either way he looks so adorable

Stupid (Yoongi/Reader Fluff)

Summary: It’s 2:45 am and Min Yoongi’s at your door. Stupid.

(( Note: Lol, hey guys… Guess who’s not dead. *Me (I think)* Sorry I went on hiatus out of nowhere :/ Can’t say that I’m back officially because like the last time I said that I was gone three months after (hehe). So I’m semi back I guess? I’ve been missing those active Tumblr days so much, I wish I can be on more, idk what will happen in the future but I’ll try my best to post more scenarios and just overall be more active :) HOPEFULLY SMH—Also I know nothing about piano/music writing, I apologize for any mistakes and please please listen to the song it’s really pretty ))

Literally, what the hell.”

You stared at your best friend, completely dumbfounded by the fact that you were even staring at him considering that it was pitch black and cold as shit out. In other words, it was 2:45 in the morning and no other than Min Yoongi was standing there right in front of you, hands stuffed deep into his large coat along with a fluffy scarf wrapped countless times around his head, hot air from his mouth puffing out into the frozen winter air. 

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Spock describes smog, and Jim is just beaming because he’s describing it with scientific interest – which is cute, because Jim and Bones know exactly what smog is. I love the look they share. Couple interpretations: 

McCoy: is he – jim, are you hearing this? 
Jim: i know, i know, it’s hilarious 


Jim: he’s so cute when he sciences look at him omg
McCoy: youre insufferable i can’t believe you

either way, they both absolutely love it when Spock does this. tells them something about Earth in such a foreign way, without having it be such a normal part of his understanding of history, of the world. it’s adorable. 

Breakfast (Peter Quill x Reader)

Warnings: fluffy fluffy fluffy. Mentions of sex.
Paring: Peter Quill x Reader

You woke up in your bed to find that Peter wasn’t there. This wasn’t a shock to you. Honestly, it was more of a shock he spent the night in your room than anything else.

You two had this thing. You were friends, you were partners.. you were the freaking Guardians of the Galaxy. But there was this thing. This unspoken thing.

One night on the ship, you both were stressed. So much was going on, and you both started drinking. The next thing you know, you were kissing. Then, the next thing you know, you were in Peter’s bed.

Afterwards, you immediately freaked out thinking it would be so awkward and weird between you two now. But it wasn’t. It was literally like nothing had happened. And you were so thankful. You thought that would be it. But then, it happened again. And again. And again… Now it was just this thing that happened that you didn’t talk about. And you tried your best not to think about. But most of the time, you did.

Last night was a little different. Peter was being very generous to you in many ways. He had been nicer to you lately. He was never mean, but you felt he was complimenting you more. You noticed that night when he came to your room, he wasn’t focused on his needs. He made it clear he wanted you to feel good. You laid down afterwards and you were so tired. You just shut your eyes, ready for sleep. But you never heard Peter get up. Instead, he moved closer to you which made you open your eyes.

He was staring right at you. “Can I…” he said, trailing off. You looked at him, urging him to go on. “Can I stay tonight?”

You nodded, closing your eyes again. “It’s fine, Peter. I don’t care if you stay.” You say nonchalantly.

You assumed he was just comfortable and that he didn’t want to leave. Plus, it wasn’t that late, so maybe he was worried one of the team would see him leaving your room. But he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into his chest.

Is Peter Quill cuddling right now? You have to be dreaming.

You just sat there with your eyes open and you knew your heart must be racing. You eventually fell asleep, very confused. But you decided to just go with it.

But now, here you are, in your bed alone and still bare from the night before. You get up and find Peter’s shirt from the night before on the floor. You stare at it a moment before deciding to throw it on. You grab some panties and head out in search of breakfast.

You stop by and press play on Peter’s awesome mix as you head to the kitchen.

The all so familiar beat sounded through the speaker, making you smile. This one was your favorite.

You nodded along and kind of danced your way to the kitchen. The beginning was slow, but the beat had picked up now. “Hell.. hell..” you sang, smiling. “What’s the matter with your mind and your sign and a ohhh..”

You began making some bacon and the song went on finally coming to your favorite part. “Cause you’re fine and you’re mine and you look so divine… come and get your love… come and get your loveee…”

You were really just enjoying this song and really jamming out. You go to check on your bacon, then someone slips their arms around your waist from behind your back, making you instinctively push them off and slam them into the fridge putting your spatula up to their neck. Your eyes soften as you realize who it is.

“Peter?” You ask.

He just starts laughing at you. You shove him and got back to your bacon. He’s still laughing. “What?!” You finally yell.

“What? Nothing,” he says, throwing his hands up in defense. “I was just wondering how you kill someone with a spatula. You gonna flip me with that thing?”

You roll your eyes, but then you realize something. You slam the spatula down and look over to him. “How long were you standing there watching me?”

He smirked. “Long enough. You’re a great dancer.”

You blush and get your bacon out of the skillet, putting it on a plate. You try to focus on the food in front of you instead of looking at Peter.

He comes over behind you and wraps his arms around your waist like before. He sways with you to the music. He leans down and whispers in your ear, “is that my shirt?”

You blush again, knowing he must think that you’re obsessed with him. Or crazy. He’s never going to want to…

Your thoughts were cut off by him turning you the face him. He tips your chin up to make you look at him. “You look beautiful.” He says, barely above a whisper. “Much better in it than I do.”

The song changed. It was now Strange Magic. He put his hands on your waist and pulled you away from the counter. You put one hand on his shoulder and grabbed his other hand. The two of you danced around and he just looked into your eyes. He pulled your hand up and spun you around and pulled you back into him. You literally felt like the breath was kicked out of you as you looked at him.

“And you say you’re not a dancer.” He whispered.

“If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you, Quill.”

He smirked down at you. “With your spatula?” He said.

You pushed him, making him laugh more. You rolled your eyes and pulled out of his arms entirely. You go over and grab your plate of food and go sit at the table. You grab some orange juice and start eating. Peter comes over and sits down next to you. He’s looking on his tablet at the news you assumed.

You finished your breakfast and leaned back in your chair, looking over at Peter. You wondered where he went that morning. You wanted to ask, but you didn’t want to pry. You didn’t want to come off as “that girl”. You know… the clingy ones. The two of you weren’t even a couple. You were just friends… that danced in the kitchen while you have no pants on… that admire each other.. that have sex…

“Where did you run off to this morning?” You blurt out suddenly, surprising yourself and Peter.

He looked a little dumbfounded. Like he wasn’t expecting you to ask. “I just had some things to do around the ship. I got up when I usually do.” He said, simply.

You knew that was true. He was always busy at work.

“So, when are we going to talk about the fact that we’re more than friends?” You ask, wondering to yourself where this is coming from. You never reached out on such a limb before.

He literally spit out his coffee and dropped his tablet on the table, looking over at you. “Are we doing this? Talking about this?”


“Okay… here we go,” he says. “The night that I kissed you… we both were so stressed out because of the whole Ego situation. It just kind of happened and it was a blur.”

You nod to him, urging him to continue.

“I just wasn’t expecting it to be anything more than two friends who got a little drunk and made a mistake. I wasn’t expecting it to happen again… and again… and ag-”

You reach over and punch his arm. He smirked at you. “You just kept begging for more.” You said.

“Oh, me? I was begging? What about you?” He says. “Oh, Peter! Please, I need you inside of me!” He continued in a high pitch moany voice.

You deadpanned him. “The night in the cockpit.” You said, simply.

He stopped smiling, and just looked over at you. “That’s cold.” He said.

“Y/N, I need you. I need to not think for a few minutes. All I want to think about is us for a few minutes.” You say in a deep voice.

He just looked down and you wondered if you said something that offended him.

“I used you.” He said.

“What?” You say, furrowing your eyebrows.

“I was selfish and used you not to think about my problems.”

“I used you too.” You said. He looked up at you. “I didn’t want to think about my issues either. I loved how I could just lose myself in you.”

You each just stare at each other for a moment. Peter finally gets up and pulls you out of your chair. He looks down at you in an adoring way. You tried to keep your breathing steady. He began to lean in and your heart set on fire. You had kissed plenty of times. But suddenly it felt so different.

His lips brushed against yours and you almost let out a gasp. You reached up and destroyed the small gap between your lips. The kiss was soft, and slow. It wasn’t sexual at all. It was sweet.

He pulled away and let his head rest on your forehead. “This is more than friendship.” He said.

“Yes.” You said.

“This is also… more than just sex.” He said.

This was not something you had imagined hearing. You smiled up at him. “Yes… it is.”


pairing: reader x jungkook

rating: pg14

word count: 1.0k

m a s t e r l i s t 

Only three things were required in order for a movie night to be considered successful: a) a movie, obviously, b) blankets, to cuddle into, of course, and c) popcorn, self-explanatory. Unfortunately, this particular movie night was running low on c, and it was your turn to heat some more.

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favorite stalia moments?

OK so I love, love, love, their sleepover when Stiles can’t get comfortable, I think that’s probably my favourite Stalia scene because it’s so layered. At the beginning of the sequence, Stiles can’t sleep because he isn’t comfortable sharing his space

so they go through all of these positions to find a new form of comfort for him

and I absolutely adore when Malia is like, fine, and has them face back-to-back

because Stiles is like

because they’re not entwined with each other, he isn’t used to having someone else in his bed but he doesn’t want to not be snuggling with Malia either. And then he has this adorably sheepish look on his face when he knows he’s being difficult but he just wants to be comfortable and wrapped with Malia somehow:

then they find his new comfort:

and we very rarely see women snuggling men so I enjoyed that and I also enjoyed that now that Malia is gone he can’t sleep, whether or not he’s in the middle is now irrelevant:

I also really loved the “I would never leave without you” because Stiles is panicking:

and the matter-of-fact way Malia says that she would never bail without Stiles by her side:

like it goes to show how much they mean to each other, Stiles’ concern that she would take off and Malia combating her animalistic instinct for Stiles.

And then I loved the echo of that:

and the way Stiles stares at her:

there is so much affection in his gaze and my friend who has never seen Teen Wolf but watched the Stalia and Scira scenes spoke about how it looked like it was tearing Stiles apart to leave Malia for that moment:

and he has such a sense of urgency when he comes back to her, the way he run-walks:

I love their reunion scene because first of all it really showed again how much Stiles knows Malia because he can help her express things she has difficulty articulating:

I also thought it was such a mixture of chemistry and affection because there is some really intense “I’m sorry, I miss you”

but there’s also a sexual tension undercurrent to this scene that made it even angstier

and then there was so much catharsis in their actual reconciliation

I love their first sex scene. Antis like to tear it apart but whatever, I liked it because Malia wanted to do something that felt natural to her so she did it, there were no puritanical hangups about it, she was comfortable in her sexuality and Stiles was more than comfortable too, he’s enthusiastic and he clearly cares about Malia:

When he won’t leave her when shes about to coyote out and the way he strokes her face when she manages to stay human, that sense of tenderness:

Bringing her into math class because that was hilarious:

and subsequently when he realizes she’s using the same method he uses when trying to decipher something:

Their morning “morning breath” make out

Their “focus” kiss

and how it completely shakes Stiles

and gets Malia to concentrate

Kill Zone - Part 8: More To Him

Characters: Reader (Special Agent Y/N Singer), Dean Winchester, Special Agent Castiel Novak, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Cassandra Robbins (mentioned), Unnamed agents, unnamed cops  

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Warnings: character death(s) mentioned, Dean being as ass, implied smut, actual smut (just a tiny bit - shower sex), lots of fluff, guns and suspense and all the usual for this series.  

Word Count: 5500ish

A/N: This is a serial killer AU of sorts. Not the typical kind, but it has all the deaths and violence this kinda AU bring with it. It was sorta inspired by Criminal Minds and that is why my agents are profilers.

This series will have deaths, violence, love, heartwarming moments and everything in between. I am hereby warning you for yet another rollercoaster ride led by me ;)

Thanks to the amazing @percywinchester27 for being my advisor and beta on this one.


You could definitely get used to this. You couldn’t remember the last time you had woken up this happy, certainly not in the arms of someone else. Dean was still sound asleep when you tilted your head slightly looking up at him. You smiled, resting your chin on his chest. Content to just feel his arms wrapped around your body and his steady heartbeat under your hand. He looked so peaceful and blissful in this moment. There was no trace of the angry man you had met only a few days ago. You couldn’t help but wonder how he had looked sleeping the day before you had met, and how much you had to do with the serene look on his face.

You quietly leaned over, pressing your lips against his cheek, careful not to wake him, before gently removing his arm from your body, so you could roll out of bed and get dressed. You had barely gotten your yoga pants on before Dean’s morning gruff voice sounded behind you.


You turned around to look over your shoulder after quickly pulling on your top to see Dean push himself up onto his elbow, turning to face you. His hair was ruffled from sleep, or maybe from your hands last night, either way he looked adorable, and you couldn’t help the grin that spread across your lips when he sleepily ran his hand across his face.

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Harry Styles - #SoloHarry Interview Imagine

[I too am in love with shy, bumbling Harry. I’m in love with any and all Harry’s there are, though honestly. Enjoy!]

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BTS Reaction: You’re insecure about being natural around them

Request:  I love ur blog so much I was super happy to see your request were open again lol 😭❤️ do you think you can do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend being too insecure to be natural around them? Like no makeup, natural hair, etc?

A/N: This is honestly so sweet thank you so much! I can only apologise for the wait, but I really hope it’s worth it for being such a sweetheart <3 xx


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I think Jin would wonder if it was something he was doing wrong as you were so insecure and so he would go out of his way to compliment you, whether it be on your appearance or that your laugh was particularly adorable. Either way he would just try and make you feel comfortable enough around him to be natural without make up or your hair done, but he wouldn’t want to pressure you into it either as he respected that it was your body and your choice. 


Originally posted by kthmyg

He would watch you finishing off your make up before a date and would look at you and wonder why on earth a girl as beautiful as you both in and out would feel the need to wear so much make up. Of course you looked beautiful with it on too but he started to feel concerned that you felt like you needed it. He would sit next to you and whisper in your ear that you simply didn’t need it but when you explained you wanted to he would leave it at that, leaving a tender kiss on your cheek.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

I think at first Hobi would be concerned, after all his main priority would be making sure you realised how beautiful you truly were and he was confused as to how you couldn’t see that. However, when he realised that you weren’t ready to be naturally beautiful around him yet he would make an effort to learn about your make up, asking you lots of questions and pointing out the ones his make up noonas use to reassure you it was okay.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by bangthebae

While Namjoon would definitely appreciate the effort you put into your hair and make up, he would definitely drum into you that it wasn’t necessary and that you could show up bare faced and beautiful. Regardless, you knew the subtle looks and not so subtle heart eyes were a clear indication of how beautiful he thought you were but he would be understanding if you didn’t want to yet. 


Originally posted by chimcheroo

He would regularly play with your hair, loving the feeling of running his hands through it but one day he asked you what your hair was like naturally, when you first woke up in the morning. When you told him you thought it looked awful he dismissed you immediately, still patting your hair tenderly and promising himself that he would see it someday and tell you how beautiful it was.


Originally posted by armyfanclub

Taehyung would beg you to show him your face without make up but when you refused, compromised with maybe a little less make up or a more natural look. When you finally complied he told you how gorgeous you looked and how he could only imagine how radiant you were without it and that he hoped to see it someday before sitting with you and pulling faces in the mirror.


Originally posted by jeonbase

Little Kook wouldn’t be too sure how to handle your insecurity until he had a brainwave. He walked out the bathroom one day with his hair sticking up everywhere and remnants of your make up strewn over his face with lipstick up to his ears. ‘See Jagi, now you’ve seen me like this you gotta let me see you all natural’ he’d giggle, attempting to wipe his face on your shoulder.

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13 and 15 with Suga

Boy Next Door (Yoongi x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “Are you hurt?” + “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?”

Summary: Your new neighbour is developing a habit of crawling through your bedroom window when he’s bored. You know you should stop him, but you can’t bring yourself to do it. 

Word count: 1.6k words

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

You were excited when you’re parents told you a new family was moving next door. You were even more excited when you heard a boy who was your age would be your neighbour. In the middle of summer with nothing to do, you couldn’t help but fantasize about the perfect boy next door. It was every teenager’s dream, wasn’t it?

One early Friday morning, you were roused by loud noises coming from outside. Drowsily, you stumbled to your feet and peered out your bedroom window. It was pointless, of course, because the houses on your street were too close together, so all you could see was the vacant house’s bedroom window.

Only, the house wasn’t so vacant anymore.

A boy was standing in front of the window, brushing his teeth while looking half asleep. From what you could see, he had dark hair, pale skin, and some really nice hands. Then, his sharp eyes flicked to yours, and you soon discovered that your neighbour’s gaze was piercing.

Squeaking, you dropped to the ground–out of sight. You felt your cheeks heating up, totally embarrassed that you had been caught spying. Repressing the urge to scream, you crawled out of your bedroom and into the hall, where the noises from outside grew louder.

Now, you knew it was because your new neighbours were finally moving in. And you also knew that the boy next door was as cute as you had hoped. But of course he had to see you rumpled with sleep and invading his privacy.

Shaking your head, you got back to your feet and thudded down the stairs. In the kitchen, your mom was sipping a cup of coffee as she peered out the window, evidently spying on your new neighbours as well.

“Why didn’t you tell me they were moving in today?” you whined, throwing yourself onto a kitchen chair and slumping over the small table in front of you.

“I didn’t want to wake you up so early,” your mom replied, turning around to look at you. “Why, did something happen?”

“The boy is in the bedroom across mine,” you explained hesitantly. “He may or may not have seen me spying.”

“I heard his name’s Yoongi. He’s pretty cute, no?” your mom cackled. “Let’s just hope he finds the spying endearing, not creepy.”

Later in the afternoon, the August heat became unbearable. In your small room, there was little ventilation, so you were sweating buckets. Pushing away from your desk, you walked across the room to the window. You hoped your neighbour wouldn’t be able to see you. With a grunt, you pulled the large window open, feeling a gentle breeze billow through the opening. It wasn’t much, but it made the heat a little less painful.

Returning to your desk, you became so engrossed in watching anime that you didn’t process the sound of the window across yours clicking open. You didn’t hear the sound of someone struggling to stand on their window frame. You didn’t hear the sound of them leaping through the air.

But you did hear the loud crash of something colliding with your bedroom floor.

“Oh my god!” you squealed, spinning around in your chair. In front of you, Yoongi was sprawled on your hardwood floors, facedown and unmoving. “Uh, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Yoongi grunted, his voice muffled since he had yet to lift his head. Eventually, he pushed himself upright, opting to sit cross-legged facing you. When he didn’t elaborate on the situation, you crossed your arms.

“Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I wouldn’t call it crawling, it was more of a leap,” Yoongi replied, not answering your question. “For a second, I thought I wouldn’t make it. Luckily the drop isn’t that big.”

“You shouldn’t be jumping through windows. That’s dangerous,” you scolded. “But still, that doesn’t explain anything.”

“I’m just bored,” Yoongi said, shrugging his shoulders. “I’ve been unpacking for hours, and I need a break. Our WiFi isn’t set up yet either, so that really sucks.”

You nodded at that, feeling a little sympathy for Yoongi’s situation. “You could have just knocked on the door like a normal person,” you pointed out.

“Yeah, but this was faster. Plus, I’m already here,” Yoongi responded. He jerked his head in the direction of your laptop. “What are you watching?”

“One Punch Man,” you answered slowly, a little embarrassed. But Yoongi’s lips twitched into a little smile, and you thought it was adorable.

“Sweet,” he said, turning to look at the laptop expectantly. “I’m Yoongi, by the way. You’re Y/N, right?”

“Yep, that’s me,” you replied. You picked up your laptop and sat on the floor beside Yoongi, setting the laptop in front of your crossed legs. “I just finished this episode.”

So you and Yoongi spent the rest of the afternoon watching One Punch Man on your laptop. It was a really odd situation, but it was surprisingly comfortable. Little conversations popped up here and there, and you took a surprising liking to your new neighbour. And luckily, he didn’t bring up the spying incident from earlier that day.

Eventually, when dinnertime came, Yoongi announced his departure and disappeared through the window he entered by. You peered after him curiously, but he had already faded into the darkness of his bedroom, completely out of sight. Smiling, you turned away from the window. You figured you should close it, but something compelled you to keep it open.

The next evening, while you were blasting music through your speakers, Yoongi came tumbling through your window again. You shrieked, dropping the nail polish you were holding onto your floor. Cursing, you reached blindly for some tissues to wipe up the spilled liquid.

Yoongi watched you clean expressionlessly, although you couldn’t help but feel his blank gaze was judgemental.

“This stuff is expensive, okay? Plus it stains,” you said defensively, tossing the crumpled tissues covered in black nail polish into the garbage. “Give me some warning next time.”

“What, am I supposed to yell through the window?” Yoongi snorted. “I feel like that wouldn’t make much of a difference.”

“I dunno, just text me or something,” you suggested. Yoongi raised his eyebrow at you, and you stared at him blankly before you realized you hadn’t exchanged numbers yet. “Oh, give me your phone. I’ll put in my number.”

“I left it inside,” Yoongi shrugged.

“Ugh, whatever,” you groaned. You plopped onto your bed and looked at Yoongi suspiciously. “So, why are you here?”

“Bored,” Yoongi replied simply. “Plus, you’re blasting some pretty shit music. I had to come turn it off.”

“Excuse me?” you balk. You pointed a finger at Yoongi. “You trespass into my room and then insult my music? Who do you think you are?”

“I’m just telling you the truth,” Yoongi smirked. You wanted to punch him in the face, but you also wanted to kiss him because damn that was hot. Wait, kiss?

Yoongi got to his feet and walked over to your laptop, sitting on your desk chair. “Let me show you some real music,” Yoongi said, typing something into your computer. Eventually, a new song started playing.

It was just a drum beat at first, but soon powerful rapping began to play. It was fast, and the rapper had a raspy, emotive voice. And their voice sounded strangely familiar.

“Wait, is this your mixtape?” you asked, your jaw dropping.

“And if it is?” Yoongi said, spinning in the chair to give you a look.

“What a shameless plug!” you exclaimed, clutching your stomach as you laughed. Yoongi gave you an offended look, and you brushed tears out of your eyes. “But this is really good. I didn’t know you rapped. That’s so cool.”

“Thanks,” Yoongi said, glancing away. You weren’t sure, but it looked like he was blushing. “But you have no taste in music, so it doesn’t mean much.”

“Hey!” you shouted, launching a pillow at Yoongi’s head. It bounced off rather harmlessly, but the look Yoongi gave you was murderous. He stood and approached you silently, and you backed up instinctively.

Then, Yoongi’s hands shot out, grabbing your waist and squeezing. You burst into laughter, trying to wiggle away, but Yoongi only tickled you harder. Tears streamed down your face as you laughed silently, your stomach clenching.

“I’m gonna pee,” you wheezed out, trying to push Yoongi’s hands away.

He made a face at that and backed off quickly. “That’s gross,” Yoongi said, his nose crinkling.

“It’s natural,” you sniffed. “You’re lucky I didn’t. That’s what you get if you tickle me.”

“Duly noted,” Yoongi laughed. He glanced out your window at the darkening sky. “I should get back now. I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah,” you smiled, feeling more fond than you thought was appropriate. “See you soon.”

With that, Yoongi jumped onto your window frame, crouching precariously between your room and a two-storey fall. Then, with confidence, he pushed himself forward, leaping through the air and through his window. Yoongi crashed to the ground of his own bedroom, his muttered curses travelling through the quiet night.

You felt a bit lonely, even though he had just left. But at least you had tomorrow to look forward to. Grinning, you turned back to your computer and flopped onto the chair. You realized Yoongi had still left his mixtape up. Turning the volume on your speakers way down, you played his music, realizing that you may be developing a little crush.

Oh well.

- Girl in Luv

Ok so I was going to write I Got You On My Mind tonight, but I don’t have the time nor the energy for 2k+ part right now. I know I suck, but I want to be able to put out good content and sometimes I just can’t force a story. Plus, this one looked like a lot of fun, which it was. So I’m sorry for everyone who’s waiting, and I promise it’ll be out soon! I hope you enjoyed this imagine, stay tuned for more 💛

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Which characters do you think would most likely wear a matching onesie with their s/o? I have no idea where this came from except that I'm currently wearing my own onesie. 😂

We have a secret for you, anon… Us admins had extensive onesie headcanons long before you sent this in. This was just fun to write, though! 
~Admins Emma, Alyx and Ellie

Asahi: You got him a Totoro onesie for his birthday; it was about 50% a joke, but it backfired, because he’s addicted to the thing. Suga makes fun of him and Noya judges the hell out of him but he doesn’t even care because he’s toasty as hell and he looks adorable, so there! The fact that it was a gift from you? Even better; plus it gives him extra excuses for extra cuddles, so it’s fantastic. It doesn’t really fit all that well, considering how tall and broad he is, but he doesn’t really care, so long as he’s comfortable.

Bokuto: Super pumped always. Super into cheesy matching stuff either way, but in his opinion, nothing beats a super cozy onesie. It’s cliche as hell, but he definitely has an owl one (he’s committed to his aesthetic). Problem is no matter what he does, it’s about two sizes too small in the shoulders and too short on the arms and legs, so he always has to roll his up and leave it a bit open on the collar. #Baraproblems

Kuroo: Nya, bitches! He wears his cat onesie with fucking pride and he’ll fight you if you say anything about it. Kuroo is social, studious, and dedicated as hell, so he’s out and about 90% of his life. When he has a day with just you, he refuses to human and just burritos in his cozy-ass onesie with coffee and Disney movies. If you manage to special-order one to fit his titan ass, he will be forever grateful.

Oikawa: Let’s be honest, he’s at least partly into it just for the cutesy couple selfie. To be fair, though, the two of you do look absolutely adorable. Besides, the things are cozy. What better to curl up in and watch alien movies with you? (Oikawa does have about a foot of ankle sticking out at the bottom, but that’s what his extensive sock collection is for.)

Ushijima: Honestly, he is down for just about anything you’re into, and if it’s matching onesies, then he won’t fight you. He might not 100% get it, but he must admit the thing is comfortable. Sadly, it is so small on him, he basically has to pull the ankle cuffs right under his knees, which sort of defeats the purpose, but all the better to admire those calves, really. Even if he totally overwhelms the little cow onesie you got him (“Ah, because the first character in my name means “cow.” I get it.”) he looks totally precious and is 100% down for snuggles no matter the wardrobe choices, so everything is great by his standards.

Tendou: Pokemon onesies, anyone? It really doesn’t matter which pokemon, Tendou will love it. However, he’ll look entirely too adorable in a pikachu one–his hair matches the cheek spots. Okay so maybe it’s like 50% adorable and 50% ridiculous, but you love him for it. Even when he keeps saying ‘pika pika!’ even after you told him that it was funny the first fifty times, Satori. It’s still worth it though, because eventually he will actually stop, and you get to enjoy the coziest, toastiest cuddles ever.

SF9 Reaction: Seeing their girlfriend without makeup for the first time

||| Anon asked: Could you do a reaction to SF9 finally seeing their GF without makeup for once and finally see a birthmark on her right cheek that takes up little less than half her face? |||

Kim Inseong

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“Aww Jagi you look so cute!!”

Kim Youngbin

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“I don’t want to offend you, but you should go natural more often.”

Lee Jaeyoon

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“Well I must say seeing your naturally red cheeks makes you even more cuter.”

Dawon/Lee Sanghyuk

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“You’re so pretty without it, I don’t see that much of a difference.”

Zuho/Baek Juho

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“You know, it may sound like I’m lying just to please you but I find makeup free faces so much prettier.”

Rowoon/Kim Seokwoo

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“What did I do to deserve seeing your adorable face like this?”

Yoo Taeyang

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“I love the way you look either way but seeing you like this for the first time, somehow made me happy!”

Kim Hwiyoung

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“Now I can kiss your forehead without getting foundation on my lips.” he teased you.

Chani/Kang Chanhee

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“Woah! Is this my Jagi I’m talking to? You look so cute.”

A/N: Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc. I keep up with a lot of groups. Both male and female!! 😉

N.Shippuden Ep.497 Review.




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Kankuro you got some extravagant money? Since we’re big spenders all of a sudden. But I was still happy to see Kankuro 😝

Temari is soooooo me right now. I like this boy, but I stay trying to avoid him smh.

I’m just sitting here thinking, you’re really gonna try and feed Naruto for a year?? 🤔

The way Lee’s still so nice to Gaara even though he almost ruined his career as a shinobi warms my heart tbh 💕

I felt like I was watching Rock Lee’s spin off lmao

Gaara is adorable as fuck, look at his little gourd.

I don’t where either of yall think this money is going to come from but..



Peep Yamato in the background looking at Orichimaru lmaooo. He’s just waiting for him to step outta line.


Wouldn’t a relationship like ShikaTema be nice? As extra as you are sometimes, they still will find their way back to you.

They’re so beautiful 😭😭 (lol @ Ino and Choji)

And then this happen, like okay Kishi you’re trying to make me bawl.

Lee admires Gaara much it’s so fucking cute 😇

Because she got the 

There isn’t nothing like some good dick to help your mood.

Another blessed episode 😍

Tadashi Hamada Imagine - Sleepy Genius

As you opened one of the large doors to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, you cringed as the door clicked loudly and the sound seemed to echo through the seemingly empty building.
You silently closed the door again and pulled the hoody you wore tighter around yourself as you made your way to the elevator and pushed the button that sends the elevator on its slow journey to the robotics lab.
The elevator dinged lightly as it opened up to the dimly lit hallway. All of the lights were off, except for the ones in a certain inventor’s lab. The lights in his workspace sort of illuminated the hallway slightly as they seeped out from underneath the door.
You made your way to the door as quietly as possible and paused as you saw the faint outline of someone seated at a desk, tinkering with something. The figure was too busy concentrating to notice when you slid the door open slightly and slipped into the room before closing it again.
You slowly walked over to the hunched over boy and saw that he was fiddling with a circuit board, occasionally running his hands through his already messed up hair in frustration.
“Dashi, it’s time for bed.” You whisper these words in the handsome young man’s ear as you slowly wind your arms around his shoulders and rest your head on top of his.
Tadashi jumps slightly at the contact but relaxes almost instantly as your scent engulfs him and your sweet voice floats through his ears. He leans backward into your embrace with a sigh as he rubs his hands across his face before interlacing them with your own.
“I know baby, I know,” Tadashi replies tiredly. “I just need to finish this last component and I’ll be done for today.”
“Tadashi, it’s two in the morning.” You say blankly as you turn your head to give him a stern look. “You need to sleep, now, before that big brain of yours explodes.”
Tadashi gave a slight chuckle before taking in your serious look and giving you a sheepish smile in return. The staring competition commenced as your eyes gazed deeply into his chocolatey brown ones. The teen heaved a sigh as he knew that he couldn’t argue with you.
Tadashi grabbed the circuit board he was working on, put it inside of a tiny plastic box and stuck it in his top drawer before turning off the desk lamp, causing the room to dim drastically. Tadashi stretched out his aching limbs as you stood back and watched him, blushing slightly when you caught a sneaky peak of his well-defined abdominal muscles.
Tadashi grabbed his famous cap and pulled it over his unruly locks before grabbing his backpack and interlacing his fingers with yours with a gentle, yet tired smile. You returned the smile and tugged Tadashi’s large hand, guiding him out of his office.
Once all of the building’s lights had been turned off and the doors locked, you guided Tadashi to your adorable little car and the two of you buckled up so you could drive to your apartment. You didn’t attend the ‘nerd school’ with your boyfriend, but went to another university, so your parents helped you buy your own apartment fairly close to the campuses of both yours and Tadashi’s universities.
As you drove the car was silent apart from the radio playing softly. You glanced over at your boyfriend, only to find that he had fallen asleep as soon as his tired body came into contact with the soft, spongy material of the passenger seat.
You giggled quietly and internally cooed at the adorable sight before once again focusing on the road and pulling into the parking lot of your apartment building.  
“Dashi,” You sweetly whispered as you rubbed slow circles into his arm. “Sweetie, we’re here.”
Tadashi stirred slightly before a huge yawn took over as he rubbed at his tired eyes like a cute little toddler just waking from a nap. You smiled softly as you ran your fingers along the baby soft hairs at his nape, waking him up a little more.
“Come on, let’s go inside baby.” As you said these words you grabbed the key from the ignition and climbed out of the car to grab Tadashi’s backpack from the backseat.
As the blurry eyed young man stumbled out of the car with a yawn, he seemed surprised as he realized exactly where he was.
“Babe, why aren’t we at the café?” Tadashi mumbled with confusion as he turned to you with the most adorable look on his face; like a puppy that would tilt its head in confusion.
“My place is closer, so I drove here instead,” You explained, even though the distance was pretty much the same either way. “Plus, I know how you feel about me driving home alone late at night.”
Tadashi didn’t argue with your reasoning and simply nodded as he threw an arm around your shoulders and followed as you led him into the apartment building and on your way to your apartment.
You struggled a little to keep Tadashi awake in the elevator as he rested limply against you and drifted in and out of dream land.
When you had finally gotten into your apartment Tadashi simply collapsed on your bed and started to doze off as he snuggled his face into the soft covers that smelt of you.
You giggled and simply shook your head as you unlaced and removed Tadashi’s converse from his large feet. Next you took off his signature baseball cap, followed by his soft yellow cardigan, his white T-shirt, and his brown denims.
Whilst you removed Tadashi’s clothes he simply dozed with a gentle smile on his face. Once your boyfriend was sorted you moved onto completing your own routine before bed. You took off all of your clothes, except for your underwear and threw on Tadashi’s shirt before heading to the bathroom to do your thing.
When you returned from the bathroom you noticed that Tadashi had moved from where he had collapsed on your bed earlier. He was now snuggled under the covers on what you two agreed was his side of the bed and had his arms spread out as if waiting for you to curl up in them.
After making sure that all of the lights were turned off and that your alarm clock was off, (you figured you and Tadashi could skip one day of classes) you climbed into your boyfriend’s waiting arms and snuggled up against his warm, muscular chest.
Tadashi wrapped his arms around you protectively and smiled as you placed a small lingering kiss on his collar bone. The teen nuzzled his nose into your soft hair and breathed deeply, taking in your comforting scent.
“Good night baby,” Tadashi mumbled. “I love you.”
“I love you too my Einstein.” Was your simple reply as you too started to drift off in the comfort and safety of Tadashi’s arms.

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Thought so do Saiyan's tails only grow back if they lost it as a child? i.e. Goku and Gohan both grew theirs back as kids, but not as adults? i.e. Vegeta's tail. Also in DB they showed Goku struggling to walk without his tail, but didn't do as much when Vegeta lost his you would think it would take Vegeta longer to adjust since he grew up with his tail.


That’s a good question.

I do wish Veggie got his tail back, if only because I’ve read some really, um, interesting fanfiction featuring it…

I guess it only grows back when they’re kids and not when they’re adults.

About Vegeta losing it as an adult and quickly recovering from its loss, I have no idea why that was. Maybe because he was older, and he was physically much stronger than Goku was as a kid, he didn’t feel the difference the way a child did?

He was also able to control his Oozaru form, something Goku and Gohan could never achieve either, perhaps Vegeta had greater control over his body?

He was still pretty messed up afterwards anyway, since the battle against Goku was so brutal and it took so much from him…

I guess we’ll never know, but it’s kind of sad we’ll never see an Oozaru transformation again (unless little Bra has a tail, which I doubt).

He also looked so adorable when his tail puffed up like a giant kitty!

Park Encounter

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KJ Apa x reader 

Prompt: You meet KJ in a park while drawing and listening to one of his songs

Warnings: Language

You are sitting at a park in a bench, drawing the beautiful tree in front of you with the lilac flowers. You were using watercolor pencils and the result so far was satisfying. You were listening music through your headphones, too loud probably since everyone that passed in front of you could easily hear what you were listening. You couldn’t live without art or music that was for sure.

You were jeans, white sneakers and a turquoise sweatshirt. Your long messy wavy (Y/H/C) down. You weren’t wearing make up but you did have some paint on your face since you were painting in your appartment before deciding to go to the park.

You were listening to Halsey when the song changed and a KJ Apa song came on. More specificallly, “Pillowcase in the sky”. You sweared that man had an amazing voice.

 Perfect body. Mesmerising smile. Incredibly goodlooking. Talented. How could he be so perfect?

You were so concestrated in putting on the final touches that you didn’t notice that someone sat next to you. Your work was interrupted when your phone vibrated in your pocket. 

“Who the fuck is it?” you thought aloud. You paused the music and took of your headphones, letting them rest in your neck. You saw the phone’s screen and realised it was your best friend.

“Heyyyyyy” you said answering the phone.

“Heyyy! I am so sorry but can you grab some coffee on the way home?”

“Sure babygirl!”

“Stop calling me babygirlll”

“Why?I mean I am the daddy in the relationship.”

“We are not in a relationship bro.”

“What do you mean we are not in a relationship dude?” you said laughing and you heard someone doing the same next to you. You turn to look and there he was…..

“Ehmm I am gonna call you later bro.” you said and hunged up. There were two ways this could go. You would either be an awkward mess or a smooth motherfucker. You were hoping for the latter. “Well hello there!”

“Hello! You see I am trying to talk to you for quite a while now but you were listening to music and you couldn’t hear me and I didn’t want to bother you. You are very talented by the way.” he said with a smile and his adorable accent.

“Oh thank you! And I am so terribly sorry, you see I like my music reallyy loud.” Yes! Smooth motherfucker!

“Oh it’s okay! And yeah I noticed! Excellent music taste by the way. That’s what intrested me in you. You were listening to one of my songs.” 

“Yeah, Pillowcase in the sky?”

“So… You know me…?”

“KJ Apa, right? Yeah, I watch Riverdale.”

“Well that’s unfair because I don’t who the beauty standing in front of me is.” he said looking deep into your eyes.

“You flirt…. The name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” 

“If I heard correctly you must go grab some coffee, so why don’t we go grab it together?”

“Sure! Even if the last part sounded kind of weird KJ.”

“Oh my god! You perv… Oh you can also call me daddy.”

“Ha! You wish.”

“You mean I am not daddy?”

“Oh you are… But I am the supreme daddy.” you said winking at him.

“We’ll see that…I mean you haven’t had sex with me yet”

“I like where this is going….“

I am thinking of doing a part two. What do you guys think? 

Dating Remus Lupin would include...

- probably meeting in the library and becoming acquaintances

- Remus stealing glances at you while you read and vice versa

- developing a huge crush on each other

- Sirius, James, and Peter getting you together when they catch Remus staring at you

- poor Remus blushing and stuttering asking you out on a Hogsmede trip

- turning beet red and happily accepting, also a stuttering mess

- you basically become inseparable after that

- cuddles are such a major for you

- you’ll typically read together or to each other

- study dates all the damn time

- wearing his sweaters

- “ You look gorgeous, love”

-you finding out about his “furry little problem” before he and the boys even told you

- eventually telling him you know and love and accept him either way, it doesn’t change anything

-Remus crying tears of joy that you’re not disgusted by him and appreciating you for helping him after full moons

- “ I love you so damn much ”

-being that adorable couple that everyone always sees together and is goals 💕

 -getting married a bit after graduating from Hogwarts and starting a family together

- loving each other far after you’re both old a wrinkly

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Equally Breathtaking

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where he comes home to the reader walking around in his clothes. Steaminess ensues. @coveofmemories @sweetg @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


After a week away on an unbelievably difficult case, there was nothing he wanted to do more than go home to Y/N. Earlier in the day, she’d texted to say that she’d made his favorite dish, chicken cutlet and baked ziti, and couldn’t wait until he got home.

To say he was lucky she was in his life was an understatement. She understood the pressures of his job. Never made him feel guilty for being away so often. When he was home, he gave her everything he had, and then did the same at work. It was tough, but it was enough. 

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his keys and rattled them in the lock. After what felt like ages, the key finally fell into place. The second he stepped inside, the vision before him caused him to drop his bag to the floor. Dancing around in the kitchen was the love of his life, damp, wavy hair hanging loosely at her shoulders as she prepped the last of their dinner. “Hey baby,” she said as she turned around. “What are you looking at me like that for?”

“Why wouldn’t I be looking at the most beautiful woman in the world?” he asked as he scanned her frame. Apparently, she’d decided her own clothes weren’t good enough. She was wearing one of his button-down shirts, one of the older ones that hadn’t been ironed in a while, which hung loosely on her torso. As his eyes fell toward her legs, he noticed the material of his boxers hugging the curves of her bottom. The messy yet beautiful vision before him made him smile. “What happened to your clothes?”

Confused, she looked down, as if only now realizing that she was wearing his clothes. “I was running around all day, cleaning and cooking and doing laundry and I got really, really hot in my own clothes, so I decided to change, but everything I picked out was just going to be too tight and I needed freedom.” She rambled on, shaking her breasts for emphasis. “So I took one of your shirts and even though I knew you were coming home tonight, it smelled like you, and I’ve missed you, so I put it on and it was comfortable, so I kept it on.”

God she was beautiful. It didn’t matter if she was decked out in the most beautiful silk dress, matching heels, perfect make-up and gorgeously coiffed hair, or standing in front of him with damp hair and dressed in his shirt and boxers. She was equally breathtaking either way - the most beautiful woman in the world. “And the boxers?” he asked, his eyebrow raising as he glided his hands over her bottom.

That amazingly, adorable, embarrassed smile painted itself across her features. “I know how much you like how my butt looks in your boxers.” That he couldn’t deny. He was a big fan of her butt - his boxers, her panties, nothing at all - it didn’t matter. “You want dinner?” When he couldn’t keep his eyes off her, she must’ve noticed. “Or I could put it away for now?”

“Yea,” he said dreamily. He wasn’t normally the kind of man to get away with any kind of dirty talk, he couldn’t pull it off, but when he was in a daze, she found it cute. “I think I’d rather have dessert first.”

She giggled and stepped up on her tiptoes to give him a peck on the lips. After he helped her put the food away, he spun her into him and gradually backed her into their bedroom. “I’ve missed you,” he said more seriously. 

“I’ve missed you, too,” she breathed. As he backed her into the bed, she fell backward, causing them both to giggle. He dropped to his knees beside the bed and grazed his hands up her thighs and underneath his shirt, gliding his gun-roughened palms over her sensitive nipples. The sound of her moan ran up his body, goosebumps showering themselves across his skin. 

Y/N dipped her finger into her center, bringing it out and dabbing the wetness across his lips. He groaned and took her finger into his mouth, sucking it clean before peeling down the boxers and throwing them to the side. He bent his head to her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs. She was needy, grinding her pelvis downward and silently begging for the magic of his tongue, but he wanted to take her all in. “Mine,” he mumbled softly. 

As he kissed closer and closer toward her center, she deftly undid the buttons of his shirt, letting the material fall to the side and expose her needy skin. When he finally pursed his lips against the swollen bundle of nerves that had been begging for him since the moment he got home, she lightly gasped and grabbed his curls, pushing his mouth to where she needed him most. “More, please, Spence.” His cock twitched at her words and they drove him further, burying his face into her slick heat. She writhed beneath his mouth as he licked, sucked and kissed her. “Please, I need you inside me.”

“Is that so?” he asked coyly as he crawled up her body, gently lifting her off the bed to peel the rest of his clothing off her.

Eagerly, she nodded and bit her lip, desperate to feel him inside her after a week away, and he was more than needy for her. When he was on a case, he was 100 percent there, but once he left, the need for home and her was even greater than if he had been thinking about her while on the job. 

Spencer pushed himself off the bed and ridded himself of his clothes. He breathed a sigh of relief when his erection was free from the constraints of his own boxers. As he crawled onto the bed and hovered over her, she reached out for his length, teasing the tip and bringing the remnants up to her mouth to taste his desperation. “Please fuck me,” she begged. Her half-lidded gaze was nearly enough to push him over the edge, so when he slipped inside her, her walls tightening around his member, he cried out and took her mouth in his. 

A strangled cry ripped from her throat as his cock hit the deepest parts of her. But neither of them could get as close as they wanted. The room filled with grunts, groans and whimpers as he kept up his pace, watching for signs of increased desperation. “Oh, god, fuck,” she cried underneath him, reaching down and grabbing his ass. With one hand on his ass and the other around his back, she pulled him into her as closely as she possibly could and bit down on his shoulder.

“Oh fuck, Y/N,” he cried out, pulling out and releasing himself onto her stomach. “Holy hell.”

Her breath came in ragged spurts as Spencer pooled into a puddle at her feet at the end of the bed. “My god. Have you missed me, Spence?” She chuckled.

“So much,” he whispered as he kissed her knee. Reaching over, he grabbed a wipe for each of them to clean themselves up, and then helped her off the bed. “Now, I know I’m going to need much more of this…and this…” he said, kissing up her body. “But I need fuel. You want dinner now?”

She stood up and picked up his shirt, draping it around her as they walked outside. He was right behind her, which meant once again, he was getting a view to die for. Suddenly, she turned around and smiled, grazing his member through the boxers he’d pulled on. “If you don’t stop doing what you’re doing, and looking like that, I’m not going to make it to dinner.”

“If we can make it to the table, that’s all that matters,” she winked. 


Requested by anonymous

You sighed as you walked into the Avengers building. Rubbing your head, you wished you had gotten a hat on the way over. If your friends didn’t like your newly shaved head, your coworkers probably wouldn’t either.

“Hey, Y/N,” Bucky greeted as he walked by. Though, he did a double-take. “Oh, your hair’s gone.”

Your face went red in embarrassment. Why did he have to notice and put it that way? “Yeah, I had an urge to shave it,” you told him, again rubbing your hand on the top of your head. You were so not used to feeling skin there.

“You don’t look very happy about that,” Bucky pointed out with a slightly tilted head.

“Yeah, my friends didn’t react well,” you admitted with a sigh.

“Don’t listen to them. You look adorable.” Bucky spoke in a firm tone.

“I what?” you asked, just to make sure you heard correctly.

Now it was Bucky’s turn to blush. “I said your haircut is cute on you,” he reiterated.

You smiled a little. “You think so?” you asked.

Bucky nodded. “I mean, you were cute before, too. Now it’s just a different cute, and I should probably go see what it was that Steve wanted.” He turned to leave, but you jogged over, giving Bucky a quick hug from behind.

“Thank you, really,” you thanked. “I was really close to buying a wig until my hair grew back out, but if you’re being honest…”

Bucky smiled and pat the top of your head. “You’re honestly adorable. Don’t worry about it, alright?”