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Nct as Werewolves

Request: Would it be weird if I now request for something similar but it’s just that it’s a werewolf au this time? _(:3」z)_ Thank you and I really love your work!! 💕

A/N: no it’s not weird at all hehe, like last time, i’ll only give a brief outline of what they’re like so request again if you want a more specific detail of a member and im sorry if this is bad, idk much about werewolves 😭

Nct as Vampires

imagine you’re dating them, yes a werewolf



  • strong sense of hearing
  • could probably hear sounds from as far as 50metres away
  • very alert and quick
  • doesn’t growl much but when he does it’s either because he’s really hungry or angry
  • soft white fur, with streaks of grey
  • can be really gentle
  • generally really quiet but has random hyper moods
  • and he starts running non stop like??
  • dating you:
  • loves it when you pet him
  • especially when you play with his fur!!
  • loves snuggling up in your legs for warmth
  • but when he’s in human form he’s the total opposite??
  • he’s too shy to even initiate skin contact
  • but it’s still cute so


  • really mysterious
  • and quiet
  • big eyes!!
  • really observant and can catch every small little detail
  • grey/dark fur
  • can be really aggressive if he needs to be
  • but most of the time he’s just observing and not doing much
  • dating you:
  • becomes a big softie, unlike his usual self
  • smiles a lot too!!
  • once changed into his wolf form and ran through the whole woods just to find a pretty flower so that he could give it to you
  • doesn’t stop hugging you be it in wolf or human form
  • gets teased by the wolf! johnny because of this because he’s never this affectionate with the rest of the pack


  • really sneaky
  • and always joking
  • always acts like he’s very weak when in fact he’s the strongest in the pack
  • probably randomly goes up to another wolf and starts running while screaming “IT’S A RACE, LAST TO REACH WILL GET A PUNISHMENT”
  • and most of the time it’s wolf! ten
  • despite being a dork he’s still really observant, and is really serious when he needs to be
  • dark grey fur with a few streaks of black
  • really really active
  • dating you:
  • either teases you a lot, or is a total sweetheart
  • no in betweens honestly
  • but is always there to protect you
  • kinda overprotective and shows it
  • because he’d growl really loudly
  • and it’s scary because he hardly gets angry
  • but loves to chase you in his wolf form to freak you out and see you scream
  • but when he’s in human form he holds you in his arms a lot!!
  • which means lots and lots of hugs


  • leader of the pack, really dependable and responsible
  • really serious at first
  • but after spending more them with the rest, he slowly opened up and got cheeky (like them)
  • actually smiles a lot
  • but when it comes to dealing with enemies or threats he can get really scary,, with those glares
  • light grey and white fur
  • takes care of the other wolfs a lot
  • dating you:
  • becomes a big softie too
  • especially cuddling up to you
  • and brushing his fur against your face/legs
  • and when he’s in human form he’s an actual sweetheart
  • doesn’t and won’t let anyone hurt you
  • not even a single bit
  • really really protective


  • sneakiest and most cunning one?
  • probably the one who sets up traps to catch enemies/threats
  • most aggressive one too?
  • is always joking around like wolf! johnny
  • except for when he’s with wolf! winwin
  • pastel grey fur
  • “don’t lie to yourselves, im the best in this pack”
  • dating you:
  • really bad pick up lines
  • “babe, it’s a full moon today, would you like to go FUR a walk together?”
  • “oh god why am i dating you”
  • “too late, you’re already mine”
  • probably bites you randomly (but lightly) because he wanted to ‘mark that you were his’
  • which you’re too tired to even scold him anymore because you’re so used to it
  • and he always gives that proud smile
  • “woah y/n what’s with that bite mark on your arm-” -a very clueless mark
  • but can also be very sweet
  • loves skinship a lot, both in human and wolf form
  • sticks to you no matter what


  • quiet and observant too
  • doesn’t say much
  • but smiles a lot??
  • more like an angel tbh
  • but can be aggressive if asked to be
  • very light shade of grey with streaks of black
  • fast to react
  • runs quickly too
  • dating you:
  • still the sweetheart he is
  • occasionally searches through the woods to find flowers or plants to give you
  • lots of kisses in human form,
  • and lots of snuggling in wolf form,
  • especially when you hold him in your arms, his head on your shoulders
  • he loves it the most
  • always have a soft spot for you


  • really sensitive
  • probably has a good eyesight too
  • or a good sense of hearing
  • quick to move and attack
  • bickers with wolf! taeyong & wolf! yuta the most
  • takes care of the younger ones
  • can actually run really fast but sometimes he’s too lazy to do so
  • really white fur and small sharp eyes
  • dating you:
  • doesn’t show it much but lowkey loves affection
  • loves it when you play with his fur
  • or when you hug him
  • but in human form he becomes a blushing mess
  • is always protecting you
  • his main priority is protecting you honestly


  • really playful
  • and sometimes clueless too
  • which is why he always asks questions to the rest
  • and follows whatever they do
  • is really active
  • fast and quick
  • happy little bun
  • mixed of dark and grey fur
  • actually small in wolf form too
  • dating you
  • always teasing you
  • and makes you smile
  • really clingy and lots of skinship!!
  • “babe if we had children would they be werewolves too or would they be humans?”
  • gives you A LOT of kisses, everywhere
  • be it in human or wolf form,
  • he always leaves a mark on you


  • actually really smart and is always the one looking out for the enemies/threats
  • runs really really quickly
  • which is why he always races with johnny
  • probably the calmest amongst the pack
  • but when he’s aggressive it’s s c a r y
  • but most of the time he’s like a soft bun smiling so
  • except when he’s smirking it’s another story
  • really soft white and grey fur
  • in charge of taking care of the younger ones too
  • dating you:
  • really protective
  • is willing to take risks for you
  • in human form he always has his hands on you, and he’d give you that™ look
  • in wolf form, he loves growling to tease you but ends up jumping onto your legs for you to cuddle
  • which always scares you because he’s kinda huge in wolf form?
  • but still an absolute sweetheart who calls you so many sweet names
  • and doesnt forget to give you kisses everyday


  • another clueless one, but it’s so adorable??
  • is soft and quiet most of the time
  • but when things get serious he can get a bit aggressive and he gives that one glare that scares everyone
  • really observant and sensitive to his surroundings
  • listens to instructions really well
  • and he does he job well
  • but most of the time he’s actually really soft so!!
  • really light grey & soft, fluffy fur
  • dating you:
  • really loves skinship and affection
  • especially in wolf form
  • he loves it when you stroke his back
  • or when you pat his head
  • sweetest person ever??
  • does anything you call him to
  • a really big softie for you

Dreamies are still not fully developed werewolves yet so technically they’re half human still? (i dont think it matters but)


  • another clueless one
  • but somehow still manages to become the leader of the younger pack??
  • which they always protest about ^
  • but listens to instructions really well and does a great job in completing tasks!!
  • an actual softie and sweetheart so he cant bring himself to hurt others
  • which is why he’s never aggressive
  • extremely soft snow white fur, a few streaks of dark grey on his back
  • dating you:
  • wants to be there for you whenever he can
  • loves cuddling with you, a lot
  • sticks close to you when he’s in wolf form
  • but in human form he’s an actual shy bean??
  • probably asks wolf! taeyong for advice
  • “what do i get her oh my god”
  • takes really good care of you


  • an angel?
  • really sweet and cant bring himself to hurt anyone else too
  • usually just helps the others if they need help
  • never really initiates
  • tries to be fierce and aggressive but is actually too nice to be
  • he cant even bring himself to hurt a bunny???
  • “wait!!! don’t cross yet, let this bunny hop past first”
  • is there to take care of wolf! chenle honestly
  • ash grey fur
  • dating you:
  • still the sweetheart he is
  • collects every flower he finds and gives it to you
  • and everyday it’s a different one
  • loves giving you small little pecks on the forehead
  • an actual sunshine honestly


  • is actually really agile and quick
  • also pays good attention to his surroundings
  • and wants to help the older wolves in the pack but doyoung wouldn’t allow in case he got hurt
  • so he spends his time playing with renjun & jaemin instead
  • is really polite and sweet?
  • slightly white fur, a few streaks of black
  • has really small but cute eyes?
  • eyesmile too!!!
  • dating you:
  • loves bringing you out to walks in the woods and forest
  • where he can freely be in wolf form
  • and your heart would flutter when you see him jumping and running around excitedly playing with the leaves
  • also loves hugging you in his arms a lot,,
  • snuggles close to you to keep himself warm


  • always joking around
  • “being a werewolf is tiring, why can’t i just be a normal human being”
  • when in fact, he loves being a werewolf THE MOST
  • always really actice and causing trouble
  • and gets a hearing from either taeyong or doyoung
  • but he’s too cute to stay mad at so they forgive him in the end
  • but he’s quick to think and can come up with many ideas
  • really faint grey fur with white streaks on his back
  • dating you:
  • probably chases you around for fun, or lets you chase after him
  • lots of laughter
  • loves it when you tickle him or pat his back/head
  • and he always gets revenge when he’s in human form, attacking you with tickles and big tight hugs
  • “damn you must be blessed to be dating someone unique like me”


  • another dork here
  • won’t stop laughing or smiling
  • or thinking of pranks to pull on mark
  • actually really laidback and doesn’t do much
  • but when he needs to he gets things done quickly and well
  • always sticks with jeno
  • black fur with streaks of grey
  • dating you
  • really clingy
  • must be by your side 24/7 if not he’d start pouting or growling
  • like yuta, also says really bad pick up lines
  • “i usually do the hunting, but today you captured my heart”
  • “god jaemin you dont even do the hunting”
  • “shut up and go along with it”


  • as expected, the loudest of them all
  • can probably be heard laughing or howling from far away
  • but despite countless reminders from the older ones, he doesn’t listen
  • next second later he’s laughing again
  • loves disturbing/annoying the rest
  • but is actually really smart and can help a lot
  • only that he just wants to play
  • mixture of white and grey fur
  • dating you:
  • endless chattering and talking
  • even when he’s in wolf form he makes a lot of noises
  • and is super active
  • wants to pick flowers and stones for you to keep/collect
  • loves lying on your lap, your hand playing with his fur
  • an actual ball of happiness too who makes your day brighter


  • likes to act like he’s very matured but in fact, gets scared over the slightest things
  • which chenle always teases him about
  • is quiet but tries his best to help out
  • good runner and can catch onto/learn new things easily
  • but the older ones are too afraid he might get hurt to let him do anything
  • really soft grey fur
  • youngest but bigger than most?
  • dating you:
  • awkward shy bean
  • but always makes you laugh and smile with his silliness
  • loves resting his head on you
  • “i still can’t believe you’re dating me”
  • probably drags chenle out to help get things for you
  • sometimes really affectionate, even in human form
  • his favourite thing to do is giving you a big hug

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quick! post the last thing you've drawn that you haven't already posted!

someone bathe this boy. (what a spontaneous ask you’re lucky i had something presentable haha!)

after the bombs

wc: 2342

summary: Monty and Bellamy have a talk.

actual summary: bellamy needs to fkin TALK to someone and if the writers won’t do anything about his emotional constipation then bY GOD i will



Monty supposes he should feel grateful to be on the Ark.

It was easier to feel that way before. Before getting sent down to the ground. Before, when all he knew was the space station’s dull grey walls, the muted thud of the aluminium floors under his feet.

But after a year of greenery and fresh air and the lightly salted wind on his face, the Ark just seems like one big, endless nothing.

He’s tasted of the Earth and its simple riches, and, honestly? Bloodthirsty Grounders and black rain aside, nothing quite compares.

But at least… at least he has his friends. The only thing that makes getting out of bed worth it, really. Raven’s razor sharp wit, keeping everyone on their toes. Emori’s quiet confidence, encouraging everyone to keep going. Murphy’s lazy drawl, instilling a peculiar but welcome sense of normality amidst the slow toil of reconstructing their lives.

Harper. The soothing sound of her voice, like a balm to his unsteady nerves. The gentle caress of her hand against his. Her smile.

And all of them… they have Bellamy.

At first, Monty had been worried. He knows he’s not the only one, either. He’d seen them when the death wave had hit, once Bellamy had closed that door. Murphy carefully keeping tabs on Bellamy all throughout their short journey to the Ark, slitted eyes narrowed and focused. Raven shooting him concerned glances, even as she’d furiously worked the controls. Even Emori, who’s arguably spent the least time with the group… she was about as close to tears as Monty’s ever seen her.

Ten minutes. That was all it had taken. Bellamy was gone for ten minutes. Raven had gone to find him, and when she’d returned without him, her face sombre but blank, Monty had prepared himself to assume the worst.

But then Bellamy strode back in the room, shoulders back and jaw set with determination, instantly firing off demands for systems reports and lists of things to be done. It had been all Monty could do just to keep up with him, as they set about making the Ark liveable again. 

He hasn’t slowed down since, either. He’s on the move all the time, checking on progress updates, taking on menial labour tasks without hesitation, stopping to check on Monty’s hands, Raven’s leg, Emori, and even Echo. (They’re adjusting. Emori quicker than Echo — her eyes bright and an inquisitive question always on her lips — but it’s still a good sign.)

But sometimes, when things are quiet… he disappears.

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Don’t throw this dog a bone (Victuuri one-shot)

yet another fic no one asked for…I have a request to answer and this is all I can bring myself to write (for the lovely anon who requested fluff+makkachin…this may kind of suit your needs…but I promise to do something better and more specific for you within these days!)


(if you are on mobile, here’s the ao3 link)

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more warnette/leila

after day 25 warnette i was craving to write more with leila. here’s what i came up with.

The tiny voice is barely a whisper, but it’s enough to immediately pry me out of my sleep. I raise my head off of my pillow and rub my eyes, blinking until I find the culprit of the voice. Leila stands just beside the bed, her night clothes rumpled and her hair messy. In her right hand she carries her favorite stuffed bear by the arm, but it dangles at her side forlornly.
“What’s wrong, baby?” I whisper, sliding my hand from under my pillow to her, and she reaches up with her free hand and takes it.
“I had a nightmare,” she says, and then her lip trembles.
I quickly slide out from underneath Warner’s arm and sit up before I lean down with my arms outstretched. I pick her up like she weighs nothing and then deposit her under the covers.
“It’s alright, babygirl,” I whisper, settling onto my side and tucking her against my body. She abandons the stuffed bear and grabs onto my shirt with both fists, clinging onto me and pressing her face into my chest. I kiss the top of her head, my fingers tracing up and down her back gently. She’s shaking like she’s trying not to cry.
Next to us, Warner slowly begins to stir. He turns slighty to roll onto his stomach and then sighs, creeping his hand toward me in his half-asleep stupor. His hand meets Leila’s back instead and he perks up, lifting his head off his pillow and blinking in confusion. Finally his sleepy gaze locates us and as soon as he sees Leila in my arms, he closes the distance between us in worry.
“Nightmare,” I mouth as Warner rests his head on my pillow and settles in front of me so that Leila is tucked between us.
“Again?” Warner mouths, beginning to run his fingers through her hair. Leila just hiccups once and then presses closer to me. I rest my cheek on top of her head as Warner blinks the sleep out of his eyes.
After several minutes of her occasional hiccups and her trying to snuggle closer to me even though I am already clutching her to my chest, I know it’s more serious than her other nightmares. She won’t be falling asleep soon.
“Do you wanna tell mommy about it?” I whisper in her ear, and she quickly shakes her head no.
“I think it would make you feel better,” I bargain, but again she jerks her head back and forth. Before bursting into sobs.
“Oh, honey,” I murmur, sitting up and shifting her so her legs wrap around my waist and I hug her tightly. Warner starts to sit up too, his eyebrows pressed together in concern.
“What do we do?” he whispers, and I shake my head and slide out of bed with Leila in my arms. The clock on the nightstand reads 3:27 AM.
Warner follows us to the kitchen. I need to get to the fridge but Leila refuses to let go of me, so I transfer her to Warner’s arms instead.
He sweeps her hair away from her face and sways slightly in place as Leila sniffles loudly, resting her head on his shoulder.
I dig through the fridge until I find what i’m looking for: a plate of cookies we made earlier in the week. I set them on the counter and pull several out, placing them on a paper towel and putting them in the microwave. As they heat up and the smell of chocolate begins to fill the kitchen, I watch Warner as he murmurs into Leila’s ear, bouncing her gently in his arms. When the microwave shuts off, I take the cookies and set them on the counter next to Warner. He presses a kiss to Leila’s tear-stained cheek and then sits her down on the counter while I go back to the fridge for the carton of milk. I take Leila’s favorite cup and fill it half way before heating it up as well. Behind me, Warner keeps murmuring to Leila, and I hear her giggle once or twice, though it sounds like she’s still crying. I pull Leila’s cup out and then join Warner, bumping him with my hip so he steps to the side.
“Here,” I tell Leila quietly, pressing the warm cup into her hands. She takes it and hugs her to her chest, and i have to prompt her to lift it to her lips.
After she takes severals sips, she pulls the cup away from her mouth and sniffles, and I can see snot beginning to dribble down her lip. I reach over the sink for a paper towel then wipe her face, including the fresh tears on her cheeks.
“No more crying,” I tell her, then pinch her cheek gently. She jerks backward to get away, but then grins slightly.
Warner folds an arm over his chest, watching.
“Here,” I murmur, picking up a warm cookie off the paper towel. The melted chocolate chips stick to my fingers as I pass the cookie to hear. She takes one look at what I’ve given her before cramming half of it into her mouth and chewing, chocolate smearing around her lips and chin.
“Better?” I ask her, and instead of responding, she shoves the other half of the cookie between her teeth. Either she’s really hungry for sweets, or she’s temporarily forgotten about her worries.
When she finishes chewing, she brings her cup to her lips again, sucking on the spout between long breaths.
“Another?” I ask her, and she nods enthusiastically. I pass her a second. She’s half way through the other before she realizes both Warner and I are just watching her.
She suddenly thrusts the cookie out toward Warner. “You some, daddy!” she insists.
“That’s okay sweetie, I don’t really like ch-“
“Eat the cookie,” I mumble through my teeth.
He sends me a pained look and then reaches out and takes the half-eaten cookie. Leila stops him and instead waves the cookie toward his face for him to bite off of it.
He leans down to her and bites off a corner, chewing quickly.
“Mmmm!” he exclaims, putting on a smile for her. When she looks away, I see him pull a sour face as he forces himself to swallow it. I pick up the last cookie for myself as Leila crams the rest into her mouth and take a bite.
Leila looks up at me expectantly, and I quickly hand her the rest of mine, which she downs quickly and then raises the milk to her lips.
“I’ve never seen cookies disappear so fast,” Warner says, tickling her side. “Maybe that’s your magic.”
Leila giggles and nearly chokes on her drink, but swallows quickly.
“My magic,” she repeats happily, and while she has the cup away from her mouth, I dab the melted chocolate off her face with the paper towel.
Since she was a baby we’ve had to explain to her about our abilities, about how we don’t understand them very much ourselves but it’s a great gift to be had. At her age, it’s easier for her to refer to it as magic, so we let her. As she calls it, Kenji with his invisibility magic, Castle with his moving things magic, me with my super-strength. So far Leila hasn’t shown any signs of being special, but every day since we’ve told her she might have magic, we watch her closely.
Warner takes Leila’s cup and sets it down on the counter before lifting her to his chest again, playfully murmuring to her about how she could eat all the cookies in the world. She giggles loudly, hugging onto her dad’s neck. I kneel down to throw the paper towel away under the sink then wrap my arms around the both of them, murmuring, “That may be true, but it’s late and the magicians need to sleep.”
Leila twists around in Warner’s arms to look at me and then says quietly, “With you?” Her clumsy tongue pronounces ‘with’ like ‘wiff,’ and I grin admiringly.
“If you want to.” She nods again and then I drop my arms from around Warner, headed back through the living room to our bedroom. I fold the covers open for us and Warner deposits her on the mattress. She sees her stuffed bear on the sheets where she left it and quickly scoops him up again as I crawl under the blankets.
“No more bad dreams,” I promise Leila as she cuddles up against my side.
Warner, sliding into bed beside me, adds, “Nothing bad can get you when you’re with us.”
Leila rolls onto her stomach and hugs her bear to her face, sighing sleepily. Warner and I lay on our sides facing each other with Leila pressed between the heat of our bodies, silently watching each other. After Leila’s quiet snores start up a while later, I finally release a sigh and whisper, “What time is it?”
I see Warner’s gaze dart behind me, and then he whispers back, “Just before four.”
I nod and lay my head down, resting my chin just above Leila’s head. I realize now that both of our bodies are curled around her like a protective barrier.
Warner’s head lowers beside mine, so close that I slide forward another inch to rest my forehead against his.
“I love you,” I whisper.
He grins and tucks the covers around my shoulders, completely covering Leila. In the morning, she will wake sausaged between us and with a full belly, having forgetten her troubles from the night before.
“I love you more,” he whispers back.

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Hi there!! Bokuto, Kageyama and Lev trying to flirt with their crush working as a cashier in a fast food restaurant?? :DDDDD thanks! Have a great dayyyy~

ok im gonna try oH GOD THE FLIRTING IM AWFUL

Bokuto: ok we all know this nerdy owl is just gonna walk straight in and probs push all the other customers and be like “hey sweetcheeks” and get a swift bop to his cheeks BC GODDAMMIT BOKUTO U CANT JUST PUSH IN TO FLIRT WITH THE CUTE CASHIER!! So he’d wait and when he gets to the front he’ll probably say something like “it was worth all this time waiting to see your beautiful face” i swear to god

Kageyama: Kags will be like very subtle but also not so subtle he’s a nervous wreck so he won’t say anything along the lines of what Bokuto would say but he’d keep going back up to order stuff and eventually his crush would say something like “ok you’re either really hungry or just want to see more of me.” He’d murmur “the second option” AND CONGRATS KAGS U GOT URSELF A CHANCE TO HANG OUT WITH UR CRUSH AFTER THEIR SHIFT ENDS!! my son

Lev: He’d do the same thing as Kageyama tbh but be much smoother and probably spill something and his crush would have to clean it and he’d be like “hey as a sorry i’ll take you out after your shift ends”. He’d probs spill something on his crotch tbh

Just One Night: Chapter 1

Inspired by this post


She feels Barry moving behind her, repositioning his body, tightening his hold around her bare waist. She’s been awake for some time now, but she doesn’t move, partly because she enjoys the feeling of Barry’s body covering hers, arms around her, his nose pressed against her neck…and partly because she knows. Although the last night was good—wonderful, even, Caitlin knows it was only a one-night-stand. She knows his heart truly lies with Iris, and that nothing can really come out of this.

            Barry must know, too. He must know that they’re better off as just friends, never to do this again, never to speak of this again. That’s why she refuses to let Barry know she’s awake. She knows how this is supposed to go. He’s supposed to sneak out before she’s awake, and then they’re supposed to act normal, like nothing at all happened.

            Still, even with the facts staring her right in the face, she can’t help but notice that he’s not getting up. He’s not sneaking out, and right now, lying in bed with him, she’s never felt more relaxed.

            “Are you awake?” his voice whispers, tickling the back of her neck. Caitlin says nothing, confused. Why isn’t he leaving? “Caitlin?” he whispers again, and Caitlin feels him sitting up. Now he’s going to leave she thinks.

            She feels his hand on her forehead, light as a feather, brushing her hair away. Then, his lips softly kissing her temple. Even though she’d felt his lips all over her body the night before, the touch still makes her heart pound. She’s even more confused—he knows it was just a one-night stand, right? “I know you’re awake,” Barry says, a hint of a smile in his voice. Caitlin gives up and opens her eyes, only to find Barry’s green ones inches from hers.

            “Good morning,” he says cheerily, planting another kiss on her temple, “I’m going to make some breakfast.” With one last kiss, he gets up and dresses, heading out the door without another word.

            Caitlin watches him go, not quite sure how to react. The way he’s acting…so casual, so normal, as if they were already a couple and they’d had sex a million times before…what does it mean?

            Line up the facts and come to a conclusion, she thinks. This tactic has always worked when she’s faced with a difficult problem.

            Fact 1: Barry and I just had sex.

            Fact 2: It was a one night stand—no, no Caitlin, that’s not a fact. Don’t jump to conclusions. Try again.

            Fact 2: …It’s not something that’s happened before. (Yes, that’s better)

            Fact 3: Barry still loves Iris.

            Fact 4: I still love Ronnie

            Fact 5: Barry just went to make us both breakfast, meaning either he’s just really really hungry, or he actually cares about me in a romantic way, and would possibly want to create an actual relationship out of this.

            Come to a conclusion. Her head swims as she tries to add all these facts together, desperately trying to make sense of them, but…it just didn’t work. The equation was faulty. She shakes her head, trying to clear it, and she realized that, despite the situation, she really was hungry, and an irresistible smell of bacon is drifting up from the kitchen into the bedroom

            I’ll figure this out later she tells herself as she rises out of bed and throws on a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.

            Barry’s humming to himself as she enters the kitchen. He smiles when he sees her and begins to pour her a cup of coffee. She shifts uncomfortably. Shouldn’t they talk about things? “Barry…” she says, but he’s busy fixing her cup of coffee—with no sugar and just a touch of cream, just the way she likes it.

            “Barry,” she tries again.

            “Do you want sausage or bacon? Or both? Both is good.”


            He turns back to her, plate full of eggs, bacon and sausage in his hand, looking concerned, “What?”

            “Shouldn’t we…talk about this?”

            His eyebrows knit together for a moment, and he goes to sit in the chair next to her, setting the plate of breakfast food down in between them. “What is there to talk about, Cait?”

            She herself isn’t really sure, but she doesn’t dare let him know that. “I just…think we should discuss…what’s going to happen next.”

            “Oh…” Barry looks slightly hurt for a moment, and Caitlin can’t quite figure out why. “What do you want to happen next?” Barry asks, looking up at her.

            She sighs, “I don’t know Barry, that’s why I asked you.” Because you’re still in love with Iris, and there’s no way we can start a relationship right now. “I…don’t think I’m in a place where I…want a relationship right now.”

            Barry chews his lip for a moment before saying, quietly, “Because of Ronnie?”

            Honestly, Caitlin doesn’t know if it’s because of Ronnie. Ronnie’s dead, and she knows that. And, although she’ll always, always love Ronnie, and she’ll never get over his death, she also knows…she knows she has to move on.

            But she also knows that she can’t move on with Barry. She can’t move on with someone who doesn’t love her—not for her own sake, but for his. So, all she says is, “Yes, because of Ronnie.”

            Barry nods, like he’s expecting that. He rises suddenly, and says, rather stiffly, “Well, then. I guess we’ll just head up to S.T.A.R. labs and forget about the whole thing? If…it that’s what you want.”

            No, no. That’s not what I want. “Yes, I think that’s for the best.”

            He nods again and walks away without another word, and Caitlin watches him go, feeling an unexpected pit in her stomach as she does.

Gail and Holly

This is a little something based off a prompt by doctor-of-asskicking and I legit hope she’s okay with how this went. I used a little artistic license and let myself run away with it a bit, and there’s more if anyone wants it continued just let me know.
Ugh I hope you all enjoy

Life’s Uncertainties

She hates the hustle and bustle of the busy diners on Main and 5th, so she tries to avoid the lunch hour rush by never eating out. But she hasn’t eaten since last night, and the left over Chinese had been from the night before and had left her far from satisfied.

With Steve away and her having the apartment to herself she’s been reluctant to head back over to Peck Manor for meals, despite not being as functional in the kitchen as she would like to be.

Frowning at her stomach as it protests her dislike of regular mealtimes she pulled her jacket tighter and scrunched her nose, her mind pleading with the hunger pains that are causing her stomach to cramp so hard she’s having to rock back and forth in an attempt to soothe away the pain. Her body steadies for a moment and she lets out a sigh of relief, reaching into her pocket she pulls out her phone and notices with sadness that he hasn’t text yet. He promised he would get in touch as soon as he could and so she sighs knowing there is an explanation. She knows that barracks is a busy place and he will be up to his elbows in shiny shoes and cot inspections and so she forgives his inability to stick to a time schedule. She slips her phone back between the denim snug of her jeans pocket but not before glancing at the time, just as another shooting pain ripples through her midsection followed by a growl so loud she almost blushes in embarrassment before she remembers she’s alone.

Standing up from the park bench, she unravels the tangled wire from her pocket, plugging it into her phone, swiping with her thumb and pressing play. A soft smile gracing her face as a the melody fills her ears, a soft beat and whispered lyrics of a song that reminds her of her brother. She began to walk, unconsciously her legs had taken her three blocks before she realised where she was, the song switching as she come to a halt outside a small mom and pop restaurant. The lime and lemon striped awning hanging over a fogged up window that claimed in gold letters that ‘Baileys Boys’ sold 'the best milkshakes in town’. Her stomach inched her feet closer to the door, her cold hands pulling the door open and her eyes doing a quick sweep of the near empty tables before she stepped inside. She removed her headphones and swiped her thumb on the screen to silence them as an older woman approached her.

“Table for one?” She asked assumingly, and it took all Gail had to bite back a snarky comment.

“Yeah, it’s just me…” She smiled through gritted teeth, her hands clenching at her sides as the idle woman showed her to a booth in the corner. Sliding along the red faux leather seat she glanced at the Menu as the lady declared she would allow her time to think about what she wanted.

When she was sure the woman was out of earshot she snorted and muttered a profanity that helped ease the perpetual ache that her stomach had adopted.

“My mommy says cussing is bad…” A voice informed her, and she scanned the room for the owner but the tables close by were empty.

Shrugging it off she continued to read the lunchtime options her stomach grumbling as she decided on a spinach and mozzarella panini and some fries, and a banana milkshake. Waiting for the lady to approach her she settled back in her seat and slipped her coat off her shoulders. Her stomach growling so loud in protest she found herself thankful no one was around.

“My mommy says when your body makes that sound, You’re either really hungry or you have a lion in your tummy!” The voice came back, giggling this time, and Gails gaze shot upwards, a pair of bright green eyes watched her from behind the large seat opposite her.

“It’s a lion …” She joked, watching the boys eyes widen as she leaned in a little closer and whispered “… Sometimes a tiger, sometimes a cheetah, But today, definitely a lion”

“You’re funny” the boy giggled, lifting his head up further to reveal a gappy grin and a smattering of freckles across his nose and dimple adorned cheeks.

“And you’re adorable, but didn’t your mommy ever tell you not to talk to strangers?” She asked, watching as she boys mouth screwed up in a pensive pout, his head tilting slightly as he pondered this question.

“What’s your name?” He asked, the slightest hint of a lisp lingered between the space where his two front teeth had once been.

“I’m Gail…” she smiled, her eyes taking in his appearance. Sun kissed olive skin, sea green eyes and tousled shoulder length brown hair, she made up her mind that his parents were some sort of new age hippies.

“I’m Seth Alexander Stewart, and I’m nearly 6 years old” he stated informatively. Watching as a smile appeared on Gail’s face “… Now we’re not strangers” he finished, the dimples becoming more defined in his cheeks as he grinned at her knowingly.

“You’re smart too…” Gail stated, her eyebrows raised ’…. where’s your mom and dad?“ She asked, scanning the room, a young woman three tables over fussed over a toddler in a pram. A man bent over the counter trying to get the waitresses attention, his ripped jeans , leather jacket and long silver hair scooped back into a braid told her he wasn’t who she was looking for.

"My mommy is over there ordering me another milkshake,” he informed her, lifting his hand and pointing to where a tall woman stood, her dark hair splayed over her shoulders and down her back hiding her face from view as she nodded along to the light sounds emitting from the radio in the kitchen “… I don’t have a dad, I used to have a Katie, but she left… ” his smile fell from his face, snatching away his dimple and replacing it with a sadness that pulled Gail’s attention back to him.

I’m sorry to hear that…“ She said softly, her mouth bunching up the in corner, keeping her silent as he continued.

"It’s okay, she used to make my mommy sad sometimes, and now My mommy says…”

“Seth… ” he was interrupted. Gail noticed his eyes widen with the notion that he was about to get into trouble and she watched him bite down on his bottom lip and stare at the woman who had approached the table, “…Seth what have i told you about interrupting people when they’re eating…I’m so sorry” she said, turning to Gail and shaking her head apologetically.

Gail felt her jaw drop, the woman in front of her was tired, the thick rimmed glasses she wore couldn’t hide the light purple shadows under her eyes, and the corners of her lips dropped like she hadn’t smiled in a while, but she was beautiful.

Breathtakingly stunning.

Gail waved her hand and shook her head in dismissal, she hadn’t actually minded the interaction, she smiled as she heard the boys protest.

“But mommy, Gail doesn’t have her food yet, so I wasn’t interrupting. And she’s not a stranger, she’s my friend, and she has a lion in her tummy” he rambled, his fingers still clinging to the back of the chair and his eyes hopefully flickering back between Gail and his mother, she guessed in the hopes that his explanation would be the end of her anger.

“Seth…” The woman warned, and without any feather instructions his fingers unclenched and he turned around in his seat, dropping down to a sitting position and propping his elbows on the tabletop, dropping his head into his hands.

“But i was going to share my fries with her, mommy”

Gail felt something tighten in her chest at the boys admission, a small smile found it’s way to her face as she stared up at the woman who was still watching her. Lifting a hand in front of her she shook her head as she addressed his mother.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make him upset”

“You didn’t, it’s okay it’s just been a rough couple of weeks who am I kidding, it’s been a rough couple of years,” she laughed softly and Gail felt her stomach flip, she clutched at herself thankful it was a flip and not a growl “…I just… Would you like to join us?” The woman asked gesturing to the booth in front of her while catching her bottom lip between her top one. Gail mirrored the image a little unnerved by the hold the dark haired woman had over her already.

“Oh that’s okay, I um…”

A small head peered around the side of the booth, and she knew before he spoke that she was going to be persuaded quite easily. “Please Gail, you can share my fries with me.. you can even sit with me…”

“Seth, Gail might be busy sweetheart, she may be meeting someone for lunch. Let’s leave her alone okay buddy” his mother said softly, the tension her voice held before has disappeared and instead was replaced by a loving tone that told Gail all she needed to know.

“You know what… I’d really love to join you both” she smiled, pushing her way along the chair and slipping out from her booth, heading towards theirs she thought for a moment about which seat to choose and she slipped in comfortably next to Seth who was patting the red leather with his hand.

“You’re sure?”

“Who could say no to that …” She pointed to the smile on Seth’s face, his gappy grin melting her heart.

“You’d be surprised… I’m sorry, he is at that stage where he’s very demanding and he’s insistent, and he’s so sociable”

“And I’m adorable… Gail said so” he quipped, pushing his plate of fries towards the blonde, and shaking his head happily when Gail reached and took one.

“He really is adorable… And clearly modest” Gail stated, watching the corners of the dark haired woman’s mouth lift slightly. The waitress approached slowly,

“Banana milkshake for you… And a Caesar salad for you…” She said, putting the drink in front of Seth and the plate of leafy greens in front of his mother “… Can I get you anything else?” She asked Pulling a pen from Behind her ear and a small notepad out of her apron pocket.

“I’ll have a banana milkshake also, please” Gail stated, swallowing the soft potato and reaching into the pocket of her jeans.

“I got it… Put it on my bill” Seth’s mom nodded, and watched as the older woman walked away.

“You didn’t have to do that…” Gail felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment, sure she was a struggling artist, living in her brothers apartment while he was away in deployment, and sure she was often stuck eating leftovers from the nights before but she could definitely afford a milkshake.

“Seriously, it’s the least I can do, this may be the first meal I actually get to finish while it’s still edible… Thank you” her voice was warm and welcoming, and so Gail let out a small breath and sunk back in her seat.

“You’re welcome…” She said, her statement more of a question as she realised she didn’t know this woman’s name yet.

“Holly … My name is Holly”

Gail let the word linger for a moment before she whispered it softly, feeling it as it ghosted over her lips, her tongue peeking out just a little before she bit her bottom lip and nodded.

“Gail my fries are hot, can you cool them down for me?” He asked, as the older woman approached and placed another glass of yellow substance in front of them.

“How about you have some of your milkshake while we wait for them to cool down?” She suggested, pulling the tall glass towards herself, her fingers reaching for and tentatively unwrapping the straw from its paper casing, noticing the boys eyes on her she threw caution to the wind and brought the glass to her mouth, taking a small amount of the liquid between her lips but finding a considerable amount cooling the skin between her nose and smile. Putting the glass back on the table, and turning to face the young boy she was greeted with squeals of delight.

“You’re so silly!!!” He giggled, holding his stomach as he leaned his head on the table and laughed louder.

“Excuse me young sir, what exactly about me is 'silly?” She asked feigning innocence and when he lifted his head and another stream of giggles fell from his mouth she couldn’t help but laugh along with him.

“You have a milk moustache, look mommy she has a yellow milk moustache”

“I think Gail is aware of that sweetie” she smiled softly, content with watching this interaction between her boy and this girl, woman… Beautiful woman. She shook her head, mouth open softly as she watched him bring his glass to his mouth and within seconds there were two bright yellow moustaches staring back at her.

“Mommy look I have one too” he laughed, wrapping an arm around Gail’s shoulders and pressing their heads together, like they were posing for a picture.

“You are a goofball” his mother declared, watching as they both scrunched their noses up and stated at each other before setting back to eating fries like nothing was wrong with the dripping liquid on their faces.

“Gail too?!”

She paused for a moment, watching bright blue eyes glance up at her and for a moment she felt the words pause on her tongue, and as they fell into the air before them she didn’t shift her gaze, instead she watched a small smile form on the blondes face as she nodded “Yeah sweetie… Gail’s a goofball too…”

Footballer Ashton smut

Football player irwin 
You had your head down with your headphones on walking down the street. Rain was pouring down on you as you walked. You grabbed your phone from your pocket to change the song when you suddenly hit something sending your phone to the concrete and you stumbling back. 
Looking up you see a guy bending down to pick your phone up off of the ground. Luckily you had a case on it and it protected it from the fall. 
“I’m really sorry.” He said handing the device back to you. 
He took his hood off and you clearly saw who it was. His dark blonde curls and his sparkling hazel eyes gave him away. He was probably the most popular guy in your school and he was on the football team. 
“Oh Ashton hi.” You said trying to play it cool. 
“Hi Y/n.” He replied smiling at you. You were surprised he knew your name but I guess it made sense since you had been in school together all your life. 
“So where are you headed?” He asked looking at you smiling. 
“I don’t know really I just needed to escape I guess.” You sigh. 
“Escape what?” He asked sounding genuinely interested. You knew he was a nice guy but you never thought he would actually care about your problems. 
“My mom. My life. I don’t know everything I guess.” You say not trying to sound depressed. 
“Well it’s cold out here do you want to come escape to my place?” He asked. 
You were completely caught off guard. Was he serious. 
“Um sure I guess.” You reply awkwardly as he grabs your hard and guides to down the street. His house was only a block away and the walk was short. 
He talked a little bit about his family on the walk to his house. He was an only child and his parents were always working. 
When you walked into his house, he guided downstairs to his room. 
“Are you hungry? We could go make some food or something.” He suggested. 
“I’m not really hungry but you go ahead.” You said back. 
“I’m not really hungry either.” He replied. 
You look over to see him taking his shirt off and quickly glance away. 
“Sorry this shirt was soaked.” He said smirking at you. You turned around as he put a new one on and pulled some gym shorts on. 
“Do you want to change? I have some sweats and a shirt you could wear?”
“Um no that’s okay.” You said. 
“No come on you have to be uncomfortable. Here. The bathrooms in the hall and to the right.” He said handing you a pile of clothes and after thanking him, you went to the bathroom to change.
When you got back you looked around his room to see football trophies lined along the wall. 
“Wow these are you cool.” You say in an attempt to make conversation with Ashton. 
“Yeah I guess. I don’t really even like football. ” he finally said. 
You gave him a confused look. 
“I guess I just do it to pass the time. So I’m not here alone all the time because between practice and games and going to the gym, I don’t even have time to myself.” He explained. 
“You don’t have time to think about how your parents are never here.” You said and he nodded. 
You spent about an hour laying on his bed just talking about random things. You talked about your interests for a while and then he told you random stories. 
“Do you need to be back at a certain time?” He asked looking at the clock. 
“No but I should get going.” You said getting up. 
“I kind of wanted you to stay.” Ashton said looking up at you. 
“Okay.” You whispered sitting back down on the edge of the bed next to Ashton. He turned to face you and you looked into his eyes that were staring back at you. 
His hand moved to your cheek to push a piece of hair away. He bent down so his face was directly eye level with yours. You brought your hand to his neck as you pushed your lips against his. He brought his hands down to your hips and pulled you onto his lap so you were straddling him. He pulled away to reattach his lips to the your jaw bone and slowly kissing down your neck. 
“This shirt looks so hot on you.” He whispered against your skin looking at his big shirt hanging on your smaller body. 
“But it looks better off.” He said removing his lips so he could pull it off. 
His lips found yours again as his hands traveled across your chest. His hands felt you through your bra before making there way to your back to unhook it. 
You pulled it off of you and dropped it beside the bed. 
He laid you back onto the bed and crawled on top of your body delivering small kisses on your chest. 
Your hands found their way into Ashton’s hair encouraging him to go further. His fingers were cold against the skin on your stomach as he made his way towards the sweats you were wearing. 
He looked up to make sure you were okay before finally pulling them off of your legs. He laid back beside you as you connected your lips to his and pulled his shirt off of him. 
As he continued to kiss you, his hand traveled inside your thong, running his hands against you. 
You moaned against his lips and your hips pushed up in order to get more friction. He kissed down your body once again until he was facing your center. 
He watched your face as he pulled 
Your underwear down and added it to the pile of clothes on the ground. 
He brought a finger up to you and slowly pushed it in you watching your face as you gasped. 
He moved his finger faster inside you as you moaned out. Suddenly he added another finger making you moan out his name. 
You grab onto his buff arm as he thrusts his fingers inside you trying to go faster. 
You feel the heat starting in your stomach. Your hands grab his arm as he continues to please you. 
“Oh fuck Ashton.” You yell out as you feel yourself release on his fingers. 
He pulls his fingers out and you watch him with a smirk on his face as he licks his fingers off. You push him over so you’re straddling him again and begin to remove his pants. 
He lifts you up so he can take them off leaving him in just his boxers. 
You grind your body against him and he lets out a grunt. 
You move off of him and move towards his legs. Your hands grab the material of his boxers slowly pulling them down. He let’s out a deep breath when he’s finally free. 
You bring your lips up to kiss his tip. Before you even have the chance to bring him into your mouth, he tells you to stop.
“I’m not going to last long.” He says lifting you up and placing you back at the top of the bed. 
Slowly he opens your legs and aligns himself at your entrance. You feel him start to push in and you hold onto the muscle on his arms. He begins picking up speed. Soon he’s letting out little grunts and your moaning out his name. 
You open your eyes to see his sweat covered forehead as he leaned down to kiss you. His lips silenced your moans as his tongue entered your mouth. 
His thrusts were deep and hard hitting just the right spot each time. 
You're hands moved up and down his back as he slid into you. 
“I’m close” he whispered tucking his head into your neck placing love bites against your skin. 
“Me too” you said. 
He went faster and you bucked your hips to meet his thrusts. Your eyes shut right as you felt your climax coming hard. His length twitched inside of you before pulling out. His body collapsed on top of yours and his heavy breath was in your neck. 
When you finally calmed down, you sat up and Ashton rolled over to look at you. 
He held his arms out for you and you cuddled up to his chest. You were just about to fall asleep when you heard him whisper to you.
“I really like you y/n” you smiled and replied, “I like you too Ashton."