either that or hes dead


Don’t lie to your mom, she’ll always find out in the end

I havent been able to stop thinking about this joke so here you go
(a collection of brand new high-quality headcanons including “evil lair doorbell” and “pajama oz”) (signing cinder is legitimately good though youre welcome)

the signs as out of context quotes from my 3D art class
  • aries: "i've only met like... two good people named kevin."
  • taurus: "you know how in disney movies theres always one character that makes you go 'aww' and then theres one that's like the 'hey whats up' sidekick?"
  • cancer: "i feel like he's either dead in a ditch somewhere, or his corpse is rotting away in a hidden corridor of the school."
  • leo: "what are we gonna do in this class WITHOUT a token stoner?!"
  • virgo: "can you fucking imagine getting arrested at build-a-bear?"
  • libra: "haha, yeah i play sports. SIKE i'm an art student, asshole."
  • scorpio: "i was gonna bring the baby head in today, but i forgot."
  • saggitarius: "we have like no supervision. let's do something dangerous like plugging something into an outlet."
  • capricorn: "sir, i have clinical depression."
  • aquarius: "what about that tower you built out of baby legs?"
  • pisces: "we're having an intellectual discussion on the quality of the shrek movies."

lol ji touches ksoos butt, calls him jagi, and stares at him for hours on end while chan*oo literally just touch hands for 0.0243 secs and yall suddenly cry abt kaisoos destruction and simultaneously get rekt by chan*oo as if they are the truth almighty,, honestly where are these double standards coming from… take some chill pill and go to sl e e p

you did not break. remember that.
in the end, when night closes in
when the stars whisper goodbye,
remember who you are
(who you were)
human ‘til the bitter end.
this world stole more than it was owed
it took lover after lover, life after life
but you were strong when it mattered
and you did not break.
—  you did not break // l.s.
Oliver literally remembers Felicity in every important moment..

The last thought before his “Death”,

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Dreams about her while recovering,

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or before sabotaging the plane in season 3 (don’t care if the actual dream was cut),

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when he was battling the good vs evil in himself (in season 4) 

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and even before he leaves his hallucination world (All the people he remembers are either dead or gone) EXCEPT Felicity, 

because the love of his life HAS to be there in his mind every single time


okay but imagine a Sailor & Prince AU with Shiro and Matt okay like:

  • Matt is a Prince who was captured by the notorious Pirates known as the Galra
    • he’s been missing for over a year and most of the kingdom has given up hope, but not Princess Katie, who insists her brother is alive
      • King & Queen Holt don’t want to accept that he’s dead either, so they keep sending parties out to search for him
      • but it’s heartbreaking when they return after a few months, empty handed
  • Shiro is a Naval Officer who escaped to the Holt’s kingdom shortly after escaping from the Galra Ships himself.
    • he lost his arm in the fight for his freedom, fighting against the Dread Pirate Sendak, second in command of Zarkon’s Galra empire
    • He kept that fact a secret. 
      • only Keith, Shiro’s right hand man, knows the full story of Shiro’s escape and captivity
        • well, what Shiro remembers at least
    • He heads a fleet specifically charged with the task of wiping out the Pirates from their waters
    • Shiro has been keeping an eye out for Matt- doing his best to find him aboard any ships they come across. 
  • Shiro finds Matt, saving him from the aftermath of yet another failed escape attempt.
    • Matt’s smart, but the Galra have been doing this for a while
    • they were just going to straight up kill Matt this time, but Shiro burst in and save the day
  • Matt is so grateful to see a familiar soldier’s uniform that he just starts weeping into Shiro’s arms
  • also consider Katie having stowed away on the ship or EVEN BETTER disguising herself as a Cabin Boy named Pidge to come along and try to save her brother
    • Matt can’t even be mad, he’s just so glad to see her again
  • Allura is probably one of Shiro’s lieutenants.
    • Keith is a lieutenant as well
    • Coran is a technical adviser 
    • Lance is one of the crewmembers- and he’s killer with a longsword
    • Hunk is a canon guy, but also cooks when morale gets low. No matter what rations they have, he can make them into something great
      • also he’s really handy and can fix things.
    • Katie/Pidge becomes pretty handy with a knife/dagger 
  • Matt and Shiro fall in love on the way back to the Kingdom
    • everyone SHIPS it
    • both Matt and Shiro are oblivious
    • Katie is ready to kill them both, while Lance is ready to just prepare a date for the both of them to go on without knowing
      • they go with Lance’s idea
      • Hunk cooks, Pidge and Keith get them there, Coran keeps the rest of the crew out of the way, Allura makes sure that Lance doesn’t go OVERBOARD with the ideas
      • it’s a beautiful evening- incredibly romantic
        • they probably dance and then kiss
        • everyone silently rejoices
  • They are Nervous™ about what Sam and the Queen will think
    • they don’t care, they just want Matt to be home and safe and happy
    • Sam probably marries them when the time comes
  • Everything is Cute and Sweet and Gay

random headcanons that I want to write about but can’t quite figure out how to turn into fics: 

  • Taako only wears super soft clothes and is weirdly enthusiastic about pockets, all of his clothes have many. 
  • Magnus cries when he gets stressed out 
  • Merle literally never knows what day it is, where he is in a temporal sense is a constant mystery to him. 
  • Magnus talks himself through tasks, most of the time out loud, it helps him stay focused on what he’s doing. 
  • Merle has plants and he loves to take care of them but when he forgets he Forgets and so his plants are either dead or thriving with very little in between. 
  • Taako picks up new hobbies constantly but he makes sure that no one knows about them until he’s certain he can do it perfectly. 
  • Magnus likes to play pretend rough with dogs but when they snap at him, he’ll cry
  • Taako eats when he’s bored
    • like if there’s food within reach and he’s not doing anything else, he’ll just start eating, don’t put your food down near him unless you want it Gone
  • Magnus and Taako both have a habit of sticking out their tongues when they’re concentrating
    • Merle teases them relentlessly about it
  • Magnus isn’t the best with kids, but the longer he was with Julia, the more he wanted some. He doesn’t know if he still does anymore. 
  • Merle sings to his plants. He has a surprisingly good voice.
  • Magnus hops when he’s happy/excited
  • Magnus is super tactile, he loves everything from casual pats to full blown bear hugs. Taako takes a while to warm up to people before he’ll let them touch him, but then once you get past that point, he’s all over it (and you). Merle doesn’t particularly care either way, but he likes it more often than not. 
  • Magnus is just absolutely covered in scars and he knows the story behind each one
  • Sometimes Taako laughs so hard he just starts crying
    • like not even just tearing up, like one second he’s in hysterics the next second he’s sobbing and he doesn’t know why
  • Magnus def has full blown conversations with Steven the fish

this is getting long so i’m calling it but i might reblog with more later and if you have some you should reblog with more too. 

anonymous asked:

[1 of 2] If Isayama 'resets' Levi then all his character progression goes to waste, but no one expected him to let Erwin die either, did they? After Levi had that 'breakdown' when he thought Erwin was dead it revealed the true depth of his feelings for his liege, and if (more likely 'when') the next time he is faced with the choice between his Promise and Freedom he was to pick Freedom, I would be heartbroken.

[2 of 2] I’m just getting very worried about all the lurking and eavesdropping he’s doing, and how his character might progress beyond his Promise to Erwin. It would be so disappointing. I just get the feeling that Isayama is showing us Levi’s eavesdropping for a reason, he always has a reason for everything he draws. Everyone is expecting him to go after Zeke which is usually when Isayama blindsides us. Are you feeling a sense of dread about Levi too?

Yes, Anon, I am feeling a sense of dread about Levi.  In fact the way Levi looks perfectly expresses the way I currently feel about the manga. 

I think you’re absolutely right, Isayama is showing us these scenes for a reason and I’m fearful of what that reason might be.  We can criticise Yams’ writing on all kinds of levels (and by god, much of that that criticism is justified) but he is very thoughtful and careful about what he shows us. He draws every thing for a precise reason, even if it takes months, or even years, to reveal what that reason might be.  So yes, I wonder if at some time in the future, when Levi is in extremis, we’ll see another flashback to him standing in the shadows listening to Flocke’s words. 

I also wonder if Levi will ever be able to fulfil his vow to Erwin.  I’ve been concerned about this for some time now.  I can’t help wondering if something or someone will prevent Levi from fulfilling his final promise to Erwin to take down the Beast Titan.  That would be a cruel irony.  However Levi is not a mindless weapon, he is not a killing machine; he may be driven, but he is not stupid.  I don’t think he will kill without reason and though his vow may stand, he surely also understands how much the world has changed, so perhaps a different approach will be required.  Having said all that, nothing and no one can change the fact that Zeke was personally responsible for killing Erwin Smith and as long as Yams does not reset Levi’s character I can’t believe that he will let Erwin’s death go unavenged.  Mind you, I never expected Erwin to go un-buried and un-mourned either…. 

so lets examine: mary? eliminated. irene? eliminated. molly? frankly never really in the race but like…..probably even more eliminating can occur. euros? evil, also sherlock’s sister. moriarty? either dead or evil. i mean hes stil evil but you know what i mean. so uh anyway SHERLOCKS IN LOVE- BUT WITH WHO?

Things still on my mind after season 2 (spoilers)

1. Antok and Keith shared a moment™ in which he said “we will meet again” or something to that effect. And before anything significant can happen with him he…dies? Like either he’s not dead or there is some weird writing going on.

2. When did Keith’s dad leave him, and when/how did he meet Shiro?

3. How DARE they show me Keith’s father but not give me baby Keith? His bio says he was orphaned at a young age I need to see this CHILD!!!?

4. Going on facts not theories, we have yet to see a single female Galra. Do they even have female Galra? Are they all the same gender or do they reproduce asexually? Or are females just not allowed in the military which has been our main exposure point? More importantly, if their reproduction works differently is Keith some crAZY mpreg situation? *twitches* oh god. I wish I hadn’t thought that.

5. Is that even Keith’s real dad? Or is it his foster parent after being orphaned and he doesn’t remember his real one?

6. So obviously the show has been gearing up for Keith to be the protagonist since season 1, it’s been pretty clear in the writing since the beginning to anybody who is as obsessed with storytelling as I am. it just wasn’t obvious right away since he and shiro have been passing the protagonist potato, and they needed to develop the side characters in season 1 or they would be unlikeable.
That being said, Shiro is gone now, and Keith still has protagonist angst™ to deal with. The only other people he has really significant interaction with are Lance and Allura. Long story short I think the Writing was gearing up to make Lance a lot more significant in season 3, if for no other reason to support Keith’s protaging while Shiro (who he is closest to, obviously) is gone. So long story short I think the Lance fans will get the development they are thirsting for in Shiro’s absence. It just might not come exactly as expected.


8. Still not over Hunk straight up saying “Galra Keith”

9. He got a lot of good stuff in season 1 so I’m not too upset about Hunk, but I wish the screen time he DiD have wasn’t reduced to his comic relief quirks. Though we did get some classic Genius Hunk Moments that I can appreciate. They can only do so much with their time when they had to gear up for Shiro to be gone at the end of the season tbh.

10. I have watched the season three (3) times now and will likely do so again, so I have been able to notice details in the writing I hadn’t before. They actually did a really good job despite the problems the fandom has been having with it.

11. Allura is ALWAYS suited up. Even when everybody else is in casual wear she is never in her princess dress. She’s growing up, she’s becoming a leader and a warrior, which parallels Keith’s development into somebody who is capable of leadership as well. Nice 👍🏻

12. “Your freind desperately wants to see you.”

13. At first, Zarkon’s obsession with the Black Lion bothered me, because if You make a villain obsessed with something it can weaken them, and therefore weaken the hero’s triumph. HOWEVER I think they did a good job here. He wasn’t obsessing over the black lion, he was panicking. Panicking because the lion that had been his since its creation is being taken by SOME RANDOM HUMAN HALF HIS SIZE?!?! He’s losing the advantage and he knows it. He’s not obsessed with the Black Lion anymore, it’s more of an obsession with Shiro. How the hell did this kid steal his lion out from under him?!?! He doesn’t have time to refocus until the end of the season. At that point I realized that it didn’t actually bother me. He wasn’t acting like an idiot, his character actually got a lot deeper after that. Nice 👍🏻

14. Last, but certainly not least: WHERE THE QUIZNAK IS SHIRO!?!?!