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Tarot Blogging What I Wish I Knew

Running a Tarot blog is such an interesting and rewarding experience. It can be used as a wonderful creative outlet where you can freely express yourself, meet like-minded people, grow and learn throughout your Tarot journey. Are you apprehensive about starting a Tarot blog or feeling a bit discouraged with your current one? Here are some things I wish I knew before starting my Tarot blog.

Dare To Be Different

I cannot stress the idea of daring to be different. When I first started my blog, I was met with many harsh comments and mean messages from other bloggers who wanted my blog gone. I was constantly told that the combination of tarot and prose was such a stupid idea and that they were tired of seeing my content in the tags. I blogged for myself for so long. I did my best to continue on my journey of blogging despite the discouragement I had and it was the best decision I have ever made.

Trust Yourself

You are going to grow and learn a lot about yourself as you blog and use Tarot. It is okay to step away from what others consider universal practices and challenge what you read or have been told. Your divination journey is yours and it is all about trial and error. There will be some people who may disagree with you, your practices and your process but that is perfectly okay. Do what feels right and trust yourself.

DeckLust Is Real

When you are a Tarot blogger, you will come across many beautiful Tarot and oracle decks that you may lust and love over. I wish I would have known how much my deck collection would grow being a Tarot blogger but I was not prepared. Make a #DeckLust wishlist to keep track of your deck wants. It has helped me so much.

The Follower Game

You won’t obtain thousands of followers overnight. It takes time for people to learn who you are, what you are about and if your blog and content is one they would like to follow. When I first started blogging it was difficult trying not to dictate the value of my blog and my content by the number of followers I had. I learned early on that my follower count shouldn’t be my driving factor of content creation and expression or I would be blogging for all the wrong reasons.

Mass Appeal

You cannot appeal to every single person that comes across your blog. You shouldn’t want to either. There are going to be people who like your content, and those who do not. Accepting that is the hard part. Embrace that you are wonderful just the way you are and focus on those who enjoy your content rather than those who do not.

Original Content

Creating original content is hard work. I spend hours upon hours writing, rewriting, revising, taking photos and photo editing before my content is ready to be posted. I love sharing my thoughts and unique flare in regards to Tarot and divination. Although creating original content can be difficult, I find it the most rewarding.

Social Media Is Your Friend

Social media has been my greatest asset in helping my blog grow. Utilizing social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter helps me to curate my original content and share my blog posts so those who are active on those platforms can find and view my content and hopefully share it.

Set A Schedule

Having a blogging and post schedule helps take a lot of the guess work from blogging. In the beginning, blogging can be a bit overwhelming but if you create a schedule that allows you to queue posts and curated content, you have more time to do other things like interacting with others.

The “Need” For A Shop

Running a shop to accompany your blog is serious business. You do not need to sell Tarot readings or divination services if you aren’t comfortable doing so. You do not need to open an online shop to accompany your blog to be considered a “real” Tarot reader. You do not need to open a shop to “prove yourself”. You are still a legitimate Tarot reader and blogger without it. Do not feel pressured to start selling readings if you are still trying to figure out your own Tarot journey.

Tarot Burnout

It is okay to take a break from your blog and put the Tarot decks away and take care of yourself. I wish I would have taken my own advice looking back. I was always on ‘go’ so to speak in the beginning and put my health and needs last.

Community Events And Divination Challenges

When I first started my Tarot blog I felt so alone. I didn’t really know many people. I strived to interact with others in the community the best way that I could. I started participating in tarot community events like Tinychat hangouts, rabb.it rooms, discord servers, and divination challenges hosted by my favorite bloggers. I’ve also joined Tarot Facebook groups, google hangouts and webinars about Tarot. This helped me meet lots of new people. Networking is so important.  If you are interested in weekly community events, I host some twice a week. More information HERE.

Making Friends And Losing Friends

You are going to meet some incredible and life long friends on your blogging journey. Once I started interacting with other bloggers on a regular basis, I began to form positive friendships that I could talk to about Tarot, divination and other blogging things. These people have helped me so much in my life and I owe it all to the wonderful Tarot and Divination communities of social media for bringing us together. Another sad truth I  wish I knew was that some friendships just don’t last. Whether it’s growing apart, having different interests, no longer liking one another anymore,  or one person being jealous over the other, etc. some friendships have the potential to be long lasting, others do not.

Legal Issues And Copyright

My first year as a Tarot blogger, there was a community-wide issue with legal uses of Tarot deck images and cards. This put a lot of bloggers in a sort of limbo, unsure if they could continue blogging, myself included. It is important to seek out deck and artist permissions for decks before using them on your blog or social media accounts, especially if you want to keep you and your blog safe legally.

Anonymous Bullying And Trolling

It is no secret that I have had my fair share of anonymous bullying and abuse during the life of my blog. My biggest advice is to delete the anonymous hate messages and comments, the trolling messages and block the IPs if you can. I’ve also blocked the drama/gossip blogs. Once I cleared my space from all that noise, I was able to blog peacefully and without fear.

Haters And Constructive Critics

Something I wish I would have known was to take critiques in stride and acknowledge when someone was intentionally being a bully to me. There are going to be people who hold your best interest at heart and want to help better you and hold you accountable for your growth and mistakes and then there are those who want nothing more than to see you discouraged. Knowing the difference is so important.

Safe Spaces And Blog Boundaries

Never feel bad about cleaning up your blog list, unfollowing, blacklisting or blocking someone who jeopardizes your safe space. Also never feel bad about asking your followers or mutual followers to tag things that are troubling and triggering for you. Set boundaries for yourself and your blog. I learned early on that it was impossible for me to try and answer every question that was sent to my inbox or e-mail.  I also knew that I could only devote a certain amount of hours to blogging a week. It is important to set limits within your means to keep your blogging experience enjoyable and safe.

Competition And Comparison

There is no use in trying to compete or compare yourself to another blogger or their blog. As I mentioned above, being uniquely yourself is so much better than trying to be a copy of someone else. Allow yourself to grow and learn and become the kind of Tarot blogger you want to be.

The Fear Of Missing Out

This is something that I still struggle with and it is the fear of missing out. You do not need to purchase every new Tarot deck that is released, buy every new Tarot book, take a new Tarot course or fund every cool independent deck on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to be or stay relevant. You do not need hundreds of decks to be considered valid. You are valid with one deck, no deck, or if all you have is a tarot app.

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Title: Tarot Blogging What I Wish I Knew
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2017
Decks: Rosetta Tarot, Tarot Of Holy Light, Illusori Tarot
Disclaimer: This post in no way, shape, or form intended to tell you how you should approach your tarot blogging journey. The intention of this post is to share some things I wish I had known when I started my Tarot blog. What I find useful may not be useful or of interest to you and vice versa. I encourage you to do what you are comfortable with and to tailor any advice provided henceforth to your specific needs and individual situation. I encourage and open up this conversation to added commentary to supplement this post of any kind.
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Credit goes to @wintermoth​ and @squirrellygirlart​ for making the wonderful gif and graphics

Please visit https://miraculousblackout.tumblr.com/ for more information

Hey guys, this is my official post declaring my participation in the Miraculous Ladybug Blackout, a two-week long protest against the rampant content theft that has occurred since the fandom has grown in the past few years. 

This protest is inclusive to everyone who has shared with us their ideas, their creations, etc etc. but no one is required to participate. It is perfectly all right if you choose not to take part in the blackout but please continue to support the fight against content theft. It’s not just art. Even fanfiction, gifs, etc. get stolen as well. 

Now I won’t be posting any new ML art for the next two weeks, but I do have something for you all that will serve hopefully as an educational but fun piece for you to read. It will be my first multi-chapter fic :)

Without further ado, here is Robbed, Chapter 1 (also found in AO3)


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Originally posted by kimdaily

Pairing: Namjoon/Rapmonster X Y/N

Word Count: 3,280

Genre: Smut, fluff, will probably be some angst, but will always end up with a happy ending because that’s just how I roll.  

Notes: It’s a little known fact that both of my brothers are hardcore rappers. Like, they have mix tapes and go to rap battles and have fans lol. I was attending one of their battles today to show support, when this idea came to me. 

You were a good sister.

You weren’t going to leave before your brother even got to the stage.

You MIGHT get kicked out before then though, you thought to yourself, glaring as another random hand smacked your ass as they walked past you. 

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anonymous asked:

Hello^^ I recently followed you and have found your account really helpful in the small time I've followed I really love it! But besides of that I've recently started to make my own tarot deck and was wondering if you have any advice or tips about this? If not you can delete this ask, it's ok; Have a lovely day/night^^

Hey there! I’m glad you like it, thank you! ^///^

There is actually a masterpost by @thecrackedamethyst​ about making your own tarot deck! Since I have never made one, the tips and stuff I would give are more based on my personal associations with tarot and how I view the cards, not by any personal experience. I can still give you some, but I do suggest looking at their posts too.

Anyway, here are some of my tips for you!

Pick a theme that you want your deck to focus around; or, if not that, a style. And, yes, there’s a difference. For example, The Welcome to Night Vale deck has a theme - all of the cards center around the podcast and characters / events within it; in comparison, the Wild Unknown deck has a style - every card may not be able to fit under one category (animals, nature, etc.), but they are unified by a matching art style and presentation. If you are interested in selling your deck to other people, be wary of copyright, but otherwise, feel free to base your deck around anything you want.

From there, it’s up to you to decide if you want to go with the “standard” tarot format, or alter it a bit. The standard tarot has 78 cards; there is the Major Arcana which contains 22 cards (the Fool being numbered as zero, going all the way to the World at 21), and the Minor Arcana with 56 cards divided into four suits (generally the suits are wands, cups, swords, and coins / pentacles). This is a good place to start for making a deck, because you can find many interpretations of the cards online - you know what they’re supposed to mean, so coming up for a theme or art for them will be easier. 

Creating your own unique cards, while fulfilling, is a bit more daunting a task. You need to figure out what card you want to add, and why. Is it not included in the standard 78 cards, or do you feel there is something that needs more flushing out? From there, you’ll need to come up with what the card represents, and how to interpret it in readings. Then comes the art.

Speaking of art, you should also figure out if you want your deck to contain more symbolism or abstract art. Think of the Rider-Waite tarot - the images on the cards do a fairly decent job at showing what the card itself means; each picture is its own story, that does its best to tell of what the card means and can be looked at as. A deck based more on symbolism won’t need to outright tell exactly what the card means; or, it can, but on a more personal level. This is where you get to experiment and really figure out what each card means to you, and try to find an image or collection of images that can capture that. 

If you went with a theme, like a TV show, you can depict characters and scenes from that theme into the cards; for example, doing an Adventure Time tarot, like I was, I had Finn the Human as the Fool standing on the edge of a cliff, with Jake included as the dog, while BMO held the rose (I tried to incorporate some of the traditional tarot meanings into the cards as well, but that was just me, you don’t need to do that).

It may take some time for you to draw the cards - it is a long and daunting process. Don’t be discouraged! Just keep drawing and coming up with ideas. I feel it is important that you like how your deck looks. I was told it was important that you like your deck’s aesthetic when you buy it, so I feel it is the same when you make it. I think the logic behind this is, it looks good to you, which helps form a personal connection with the cards, which can then make reading them easier and provide a sort of bond.

You don’t necessarily have to use pictures, either! Something I didn’t think of. You don’t need to physically draw anything. You can write poems or use phrases, make collages, painting, embroidery stuff maybe… That weird word art thing where you just write the words in different sizes and fonts to show emphasis and whatnot; I really can’t remember what’s that called and Google doesn’t help me with shit… You get the idea I hope. Anything.

If you are looking to create a deck based around a few key words or phrases, that varies vastly from the standard tarot definitions, creating an oracle deck may not be a bad idea. I was creating a sigil oracle based on quotes from Borderlands 2. 

Uh, so that’s what I can think of, I hope that helps you out a bit!

How to Improve Yandere Simulator

Not a complete list, but some suggestions. It’s a fairly long post, and not well organized at all. Pretty much a lot of ramblings.  Also as a note, I haven’t played the game for a while, so YandereDev might’ve actually fixed some of this stuff.
I’m really interested in the prospect of this game…but it could be better. Seriously.


-Create new original character models, and artwork. This will prevent people from claiming models are stolen, or going after other developers who use the same models for their projects. It seems that he does have artists doing original art for the characters on the site, so that’s good. Plus with assets from other sources, you can’t really sell the game. Vary body types more than just bust size. Make more interesting male characters, especially to make the choice of getting a rival to fall for someone else more appealing.

-Character Appearance. I’d suggest giving them different uniforms. While the seifuku (sailor style) uniform is still used in some high schools, a lot have changed to a more western styled uniform, blazers, long plaid skirts. This could be due to the popularity the sailor fuku has gotten, and could be seen as less professional. Also a lot of schools would not allow students with brightly colored hair. However, I understand that this is a video game so, I guess no change really needs to be done here.

-Clubs. The idea of the clubs is great, but when compared to actual Japanese schools, is a bit unrealistic. During their senior year, most students withdraw from clubs to focus more on preparing for college, and prepare for entrance exams. Though this isn’t all students.

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Hole in the Fence (Coldwave with goats) - 3

Fic: Hole in the Fence (ao3 link) - chapter ¾
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Mick Rory’s life was changed forever by the fire he didn’t escape.

(in which Mick Rory retires, raises goats, and saves the world more than a few times)


“So, did it work?” Mick asks when Len swans in. “I assume since you’re here and not in a secret prison somewhere, it couldn’t have gone that badly.”

“That was a delight,” Len says. He’s beaming like a maniac.

Mick shakes his head in amusement. It’s been a while since he’s seen Len all jumped-up on adrenaline and loving every last second; Len’s heists have tended more towards cautious and controlled recently. This, though, this is classic Len: running on the very edge of danger with a smirk plastered on his face and his heart singing.

It’s good to see.

“So, anyway, I lured him out, no problem,” Len says, throwing himself down on the couch next to Mick, utterly ignoring the papers Mick had been perusing a few minutes earlier. He just did a thing; now he tells Mick about it. It’s a system - their system - and it works. “No, that’s not right; it was a problem. First he didn’t show up to the first time I set something up – the car job thing I told you about –”

“Yes,” Mick says dryly. “I know. You called me right after and complained about it for way too long.”

“Four minutes, twenty seconds!”

“As I said: way too long.”

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anonymous asked:

hi Grey! so i have an idea that i've been slowly developing. it started out as a Warriors AU but as i work on it, it's started to move away from Warriors and further into an original idea. i'm working on a naming system now (gonna make a conlang too) but i'm a bit hesitant b/c i fear if i ever try and publish this down the road, ppl might think it's a copy of Warriors. any words of advice u could give?

Hello, Ruddles! I think I do have some advice for this situation. (It’s going to get long, sorry).

First of all, congratulations on starting your original work! That’s very exciting. Many renowned writers have written in response to preexisting stories–possibly you’re familiar with Tolkien’s frustrations with Macbeth, which surfaces in his writing through Eowyn and the ents! In fact, Tolkien drew on many, many sources of folklore and literature when creating his world and story, so you know you’re in good company.

Which brings me to my first piece of advice: you are in danger of copying if you limit yourself to only one source. No creator creates in a vacuum. Most, if not all, creators are consumers and lovers of other people’s creations, and that’s okay! That’s part of how we weave rich tapestries. Storytelling is always a social act, and sharing and transforming and reworking and re-imagining all ties into that. However, if you take your inspiration from only one source, it’s going to dominate your work. That’s when you hit problems.

The solution is fairly simple: borrow from many places! If you borrow from one place, you’re a hack and a copycat; if you borrow from dozens, you’re just being a normal writer. I’m not suggesting you steal from other works, of course, because that won’t solve your problem and is also a pretty rotten thing to do. What I’m saying is, if you’re feeling your work is too similar to Warriors still and you suspect your readers would also feel that way, that’s a sign that your own reading and creative life needs more fuel! You need to put more into yourself, find more things you love, more passions, more things you really want to write about, more things that make you angry, so that these things–and not just Warriors, Warriors, Warriors–will come through in your writing.

Tolkien spoke of a concept he called “the cauldron of story,” which you can read about in his ‘On Fairy Stories’ essay, and I find the idea deeply useful to think about in this context. The way I see it is that you (and I, and everyone who creates) have a personal cauldron that you fill up with everything–whatever you can get your hands on, whatever you love, whatever you hate–and it boils and boils away until you’re left with the core ideas that really matter to you, the things that fascinate you. It’s a process of distillation, basically, where the first stage is consuming media. The more you put in, the richer the broth will be and the more chance you’ll have of finding the ingredients (for lack of a better word) that you love best.

So if your work is only drawing from Warriors, that’s probably a good time to sit back and do a couple of things. The first thing is ask yourself if you know why you want to write an original work, not a Warriors fanfiction, and try to figure out what is unique about your story. Capitalise on the uniqueness of you, your writing style, your experiences, and your perspective! What can you bring to this story idea that no-one else can? That’s important to keep in mind and might help you find the heart of your story and your personal strengths, which, once recognised, you can use consciously to full effect.

Another thing, especially if you’re concerned that your story is too similar, is to ask if you’ve given yourself enough raw material to have great creative thoughts yet. If you’re feeling starved of fresh ideas, that probably means your cauldron needs more put in it! I’m not sure I believe in “writer’s block,” but I definitely believe that a body needs food in order to function, and our creative brains are no different. Take some time away from writing, fill up your cauldron, let it bubble, and then come back. I imagine you will find there is so much more you want to put into your story, and doing so will really help you build your own discrete idea and style away from Warriors.

(I genuinely believe that one of the best ways to avoid copying another writer too much is to be excited by a plethora of writers, concepts, styles, so on, so that they water each other down into a nice soup in your work, a basic subtle broth upon which you then do your unique thing. I’ve also found that things you don’t like tend to be the most motivating reading material: they’re inspirational, in that I spend the whole time I’m reading going, “This is rubbish, they’re doing it all wrong, I could do better than this… I should write my version,” and inspire myself to act out of sheer exasperation. If you want something done right, and all that).

Telling a story about groups of cats might make people who’re familiar with Warriors see similarities between your work and Erin Hunter’s, especially since you’ve been influenced by the series. This isn’t a disaster, though! People might also associate your work with Tailchaser’s Song or Catwings or The Books of the Named, as well as animal fiction more broadly, such as Watership Down, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and Redwall. You can’t control this association but you also don’t need to worry it too much. “Originality” is a fairly new concept in literature (introduced largely because of copyright and IP infringement laws) and it’s not singular unlike how people make it out to be, because what matters isn’t just the story you’re telling–it’s how you’re telling that story. Originality isn’t one idea that you either do or do not have: it’s created through the enormous compilation of so many “unoriginal” ideas, piled into one story together, words all put together in the way that only you can do. (Stories are original the way people are unique).

An example of what I mean is really clear when you compare Temeraire, Dragonriders of Pern, Eragon, and How To Train Your Dragon (film). These are all texts that are defined by dragon-riding but they each handle the material in their own way. Temeraire is a fantasy twist on history. Dragonriders of Pern is a science fiction twist on fantasy. How To Train Your Dragon is a goofy fantasy coming-of-age story about an outcast’s epiphanic discoveries of self and society, plus also there’s a cute dragon. Eragon is… whatever it is, I honestly don’t know. Point is, they’re all “people ride dragons” stories, but that shared concept doesn’t diminish their individuality. And they haven’t exhausted the concept either: there are so many other dragon-rider stories waiting to be told.

“Boy meets girl” describes millions of stories. “Chosen one saves the world” also describes millions of stories. Nevertheless, Romeo and Juliet remains a beloved classic, and Harry Potter has been an international phenomenon. “Cats live in a community” is the same. As long as you are telling your story, not copying Erin Hunter’s, I can’t imagine you’re going to have trouble when it comes to originality.

I hope this advice-slash-whatever this turned into is helpful to you, Ruddles. Good luck with your writing!

Hot Dogs

Most ideas aren’t that good. They’re not precious flowers sprung from divine inspiration, and unless you’re extremely lucky—or perhaps extremely unlucky—your life is probably not a rich, thrilling tale for the ages, an endless fount of inspiration from which to draw your stories.

If you’re anything like me, or the vast majority of other creators I know, your ideas are more like hot dogs. They’re made by taking a bunch of meaty bits from other things that you love and mashing them all up into a sort of paste which is squeezed through a tube to form what looks like an autonomous idea. A hot dog. How you dress that hot dog up, how you cook it and prepare it, that comes with practice—and undoubtedly some hot dogs are better than others, but let’s not kid ourselves—at the end of the day, most of us, save for the rare, once-in-a-generation geniuses, are making hot dogs.

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What happens when Max, a Superhero of Chicago, is claimed dead. His death was staged by the infamous Ohmwrecker, a well known villain of the area, when he ends up almost kills the man during a fight. Unable to let him die, he goes off the radar with him to be his slave.

[This is a warning in advance: This fic is going to contain very mature content. Warnings ahead contain: Heavy BDSM, torture, boy on boy sex, mentions of rape and drugs, kidnapping, slavery, lot of blood and other themes that may not be suitable for younger audiences. You have been warned. Viewer digression is advised.]


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#40 Summer of 2017 (Harry Styles)

It was the Summer of 2017. Harry and Ember hadn’t seen each other for three years. Ember didn’t plan to see him either. Not after what he had done to her, but what she didn’t know was that Harry had been trying to locate her. He had spent six months, but no one told him about her because Ember had asked them not to. She didn’t want anything to do with the Harry Styles. He had done enough to end everything between them, and she was finally, getting better. But, the commitment which Ember lost, seeped into Harry and he held on to the thread that attached him to her, trying to strengthen it. He just had to find her. But, when he did, he had not planned to… 

Alexa wanted the book. She wanted it desperately, and she had planned to check all the bookstores present in this small town regardless if Harry planned to accompany her or not. They were out with all their friends with all their friends together, and Harry had made fun of her mention in her ex-boyfriend’s book and, she wanted it. 

Harry had no choice, but to follow her. The second option was climbing the mountain and, he had that planned for the next few days. He had all the excursions, limited as they were, spaced out in the time, he was going to spend here. Doing everything in one day would mean boredom for the next days and, he couldn’t afford that. 

It was the fourth bookstore and the last one here, they had checked out that morning, and it was almost 1 pm now. It was a bigger store than the other ones in the town and, extremely pleasing to the eye. They could hear a guitar playing inside and a guy, and a girl singing some an old ABBA song. They entered the store, Alexa, a little jumpy now, while Harry shook his head and followed her. 

The music got louder, as they sung in an empty bookstore. It was obvious since the population of this town was not a lot. He didn’t want to stop them and, he pulled her into looking the book herself until they finished the song. She had a beautiful voice, a voice he remembered which warmed his heart. But, he didn’t want to think about that. All his efforts had gone to hell and were leading nowhere. 

Alexa started smiling finally, but it was because of the song and not the book, “they are pretty good, aren’t they?” she whispered to him, and he nodded. Harry wondered why the girl wasn’t singing anymore when he heard footsteps. 

“Hello, how can I help you?” She asked, and his hand’s stopped. He couldn’t turn. He couldn’t believe it was her voice, and if he turned around and if it wasn’t, he would cry because it was her voice to him. 

“Oh, you guys were singing beautifully! I’m sorry you stopped!” Alexa apologised, and Harry wondered if they should, as customers. 

“Oh, no worries! We only sing on Thursdays, because the owner isn’t here. Friday’s are silent if you plan to sit and read, here. It makes a beautiful place, but it’s singing Thursday today,” She giggled and, Harry knew it was her. He closed his eyes and turned his head to look at her. 

He started with her shoes, she was in flats. Harry knew her like the back of his hand, and his eyes traced up to her legs and that, white dress she was wearing and her hair, black hair, in curls like he remembered, longer than he remembered and, to her lips, her nose, her eyes, it was Ember. His eyes widened to see how she had matured. He body seemed tighter now, fuller even, her lips were a bit plumper and her eyes held the same sparkle they had held in his dreams before they faded away as she saw him. 

In her head, Ember did the same thing. She had seen his pictured online. It was hard not to see him. With his famous haircut and photoshoot and movie debut, he was everywhere. But, her heart beat faster as he stood a few metred away from her. She hadn’t practised her look of seeing him again. She wasn’t prepared to see him again. And he wasn’t either. 

“It’s no problem! You guys are amazing! This town is so small, it’s just lovely hearing some young voices. All we have seen is old or married people everywhere and none our age!” Alexa laughed. Had she forgotten about her book, Harry wondered. His eyes never left her face. He could do so many things now. He had thought about all instances, but none led him to an interaction in a bookstore.

“Ember? Can you handle another Lobo song? I feel it today!” The guy walked up to them, and “oh, oh, umm oh my god. It’s you,” He looked at Harry and, then at Ember. He knew about them. “Hi!” He shook Alexa’s hand. How can I help you?” He smiled, trying to distract her from the way Ember and Harry were staring at each other. “I’ll handle this, why don’t you keep my guitar back?” 

Ember snapped out, and nodded, taking it away from his hand and walking towards the counter. She heard Alexa and Miles interact, as she took deep breaths in. “You’re okay?” Miles came and held her, as she took deep breaths in, trying not to show it on her face and stopping all the tears from coming out. 

“I am okay, I am okay, I am okay. He doesn’t affect me, he doesn’t affect me, he doesn’t affect me.” She chanted as Miles rubbed her shoulders. Harry had not moved from his position. 

“What are you doing there? Come, he said he’s looking for the book!” Alexa pulled him, and he snapped out.  

“Here’s the book, you want to give it?” Miles asked her. Ember nodded, finally controlling herself and giving a big smile, as she took on another role.

“Oh love, we do have the book, but it’s the one in hardcover. The paperback is available too, but we don’t have it,” she apologised to Alexa who stood at the counter. She could feel Harry’s gaze on her, but she completely ignored it. 

Harry was thinking of what he could say. Nothing seemed enough. She wasn’t even looking at him anymore. A ‘hi’ would do? Not after what he did, a ‘hi’ wouldn’t do anything. 

“The hardcover will do! I just really want the book! Searched the entire town for it!” Alexa assured and paid the bill. 

“There you go!” Ember handed the packet to her. Should she anything? No. She had nothing to say. 

“You guys should give me a kiss each as payment!” A voice announced, and all of them turned to look at the door. Percy walked in with packets of food and, Ember and Miles ran to help him. They looked inside the packet, and both kissed his cheek at once. “I wasn’t serious!” Percy wiped his cheeks. Alexa swooned looking at him. He was beautiful, the most handsome man, Alexa had ever seen.

Percy stopped as he took her in. He knew who she was, but she was looking incredibly pretty standing in front of him, “Hello,” He smiled. Ember knew the attraction that instant. She smiled and bit her lip. Harry knew that reaction by Ember. Percy’s eyes shifted to Harry, and he cursed, “Are you okay?” He asked Ember. He knew, too. She nodded. 

“So you guys work and live here in this town?” Alexa asked, looking at Percy. 

“Well, Ember and I work. She is Ember, I am Miles, we love books and singing in bookstores! Percy is too cool to work!” Miles teased. 

“We are on holiday!” Percy casually pointed out. “We are on Uni leave, so we are supposed to be holidaying, but these two just love bookstores and are easily manipulated by old people!” 

“He wanted help! Mr Roland is a very nice man and, he wanted Thursday and Friday morning off, so we volunteered. Percy is too cool to work!” Ember countered as she brought plates for them out. “How long are you guys here?” 

Harry’s heart skipped a beat. She wanted to see them again. She considered him. “Oh, a couple of weeks. We should meet up!” Alexa replied. 

“Oh, umm,” Percy and Miles shut up. They didn’t want Ember to go through what she had. It took a long time to recover her. 

“Definitely!” Ember replied, and they looked at her,, in shock. “Let me give you Percy’s number since, he plans everything and tell him your plans?” 

“That’ll be great!” Alexa nodded, “If you don’t mind,” She looked at Percy and, he immediately shook his head. Harry couldn’t take his eyes off his girl. Was she his anymore? She wasn’t, but maybe she’ll give him a chance to explain. “Thanks! We will see you guys around then! And, thank you for the book!” She held it tightly, “let’s go, Harry!” her voice made him snap out of his thoughts, and he followed her out. 

“They are lovely, aren’t they?” She asked Harry on her way out. “You didn’t say anything!” 

“Yeah, we’ll meet them again and, I will!” He smiled. 

Ember collasped on her chair. She had to build her walls higher. Her ex-boyfriend of four years was back in town. 

Request here for a Part 2?

I am throwing ideas out there and, I’ll write them depending on the response for each! 

Let me know which one you like! Comments?



Through The Viewfinder

A/N: This idea popped into my head today when I saw these really high quality, most likely professional, photos of Dan and Phil at SITC (x), and I thought…shit…I have to write this now. I hope you enjoy it!

Title: Through The Viewfinder.

Genre: Romance/Fluff/AU

Description: Phil, a freelance photographer, is hired by Summer In The City to document the on-stage events, and there’s one guy he keeps spotting through the viewfinder that he can’t stop taking photos of. Dan.

Word Count: 3200 (wow)

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anonymous asked:

Just wanted to ask how it's like to get a tattoo. I'm thinking about getting one and was curious about the process.

Well, it depends all on what you get, where you get it, and who does it.

Here’s a good way to go about getting a tattoo:

0. Be sure you want a tattoo. I mean really sure. Tattoos are permanent for the most part; laser removal is an option, of course, but it’s time consuming and hella expensive. It costs way more to remove a tattoo than to get one. BE SURE.

1. Determine what you want to get before you do anything. Research! Colors, styles, shading, etc. See what other people have gotten, or if you have a design in mind then go with that. If you don’t have a design in mind or have an idea that you can’t draw yourself, work with an artist to make it come to life. Remember: any artist you work with isn’t doing it for free. Tattoo design/creation is a custom job. Work with them to figure out payment. 

1.5. If you find artwork online that you really like, always contact the artist and get permission before you tattoo their work on you. Not only is it the courteous thing to do, but an artist’s work is copyrighted. You need to get their consent before you take their art. To me, getting artwork tattooed on you without permission is stealing. Don’t be that person. Many artists will be thrilled you want their work on you permanently and will probably request pictures when it’s done.

2. You have a design. Huzzah! Now it’s time to find a tattoo artist who will be able to give you exactly what you want. Google tattoo studios/parlors/whatever you call ‘em in your area, read customer reviews, and–most importantly–browse through tattoo artists’ work. Most tattoo places will have artist portfolios on their website. Check those out and choose the artist whose style best fits what you want. Some artists are versatile and can do many styles; others are set in their particular styles and might not be able to accommodate you.

3. You did your research, so now it’s time to set up a consultation with your tattoo artist. Discuss what you want, where you want it, and costs. If it’s a large piece, it may take several sessions. Your artist will be able to determine how many and how much for each. Or, skip 1.5 and work with your tattoo artist to create your tattoo.

5. During this consultation, tell your artist if you have any allergies, medical conditions (particularly blood conditions), or concerns. You may need to bring a doctor’s note to your actual appointment. 

4. Okay, so your tattoo appointment day is finally here! There are some things you should do before you go under the needle:

  • Eat at least 3 hours before your appointment. You might be able to bring a snack in with you (check with your artist).
  • Make sure you’re nice and hydrated. Bring a bottle of water with you.
  • Be 100% stone cold sober. If you have a little liquid courage beforehand, they will NOT tattoo you. Or, well, if the parlor is up to snuff they won’t. Not only is it illegal in most places, but alcohol thins the blood.
  • Don’t drink anything with caffeine before you go in, either. It thins the blood and will make you jittery.
  • If you’re sick, reschedule. Your artist will understand. Not only do they not want what you have, but being sick might prolong your healing time.
  • Make sure you have your ID with you.

5. Talk to your tattoo artist a little beforehand. This will help calm your nerves and make the atmosphere nice and comfortable.

6. Okay, so now you’re in the chair and you’re waiting. At this point, your artist will be getting out their tools. They should be wearing new gloves and they should be opening new tools for you to see. If they aren’t telling you already, ask them what everything is. Have them walk you through the process as they put together the tattoo gun.

7. If you’ve got a thing about needles, you should know that tattoo needles aren’t like the ones used to draw blood at the doctor’s. A tattoo needle isn’t hollow–it’s a long, thin needle (or for shading and coloring, a group of tiny needles) that moves with the help of a motor. Your artist will dip the needle into ink and then penetrate your skin. Only, like, a few millimeters, so don’t worry about the needle hitting anything like veins or tendons. Your skin is a lot thicker and layered than you might think.

8. HOLD STILL. If you need to sneeze or cough or shift, tell your artist so they can lift the needle. If you need to take a break, let your artist know. 

9. If your artist doesn’t talk to you during the procedure, don’t take it personally. Some aren’t chatty Kathies–all their focus is on your tattoo. Don’t force them into a conversation. If they aren’t talkative, just sit back and let them do their job. 

10. Once your tattoo is done and you’re satisfied, your tattoo artist will clean up and wrap your tattoo. There are different schools of thought on wrapping a tattoo. Some will use plastic wrap (mine does) and will have you remove it after a couple of hours, and some will put a sterile bandage on it with tape or some other kind of adhesive. Your artist will tell you how long to keep the bandage on. LISTEN TO THEM. They will also give you instructions about tattoo aftercare. Follow the instructions, okay? Get the supplies (ointment, lotion, soap) the instructions specify and do as you’re told.

11. When you pay for your tattoo (the previously agreed upon price), DON’T FORGET TO TIP YOUR ARTIST. Like most things in life, tipping 20% is a good rule of thumb. If you’re stoked with your tattoo, tip more. Show how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you. MAKE SURE YOU CAN AFFORD TO TIP BEFORE YOU GET A TATTOO. Can’t tip? Don’t tat.

12. Keep an eye on your tattoo to make sure it doesn’t become infected. The first 48 hours after getting your tattoo, the area may be red and raised. That’s completely normal. If your tattoo is very painful after 3 days, becomes severely inflamed, or is giving off detectable heat, go back to your artist and have them take a look.

13. If you’re happy with your tattoo and the service provided, be sure to leave a good review on the tattoo parlor’s Yelp or Facebook page.

I think that’s everything. If I missed something, feel free to chime in! Hope that helps, anon. Good luck if you end up getting a tattoo!

Comic Book Canon

Anon asked: What is your take on this Olicity vs Lauriver and comic book fans debate? Do you think that just because Oliver and Laurel are canon in the comics that they’re meant to be? Do you think comic book fans are being neglected by the writers and Eps?

Oh man. You just hit my hot button issue. Forgive me, but this argument drives me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!!!

The comic books serve as SOURCE MATERIAL. This distinction is important. Source material means the writers can pull whatever stories from the comics and put their own twist on it. It does not mean they need to follow the comics verbatim. The Arrow writers have said MANY times that they aren’t using the comics as a Bible. I think the Green Arrow has been around for like 75 years. There’s just too many fucking stories and variations to keep track of. It’s no different than Joss Whedon using the Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie as source material for S1 of the TV show. They were TWO completely different versions, but yet contained some related material. Same with Vampire Diaries. The writers are using the teen novels as source material. They pull general ideas & characters from the books but are by no means following the books to the letter. In fact, the TV show and books differ vastly.

Let’s talk Lauriver. If we are going to use the comics as the only reason WHY Oliver is going to end with Laurel, I believe it’s a faulty argument. Which comic book variation are we going to use as the bible of Arrow? The one where Oliver is married to Dinah like in old comics or the more recent where he & Dinah are divorced or in the New 52 where they don’t even know each other? You can’t use one without using another variation as an argument against it, so comic book canon is simply a weak argument.

Furthermore, there are multiple characters on Arrow that are not in the comic books. Even characters that are in the comic books have been changed so much they are almost unrecognizable. Both Diggle & Felicity were added to the New 52 series, so they’ll be as much comic book “canon” and Dinah Laurel Lance. Again, which variation do we choose? It’s impossible to know.

This isn’t in your question, but I think it’s worth bringing up. Some of the savvier Lauriver fans cite copyright laws as the reason Laurel & Oliver MUST end up together. Copyright law is extremely complicated, I was in Marketing for years, much too complicated to get into it here. But I’ll just say this - DC Comics is owned by Warner Brothers. If copyright laws, DC Comics & WB demand that The Green Arrow end up with Dinah Laurel Lance, they how come The Green Arrow didn’t marry the Black Canary on Smallville? He married Chloe, a completely made up/non comic book character. At the time Smallville aired, it was owned by Warner Brothers. The Smallville writers would’ve needed permission from the WB same as Arrow. So, if they were allowed to do deviate from the BC Green Arrow storyline, why would Arrow be any different? WB copyright means they have exclusive rights to the DC comics, whereby they can determine permission and usage of said concept. Arrow must get story line approval & character usage approval from the WB & DC Entertainment, which they’ve confirmed they do. However, that doesn’t mean copyright will enforce a certain story line, because again it goes back to the first issue, which is story variation. Which story of the Green Arrow does the copyright enforce? The one where he’s with BC or the one where he isn’t? The good news is - it’s both. So the Arrow writers CAN use a story line where the Green Arrow doesn’t end up with Black Canary.

There’s also an issue on Arrow that the comics don’t face. Laurel Lance on Arrow is an extremely polarizing character - you either love her or hate her. She’s so polarizing that nearly all the marketing materials, press releases, social media etc, either removed Laurel entirely, pushed her to the back (photos) or downplayed her role (episode synopsis, press releases). Any marketing for Arrow either prominently features Team Arrow (Oliver, Diggle, Felicity) or Oliver & Felicity. These sorts of decisions also come from up top. The WB is approving this just as they are approving potential story lines. The WB wants to make money. That’s it’s number one priority. Felicity Smoak and her relationship with Oliver Queen & their popularity make money. They wouldn’t be marketing it that way if they didn’t.

My other issue with the comic book canon argument is that it completely ignores what’s happening on the show. The show’s CANON is what matters most. Had this been S1, maybe we could argue that Laurel & Oliver were endgame. However, there’s been a HUGE shift in the show during S2, which I go into further detail in my Oliver Queen Mansion confessions post.

Finally, and I believe this is most important, Marc G. has stated that the key to writing is to have a good plan and then to know when to throw that plan out. Felicity Smoak was a happy accident. Laurel Lance, for whatever reason, failed to connect the broader audience. It doesn’t mean she’ll be removed from Arrow but I believe the Arrow writers have changed their focus on the character. I also believe Laurel can be the Black Canary and be AWESOME without being romantically involved with Oliver. One is not dependent on the other.

I don’t believe comic book fans are being ignored. The Green Arrow comics are currently airing as a TV show. An extremely popular, lucrative TV show. What more do they want? Arrow is an extremely well written show, with fantastic plot lots, interesting characters, amazing action and real emotional depth. They’ve treated each and every character, whether they are in the comics or not, with respect. Arrow more than honors the comics. If the comic books fans want to see a specific storyline, my suggestion is…go read the comic again. Arrow is a different beast, a different medium and a different audience. If they can’t appreciate it as such, then I suggest they stop watching the show.

Well, since I keep misconveying my opinions on copyright, to the point where I keep coming off as sounding like I don’t want copyright at all (Which is not actually my opinion), I might as well make a post detailing my opinions on what changes I’d want to copyright in plain and simple form.


  • Copyright duration in the US should go back to its pre-1976 duration of 56 years.
    • For clarification’s sake, that would mean that everything up to 1959 as of now would be Public Domain, which I think is pretty fair.
    • An exemption would be made for characters who are major “Mascots” and “Logos” of their companies, to throw a bone corporate entities to keep them from whining, but it would need to be super carefully designed without allowing for loopholes for corporate abuse to take huge swaths of characters out of the public domain because “They’re logos now!” with a key target of we-do-not-want-to-let this-happen being the hoarders of Conan’s trademark despite all the original Howard stories being Public Domain
  • Our orphan works laws should be changed, but mainly against large corporate entities who either hoard works without re-releasing them or cannot use them due to rights tanglery, not via forcing smaller creators to have to register everything like some bad proposals have said.
    • My idea for a nonprofit to buy up such works & cult classics would be a stopgap in the meantime, but I would stress that it would be from corporate rightsholders, not vulture-ing off smaller creators
    • Also, more protection for authors who archive and circulate works that are under copyright but would almost certainly disappear if not for that such archival, such as wildly out of print books or ROMs of games left to rot (Like, as Superbunnyhop mentioned as an example; old Pong roms), or even fan translations of works never brought over to a certain country, though there needs to be a “transition process” when that work gets re-distributed by their rightsholders, or (again) a way for it to go into the Public Domain if that redistribution will never come.
  • More protections for non-profit fanworks, or even money-making works like Let’s Plays that don’t do much in effect to harm the actual licensing of the original work, to avoid stuff like NIntendo’s persecution of all those fangames.
  • Less “law” and more ‘ideology,” but I do wish creators felt freer to release certain elements of their work into the Public Domain. and by elements I mean more akin to beasts or materials or artifacts or multiversal entities or versatile characters rather than works as a whole
    • Not under obligation to mind you, lord knows a lot of creators have very good reasons for the keeping of their stuff closed (The cases of Candle Cover, Slender Man, and Pepe the Frog being key examples), I just wish more would consider that as a viable way to let people play in their sandbox.
  • My examples for this going well would be the way nerd culture has inadvertently done this with Frank Herber’ts Sandworms and Spice or everything in the Cthulhu Mythos.

So yea, not so much “Down with copyright entirely” as “An expansion of the creative and archival commons, keeping copyright more to protect small creators rather than huge corporate behemoths”

Just clarifying, and god do I hope I didn’t say anything stupid…




Marie: Where is the Samulet?
Siobhan!Dean: I took it off. It kept hitting me on the lips
FUN FACT: Jensen didn’t like the amulet because it was heavy, and every time he had a fight scene, it would hit him in the teeth.

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anonymous asked:

This year is the first time I'm old enough to vote in the upcoming federal election. What are some things I need to know before voting?


The election will be JULY 2nd! So time to GET PREPARED!

First off: are you enrolled to vote? If not head on over to the Australian Electoral Commission’s (AEC) website here to enrol online! You can do this at age 16 onward so if you’re under age you can get it over and done with before it even becomes an issue you need to worry about! How convenient!

Second: Research! Who are you aligned with politically? You only get to vote for the senate every 6 years and house of reps every 3 so you need to know who you’re voting for and why! I had a friend who voted #1 preference to The Greens then #2 to One Nation because he thought One Nation sounded like a good name… not realising they were the literal opposite of his political stances! What a dunderhead! He was 18 at the time though so was unprepared.

There are more than 2 parties. There’s the most well known ones Liberal (right wing or conservative) and Labor (centre-left). But then you can go either way in different directions until you get things like The Greens (left wing) or Family First (far right wing) or Liberal Democrats (libertarian). If you’re completely unsure where to begin figuring out which of these parties you agree with or whether or not you even are left wing or right wing but actually very central you can find online political quizzes like this one: 


or this one:


I got kinda different results for these quizzes as they are structured differently but there is a preference for The Greens with Labor then ranking below and Liberals on the bottom. I knew it would be in that order so no surprises there.

(votecompass seems to be slightly out of date as it says the leaders are Abbott, Rudd, and Milne, all of whom have been replaced). Vote Compass also seems to be handier in mapping if you’re right/left on social vs economic issues. You may be socially conservative but economically liberal! (a confusing term as Liberals the party are right wing whereas Liberalism in this case means left wing).

It’s also handy to check out their personal websites. As or writing this the LNP hasn’t updated their policy page since 2013. Labor’s is here and The Greens organise theirs by category

We of course don’t just have 3 parties so its always good to look outside those 3 parties to see if there’s something else that aligns better with your personal views! There’s The Sex Party, Family First, the Nick Xenophon Team, The Pirate Party (it’s about copyright law not sailing the seas for booty… unfortunately), Shooters and Fishers Party, Socialist Alliance, and a WHOLE LOT MORE! The thing about some of these parties is that they want to get a voice for specific issues that aren’t priorities for larger parties. Some of these parties have more multi-faceted policy ideas but are still very different from the current main party ideas. 

These smaller parties can have very real effects on our government. Tony Abbott called the Senate “feral” because it wouldn’t budge on many issues and was often trying to win over the favour of the smaller parties like Palmer United or Ricky Muir (from the Motoring Enthusiasts Party) to get things through. This is also the reason why we’re having a double dissolution. The House of Reps comes up with legislation but needs to pass it through the Senate to get it ratified. When a certain piece of legislation gets rejected multiple times with a 3 month gap between rejections (in this instance the Senate refused to pass legislation regarding bringing back the ABCC) that’s a trigger for a double dissolution. This is a tool to work around political deadlocks and there have been triggers over the past few years that haven’t been taken because it wasn’t as politically advantageous as it is now to take the opportunity. Sometimes the Senate rejects something, Reps make some adjustments, then the Senate passes it. A lot of the time the Senate just passes things.

Your political opinions are your own. Politics is a very complicated thing that covers all sorts of issues and so it is completely understandable that yours will differ from those around you. That’s an important thing to remember because in turn you’re going to disagree with a shit ton of people but the important thing is you can justify your beliefs. They will change and evolve over time as you learn new things. Some people will have opinions shaped by their our personal experiences and privileges (or lack thereof) that differ from yours and that’s an important thing to keep in mind when discussing things with people. You might end up being educated on an issue. They might be the one being educated. There might be no clear reason why either of you should change your different stances. Have fun with that!

There is also a super handy website called TheyVoteForYou.org.au! Ever wondered if a politician is actually doing their job? Want a more in depth breakdown of how parties vote on certain issues? Do individuals always vote in line with official party policy or do they vote differently on issues the majority of their party agree upon? Want to know if they even show up? Search an issue or name! For instance Scott Ludlam (WA, Greens) has a 97% attendance rate and votes in line with party values. Cory Bernardi (SA, Liberals) attends 78% of the time and has “rebelled” (as the website refers to it) 0.31% of the time so that’s such a small difference from LNP values you could basically assume he’s going to vote in line with the party. Clive Palmer has a 7.2% attendance rate but at least he never rebels against his own party that he leads. There are of course many reasons why someone might not attend a session of Parliament so I don’t think that attacking someone for not being present 100% of the time is the best thing to base an argument off… though Clive Palmer… what are you doing. Why… what… You can compare party leaders like Bill ShortenMalcolm Turnbull, and Richard Di Natale to see how they all voted on issues like the NBN, Indigenous issues, marriage equality, etc. What matters to you? You decide and act accordingly.

Thirdly: how to vote.

The AEC website has a break down on how to vote for The Senate and The House of Representatives. It also has a voting FAQ. Voting is compulsory because this isn’t America.

Basically you vote for half of the Senate once every 3 years (the terms last 6 years) and House of Reps every 3 (terms last 3 years). Malcolm Turnbull is a Rep, Scott Ludlam is a Senator. Thanks to it being a Double Dissolution, Turnbull is hoping to wipe the Senate clean and replace it with a balance of power that better favours him so it is easier for the HOR to pass things through it. Right now it isn’t very friendly for the Liberals. So you get to vote for both!

Voting for the Senate: you can vote above the line or below the line. Above you have to number at least 6. Below the line you have to number at least 12. But not all of them for the Senate if you don’t want to. You can if you wish. From memory before recent voting reform you had to number all of the boxes and it took me bloody forever to vote below the line last time. You pick which option (above or below) you wish to do. Voting below the line takes longer but is more specific about who gets your vote. Before recent reform the preferential voting system worked slightly differently but basically you would put HappyFunTimeParty as #1 and CoolDawgs22Party as #2 etc and SadHateEveryoneParty #6 in order of how much you like them. HappyFunTimeParty doesn’t get elected (because too many people in your state hate fun) so then your preference for #2 is then taken into account. So if you preference a small party as #1 and #2 and neither of them get elected your vote for #3 can still be taken into account and contribute to someone getting elected as opposed to going “I like THIS party!” and they don’t get elected and you’re sad because you had one vote and it went nowhere… *sad face*

Beforehand there was a system where a party could take your vote for it and if they personally didn’t get elected that would become a preference to a different party of their choosing. Like for instance The Sex Party doesn’t like The Greens so if they don’t get elected preferences would then get redirected to One Nation because The Sex Party believes One Nation won’t get elected and doesn’t want to contribute to Labor/Greens getting elected by preferencing them. Ricky Muir was elected thanks to preferences as opposed to being voted in directly from #1 votes. That’s been altered so your choices are more direct in where they go. Smaller parties can still get elected this way so don’t worry.

The Senate gets 12 people per state and 2 per territory.

Voting for the House of Reps:  You get a green piece of paper like this:

You have to number every single box in order. Mark your choices clearly and remember: this isn’t a test at school so you don’t put a name on it! If you put your name on it it’s deemed informal and not counted. Preferences! What a great thing to have!

You need to be in a person’s electorate to vote for them. For instance: I am in the Division of Moore and my currently elected candidate is Ian Goodenough for the LNP. Yes… that’s his name. It entertains me every time I walk past his office in Joondalup. Moore is a pretty safe Liberal seat so I guess people think Ian Goodenough is you know… decent. As I’m not a Liberal voter I would want to vote for an individual who isn’t Goodenough… like Steve Aboveaverage or whatever. If you live in Warringah for example you get to vote for Tony Abbott or his competition. If he wanted to run he could. Be booted out of being PM doesn’t mean his political career has to end and his electorate might still like him.

John Howard lost his seat at the same time he lost the federal election to Labor in 2007. Prime Ministers generally are from safe seats because it’d be really weird for a party to win an election but have their chosen leader voted out… very peculiar but hypothetically possible.

Are you unsure what electorate you’re in? Find out at our HANDY FRIEND THE AEC WEBSITE: http://apps.aec.gov.au/esearch/ (this thing is your friend).

(then you can see if that person representing you has voted for things you agree upon at TheyVoteForYou.org.au)

Four: Where? You will need to find a polling station near you! They are often at things like schools or churches. You will need to find one in your area, go there, (there will lots of people trying to give you flyers to encourage you last minute to vote for their party), wait in line, then have your name ticked off so the Government knows you voted and you don’t get in trouble, and then do your voting thing. Also very important: there might be a sausage sizzle.

There is (of course) a website to find out if there’s a polling place near you that has a sausage sizzle: electionsausagesizzle. How Aussie. It has yet to be updated for the 2016 election so STAY TUNED! I can’t remember if it also has details for vegetarian options or not but I think that exists somewhere.

Fifth: OK so now you know who, how, when, and where! But why? Well simply put: silence isn’t apolitical. 

Some people wish to note vote as they find it a form of protest against a system that they don’t wish to be partake in. I personally see not voting as a passive acceptance of the system. You don’t get to choose to ignore the law but you get to choose people who will make laws you respect. If you don’t vote you don’t voice any dissenting opinion against those who are currently in power and they take that as a reason to continue to do what they are doing. If enough people vote for parties outside of the Labor and Liberals they’ll see that there are a lot of different opinions that they’re ignoring and if they want to keep power they need to adjust and bring new ideas on board. Either party could shift more right or left to remain popular. That only works if you engage in voicing your opinion. Voting is a right. Voting is a power given to you to change the country you live in.

You as an individual cannot change things by yourself but neither can a single rain drop yet as a group we get a storm. If everyone is apathetic then nothing gets done. Your peers, your friends, and like minded people you’ve never met are all capable of making change if you band together. The way I see it I can’t solve the problem by myself but that doesn’t mean I need to contribute to that problem through inaction. If I don’t like the government I will work to change it and with the combined efforts of others it is achievable.

And remember: election day is the time when you get to have your voice heard the loudest but your voice does not end there. Once someone is elected you can still influence them. You can contact politicians if they’re ignoring issues you think are important (because they’re going to have to deal with issues they didn’t run for election thinking about). You can take part in rallies if you wish. You can get out and have political discussions with those around you and maybe have a positive influence on one of your peers who will then vote for better policies in the future. You can do all of these as much or as little as you want. It’s up to you. I find rallies very intimidating environments as an introvert but encourage others to attend them. Engage in politics as you wish but always remember that your voice can be heard through many different avenues.

Good luck!

The problem with the new Supergirl trailer

Okay, I do need to talk about Cat’s speech to Kara about how “Supergirl” is not a name for her to have a problem with, despite the fact she is an adult.

Because I call myself a girl a lot to the time. Hell, I was in college when I registered at the site as “adventuresofcomicbookgirl”. I still feel connected to my childhood, my girlhood, in a way, and I’m fine admitting that. 

But that doesn’t mean anyone ELSE would have the right to seriously refer to me as a “girl” if I didn’t want that. That doesn’t mean we can ignore how the world is traditionally used to infantilize and demean grown woman, how it’s literal definition is “a child or teenage person who identifies as female”. 

Cat’s speech to Kara did not make any sense. Kara noted that she should be called woman and Cat said “excuse u we are both girls and so powerful and confident maybe you’re the one with the problem if u object”

Except no…you’re not a girl, Cat. It’s cool if you like that word, but you’re a woman. You are an adult. And it’s not a matter of Kara having a problem with being female if she wants to be called a girl, it’s a matter of WANTING TO BE TREATED LIKE AN ADULT. All the faux-empowerment bullshit in the world can’t hide that this is the actual issue. If Kara had said “hey call me Supergirl”, cool, but it’s not anyone’s right to call her that when she hasn’t asked for it when she is a grown ass adult. Just because YOU are fine with being called a girl doesn’t mean you get to decide all others are.

Plus, if it turns out a man wrote that speech, he needs to be smacked with a rolled up newspaper. Men do not have the right to tell women it’s “their problem” if they aren’t comfortable being assigned a word men have traditionally used to demean and infantilize them.

Gail Simone made a similar argument a while back too defending adult Barbara Gordon having the codename Batgirl- “girl is not a dirty word”- and I called bullshit on it for similar reasons. There’s nothing wrong with being a girl. But there’s nothing wrong with being a WOMAN either and a woman should be called a woman and treated as an adult.

Can you imagine a similar scene happening with Superman? Lois decides he should be called Superboy, he comes in (as Clark) and says “yo shouldn’t it be man…like…that guy’s clearly…not a boy” and Lois is all “EXCUSE U CLARK YOU ARE A BOY AND THAT IS SO POWERFUL!!!! MAYBE YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM HERE BUDand Clark is like “ah i see ur point guess i’m superboy forever now thanks lo”

it is fucking laughable and it should be. If it’s laughable happening to Clark, why did it happen to Kara?

Honestly the “something-girl” issue is something comics have struggled with for decades. Supergirl, Batgirl, Power Girl…Supergirl’s name made sense originally, she was 15. However, Babs was well over 18 when she debuted as Batgirl in the late 60s. It was in the 70′s that the women’s movement had taken hold enough people begin to question that. 

There was literally a story during that period where Babs read one of the letters readers used to send in to characters, questioning why a literal congresswoman was calling herself Batgirl. Babs was like “yeah I guess that not super logical” and the story came up with the excuse it was out of respect for the original Batwoman (who as far as I know had been completely out of continuity until she was needed for that purpose). This ignored that if the original Batwoman was now in continuity again, her 10 yr old sidekick “Bat-Girl” should have been too, but I guess Babs thought calling herself Batgirl MINUS HYPEN was different enough.

In “Batgirl Year 1″, the modern preboot origin for Babs, the press gave her the name, and she didn’t like it, stating she would have preferred Batwoman. Kinda a repeating pattern here of the fictional media infantilizing female superheroes and the heroes (and their readers) being told to just deal with it.

Cassandra Cain was around 17 when she took up Batgirl, so still technically a girl, and linguistics isn’t really something she’d think about anyway. Stephanie Brown was 18, but didn’t say anything about the name one way or another. Aaand then Babs took up the name as a college student in the reboot and Gail made her unconvincing “girl is not a dirty word” defense.

Supergirl was also eventually taken up by 18 plus Linda Danvers too- I never read the comic where she took the name, so I have no idea if she was written as choosing it for herself. seem to recall the comic making a few awkward jokes about it- such as when Linda complained about something infantilizing a woman and then was like “says someone called SuperGIRL”

Power Girl…she debuted late 70s I think. I’m pretty sure she was written as choosing for herself. There were quite a few forced speeches she gave to explain how her name was totes empowering and they were about the level of the speech where she explained the boob window was metaphor for a hole in her soul.

DC has this problem more than Marvel- Invisible Girl upgraded to Invisible Woman in the 80s and Marvel Girl, most people don’t know Jean Grey was ever called that. I think they were able to make the upgrade because they were just part of team rather than a copyrighted solo brand name like Batgirl or Supergirl.

So my point it, this ain’t a new thing for comics to struggle with addressing. You want to keep the Supergirl brand, cool. But don’t try to act like “girl” instead of “woman” is somehow super empowering and people should not have a problem with it or THEY are the sexist.

Stop having the girl name FORCED on female superheroes in your stories. Stop making condescending little speeches justifying it. There are women who call themselves girls, just have Kara be one of them. Have her choose the name for herself rather than be forced to accept it and told she is bad for objecting. You don’t have to give a faux-empowering bullshit reason for her to choose it. Just have her decide on it because “Superwoman” is a lot of syllables for people to scream as they’re dangling off a building or something.

Okay? The “Somethinggirl” issue isn’t a new thing, and it’s there because these names were chosen back when men didn’t get in trouble for infantilizing women as much and you don’t want to let go of the name recognition. At least own that. Don’t try to justify it or make women feel bad for wanting be treated as adults, or pretend it’s somehow empowering. Stop condescending to women, stop showing female characters as being shamed in accepting names they don’t like and just own your shit.

realms-master  asked:

I have a question about original world design (for my fantasy novel) and making a wiki. I've been working on the books, as well as building the world, for at least 10 years. I have been wanting to make a wiki for the world for ages, but have been concerned about copyright stuff (namely, things being stolen from me before I can publish my book). Is this a valid concern, and is there a way to make a wiki/wikia AND protect my creation? Thank you! :)

Mmm… two issues here.

Regarding the wiki, first of all: if you’re doing this as a way to keep your worldbuilding details in order, I definitely recommend it. It’s useful. …Though to tell the truth I find that newer and more focused tools are turning out to be more useful, at least for me. I’m a lot more likely to put a sudden idea into Evernote, these days or the Sticky app on my iPad, and later paste it into Scrivener, which has a very flexible note-keeping concept and allows you to keep all the notes associated with the project inside it.

Using the MediaWiki software for notes, though, does require that you have no trouble getting to grips with its markup language. There came a point where whenever I wanted to make a straightforward note about something, there was the damn markup to fiddle with again, and it started making me roll my eyes. At that point, at least as regarded the YW universe, such notes stopped routinely finding their way into the ErrantryWiki.

Now then. As regards confidentiality: if you’re interested in keeping your material private, then you want to avoid Wikia, as (to the best of my knowledge) it’s public by default. (Though you can download the software and use it independently, I believe.) For totally private wikis there are at least a couple of possibilities:

(1) You build your own wiki at a web location you control, using MediaWiki, and password-protect the entire installation using an .htaccess file in the root directory. Without the password no one can see anything that’s going on in there, or get the pages to load, or otherwise crawl / scrape them.

(2) You get your hands on one of the flexible wiki-like tools like TiddlyWiki (which I also use for some things). A tiddly can be carried on a thumb drive or operated in the cloud — you just install it into Dropbox or Google Drive and afterwards use it from whatever platform you please (meaning platforms that will also support the Java it needs to run correctly). Good points: Tiddly’s markup language is simpler. Privacy is simple here too, as either the whole installation’s in your pocket, or locked in the cloud behind your Dropbox / Google passwords. And having an installation like this lodged safely in the cloud, where even if your hard drive crashes or some other calamity befalls you know you haven’t lost your notes, can be incredibly reassuring.

However: what I get from your message is that you’d like to have a public wiki but are concerned about material from it falling into unfriendly hands. So it would seem (if I have this right) that a good solution would be to create a public wiki and install various levels of controls on who can read what.

Here the complications begin, though. MediaWiki was designed not to be very granular in this regard, on the philosophical grounds that a wiki is meant to be openly readable and openly editable by most if not all comers. (Even the ErrantryWiki bends this philosophical position out of shape, as I’m well aware.)

MediaWiki itself warns in its docs that it’s not really built for this kind of control, and that third-party apps will be needed to enforce it, and may well be buggy and fail at the job.  They do, however, recommend a few other wiki platforms that are built for this kind of granular control: MoinMoin, TikiWiki, and Twiki. So you may want to look into these.

So, assuming you get your hands on one of these and like it enough to set it up, what you then do is set up various levels of access to your published material:

  • One level for you, who obviously can see / know everything in the wiki — a sort of “access-all-areas” pass:
  • One level for friends who you trust enough to let into a less-limited-access group, who see some things but not others (and there could be several, even many of these groups, keyed to different kinds of content — plot information, technical data, etc):
  • One level for anonymous people on whom you have no data on whether they’re trustworthy.

Then, each time you create a page or add a new piece of info, you set that page’s or scrap’s viewing-permission level according to who you feel comfortable allowing to see it.

This will be workable enough as long as you are scrupulously careful to tag each new piece of data correctly every time. This by itself is going to invoke a certain amount of continuous tension — if you slip and something sensitive is exposed, at least you’ll know whose fault that was — but if you feel you can put up with that, good.

…But let’s turn aside now to the core issue. I can understand that it’s hard to be torn between the urge to show people what you’re up to and the fear of whether they’re going to rip it off. But at the end of the day, the reality/seriousness of this situation is yours to assess.

You have to ask yourself (a) whether the material you’ve devised is really that groundbreaking or unique that anyone would be impelled to steal it, (b) what the odds are that any thief would either understand what to do with such material or be willing to spend the considerable creative time and effort necessary to actually build something out of what they stole, and © how they would even know that you’d put this stuff online. (Are you famous? Are you even a little bit famous? I think I can safely say that [after thirty years plus of doing this work] I’m a Little Bit Famous, and you would be simply astonished about how people do not know anything about my online presence or how much of it there is or where any of it’s even located. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen the phrase “I didn’t even know she [was on Twitter / had a blog / was on Facebook / had a Tumblr!”]… well, I’d have a lot of nickels. )

Be careful not to misunderstand me here. I’m not saying that it’s silly to think you might be stolen from. But you have to be realistic about evaluating the odds. My assessment is that if you are a brand new writer who hardly anybody has ever heard of, then your odds of being stolen from are very, very low. You are protected by your unknown quality. Very, very few people are going to be interested in stealing from someone who they’ve never even heard of (and here you’re protected as well by the form of Sturgeon’s Law that applies to the Internet, in which the 90% of everything that’s deemed proactively to be crap is extended to something like 99.99999999999%. Most people’s assumption will be that you’re just more of the same). Once you’re published, yes, then perhaps the number of would-be thieves goes up very slightly. Once you’re published and well-known, probably it’d be fair to say it goes up very slightly again.

And once you’re famous? Maybe then you’ll have something to worry about. But by then you won’t be maintaining your own wiki. Or putting material in it that you’re even slightly concerned might be stolen. And anyway, when you’re famous, you’ll have lawyers. :)

Now, one final word — and please, don’t for a moment think I’m being cavalier here. Even if someone does steal your stuff — you know what? Just laugh. Because even if they had every single word of your material, all the background work, a complete outline of all the books you plan to write complete with spoilers, they will never be able to write the books you would write. Even if they had endless time and money and intention to spend.

There are two reasons for this. One is a simple matter of science. They cannot occupy the position in spacetime that you do. They cannot be the person you’ve become by being where and when and who you are. Only you can possibly have the intensive, indeed intense, relationship with your material that you have after piecing it together over so many years.

And the second is a simple matter of tone. They don’t live inside your head. They don’t know how you feel about the characters. They don’t care about that world the way you do. Their book would be immeasurably inferior… assuming they ever bothered to take the time to write it: another issue on which the odds are way more on your side than they are on theirs. Put your books beside their books, and the good will unquestionably drive out the bad. (Not least because a universe knows its maker.)

…All I can say at this point is: make your wiki. Store your stuff. Once stored, share what’s safe, and then either hide or simply never commit to electrons what you feel is sensitive (because what’s not online can never be scraped…).

And write the damn books. Ten years of research? God, no wonder you’re so urgent to share something. Get busy!

…Hoping this has been of help. :)