel that he was interrupting your date and on the other hand, Taehyung was legitimately dying on the inside. He couldn’t wait to get you out of here and take you out for ice cream instead. He felt the regret of not listening to your complaint previously. His patience was wearing quite thing, and he hated it.

'Shall we?’ Taehyung asked, a strained smile forming on his lips as you wiped your mouth with the napkin, your stomach quite satisfied with the meal.

You looked up at him and furrowed your eyebrows, 'Taehyung, are you fine? You look quite unwell,’ You said as you placed a hand on top of his, which was tapping impatiently on the table.

To any other person, he would’ve looked constipated.

'Yes, Y/N. Let’s go get some ice cream, before the shops close. It’s nine already,’ He managed to say, almost gritting his teeth in the end as he noticed Namjoon smirk at him.

“You little shit. Wait till I get my hands on you,” Taehyung glared at him when he got the chance.

'If you say so. Let’s go,’ You stood up, Taehyung following not long after.

The car ride seemed more tensed this time than comfortable. But you didn’t say anything, slightly worried that you might hit a sore spot. Keeping your mouth shut was definitely a boon that wasn’t granted to you when you were born. You had to talk, it was your way of dealing with things. Why, you always talked to your plants when you had the chance. How you managed to remain quite and persevered - with your hand occasionally tapping the door, you would never know.

Somehow you managed to stay still until you reached the ice cream parlor and you literally whipped out of your seat the moment the car stopped. Taehyung noticed and he let out a sigh, silently cursing at himself for making the situation painfully awkward. He got out of the car in his own pace before he saw you eyeing the flavors of ice cream.

You had entered the shop without waiting for Taehyung and pretended to be interested in the flavors displayed in front of you when you felt a tap on your shoulder.

'Y/N, sorry about that rotten ride. Was really awkward wasn’t it? Let’s lighten it up a little,’ He said as he turned you around and flashed you a charming smile before placing two orders and guiding you to a seat by the window.

'So, Y/N. Tell me about yourself. You deem to me as a very mysterious one,’ He said, resting his chin on his palm, leaning forward on his elbow.

'Please, Taehyung. If anyone’s mysterious here, it’s you.’ You chuckled, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

'What do you mean?’ He asked, but you could sense a lean towards humor while he spoke, his lips tugging upwards ever so slightly.

'What I mean is, you seem very, different. And it’s not that 'introverted’ different or 'emo-like’ different. You’re just..’ You trailed off, not knowing what exact term to use to describe him.

'Different,’ he said, completing your unfinished sentence.

'Yeah.. Different,’ You repeated, but just as you attempted to say another word, the waiter brought in your order.

'Thank you,’ You looked up at the waiter and smiled, getting a smile in return.

All of this: you being fairly open with him, being yourself, and just being care-free, just made Taehyung want to know you more. He was desperate to know more; He needed to know more. He wanted you to completely open up to him but then he felt that if he ever did get you to do so, you’d expect the same from him, which he believed you weren’t ready for, yet.

'Y/N, do you believe in mystical creatures?’ Taehyung took a chance, very out of the blue, making you snap your gaze back at him from the starlit sky outside while he dug his spoon into the ice cream.

'Mystical creatures?’ You asked, quirking an eyebrow. Your interest was already stolen away from the sky by the topic.

'Yes. You know, those old fairy tales that speak about Werewolves, Vampires, and possibly-’

'Fallen Angels?’ You interrupted him, making him stop dead in his action of putting the spoon in his mouth. What did you know about Fallen Angels? He was surprised you knew the term at all.

'My mother always used to tell me and Jungkook - my younger brother, stories and facts about Fallen Angels. I even used to behave like I had an imaginary friend who was a Fallen Angel at one point,’ You stopped to laugh, thinking it was as childish as you could possibly get. You remembered one time you were talking to 'her’, when 'she’ had burst out crying before disappearing, never coming back.

But Taehyung; Taehyung was by now utterly and completely in love with you, no doubt. He had not expected so much from his soul mate - a mortal. He felt blessed, so much, in fact he considered touching your hand to make sure it all wasn’t a dream; and it wasn’t.

He found it so hard sometimes to think of anything else when his wife’s death kept repeating itself like a chant, in his head, but now; now he was almost very much sure he could manage to distract himself from such saddening memories.

'What about that friend? What did you call him? Or her?’ He asked, purely out of curiosity.

'I used to call her Min Ji.’

Coincidence or not, that was Taehyung’s wife’s name.

[Part 9 on Thursday]

To the reader [ @taetaengerine ] who requested a Jin x Reader [Prince and Princess! AU] I’m working on it and the reader [@theb-tchyidol] who requested for a Taehyung x Reader imagine, I’ll be starting right after I’m done with the previous one. Thank you for reading my work <3

Alison: Haley is named after Gia’s mom. Sometimes she call’s her name and just wants to cry, sometimes of happiness, other times of sadness. Gia will also look at her and just think at how proud her mom would be. Either way it would be totally worth it.

Selena: Why the hell am I getting so deep into this. I don’t even know if its a girl. I don’t know, I just feel that its a boy. 

SPN’s closeness to Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet sequences in seasonal form is kind of awesome.

I’ve mentioned before that SPN basically acts like an extremely long movie and this is what I meant. Part of film theory is applying a certain lens to a work to view it from that perspective. It’s kind of amazing how well Supernatural adheres to Blake Snyder’s structural beat sheet if you view it through that lens. It’s almost hilarious at times. 

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Did u see what Lauren responded on twitter about muting camren, Camila, camz,Mila and other words. Alot of camren shippers are done with this ship and I'm sad 😥

Yes I saw and I’m honestly not bothered by it. At first I was like really again but it made sense to do it now that she’s “in a relationship” with ty. For those who are sad I get it but think for a second. Why would Lauren respond to a account that was not tagging her so how the hell did she see it. Oh right because she was told to like the scenario from laucyisoverparty and Lauren responded to an account( again that was not tagging her so how would she see it) and shut down camren. Now management did it again. Now it could have been management responding and not Lauren but either way it doesn’t matter cause its orchestrated by management anyway. Sadly some people are easy to be fooled but actually not some cause about 90% of the camren fandom believe this bullshit but oh well

When I See You Again - Winter Soldier X Reader - Amnesia

Originally posted by wtvr-believe-in-pink

Warnings; Memory loss, hospitals, pain

Pairings: Bucky X Reader, Sam X Reader (Platonic), Steve X Reader (Platonic)

Word COunt: 2592

(A/N) THis takes place right after - Who Am I?


Reader’s POV

“Please save Bucky.”

Those were the last words you had said before your vision went dark and your body grew cold. Was this really how your story would end? You had left the safety of your universe only to die in this one. You feel yourself pulled into a dream and looking around see a familiar blue house standing before you.

Your heart clenches as you realize what you were looking at. It was your childhood home. The last place you had truly been happy. You stare at the house as tears fall from your eyes. You hear a door open and looking forward see your mother’s smiling face looking back at you. “Mom?” You say half in shock and excitement. Her smile grows as she opens her arms to you. You start to run toward her when a hand grabs your shoulder and holds you back.

You turn to see who the hand belonged to and your eyes widen as you see Steve standing there next to you his eyes filled with sadness. “Steve?” You say staring at him in shock. “You shouldn’t be here you’re not dead.”

He nods as he says, “No I’m not but that doesn’t mean you should be dead either.”

You raise an eyebrow as you say, “What do you mean? I knew this was how it was going to end up from the beginning. I wasn’t meant to be in your universe so the universe remedied that.”

He looks past you to your old house and says, “Either way you can’t go over there.”

You fold your hands over your chest and say, “And why the hell not Mr. Rogers?”

His eyes fill with sadness as he says, “Do you really want to leave Bucky behind? You know better than anyone that he now remembers everything.”

Bucky, you had been so caught up in seeing your family again that you had forgotten the reason you were standing there in the first place. “He doesn’t need me around to confuse him. It’s better if I just let fate takes its course and go over there with my mother.”

Steve rolls his eyes as he says, “You know that’s a lie.”

“You know you’re a lot more annoying than the real Steve.”

“Of course, I’m not really Steve; I’m just the part of your subconscious that wants to live.”

“So basically I’m having an argument with myself right now.”

“Pretty much.”

“You know they have pills for stuff like this.”

“It’s only crazy if your other self, being me, is right. Which I am.”

You let out a groan as you turn back to face your mom she was now playing in the yard with a younger version of yourself. You smile as you say, “I miss her so much.”

“I know you do, but she wouldn’t want you to give up.”

“I know. She would be angry with me just for thinking about it.” Your eyes are drawn back to the front door where you see your father emerge holding a tray of drinks. His dark grey eyes found yours causing your heart to clench even tighter as tears fill your eyes. “It would be so much easier to just walk over to them and let go.” You feel his hand grabs yours and you look up into his blue eyes and turning toward him wrap your arms around him. This version might just be a figment of your imagination but he was right. You feel his arms reach around your body and he gently starts patting your back.

“Hello Deary,” You hear another voice say and you pull away from Steve and turn to see Genie standing a few feet away munching on an apple.

“Are you another part of my subconscious?” You ask tilting your head.

“Um no, I’m the real thing actually.”

“Why are you here then?”

He smiles slyly as he says, “Well your knight with the shiny metal arm made a wish and I’m here to make sure it comes true.”

“Bucky? What did he do?”

“Oh not much just wished for me to save your life.”

Your heart lifts as you say, “He did?”

Genie nods as he says, “But of course, little does he know the man does love you. Too bad all magic comes with a price and he might wish he didn’t have to pay this one.”

You tilt your head but before you are able to ask him anything he disappears. “What do you think he meant?” You ask Steve but he just shrugs as he says, “It’s time to wake up.”

You start to hear the faint sound of someone’s voice and you open your eyes to see a woman standing next to you a needle in her hands and you freak out.

“Who are you? What are you doing?” You yell out as look around completely confused about where you were and why you were even there.

“Ma'am I’m gonna need you to calm down. You were in an accident you were shot.” Jumping up from the hospital bed you feel an intense pain but you didn’t care as the adrenaline starts to course through your veins. You jerk the IV from your arm as you bolt from the room and down the hall looking for anything or anyone that could help you. “Officer’s stop her!” You hear the female nurse yell out and you look to see two police officers come out of nowhere and attempt to grab you. You quickly dodge them as you quickly try for the door.

All the sudden you round a corner and bump into what felt like a brick wall. Suddenly there are arms grasping yours holding you there. Panicking you thrash around trying to free yourself from this persons grasp. “Let me go!” you scream out.

“______, Calm down!” You hear a male voice say and you look up to see a pair of deep blue eyes looking back and you and narrowing your eyes in confusion say, “How do you know my name? Who are you?”

He stares at you wide eyed as he says, “It’s me Bucky, you don’t remember me?”

You shake your head as you say, “I’ve never seen you in my life.” He instantly releases you and you stare at him in confusion. Your eyes drop down to his arm and a memory flashes through your mind of a man with a metal arm grabbing you by the throat and your eyes widen in panic as you slowly start to back away from him. Before he can say anything you turn and bolt back down the hallway only to run straight into the cops from before. They quickly grab you and pinning your arms behind your back say, “Calm down miss.”

All the sudden you feel something take over and you knee one of the officers in the groin as you punch the other one in the throat. As they fall to the ground you stare at them for a moment before looking at your hands in shock. “______!?” You hear a man’s voice say and you look up to see an African American man walking toward you with worry on his face. “Are you okay?” He says when he nears you. It took you a moment but suddenly it clicked who he was. “Sam?” You ask and he nods as he says, “What happened?” You instantly run over to him and throwing your arms around him say, “What happened I can’t remember anything?”

He gently pats your back as he says, “It’s okay,”

“Where’s Steve?” You ask and you look up him as he says, “He’s fine, he’s here in the hospital getting the help he needs. How did you get here I thought you went down on the Helicarrier?”

You tilt your head as you say, “Helicarrier? I wasn’t on a Helicarrier, was I?”

He nods as he says, “Yeah you and Steve were.”

You reach up and grabbing your head say, “I can’t remember anything. Did I hurt Steve?”

He shakes his head as he turn to the officers and says, “It’s okay Officers I got her, she’s a friend of mine.” You glance back to see the officers look at the two of you with anger in their eyes.

“I’m sorry.” They roll their eyes as they walk away.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” You hear Sam say and you nod as you say, “Just a little shaken up. Can I see Steve?” He nods as he wraps his arms around your shoulders and starts to lead you down the hall. Little did you know Bucky had been watching the whole scene and it had crushed him.

When you reach Steve’s hospital room you see him lying on the bed and your heart drops. “Steve!” You cry out as you run over to the side of the bed and start checking his body for injuries.

“He was shot in the stomach other than that let’s just say he got beat up pretty bad. I’m not sure how he got out of that Helicarrier either.”

You kneel down beside your friends resting body and you sigh as you say, “Why can’t I remember anything? I feel like I’ve forgotten something really important.” You grab Steve’s hand and sigh as you say, “At least your okay.”

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” You hear Sam say and you nod. He reaches into a bag and pulls out a Air force T-shirt along with a pair of gym sweats and handing them to you says, “I brought these for Steve but I can always go get him more.”

You smile as you say, “Thank you Sam.”

“Okay well I’ll be out here.” You chuckle as you nod and walking to the bathroom start changing your clothes.

You glance in the mirror and suddenly see the wound on your back along with the one on your shoulder. You walk over to the mirror and upon more examination find bruises in the shape of a hand wrapped around your neck. You reach up and gently grazing the bruise feel your mind go back to when it happened and you see the man from before holding you up in the air his eyes staring at you coldly. You felt your body shudder. Why had he come to the hospital? How had he known your name and why did he act like he was genuinely worried about you? You shook your head as you push the thoughts out of you mind. All it did was make your head throb. After you put on the clothes Sam had given you, you look into the mirror again and chuckle as they were extremely baggy on you.

When you came out of the bathroom you walked over to a chair next to Steve’s bed and sitting down stare at your friend. When he woke up and you were sure that he was alright you were going to somehow find that sneaky Genie and make him send you home. A few minutes later Sam turns on his IPod and you hear Marvin Gaye’s “Trouble Man” start to play and you smile. “On your left.” You hear Steve say and your heart jumps.

“Steve?” You ask as you walk over to him bed only to have him stare at you in shock.

“_____? I though you were dead?”

You smile as you say, “No, I’m not dead. As a matter of fact I’m just fine. How do you feel?”

He lets out a sigh as he says, “Sore, how did I get here?”

“We found you on the bank of the Potomac.” Sam says as he walks over to the other side of the hospital bed.

“How did I get there? The last thing I remember was drowning.”

Sam shrugs as he says, “No idea.”

Steve turns toward you and says, “How did you get here?”

You shrug your shoulders as you say, “No idea, I just woke up and was here.” You pause momentarily before continuing, “Steve, I don’t remember anything about the last couple of days. Not since your apartment.”

Eyes widening he sits up a little too quickly and grabbing his stomach says, “What about Bucky?”

You tilt your head as you say, “Who’s Bucky?” The two men stare at you and you raise an eyebrow as you say, “What? Who is he?”

“You were in love with him,” You hear Steve say and you tilt your head as you say, “I think I’d remember someone if I was in love with him.”

“Apparently you don’t though.”

You throw your hands up as you say, “Well then who is this Bucky person and why is it I can’t remember him and just him?”

Steve shrugs his shoulders as he says, “I’m not sure.”

You sigh as you sit down on this hospital bed and wrapping your arms around him say, “I’m just glad you’re okay.”

“I’m gonna go get your discharge papers so we can get out of here before they realize who you are.” Sam says as he turns and quickly makes his way out of the room leaving you and Steve alone.

After a few minutes Steve pulls away from you and says, “______, you died. I felt you die in my arms, how is it that you aren’t dead?”

You shrug as you say, “I have no clue, all my memories are fuzzy and when I try to think of them they give me the world’s worst migraine.”

“Would you like me to fill in what I can?”

You shake your head as you say, “I guess whatever I forgot, I wanted to forget. Maybe it was just so painful that I couldn’t help but forget it. At least that’s usually what happens when people lose only certain memories.” He nods as he reaches over and presses the button to prop his bed up. “Steve, can you tell me about Bucky? Maybe if you do I can remember something.”

He nods as he leans back against the now propped up bed. “Bucky was my best friend, most people know him by James Buchannan Barnes.”

You sit there while Steve goes on about Bucky hoping that it would help you remember something but nothing comes to mind until he says, “When he fell from the train, Hydra found him replaced his lost arm with a metal one and turned him into a master assassin.”

“Wait! Hold up! You mean the guy with the metal arm is Bucky?”

He raises an eyebrow as he says, “Yeah? Why what do you remember?”

You shake your head and standing up say, “He was here, he called my name but I couldn’t remember him. The only thing I remembered was the feeling of his hand wrapped around my throat. I freaked out and ran from him.” Then it hits you, “He must have been the one to bring me here and also the one who pulled you from the water. I have to find him and find out what happened.”

“_____, you’re not in the shape to go on a manhunt. Wait for me then we’ll look for him together okay?”

You gulp down a breath of air as you say, “Fine but you better hurry your ass up and heal cause come hell or high water I’m gonna find him and find out why I lost my memories, and then-”

“And then what?”

“And then I’m going to go back home, where I belong.”


Will Continue in - Voices -

anonymous asked:

This a silly question but as an Olicity and Westallen shipper I'm curious to know what made you start shipping them and even sillier, when was the moment you felt that both were endgame?

Oh this is not a silly question at all anon IMO I’d be happy to explain why I love my ships! I love talking about Olicity and WestAllen ^__^


I have LOVED their interaction since 1x03. Felicity was so adorable and awkward chewing on her pen then along comes the handsome yet badass powerhouse Oliver Queen in all his damn glory with a broken laptop and they just clicked in their scenes together. From that point on I couldn’t wait for more scenes between them. The episode that really made me start shipping them was 1x12 where Felicity asked if she could trust Oliver and then showed him the list of names she’d been working on for his stepfather Walter. I just loved it because it was the first emotional but light scene they did together; Oliver sitting at the window watching the rain and then Felicity walks by the window :) THE MOMENT WHERE HE TELLS HER SHE CAN TALK TO HIM ABOUT HER DAY AND WHEN HE WISHED HER “HAPPY HANUKKAH” AFTER TELLING HER SHE WAS “REMARKABLE”!!!!!!!! Then of course I loved the episode where Felicity finally learns Oliver’s secret and has to help Diggle save him after being shot by his mother [that beginning scene where he was in her car was hilarious LOL]. AND DO I EVEN NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE SEXY SALMON LADDER MOMENTS BETWEEN THESE TWO WHERE FELICITY IS JUST DISTRACTED BY OLIVER’S ABS?!?!?

Some of my favorite Olicity moments came in 1x21 where Felicity went undercover as a card-sharp and then in 1x22 where Oliver, Felicity and Diggle got to play Mission Impossible at Merlyn Global because those episodes really highlighted how incredibly sexy Stephen and Emily could be with each other onscreen, especially when Felicity swung from the rafters in Oliver’s arms *SQUEEE* I just thought they were so hot in that moment. I also liked their development in season 2, their arc together was just awesome. The premiere episode where Oliver saves Felicity from a landmine and winds up ON TOP OF HER SHIRTLESS [it was like they were having sex!!]! 2x07 stands out as being one of my favorite episodes where Oliver saves Felicity because not only did we get some fantastic emotional moments between those two [and it was the first time Oliver realized he had feelings for Felicity] but THE EYE SEX OMFG EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN TIME!! All Stephen has to do is look at Emily and I turn into a friggin puddle. I wish a man would look at me as intensely affectionate as the way Oliver looks at Felicity. I swear to god it almost makes me want to ship the actors themselves lol!

Other favorite Olicity moments includes the Barry Allen episodes 2x08 and 2x09 because I just loved how friggin hubby and wifey Oliver and Felicity were with each other; actually those episodes were my favorite of that season! THE EPISODE WHERE HE TELLS HER SHE IS HIS GIRL AFTER SHE GETS SHOT AND CUPS HER FACES WITH HIS HAND!!!!!!! And I also loved 2x21 the Olicity/Diggle scene was so emotional and well acted by all three actors. Loved the way it seemed like Stephen was going to turn to kiss Emily’s Felicity goodbye based on how they were looking at each other ugh! The car accident where Oliver carries Felicity in his arms, the clock tower scene where Felicity tells Oliver she believes in him and they embrace like lovers and how could I forget the moment he tells her he loves her for the first time?!?! I squealed like an idiot when that happened and wanted them to kiss soooooooo bad! Luckily we got that kiss in 3x01 which was Olicity heaven until the sad ending of course :(

Overall what makes me ship them is obviously the friggin AWESOME AND EXPLOSIVE chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. They are so friggin HOT together, its like sex whatever they do together onscreen! I don’t know what it is they just gel maybe part of it comes from [dare I say] the Canadian vibe?? Either way its sexy as hell and its just killing me that Oliver and Felicity STILL aren’t officially a couple T__T Forgot to add the best part DIGGLE SHIPS OLICITY BIG TIME AND ITS ADORABLY HILARIOUS!!!!!!


What can I say about this precious gem of a pairing?! I knew about their comic canon Epic love story before the show aired but I fell in love these two since they came out of the gate in the pilot episode. They were just adorable and hilarious teasing each other, looking at each other like a happily married couple. The moment that made me ship them like crazy was their reunion scene at Jitters after Barry woke up from his coma. It was just so beautiful the way she runs and jumps into his arms like lovers who’d been tragically separated. So well acted by Grant and Candice, I literally felt their connection throughout that episode. Then their dynamic just got cuter and cuter as the episodes went on. And even though Iris is dating that bum Eddie, the entire time SHE AND BARRY ARE MAKING LOVELY HEART EYES AT EACH OTHER WHICH JUST MAKES MY SHIPPER HEART GO CRAZY!!!!!!

1x04 despite Felicity’s visit this was actually a really sweet episode for WestAllen and surprisingly Olicity. I think this is where I noticed that Iris actually has hidden feelings for Barry the way she kept encouraging him to go for Felicity. And I die happily inside EVERY TIME SHE TELLS HIM WHAT AN AMAZING PERSON HE IS AND THAT SHE THINKS HE’S AN ADORABLE NERD!!!!! It’s like girl wake up he’s your true love LOL! It’s almost maddening that she doesn’t realize how much Barry adores her and worships the ground she walks on!! Don’t even get me started on the sex-without-contact scene on the roof in 1x05 OMFG this was the very first time we got a glimpse to how sexy and passionate Grant and Candice could be together and it was sizzling hot!! It was like an early peek at whats ahead for this ship and all I could do scream with excitement. Their emotional scenes [like the breakup] were also incredibly moving to watch, I had tears in my eyes when Iris cried over Barry at the end :(( It also helps that like Stephen and Emily, Grant Gustin and Candice Patton are also blessed with DYNAMITE chemistry its magical whatever they do and its all in the ENDLESS EYE SEX AND CONSTANT FLIRTING!!!!!!

As the episodes go on WestAllen just keeps stealing my heart, like when Barry ran faster than the speed of sound to save Iris from Tony in 1x06, how hubby and wifey they were with each other in 1x07; when Iris gave stressed out Barry a neck rub, they both got upset over Barry’s mug getting smashed by Joe and when Barry ran to the police station to check on her after getting his powers back UGH! Their meetings as Iris and The Flash are also friggin hot because there’s no awkwardness between them like “the friend zone” holding back the obvious sparks between them. IMO its only a matter of time before Iris closes the door on Eddie for good which I’m looking forward to ^__^ I’m also extremely thrilled that JOE SHIPS WESTALLEN!! And then of course the EXCITING FLARROW EVENT!!!!!!!! Ugh the magic of Olicity and WestAllen together in not one but TWO scenes; the first one where Iris got “Queen’d” by Oliver made me friggin laugh my a** off LOL!!!! Especially when she told the obviously jealous Barry about her 3-list [a list of guys to cheat on Eddie with which Oliver was on] lmao!! 

I was absolutely devastated by WestAllen’s second breakup [AND THEY AREN’T EVEN TOGETHER!!] but honestly I’m looking forward to the angst. They need to come into their own individually before they can ever be together WHICH I CAN’T WAIT FOR but like Olicity they are on slowburn and obviously they will eventually become my second ship of pain T__T I’M ALSO DYING FOR IRIS TO LEARN BOTH OF BARRY’S SECRETS UGH TUESDAY CAN’T COME ANY SOONER!! 

 And finally you asked why I think Olicity and WestAllen are Arrow and The Flash’s planned endgames? Well aside from WestAllen’s over 40 years of DC comic book canon royalty and Olicity’s fan favorite status [and the chemistry between all the actors] I believe wholly they’re indeed endgame based on what I’ve seen so far on both shows. HOWEVER…

…I think the moment the show creators highlighted both these couples in one scene within their BIGGEST episode EVER which was the FLARROW Crossover Event, that pretty much solidified to me that the writers plan on both an Olicity and WestAllen happily ever after ^__^