either way i made a template

Want to get your own 707 Nendoroid?

Since as of now I have no intention to make another, Ill just give tips to those dying to get one of their own.

I used Nendoroid 555

and I only painted his eys to look like seven’s

the blushing face is perfect for Seven too, but I didn’t get around to painting that.

I got this nendoroid when it was on offer. Was never intending to make a seven, but seeing the potential I couldn’t pass it up. Anyway other than the eyes I also painted the jacket and shoes. left the hair alone because it was kind of red and I was not confidant that i can do a better job painting them. 

glasses were from Hanayo (nendoroid 559) I actually messed up and had to cut the lens off the glasses T^T Hope it works out better for others.

the way of attachment is by gluing extended strip of packaging plastic on either sides of the glasses and sticking that to the hair ^^

Oh hes so cute! ….

like this..

As fore the chips and drink, i made printouts. unfortunately I cannot share the template to make the boxes because i made that one by hand  

good luck with making your own Seven Meow!!

Jeresa + I love you (aka what should have happened in 2.12)

They’re aiming at each other. Black barreled weapons wrapped in the yellow glow of the trucks headlights. They were only a few paces away from each other.  An easy shot.  Yet, neither made the effort to squeeze the trigger because no matter how loud the voice in the back of their mind screamed that the person they were staring at was a traitor, they couldn’t ignore the whisper of their heart that reminded them how much they cared about each other.

James lowered his weapon first, seemingly unfazed when Teresa didn’t immediately do the same. “Where is she?”

“Who?” Teresa’s unsteady breathing caused the weapon to shake subtly.

“Don’t play games with me. Where is she?”

Who? It took a few seconds for Teresa to piece everything together. “Camila?”

Her feigned confusion was beginning to frustrate him. Instead of resorting to his usual method of gaining a confession from a foe- pummeling them to a pulp until they sang like a bird- he settled on reprimanding her for her lack of loyalty, “She trusted you. I trusted you.”

“Is that why you sent men to my house to kill me, because of trust?”

He neither confirmed nor denied her accusation, “Where is Camila?”

“If I had her, I would have traded her.”

“Maybe you killed her.” The words slipped out easily, almost automatically. Like he’d simply selected from a list of templates he used during situations like these, but the look of disbelief that coated her eyes as she ingested his statement made James wish he’d never uttered those words.

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anonymous asked:

How are you screenshots so pretty and clear??

firstly, DO NOT USE THE L+R BUTTONS!! they don’t give good quality pictures. instead, use miiverse and a little editing in photoshop! :)
here is a pretty long and detailed guide by yours truly:

1. press the home button when you want to take a screenshot of the current screen

2.press the miiverse icon!



5. select either the top screen or bottom screen! 
mandatory text >:(

6. go to www.miiverse.nintendo.net and login. 

7. go to “Activity” to see all your images

8. i selected this image as my demo! copy the image!!

9. open photoshop and paste it on a new file. (i made a preset template with filters)

10. go to Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen

11. these are my settings: 

12. press OK and then press Ctrl / Command + F to sharpen again.

13. VOILA! the photo is a little more clearer. you can sharpen it even more, but don’t overdo it! a little goes a long way :)


top: unsharpened / with filters
bottom: sharpened twice / with filters

wowie i apologize for this insanely long post, but i hope this helped!! looking forward to seeing awesome pictures from everyone :D also, don’t be afraid to experiment with your screenshots!!

"I'm going to a tegan and sara concert soon and I wanna hook up/get someone's number when I'm there, because when else am I going to be in a room with so many sexually charged lesbians?? But I don't know how to hit on girls at a concert, please help"

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

If I were in this situation, I would 100% start the conversation with, “so… I assume we both date girls?” Because if you do that, one of two things will happen. 

(1) It will be a girl who does not date girls and she will laugh really loudly and say “omg literally everyone thinks I am a lesbian, I JUST LOVE GOOD MUSIC YOU GUYS”

(2) It will be a girl who DOES date girls and she laugh really loudly and say “YOU ARE CORRECT LET’S MAKE OUT”

Maybe she won’t immediately suggest the make out, but YOU NEVER KNOW. 

I also suggest making eyes at people. If you make eye contact with a stranger at a concert more than one time, that means they are interested in the way that you look - or they recognize you from tumblr - EITHER WAY, they want to talk to you. So just walk up and say “So, I noticed that you noticed that I noticed that we were looking at each other” … it is confusing but it’ll work. 

Another tip, I never flirt. I blame flirting on other people. So..I have literally said, “Are you flirting with me?” to someone who I wanted to flirt with…

Good luck with my advice???

Kristin Says:

Listen. I have a brilliant plan.

Make a t-shirt for the show that reads:

I’m not good at flirting. Help?

Wear it to the show.
Boom, done.

Here, I made you a template:

anonymous asked:

Have you made an angel blade? I want to make one but I need a template and directions cuz I suck at crafts

I haven’t tried making any other prop besides the First Blade yet, so I don’t think I’ll be much help in that area. Sorry! (^_^;)

But there’s several ways you can approach it. You can either try to make one out of metal (I’ve seen people use aluminum), sculpt one and/or make a resin cast, carve it out of wood, or try to put a plastic one together.

Here’s a link to a scaling chart someone made. It’ll definitely help! I did a quick Google search and someone made this tutorial for a quick and easy angel blade.