either this or 'don't point that camera at me' is my favorite

Aaaand THAT's why you don't come to work drunk.

When I was a front desk agent at a hotel, we hired a new night auditor who worked the shift right after me most days. I had been asked to stay one hour later (basically overlapping our shifts) for a week or two to help her get a grasp on some of the basic stuff that she might have forgotten during her training.

This lady was your very typical “cat lady”. Literally. Probably about 60, looked like she lived in a trailer park, scraggly hair, didn’t smell ago great. Why she was hired I don’t know. But either way, that’s what it was. Two or three days in, she started coming in smelling of alcohol. She worked nights alone. Meaning I was the only one who would have seen her in this state. The first two times I didn’t really say anything. I didn’t know her well or her situation, but I kept an eye out because she seemed lazy and incompetent. She was also just a rude lady in general and wasn’t nice to guests (or me).

Then one day, right when she came in to start her shift, I got slammed. A tour bus of asians came in at 10 pm and I was scrambling to check them all in. Usually these people (we got a lot of tour buses) would not really understand etiquette and would demand that we connect them to the wifi. They usually didn’t speak English and their phones were not in English. Needless to say I was completely overwhelmed.

First offense- she just stood there when the phone was ringing. She said she was too scared to answer it. I’m not her manager, but I finally told her “Hey, you have to answer the phone and I need help right now”. I was still in the middle of the tour bus mess. She still didn’t answer the phone, and watched me check them in.

Second offense- when the people were coming up to us after checking in motioning for us to sign them into the wifi, she would shake her head and shrug her shoulders and then point to me. Basically saying, I don’t speak your language go to her.

Third offense- She reeked of alcohol.

Fourth offense- as the tour group was headed up to their rooms and was basically done, she says to me, “Hey do you mind if I go run and grab a pizza? i’m starving.” Uhhh lady you JUST got to work and also you could just order delivery. I’m not staying here doing YOUR job.

Fifth offense- She called my personal cell three times (one past midnight) instead of our manager to ask very very obvious questions.

Sixth offense- She looked in my personal binder that I kept in the office for my login. She used my login to do all of her work that night. The next day, my manager was PISSED at me because it looked like I had overbooked us because it was under my login.

That was it.

So two days later on my shift, she came in and I changed my tone. i asked her what her favorite bar was and we started talking casually. i secretly turned on my recorder on my phone and got her to admit to drinking right before work. She even admitted to driving drunk to work. Most incriminating? She asked if I wanted to sneak a bottle of wine from our bar later.

I excused myself to the bathroom and called my manager. She showed up and I told her EVERYTHING. I left.

The next shift I learned she had been fired and escorted by police off the premises. They found drugs in her vehicle and arrested her in our parking lot.

My reward? i knew how to look at the video cameras and watched the whole thing back with audio with my maintenance guy. Some people.

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hi summer! tbh i've been meaning to ask you something and somehow i always forget to do it, but not today! okay, firstly i hope you have an amazing day/week and you are one of my favorite yoonkook writers, your stories are so fluffy and i'm always rereading them. now, to the question, i don't know if you have answered this and if you have, i'm sorry, but i'm very curious: when was the moment you decided to ship yk? for example, since i got in the fandom, their whole hyyh story made me ship them+

(hi same anon about shipping yk) so i really wanted to see it from your point of view because your characterisation is so pretty, like the way they love and adore each other in your fics is so cute and also the fact that they are not a very popular ship, sadly :(, compared to a lot others.. so yeah, sorry if this was so long omg im sorry but yeah, that’s it. would love to have a proper conversation with you tbh, take care <3

ahh hthank you so much for the rereadings /holds face and blushes

i’d just like to say in advance sorry for such a late reply!! things have been busy recently and i didn’t want to give a half assed answer ; u ; 

i started shipping them…hmm around rookie king, i’d say? it was that one episode where jungkook, our at the time reticent maknae, didn’t say much and so him pouring his lil heart out in the camera was a bit of a shock for everyone. he was talking about how he wanted to grow up fast and do all these things as an adult and i feel like? i feel like he wanted to grow up too fast because he’s the youngest of the group and yet he’s forced to take on the same responsibilities as the hyungs and he’s expected to carry them out well. and while jungkook does do that, sometimes it’s just easier to be a kid, you know? sometimes you want to be a stupid teenager, but he didn’t really have an outlet for that when bts was just starting out, as their concept was edgier and harder and they were all striving to prove something. 

and then yoongi comes over each time he tries talking about trying to be older and doing all these things like getting tattoos and such, just butts in the conversation and situates himself close to jungkook and starts talking to get jungkook’s mind off of that, starts talking about himself - he doesn’t berate jungkook for his wishes that much, doesn’t call kook dumb for having these thoughts, just sort of is there. and i thought?? that kind of subtle caring is amazing, how yoongi knows not to bring this up bc jungkook rarely talks in the camera as is, and as silly these dreams might seem to yoongi they’re something important to jungkook, so he doesn’t belittle them. i sort of gleaned that yoongi is the type to be considerate of others from that, and from then on, i sort of noticed that yoongi is the type to take care of the maknae in his own subtle ways. he doesn’t do skinship with jungkook all that much and he doesn’t play into fanservice with kook much either, but rather keeps his interactions genuine and real, cares for him in that soft subtle way of his that tells me that yoongi has a soft spot for him that he can’t scratch away. 

similarly, jungkook listens to yoongi and sees him as a role model and a person who protects him and takes care of him. i think that’s important, for jungkook to have someone to talk to that partakes in what he likes and also stays quiet and listens to what he has to say, because he rarely says what’s on his mind. he’s one of the quieter members of bts in all honesty, and while the other quiet members often tell us what’s on their mind when they do talk (nams and yoongi) jungkook doesn’t really do that. yoongi, in shows and in interviews, usually lets jungkook have his piece and waits for him to talk. (other members do this too, but i’ve noticed yoongi doing this from the start.) there are a lot of really quiet, comforting movements between them, a sort of understanding; when yoongi looks at jungkook it’s sort of like he’s saying, i know. and when jungkook looks at yoongi he’s also replying in same. they hang off each other’s words, because they both know the importance of them, whether they be small unimportant memes or songs (yoongi with his endless nights in producing, jungkook asking namjoon to help create his song begin while knowing he won’t be listed as a writer tells me they both care about what they’re saying than about fame) they both have a sort of subtle warmth to them that draws them to each other for support and care. 

and that’s one of the reasons i ship them. among many!