either way he looks so adorable

little shownu things

• always let’s you have the last slice of pizza/cookie/food you share
• (that’s how you know he loves you)
• smiles and dips his head when you catch him staring at you
• fascinated by you
• so always gets caught
• tucks his shirt into his trousers (doesn’t understand why you hate it??)
but I like this look?
you look like a 42 year old father of three
is that a bad thing?
• forever confused
• randomly breaks into song and/or dance
• freezes when he realises what he’s doing
• carries on bc you find it adorable
• he really is adorable
• lowkey loves you calling him adorable
• Dad Jokes™
shownu please… enough
• blushes when you hold his hand/brush against him/do anything that involves touching him in any way!!
• so you naturally touch him as much as possible
• either tries to get away from you
• or the vein in his temple starts pulsing…
• which means trouble (good or bad)
• kisses are his weakness
• starts off slowly but suddenly he’s trailing kisses down your neck and has to physically rip himself away from you
• asks if it’s ok to carry on
yes it’s more than oka-
• carries on 
• loves watching you sleep
• probably bc it’s the only time he can look at you for so long without looking away
• always the big spoon
• afraid of crushing you in your sleep
I’m pretty sure that won’t happen
but what if it does??
• shy giant
• really into wildlife documentaries for some reason??
• loves being complimented (never admits it)
• subconsciously reaches for you whenever you’re near
• places his hand on your thigh under tables
• always gently squeezes your waist when holding you
• doesn’t understand the concept of lazy sundays
what should we do?
why don’t we work out together? it’ll be fun!

is that a yes?
• loves tickling you!!
• (secretly loves it bc he gets to touch you without getting shy)
• cooks for you whenever you come home late
• even if it’s always ramen
• loves hearing about your day
• tells you about his
• even if it takes a while for him to start
•  loves you so so much
•  just the thought of you makes him smile

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8 sugakookie please

8. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” Sugakookie

Yoongi doesn’t often show his anger. He’s the type of person to let it simmer under his skin and use it to scald others in subtle ways, but of course there are somethings that get to him.

One such thing is people trying to all touchy with either him or his partner of three years. Yoongi as a rule doesn’t do much touching and Jungkook has been his only exception for years.

“Look, buddy get your grimy fucking hands off of him or you’ll have a one way ticket to the underground.” It’s a low growl and the offender is taller than him, but Yoongi has a tight grip and he will not allow anyone to touch Jungkook in such a disrespectful way again.

It doesn’t turn into a scuffle something Yoongi is thankful for, since now he can get Jungkook home quicker.

All of this was just supposed to be a fun time at an old friends house. it turned into something it shouldn’t have, so as Yoongi cradles Jungkook’s face with his hands and kisses his cheeks when they get home he doesn’t expect what comes out of Jungkook’s mouth.

“Hyung,” It’s high almost breathy and Jungkook has this scarlet blush on his face that Yoongi just wants to coo at. “…You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”

It’s followed with an almost shy kiss and Yoongi grins into. Of course the younger would find something weird to like about him. Pulling away he earns a whine, but even though Yoongi wants nothing more than to make Jungkook beg now isn’t the time for that.

“No, no, Jungkook. Tomorrow okay. You had too much to drink and I’m not going to do anything with you.” Jungkook gives another whine, but doesn’t act against him when Yoongi leads him up the stairs to their bedroom.

Yoongi has one major rule that he will never break. If Jungkook or himself is drunk no carnal activities. 

Jungkook wraps around him like a koala, nuzzling into the heat of hie neck and Yoongi just pets his hair. Sleep will come soon. And the both of them will be fine.

Send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write a drabble

BTS Dating a Short and Chubby Girl

Request: could you do a bts reaction for dating a like 5ft chubby girl? thank you so so much!


J-Hope: Hoseok loves your height and body. He likes how you’re not too big, but not too small. He can’t get enough of your amazing hugs and your short height just adds to your cute imagine.

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V: Taehyung finds it especially endearing when you do agyeo because your chubby cheeks make you look ten times cuter. “Aigoo~ so adorable!” 

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Suga: When you talk bad about yourself, Suga will give you a “girl please” look. He loves your curvy body and your height and he tells you every day.

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Jin: He likes your height and weight because it’s extremely comfy when he cuddles with you. Jin’s whole body will practically cover yours since you’re so short and he loves how warm you are.

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Rap Monster: Big or small, short or tall, Rap Mon loves your body either way, especially when you’re confident with yourself. He likes it when you wear tight clothing when he’s taking you out, “You look so sexy, I should just eat you for dinner.”

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Jimin: With your shortness, it was always hard to kiss Jimin. When you’d stand on your tippy toes and struggle to reach his lips, he’d laugh at you and pat you on the head, “You tried, E for effort.” When you pout he ends up bending down to kiss you like he always does.

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Jungkook: Jungkook easily towers over your 5′0 with his 5′10 which he finds incredibly cute. Whenever you wanted something, it was easy to manipulate him into giving it to you with agyeo. “Alright fine! You’re too cute I can’t resist.”

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I’m Actually a Red Sox Fan (Peter Parker x Reader) PART 2

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REQUEST: Basically, Part 2 was requested. In this, they go to the baseball game he asked her out on, and there’s some cute fluff in there and some Spidey action :) You don’t have to read Part 1 to understand!




“Peter, these are like thousand dollar seats.”, (Y/N) whispered into Peter’s ear as they made their way into the suite section of the stadium.

“Yeah, I told you, my boss got them and didn’t want them.”, he said.

“Your boss also lent you an Acura RSX. Either you’re secretly batman, or you’re the best intern in the world.”, she said.

Peter smirked before responding, “You’re not too far off, I promise”.

They sat down together and looked onto the game, at field level for the rest of the night. At first, they thought wearing Red Sox Merchandise would be a bad idea, I mean, it was Yankee Stadium. Surprisingly, their section was full of Sox fans, and they didn’t feel too uncomfortable.

The game was at its 12th inning, tied 7-7. David Ortiz was batting and all the Sox fans had a good feeling that this was their moment to win. Big Papi had to get the team one more point, and they would win.

Peter and (Y/N) held hands tightly in anticipation.

“C’mon Big Papi, let’s go!”, (Y/N) screamed to Peter’s amusement. Her voice was lost in the midst of the crowd.

The pitcher threw the ball, and everyone lost sight of it after Ortiz hit it. It was out of the stadium! Homerun!

“Yes!”, screamed Peter. They stood up and hugged each other tightly in celebration. (Y/N) heard the roar of the fans around them, but soon all that noise blurred out as she felt Peter’s arms around her waist, and she enjoyed the feeling of his embrace in that moment. Peter thought about kissing (Y/N) on the lips, but kissed her on the cheek instead. He wanted their first kiss to be a little more intimate than this., They pulled away from the celebration hug and looked onto the celebration happening on the field.

As they were walking out of the stadium, hand in hand, Peter and (Y/N) felt pieces of spare food being thrown at them from behind.

“What the hell?”, Peter said to a group of guys, not far from his age. There was one guy in particular, a blond, with a bowl of leftovers in his hand and a Yankee jersey on.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect to see a BlowSox fan here.”, he said, laughing way to hard at his comment.

“Yo, Tommy shut up!”, said one of his friends laughing. They reeked of alcohol.

“Cut the crap. Say sorry to my girl”, Peter said calmly, with his palms facing the ceiling of the crowded stadium hall.

His girl? (Y/N) wondered. Butterflies formed in her stomach from Peter’s display of machismo, but also because he was kind of a small guy, and she didn’t want him getting hurt.

“Piss off”, Tommy said trying to brush past Peter. Peter stopped him from moving forward, and blondie pushed him. Then Peter pushed back.

An image of Flash pushing Peter around appeared in (Y/N)’s head, and she wondered why Peter wouldn’t act like this to his school bullies.

“Peter just leave him alone!”, she said, her voice desperate.

Tommy tried to punch him, but Peter was faster.

Peter punched him in the face and all his friends started jumping on his back, but Peter elbowed them off. They each tried to have a go at him, but he caught and ducked every punch. He swept two guys from under their feet. (Y/N) felt pushing around her, and noticed the whole stadium erupted into a riot along with them.

The tension between the Yankees and the Sox in the stadium finally exploded and the area quickly became crowded, which several fans fighting violently, and food being thrown everywhere. (Y/N) screamed for Peter’s name, after losing him in the crowd.

She felt someone grab her by the arm and pull her, and she screamed. But it was only Peter.

“C’mon let’s go, they’re going to get cops here soon.”, he said. Soon they were running and pushing through the crowd to try to leave the building.

(Y/N)’s anxiety ensued monologue began as they tried to escape the riot without seeing an angry Yankee try to attack them.

“Peter, you’re so fucking crazy! You’re an animal! What is wrong with you they could have killed you! What if they had a gun, why’d you have to do that! Peter answer me! Peter! Oh my god, this is so crazy. What is wrong with you! Oh my god, Oh my god!!!”, she rambled.

Peter stayed silent, and only held her hand as he pushed through people and went through escalators and doorways until they found a safer exit.

People were running and scattered in the parking lot. They saw the police pulling up to the stadium, so they ran towards the back were the Acura was parked. Peter got in the car silently, and (Y/N) buckled herself in, no longer speaking at this point either.

Their silence was filled in by the silent hum of the car, and the air conditioner Peter turned on.

“I have to go back in.”, he said, grabbing a backpack from the backseat.

“What? What do you mean? No, Peter, take me home! This is bad enough!”, she said.

“I left my wallet inside.”, he said.

(Y/N) gaped at him in shock. “You can go to the lost and found tomorrow, there is a riot going on inside! Peter you could get hurt, no! I will not stay in this car waiting for you, until I get a call saying you’re actually in the hospital and I-”, her rambling was cut off by Peter’s lips.

(Y/N) took a deep breath in through her nose, and kissed him back. The feeling of his soft lips against  hers, calmed her and excited her in different ways, and he kissed back, tracing her bottom lip with his tongue. Before it could continue, he pulled away, and ran out the car, leaving the keys in.

(Y/N) sat there in shock, not processing what just happened.

“Peter!”, she said at first, in anger for abandoning her. “Peter…”, she said smiling to herself, her heart jumping in and out of her chest.

She slipped into the front seat and locked all the doors, and stared at the stadium, waiting for him to come back.

10 minutes passed and she got worried.

20 minutes passed and she was just waiting, confident he was going to come running back to the car at any minute.

30 minutes passed and she listened to music to calm her nerves.

2 hours had soon passed, and she was considering texting her mom, who was worried sick.

There was a tapping at the window and she jumped, only to see a bruised and cut up Peter. There was a cut on his forehead that was bleeding lightly, a bruise on his cheekbone, and his knuckles were busted up too.

She jumped out of the car and hugged him, which he grunted too, someone kicked him in the ribs at some point.

“What took you so long?”, she asked. She kept staring at his bag, which he was still holding in his hand.

“I-I-I… I had to help some people get out.”, he mumbled. (Y/N) leaned against the car door and nodded, a worried look still on her face.

“Where did you learn how to fight like that?”, she asked him, waiting for a response. He was quiet.

“I don’t understand, if you’re so buff, why can’t you get Flash off your back?”, she asked.

“Let me take you home.”, he said, not answering any of her inquiries.

“Okay.”, she agreed, respecting his silence as an answer.

When they pulled up to her house, the music on the radio station went to commercial and Peter turned it off.

“(Y/N)?”, he spoke.


“Promise that you won’t tell anyone? About how I fought off all those guys?”

“Okay. Whatever you say.”, she said, now more suspicious..

The car. The expensive tickets. The fighting. He had to go “help” people escape the riot.



“Are you part of the Avengers?”, she asked.

Peter’s cheeks grew red and he stared at his lap. He took in a deep breath. His heart really wanted to tell her the truth, but his brain forced different words to come out.

“I know. It’s funny. It may seem that way, but it’s not. My boss really likes me, that’s how I got the tickets and the car. He’s more of an uncle than anything. And I was just trying to do the right thing out in the stadium. But it was wrong for me to leave you all alone in the car. I’m sorry.”, he said.

He had a straight face, and his stomach hurt so much of guilt. He really really liked this girl, and this wasn’t the way to start off the relationship, with more spider man lies. It wasn’t completely a lie, right?

“Thank you for being honest with me Peter.”, (Y/N) smiled at him, and Peter clenched his teeth.

She leaned into him and he kissed her back softly. He closed his eyes and forgot the world in the kiss, losing himself in her every second. She bit his lip and he pulled her closer, the interior of the car suddenly becoming the null, unimportant presence of time. The only thing he felt, was the space between their two bodies, and every part of her that he could.

I’m Actually a Red Sox Fan Masterlist

male!yuki-onna!Yuuri AU

There are two -main- ways this can go:

1. Everything is the same, but Yuuri is a yuki-onna bullied in the past because of his gender (is he trans or not? can go either way), and loses his powers because of it. Still in love with the ice (and one Viktor Nikiforov), he becomes a figure skater, and we all know what happens from there… Bonus points if:

  • There is a fan dance in there somewhere
  • Phichit knows and is also some sort of supernatural creature (boy would look adorable with bat ears, just sayin’)
  • Yuuri’s body temp is naturally low because hello, snow youkai? But Viktor doesn’t know so he tries to warm up Yuuri as much as he can. Phichit loses his shit the first time he FaceTimes with Yuuri and sees him under a pile of blankets because Viktor Nikiforov is trying to take care of him and Yuuri doesn’t have the heart to tell him no.

2. Complete AU where Viktor takes a vacation to Japan (rip Yakov’s blood pressure) and has an encounter with Yuuri…. Bonus points if:

  • Yuri gets worried and runs off to Japan to look for him, only to find a head-over-heels Viktor mooning after a confused but equally smitten Yuuri (raging ensues), or
  • Viktor goes back to Russia (there are many reasons this can be) with new inspiration and skates a program that details his encounter with Yuuri, hoping to see him again, or
  • The Katsuki family’s Yu-topia is actually a bathhouse inn for youkai, and everyone mistakenly thinks Viktor is not a human. Viktor just rolls with it. Yuuri eventually finds out and sends him away because it’s too dangerous for him, and Viktor pines like no tomorrow.

If something like this exists, please rec me I’m so thirsty for this au

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so i keep seeing it everywhere and it feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels like it could b right but did jake actually call gina goose ever? Like in an episode? Also if he did u kno what episode?

he did!! he called her goose back in season one ep 18, entitled the apartment while they were looking for a new apartment for him or looking over his bills or something like that. he goes “how’re we looking, goose?” and it’s such a Peak Moment™

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Hello! May I request a scenario with Keith and his alien male (Unless you prefer to keep it gender neutral!) s/o are hanging out on the command deck watching the stars pass by, when Keith just grins and laughs at some silly joke s/o made and s/o just stops and stares because "holy shit he's adorable"? It's alright if you don't want to do this one tho and thank you either way! Really love your blog!

;;how cute !! i’ll just keep the s/o male w/ he/him prns for this one :^) thanks for sending ! (im so sorry u said s/o but i totally just wrote like a crushing y/n forgive me)

The galaxies look so endless from where he sat, [Y/n] couldn’t help but feel small amongst the display of stars. He’d be out there for hours, counting the stars until his eyes would grow heavy. The command deck is the perfect place to sightsee, and he’d spot foreign galaxies that he’d never be able to see from his home planet. It’s relaxing.

“You come in here every night, don’t you?”

[Y/n] jumped, head turning to meet eyes with deep, blue eyes that he’s grown so accustomed to ever since he started this shitshow of a mission to save the universe. They seemed lifeless most of the time, but now they glowed with something that made [Y/n]’s skin crawl. How could Earthlings be so ominous yet fascinating at the same time?

 He sighed out, slowly facing away again to look out at the array of stars once more, “Yeah, pretty much.” Feeling a little embarrassed, he props his elbow atop his knee, “ I thought you’d be sleep by now.”

Keith’s footsteps drew nearer, until they ceased beside him and he watches Keith plop down next to him from the corner of his eye. He’s still wearing his stupid black shirt that would usually be topped off with an equally as stupid red jacket, and his hair is tied up into a clean ponytail in the back. He had begun wearing it like that after the air conditioning in the castle had malfunctioned that one time, assuming that tying it up would keep his thick sheath of hair from warming up his nape, which it did. [Y/n] had complimented his temporary hairdo to which he received a roll of his dark cyan eyes - but after the air conditioning had been fixed, he still wore it up sometimes. It’s amusing and it brings a smile to [Y/n]’s lips.

Now sitting beside him, Keith rubbed at the back of his neck, “I couldn’t sleep. There’s a lot of things on my mind tonight for some reason.”

[Y/n] glanced towards him, resting his chin against the heel of his palm, “Shocker. Usually you don’t have anything going on in that weird human noggin of yours.”

Keith grimaced, “Shut up.”

[Y/n] grinned, shifting a little so that he could face the other. He had been joking of course, just a little, “No, but really - do you want to talk about it? I’m all ears.”

Keith didn’t meet his gaze, lips pursing into a tight line as he seemed to contemplate whether or not he indeed felt like talking. [Y/n] actually expected him to say no off the bat - with him being the kind of guy he is. Stubborn and closed-off, yet calm and a tad funny if he got comfortable enough. Hunk seemed to be the only one able to pull that side of Keith out of its shell, and [Y/n] felt a little jealous.

Keith blinked, eyelashes casting shadows over his cheeks as he averted his gaze to the stars, “No, I’d rather not.”

Of course. [Y/n] thought bitterly.

“…It’s just a feeling, really.” Keith added, exasperating tone sounding more and more riddled with fatigue as he went on, “But like, you know…Some nights I just get upset about stupid things…like what happened back at the Garrison - getting booted happened because I was being a dumbass. And I know Iverson’s disappointed in me because of it.”

[Y/n] stared at him. Only Keith would refuse to talk about his feelings seconds before doing just that, and he didn’t mind. Being from a different planet put a small boundary between them of course, there were things that [Y/n] couldn’t understand about humans and there were things that Keith would never understand about his own species. This ‘Garrison’ place seemed to come up a lot between all of the paladins, and he just couldn’t see why there would be a place on earth solely for space exploration. Back at his own planet, going out to explore the galaxy is like a casual thing. But perhaps the Earthlings just weren’t that advanced yet.

“Don’t let it get you down.” [Y/n] muttered, feeling a little hot since he has nothing else to really say. He wanted to put his hand on his shoulder or something just to seem a little more comforting, but he couldn’t, “You know what helps me feel better? Jokes-”

“Please don’t.” Keith cut in, but [Y/n] is already leaning back on his arms, looking up in thought.

“Let’s see…” [Y/n] smiled, racking through his thoughts for a few moments, “I have one exclusively for Earthlings that’s guaranteed to make you laugh.” He looked back to see Keith glaring at him, deadpanned and stoic, “Don’t look at me like that, I’m trying to make you feel better.”

Keith narrowed his eyes, yet [Y/n] could see his lips barely rise, as if suggesting a small smile, “I’m good, really -”

“Okay, here it goes.” [Y/n] rolls his shoulders, fixing the other with a giddy look,
“Taking things literally can lead to confusion, but at the end of the day, 11:59.”

Keith blinked. [Y/n] could spot every ounce of confusion in his gaze and his ears redden, turning his face with a sheepish laugh.

“It’s stupid, I know-”

Then, Keith’s laughing. It’s not forced or out of pity, it’s sincere and light and absolutely endearing. [Y/n] stiffened at this, turning to look at a display that may as well be the most rarest thing he’ll ever lay eyes on. Keith is laughing into his gloved hand, cheeks turning pink as he curls up in his laughter. [Y/n] just stares, his own crimson hue spreading across his nose as he eyes the painfully genuine grin decorating the other’s jaw.

He’s adorable. Fuck, he’s adorable.

Keith is catching his breath again, chest rising as he wipes a seemingly invisible tear from his eye. [Y/n]’s gaze jumps away, definitely not wanting the male to know that he had been staring. But the darkest of lighting couldn’t hide the blush adorning his cheeks at this point.

“Okay, I admit…” Keith breathed, brushing a few stray bangs out of his eyes, “that was pretty damn funny.”

[Y/n]’s multiple hearts are fluttering in his chest now as he huffs, gazing back up towards the stars, “I told you it’d make you feel better, didn’t I?”
Relatively composed now, Keith glances towards him again. [Y/n], fearing he may melt under his gaze, turns to look back at him with a knowing smile. Maybe Hunk really isn’t the only one that’s able to bring out the softer side of this red paladin.

“Thanks, [Y/n].” Keith says, tone gentle and clear above the normal whirring of the castleship, and frankly over the painful beating of [Y/n]’s hearts that he’s certain the other could hear.

And as they look out at the stars once more, [Y/n] doesn’t feel so small amongst them anymore.

What Are Friends For?

A gift for @workingoblivion based on their adorable headcanon! Thank you for enjoying my posts ;3;

How Armin had even found out about him and Levi was a mystery, the two had been more than discreet, they barely looked at each other in public! But then… maybe they had snuck a few extra glances here and there, and maybe there had been a bit of special treatment, only a little at best… Either way, it was Armin so it`s not like he couldn`t find every single secret if he wanted to, but that didn`t mean Eren had been prepared for this conversation!

“Now this is called lube, Erwin and I have to use almost a whole bottle honestly. But it`s worth it when it goes in smooth!” Armin explained, just as he`d explained how condoms kept you safe and how you should be extra careful when assessing your lover`s size.

“Armin please, I`ve got it!” Eren pleaded, not that it had worked before, Armin seemed to be deaf to any protests, in fact he looked almost happy to be lecturing him on the safety and pleasure that was having intercourse.

“Now Eren, this is important, when the time comes, you want Levi to enjoy himself right?”

“I-I mean of course, bu-”

“I want you to have fun Eren, but you have to be prepared! You could get hurt otherwise… I did. It looked so much smaller when it wasn`t inside, sigh.” Armin seemed genuinely concerned, and as much as Eren wanted to leave, perhaps he was right…

“Armin? What do you do with your teeth?” Eren asked shyly, in relation to another embarrassing topic Armin had went on about. Armin smiled, a bit too widely, and started to explain.


How Erwin had even found out about him and Eren wasn`t such a mystery, Eren`s shirt in his room, extra rations that may or may not have went to him, perhaps the occasional absence in morning training… He wasn`t a very discreet person by nature, and Erwin had always had this way of figuring him out.

“So, you and Eren are going strong I see.” Erwin piped, standing off to the side while Levi was sweeping what he`d deemed “dusty steps that Eren couldn`t have gotten to yet”.

“Erwin.” Levi warned, he wasn`t having these conversations, he wasn`t about to gush over his lover like some teenage girl just because Eyebrows wanted to have a gossip partner.

“Come now Levi, it was a simple question, I only wondered how you were treating him!”

“I`m treating him fine.” Levi growled, that should be enough for hi-

“Yes, but exactly how fine are we talking?” Erwin purred, wiggling his eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

Levi certainly hadn`t blushed, he definitely hadn`t squeaked in embarrassment, but he knew for sure he`d hit Erwin with the broom so hard he wouldn`t be treating Armin very “fine” tonight.

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Re: Knicks game, they had video of TWD prepared so I'm guessing it was a planned appearance? Either way, he looked adorable😊

Kind seemed that way. But I’ll take the smexy any day 

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Can you do Jimin as your boyfriend?

  • snuggles 25/8
  • like every second he’s with you there would be snuggles
  • “Why are you so clingy?”
  • “Why are you so irresistible?”
  • and cute little neck and cheeks kisses
  • along with lip kisses that would last a lot longer if you two were alone
  • and the longer ones would turn into him pressing you up against the wall and starting to remove your clothes
  • sex with Jimin would go one of two ways:
  • either you would be the one in charge and he would be sub
  • or you would be under his mercy, begging for him to touch you because he would be such a tease in bed if he were dominant
  • if he were subbing I can imagine him having a mommy kink, but Jimin’s kinks should be dedicated to a whole other post tbh
  • if you ever left the bedroom, you two would go on cute little dates where he would hold your hand and all that adorable shit
  • I can see him just staring at you because he loves looking at your face so much
  • and when you catch him and ask why he’s staring, he’d just blush and smile, shaking his head and never answering you
  • you both would be devastated when he had to leave for a trip
  • “I promise I’ll call every day” he would say
  • and he would definitely keep that promise
  • he would probably end up teasing you over the phone and talking to you as you dealt with your frustrations since he wouldn’t be there to do it for you
  • “Been thinking about me a lot babygirl?”
  • and then when he gets home you would run to the door to greet him and jump in his arms, leaving kisses all over his face 
  • “Did you really miss me that much?”
  • “Always”
  • he would then carry you to the bedroom so that he could make up for lost time ;)
  • overall, your relationship with Jimin would be adorable and fluffy on the streets and nasty in the sheets 

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Did you see that there are bts pics of filming last night where Wally hugs both Jesse and Barry? First thought, that's so cute! Second, he's not hugging them goodbye is he?

I did see them! So cute. My first thought was actually that Wally and Jesse were worried something happened to Barry during a fight, then he turned out to be ok. So Wally hugged Barry in relief, and then he and Jesse hugged in celebration over… Being a team and defeating the bad guy?

Either way, it looks adorable!


My Impala-themed photo ops from Jaxcon 2015.

The first one is supposed to be the Boys leaning on Baby having a broment. As soon as I got up there, Jared took the empty bottle I gave him, overturned it, and started giving me a hard time for bringing them empty beer bottles. Jensen was turned away talking to someone else, but as soon as he saw the bottle, he started making the same joke. Not sure if he saw Jared doing it and wanted to be like his boy or if they’re both just on the same wavelegth, but either way it was adorable. Unfortunately, when I cleaned the bottles out, Jensen’s didn’t dry as well, so as soon as he turned it over, it started dripping on the carpet. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED I WAS DYING and Jensen started teasing me that I would have to replace the carpet.

Jensen’s op was the first one that day, and as soon as I walked up he started getting excited about my cosplay. He looked me up and down and gave me thumbs up and was like, “This is amazing.” I told him I wanted to see Dean Winchester’s reaction if he woke up one morning and the Impala was magically a pretty girl. I’m a little miffed that of all my ops from this con, I look the least cute in this one, but I COULD NOT BE MORE DELIGHTED with Jensen, because he did the CLASSIC “Jensen is really excited about something” pose:

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Someone free this kid. He is way too adorable and squishy and precious to be apart of something so ugly. Like, omgod look at that face! I love babies! 😢

truly no matter how you look at it, i feel bad for this kid

he’s either been exploited by his parents since Day 1 OR his real parents are brett and tammi clark who have still exploited him since day 1. poor boy

When They Find Your Secret Room of BDSM Toys (BIG BANG)

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Author: Taebaby

T.O.P: I think he’d be so surprised he wouldn’t know what to do with himself.He wouldn’t know whether to confront you or pretend like he didn’t see it. Either way, he wouldn’t have expect that

DAESUNG: I think he wouldn’t tell you right away what he saw, rather would keep it to himself for a few days looking at you funny, trying to think of a way to bring it up without outwardly confessing he saw it

TAEYANG: He would immediately announce his amazing discovery to you, savoring every bit of your adorable embarrassment. Of course he wouldn’t read you too bad because he’d be excited to try some of your stuff out (handcuffs, anyone?)

G.D.: It would take a minute to register with him because he’d be so excited and so turned on. Before he asked you about it, he’d make sure to snatch a few things that caught his eye and hide it in the bedroom somewhere to surprise you with later

SEUNGRI: The first thing that would come to his mind is to snap a quick pic (’evidence’ he’d say) in case you tried to deny it when he confronted you (and lets be honest, maybe for a bit of sexy blackmail)


Early morning snuggles and conversations. Swan Jones future Family fluff :)

The funny thing about her life, just last week she helped defeat some sort of soul eater monster that was threatening Storybrooke.

This morning though, here she is, less than five days later, snuggled up in bed, next to her devilishly handsome pirate husband, with her adorable almost one-year-old in her arms trying to nurse.

And maybe funny is not exactly the word to describe her life, but it is a word, and right now Emma thinks it’s fitting.

Or maybe Oliver is the one who’s funny.

Either way, the one thing Emma Swan knows, is that she can’t help smiling as she looks down at the little boy cradled against her breast.

“Hi…” Emma whispers at him for like the twentieth time when her baby stops eating —yet again— just so he can look up at her. He’s making sure she’s still here, Emma knows. How he thinks she can disappear while he’s still perched on her chest is beyond Emma, but she understands the need to feel reassured that he’s not alone and Emma is still right here with him.

For about a minute or so, Oliver holds her stare, but then his eyes get squinty when he smiles and he goes right back to eating. Emma watches him, his forehead scrunched up against her chest as he eats for two minutes straight before…yeah, before pausing again, and looking up at her with huge twinkling green eyes.

“Hi Ducky…” Emma coos at the baby one more time. Oliver’s hand reaches up, and Emma leans down allowing the baby to stroke her cheek lazily. “You done?” And as if on cue, Oliver flashes the best smile he’s got and goes right back to eating.

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Look at these stupid dorks. You see that? You see their happy smiles?

I’m so grateful that Spock’s “emotional side” in Beyond was shown as gentle and loving, rather than angry and violent as it was in the last two movies. I think that there was this fundamental misunderstanding of Spock’s emotional processing just based on how he was written, but Simon Pegg knows better and he righted the wrong that had been done while making it look like Spock was merely growing and maturing.

Either way, I absolutely adore Spock’s characterization in Beyond. He’s beginning to accept his emotions as a valid part of him, even if logic will always be at the forefront of his decision-making processes and worldview. He understands what it means to adapt and change in healthy ways, and he recognizes that his emotions require acknowledgement in order for him to develop and improve as both a Vulcan and a human.

But really, I think we all know the real reason why I love how Spock was written in this movie—his newfound caring and gentle nature simply reminds me of a certain original series counterpart we all know and love.